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An updated list of Amazon questions

Since it seems like this is the most popular page on my blog I figure I would update it. The number of questions on glassdoor exploded. 3000+
questions. I guess Amazon keeps hiring and firing?

Tell me about yourself. Don’t say something typical  
grill very deeply on your experience. Give you lots of “If we did this
to our business, what is the impact?” type of questions  
Interview only lasted five minuted. There were few questions.  
Reverse a linked list (sorting doesn’t matter)  
interview was pretty easy , I was asked about forms,get vs post and
some js events. The onsite focused on responsive design , oo
inheritance, closures, css /html ,json  
Why didn’t you want to major in mathematics  
Phone interview: research + one coding questionOnsite:
Two rounds of research interviews and two rounds of coding. Asked
typical coding questions, similar to LeetCode. No brain teaser.  
The dependency sequence.  
don’t feel that there was any one question that caused me too much
trouble and I never got the sense that there was one specific person who
was trying to pin me down and raise the bar. However, all of the
interviewers were very pointed in their questioning and had obviously
done their homework on my skills and background which I appreciated.  
the interview I was asked to tell some details about the project on my
resume, and several small questions like how to design a small APP, to
impress a person in elevator.  
How do you improve a stapler??  
The coding tests were somewhat challenging. They required careful review of all test cases.  
Did you have been in the situation which you missed a deadline?  
No question. Just follow the steps and you’re hired.  
Tell me what your most complicated excel model looked like. Walk me through it.  
Asked about challenges at work, how do you resolve conflict with coworkers, and what did you learn from the experience.  
All questions were generic.  
How would you convince Jeff Bezos to approve a hypothetical project.  
The questions were pretty simple but I took time to answer.  
The questions were quite expected. I encourage interviewees to keep their calm and everything will go fine.  
Tell me about a time when you didn’t make the right decision and what did you do to resolve it?  
They ask you to do some role playing with a difficult employee. It seemed they did it more for their amusement then anything.  
really unexpected, standard questions around your coding solution,
what’s the runtime, how would you improve the solution.  
where would you locate new warehouse location?  
what mistake did you make and how did you resolve it?  
Why do you want to work for us.  
me about a time that I was confronted with an ethical situation /
decision. What was it, how did i resolve it, and what was the outcome.  
Would you steal?  
of a specific question and more that each interview was highly focused
in a particular skill area–the quicker that was obvious, the quicker it
was to tailor responses accordingly.  
story problem was 15 minutes long, and moderately challenging. If
you’re good at math and operationally experienced, it shouldn’t be hard.  
the testing problem  
Zig Zag tree traversal, create something similar to your t9 dictionary.  
a 3×3 keypad with ABC on number 2, DEF on number 3 and so on. Given a
set of numbers, output all the english words that can be obtained from
it. Assume an in-built function exists to check if the given word is an
english word or not.Eg: inuput: 228, output: bat, cat, act and so on.  
They give you a different job title and ask you a question about that department.  
Ethical behavior questions. Be very strict with your response.  
The project given itself very difficult. It involves lots of algos and machine learning.  
Designing a directory  
me about a time when…” questions with LOTS of follow-up questions.
“Why did you do it that way? What would you have done differently? Why
didn’t you do it better the first time?”  
Tell me about a time you’ve strongly disagreed with your leadership? What did you do and how did you handle that.  
Connect 4 implementation.  
Fairly standard questions.  
It wasn’t particularly difficult.  
Describe a time you have disagreed with your manager  
The most difficult question was mine:I
can understand not being selected, but I can’t understand that they
wouldn’t let me know early enough for me to avoid wasting so much time.
Why would you schedule me for an interview, then lose interest in me and
not even let me know but rather just not show up? If I did the same, I
would probably be blacklisted by your company!  
many examples ready of sales that went poorly, sales you loved, times
you disagreed with a manager, if you could start any company, what would
it be.  
No questions asked since there isn’t a interview process.  
What would you suggest to make your work more fun?  
How would you add n items in Fibonacci Series?  
The problem was straightforward and one should be very familiar with collections and data structures in the STL.  
Nothing too difficult or unexpected.  
Median of two sorted array  
do you design the system to allow users to rent movies on-demand,
provided that all movies are already stored on a company ftp server.  
Should prepare some ood questions.  
the software backend for a system that checks if vehicles are speeding
on roads. Constraints: 1 camera per direction of road.  
Are you sure you can do this?  
It was unexpected to answer deep dive questions on everything and I expected more technical questions.  
Based: Describe why the average revenue of the individual product is
going down while the average revenue of the entire product line is going
Asked to write code online. Posed scenarios where teams are difficult to deal with and how to manage around it.  
website customer behavior question.  
Base on the code that you’ve written so far, what can you add or modify to improve it?  
of the behavioral questions were similar (i.e. along the lines of tell
you how you improved a process). The math question is straight forward
as others have posted.  
“Why do you use THIS_DATA_STRUCTURE?”  
The problem was related to machine learning knowledge.  
No unexpected questions  
Give me a time you had to act quickly without any data.  
programming questions are not very difficult. one is compute the
maximum amplitude of a binary tree, the other is to choose the values of
parameters to get the maximum value.  
How do you define done?  
are all different but I can suggest you: 1) Don’t make up things; 2)
prepare compelling stories on how you effectively managed people and
solved technical / business problems; 3) remember that the interviewed
are professionals like you and one day you might work together as
vendor, client or business partners.  
First phone screening had 2 unexpected questions that were slightly intense:1. Give an example of a time when you resolved a problem quickly and how did you do it.2. Give an example of a problem you resolved in a 2 step process and how it impacted the business.  
One of the UX designer asked me to do a design challenge.  
How would Amazon sell hovercrafts on its site?  
How would you manage 2000 plus vendors?  
Questions were all theoretical  
questions were mostly behavioral requiring you to describe what you did
on certain situations. Of course there were questions which required
you to explain why you applied to this role and what makes you special
in this role.  
asked about the most difficult problem I had to solve in my past jobs,
this was a difficult questions because I did not work on projects that
are as complex as Amazon’s systems and finding an impressive problem was
very hard for me. Must be prepared about these questions beforehand.  
Didn’t expect there will be reasoning and working style assessment.   s (2)
Describing a time where you needed to make a decision based on prioritizing.  
how and when do we know we achieved least possible shipping costs?  
Not hard.  
Find an alternative way to optimize the algorithm.  
None were rather difficult or unexpected.  
system design and some detailed concepts  
What do you consider exceptional customer service?  
sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to the on-site interview so I
will respect that and not give away any actual questions. Just make sure
you understand Amazon’s leadership values, know that you will be
answering behavioral questions, and be prepared.  
When is it ever acceptable to violate a rule or regulation?  
I had 2 back to back technical interviewsQuestion1: Find two numbers in an unsorted array that equal to a given sumQuestion2: Find the first unique character in a string  
Find if a word is anagram (e.g. ana is an anagram).  
Math question which was a flow question, not that difficult once you work through it but don’t rush  
No difficult questions just asked a about my past experience and if I understood what the job entailed  
No questions were asked.  
All questions I was asked about was about the project.  
Tell me about a time when you told your manager “you are full of crap”  
Design the recommendations list for amazon webpage.  
a function that takes in an int and returns a string that would be how
one would say that number (ex: 123 -> one hundred twenty three; 50019
-> five thousand nineteen).  
would you go about assessing potential market size or demand for a
product type that has never been launched before? e.g., kindle e-reader
(before that kind of tech came to market)  
Writing a Poker game during the on-site interview which is quite efficient in terms of memory and speed  
tech test was not particularly technical but it is definitely a good
idea to be able to explain on a basic level how computers and the
internet work. An example of a question would have been to explain the
difference between wifi and 3G.  
my interview I had to write a memo and during one of my interviews I
had to explain the technical concepts in the memo. It wasn’t that it was
difficult, it was just that it was unexpected.  
Usual Algo and data structure questions followed by Design an ATV [Tested OOPS principles]  
N th element in a binary tree.Mirror Image of a Binary treeQueue using stacks.Garage class model.  
I reviewed all the other questions mentioned. Only new question was regarding operating fork lifts.  
Nothing really unexpected. Simple OOP concept. It’s not like “design a class for elevator” stuff that complex.  
Ask me to implement a BFS for a social network  
I did not expect multiple pricing questions in my first interview.  
All technique questions. Difficult if you donesn’t prepare well.  
question was verifying whether a binary tree was a BST, given the
function header that looked like public boolean isBST(root). He stated
no other functions could be created and that child nodes did not have
links to their parents.   s (2)
determine if two strings have the same suffix. The strings will be given in a list formateg : C -> A -> P -> A -> B -> L -> E  
Nothing too difficult although one should be strong with using data structures.  
The most difficult question was describe a time you had an unhappy customer that wanted you to do something you could not do.  
Implement a stack data structure with O(1) push, pop and access to the largest element.  
I was interviewing for a web developer position, many of the
interviewers covered a large range of technical questions, from
server-side technologies, to operational issues, to data structures, to
algorithms, in addition to the expected JS/HTML/CSS questions.  
going to give you 5 million dollars and I want you to spend it on
purchasing keywords on Google, bringing Amazon to one of the favored
positions, either at the top or to the right, for those keywords, and
returning 50 million in increased revenue.  
All ccid level questions. Nothing unexpected.  
To discourse about Trees.  
“Price product X.”  
An optimal algorithm to check whether a hand of cards was a full house (in Poker) or not.  
One interviewer asked an OOD question (design a movie-actor search system). I can not understand all what he said.  
No weird questions. Mostly behavioral questions and past accomplishments.  
How will i calculate the angle between the hour hand and minute hand if I am provided with time in HH:MM format  
wanted to know about my ideas about digital currency and how I, without
any recon or knowledge of Amazon infrastructure, would hack them.  
How do you create a routing table?  
All questions were behavioral based, “Tell me a time when” situations.  
that stand out. For Level 4 TAM positions they appear to focus on
multi-tasking skills and the ability to learn from mistakes while also
thinking big and taking ownership over projects that aren’t necessarily
under your purview. Expressing how you implemented workflow changes that
made a substantial improvement in the customer experience would be
something to focus on, as well as mentioning the Amazon core principles:
think big, invent and simplify, customer obsession, etc.  
1. Implement a hashset from scratch, write code for various methods of hashset.2. Find all the pairs of numbers from a list that sums to a particular number.  
Tell the detailed content of HTTP header.  
Bar raiser  
to break up a string with no spaces into valid words ie.
“itwasthebestoftimes” should be processed to read as “it was the best of
there wasn’t any difficult questions being asked  
A inherits from B, which inherits from C. Will initializing A invoke constructor of C  
difficult thing for me is about my energy. After two rounds interview,
I’m kind of tired and I can’t focus on the last round. And the tricky
thing is I’ll have to write code on a whiteboard and which will be taken
a picture by interviewers. I haven’t practiced before so that my
writing messed up.  
What position would you like to work as?  
weren’t any specific “questions” for the onsite but I would say know
your data structures very well if you want to succeed.  
I didn’t encounter any difficult or unexpected questions – and I was prepared for them!  
Programming assignment.  
What would do you to find out if icecream will sell in Denmark or not.  
Know the values of Amazon that are listed. Be real, they like you to challenge.  
What’s the difference between the stack and heap when they are initialized.  
solving with coding on a whiteboard, including algorithms (binary
search, DFS) and data structure (hash table, binary search tree, graph).
Design problems (restaurant reservation system) and distributed system
(map-reduce and distributed has table). Some behavioral questions.  
Given a log file which consists of timestamp, customer ID, page id
visited by that particular customer. Write a function to return all
customers who have visited 5 unique pages in last 30 mins  
general have the details for your answers. What were the results, how
did you gather data. It will be very obvious to the interviewer if
you’re not being truthful because they will ask specific follow up
are a lot of questions that can be solved by arrays, sorting can be
done in O(nlogn)… but they are looking for more than just correct
answers, having an answer with a high time / space complexity won’t help
you.There was a tough question about linked lists with next and arbitrary pointers.  
What is your biggest fault and why?  
behavioral questions. Additionally, Imagine stuff like your high school
retail job. “Tell me a time you dealt with an upset customer” “Tell me
how important customer service is to you”  
question was to find all numbers that occurred an odd-number of times
in an array and second question was implement a stack that could return
the largest number in the stack at anytime.  
question was to compare two lists and print the common elements. Simple
question, but I wasn’t explaining my idea. They are looking for your
thought process. Regardless if your answer is right or wrong. they are
checking if you can think in the right manner. I didn’t talk much or
explain and just wrote the code. BIG MISTAKE! The second question I had
to make a dictionary, which was not too hard. I got stuck a couple of
places and they helped me out. But try to keep them engaged as you write
code. Explain what your thinking or the ways you want to do it.  
Did you check our website for other careers?-Where there any other jobs you saw you were interested in?  
How you would handle situations.  
Classic interview question about matrixes sorted row and column wise.  
Discuss metrics for gauging product success. How do you define success. What data do you use to support.  
How did you handle the disagreement with your boss over  
Wasn’t expecting the math problem but it was straight forward and simple to work through,  
Nothing difficult.  
was asked a lot of situational question and I was not prepared for it. I
mostly prepared on data structures, programming and algorithms.  
were 2 coding questions. First was to extend a class that contained the
names and ratings of movies so as to get a list of similar movies and
the movie name with the highest rating. Second question was pretty
simple, given an array of integers, print first two numbers that sum
upto 10.  
Aside from “tell me about yourself,” all questions were behavioral in nature  
Walk me through your routine day at your current job.  
of the questions weren’t all that difficult and there was very little
pressure in solving them. The point was really to see the process of
arriving at your answer. The most difficult question was to explain the
cardinality of depth first and breadth first search and explain how the
algorithms could be written. I actually missed that one as I haven’t
looked at a text book in years. The question I remembered most was the
one about having 2 eggs and dropping them off a 100 story building to
determine at what floor they begin to break. What is the least amount of
attempts required to determine this answer?  
a function that takes in an int and returns a string that would be how
one would say that number (ex: 123 -> one hundred twenty three; 50019
-> five thousand nineteen).  
No questions were asked since interviews were not required.  
Why did you choose Amazon?  
What type of business would you start?  
The questions were pretty simple and straightforward.- Make a function to test whether a number is a binary palindrome.- Make a hotdog ordering system.- another that I can’t remember.  

Given a binary tree and a number, return true if the tree has a
root-to-leaf path such that adding up all the values along the path
equals the given number. Return false if no such path can be found.- How do u know if a number is divisible by 8? (hinted to use a binary operator and NOT % or the subtraction approach)  
How to control concurrency in web application  
Design an online book reader system  
Nothing unexpected actually  
two algorithm questions, one of them is given a string, substitute special chars. give all possible results. like substitute ‘a’ and ‘o’ from amazon, then the possible answer should be:AmAzon, amazOn, AmAzOn  
4 Basic questionsWhat would you do if your employees are not following a standardise procedure?Why do you want to work for amazon?Math problem?ask the recruiter to explain well the problems in order they see how you interact with themUnderstand the leadership principlesBe yourself and relax  
Recall a time in a previous job in which you and a coworker disagreed, what did you do and why?  
Nothing unexpected.  
How to design a storage system  
expected the question “name a time when you had to work with ambiguity,
what did you do?”. However, it was phrased “name a time when you had to
make a decision with little or no information”. I guess I got stumped
after being there for five hours..my fault!!!!  
don’t think anything was really difficult or unexpected. I really,
really prepared though. I spent hours typing out different experiences
that went with different Amazon Leadership principles and researching
typical behavioral interview questions. I went into the interview very,
very prepared.  
How did you deal with a difficult employee- wha tdid you do to turn them around?Discuss a project that did not go well or went over budget?Discuss
a time with you had to make a call on your own without your supervisors
discussing it with you…was there a financial impact? what was it? how
did it go?  
Given a set of points (x,y) and an integer “n”, return n number of points which are close to the origin  
need to write the code correctly without IDE’s help and be able to know
the time complexity of the data structure you are going to use, even
though the data structure might be Java JDK, you still need to know the
All the question were basic coding question. They asked me to the implete a simpler version of a mine sweeper game.  
Asked two questions1. sort using sliding window2. binary search functional program  
was referred by a friend, I was giving coding problem to solve online.
The problem is not timed but they expect you to finish within two hours,
and the session is recorded for review. You have to code online. One of
the developers will review the code and also watch a video to see how
you solved the problem. I did not finish it in two hours.The question:Implement
a class with 3 public methods that operate on a common set of data.
These functions record the weight of boxes and allow users to find the
weight of a box at a given percentile. the functions have the following
signature.void writes(string boxId, Double weight);Double getWeightByboxId(String BoxID);Double getWeightAtPercentile(Double Percentile);I have a solution but let see what others will do  
given an integer, output all the prime factors of that integer, ex:input: 6, output: 2,3input 25, output: 5, 5given an integer array, output all the numbers that appear odd number of times, ex:input: 1,2,1,3,3,4output: 2, 4  
What would you do when you finish your work and there’s nothing to do?  
1. Two different interviewer asked the same coding question(two sum problem), change for another after I point out.2. Implement a generic get sum of array class for certain class (e.g ), which I almost forget.  
Two whiteboard coding questions. One about BST and one about string manipulation.  
(1) two sums : given a list of numbers, return the indexes of two values whose sum is a given value. (2) Revers a string list   s (2)
the questions were straight forward. the toughest one of the three was regarding linked lists  
I was asked a case study question about how to handle a situation where a worker arrived late to work.  
What value will you add?  
faced difficulty while writing the code as I have to explain him what I
was doing at the same time.A little bit of practise would have helped.  
Nothing too difficult. Just be very specific to your answers  
questions were straight forward, a linked list question, a string
question and an algorithm question, no surprises just standard
questions. The first interviewer had me write code in C++, the second
one said he did not care very much about syntax.  
Memory management  
Have you ever fired someone?  
signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t give specific details on
the questions asked. My piece of advice is to be prepared to answer
several behavioral based questions. Provide good examples of how you
completed a task and what the result was.  
How to find if a a graph is 2-colorable or not? Code it.  
me about a time that something was outside of your control, what did
you do?” “You have to manage 150 people, what do you do?”  
What do you do when people say no to you  
Non-disclosure Agreement covers these questions.Recommendation:
fully outline your plan in comments before writing code. If you do not
finish, or your code does not work correctly, there will be a record of
what you intended.Standard review of algorithms and data structures is good, but also practice writing, running, and testing code.  
“Tell me about any process you’re familiar with and what you’d do to improve it.”  
None. However I have most of my work ex in teradata and they were looking for Oracle experts. e.g. Indexes in Oracle  
Amazon wants to start selling hoverboards. What are the pricing metrics and how should we determine how many to order?  
There was none.  
Given a amount of money, write code to show how many ways there are to represent that quantity with coins.  
Math flow problem having to do with labor utilization and process flow.  
Find the subarray with the largest sum given an unsorted array of positive and negative numbers.  
There were questions on Binary search trees, hash maps/tables/functions, complexity, recursion and other data structures.  
question about regular expression  
How would you market a new line of products that would be shipped in a box once a month every month?  
the questions were unexpected, but not hard.  
Nothing particularly hard.  
upon given programming language(s), there were questions for which a
person had to read some code, debug the algorithm, and provide a
correction. This was used to test a person’s proficiency with the
language as well as their thought process on the problem.  
Mostly questions about Amazons Leadership dimensions. The a couple math questions (same questions found on glass door.com)  
cannot disclose specific questions due to NDA. However, just get ready
and feel comfortable with basic CS (algorithms, data structures, OO
design). Make sure you can cleanly write code for simple, well-known
problems, and that you can explain in few words these concepts.  
Not too difficult. Some tree and array problems.  
Math Flow question was very surprising.  
Given a triangle of integers, find the path of the largest sum without skipping.  
Difference between outer join/inner join, where/having.  
Given a log of users visit to a site for a day, how would you find returning users given the log visit for another day  
match question can be tricky if you’re not good with percentages. I had
to manually hand jam it because it was a bit too early for my brain to
work right but I got the right answer.  
1.find intersections of two sets2.given a number list, output the sum of numbers within a window3. student test score  
me about a time when…” x 100 and it’s usually something negative (you
faced a challenge, did not get along with a co-worker, disagreed with a
manager, etc.).  
could not remember a particular one. most of them are not easy.  
Why do you want to work for amazon?  
The same one that gets everyone; “Tell me about your most difficult call and how did you handle it.”  
Walk me through how Amazon Kindle books would be priced.  
wasn’t one specific question that was most difficult, but it was the
amount of additional probing that several of the loop panelists
continually pursued. Although this was a management position, there was a
significant obsession with actual engineering metrics and measurements
used in decision making. A couple of the interviews seemed to be wanting
to create conflict in the interview all the while they pounded away my
answers on their laptops which was extremely annoying. The process
really lacked an actual personal interest in the candidate.  
business case: we noticed that there was a decrease in sales in this category by X amount over the past month, what caused it?  
There weren’t any difficult or unexpected questions  
mostly questions on AWS  
a stack that supports push, pop and mode(the one from statistics)
operation. Gave an O(log n ) push and pop and O(1) mode
operation.Another good question was implement atoi function. I assumed
it as base 10 but was asked to support from binary to any base
numbers(even base 50).  
really. Several posts on Glassdoor provide the questions – describe
most difficult decision, talk about Amazon values, working with teams
It is not pleasant  
go into the elevator and the CEO of a company Amazon wants to work with
is there. Give me a 30 second pitch you would give him to get business
from them. Second Round was 4, 45 minute interviews with different
product managers at amazon. If you do badly in one you are basically
done. I think all four of them have to say yes in order for you to get
an offer. It’s hard. They are very behavioral and ask about negotiations
skills, teamwork, you must be metric oriented, etc. It’s one of the
toughest companies to interview with.  
What work achievement are you most proud of?  
Told me to write a whole data structure with certain features.  
No questions particularly difficult: graph path finding, binary search tree, design a chess game  
Design an LRU cache  
Input: An integer. O/P: reverse the byte order(not the bits, reverse
each byte order, i.e. order of 1’s and 0’s should not change within each
byte) and display the number.2) Find and display all anagrams of a given string. This one is nothing but permutation of a string.  
of the questions were hard. Just asked if I was familiar with the
safety rules associated with the kind of work I was applying for.  
Find all factor of a large number.  
Tell me about yourself in two sentences.  
What if there are some boundary cases?  
to write a method were it’s passed an array of numbers and a single
number. I needed to return true if there was two numbers in the array
that if added totaled the single number. I was then asked to rewrite it
to make it run faster.  
in the onsite, be prepared about behavioral questions. Be sure to read the Amazon leadership statement before your onsite.  
interviewed for retail program, while every small case was about
operation/supply chain, which I had no experience and no clue.  
from interview #1: Describe a hash table to a regular person, some
general OO questions, determine whether a BST’s nodes are in-order
(interview was a long time ago but the question was something about
in-order nodes).Interview #2: Binary tree vs. Binary Search
Tree, more OO questions, write a function to determine whether or not a
tree was a binary search tree and how would you test it.  
Generate all possible solutions to an n by n sudoku board  
Java questions  
Coding question. Asked to code on a shared online document.  
Why was the answer the most efficient  
Serialize/ Deserialize a binary tree.  
Few of the questions regarding the complexity were little tricky.  
Implement a T9 dictionary  
What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?  
Nothing too hard  
Basic coding and algorithms.  
and an opponent take turns choosing numbers either the first or the
last element in an unsorted array , and all numbers are exhausted,
winner will be the one who gets larger cumulative total sum of picked
numbers. Code up the algorithm that player 1 will be the winner. Player 2
also has same strategy as player 1  
Array manipulation. Pretty easy.  
All questions were by level of my skills.  
None really, although interviewer seemed surprised to learn how small Amazon really was in the industry.  
a keyword (ex: “abc”) and a list of words (ex: “aabc”, “cab”, “ab”),
write a function that will return all words in the list that are the
same/anagrams of the keyword. In this case, “cab” would be the only word
returned. Later changes to the function were added: numbers and symbols
might be included in the words but were to be ignored (“ca2b” still
matched “abc”), make the function not case sensitive (“A” == “a”),
Given a mathematical expression, what data structure would you use to evaluate the expression?How would you design the above question to use Trees/Graphs.  
Nothing too difficult or unexpected  
questions just to get hired for temporary are easy. Now if you want to
become permanent and move into Management they ask you questions about
the companies Leadership principles and you have to give very specific
examples just for starts.. very difficult promotion process  
Name a time you overcame a challenge.  
Find the youngest common ancestor in a directed graph, where you can only go to a node’s parent and cannot go back  
was a difficult and awkward process because you see yourself on the
camera and also you only get 30 seconds to read the question, understand
it, and answer. The whole process was a bit stressful. The questions
were not out of context nor did I have any unexpected questions. That is
the only positive thing about this video interview. If you study common
questions for your field you should be good to answer and not be caught
off guard.  
wired question about final for interface. Actually, there is no final
interface. Some challenge questions like to write code in a limited
paper space.  
not normal data structure and algo problem  
Most difficult problem you’ve solved.  
Amazon graph question  
How did you manage to land your previous job?  
Design Question  
Are you willing to work Christmas?  
find the common ancestor of two nodes using the interface.  
Tell me about a time that you had to deal with ambiguity.  
Write out a function that takes in a string as an argument and returns the char that appears most frequently in that string.  
Binary Search Tree where each node knows its parent and the leaf nodes are in a linked list. Print the in order traversal.  
Technical Question. Given a string such as 3 + 2 / 5 – 3 * 4, calculate it.  
Design an automation test framework for end to end user case testing  
data structures, and design questions. They also asked me if i took the
algorithms class, then they proceeded to ask me about NP-Complete
problems etc. They were very nice overall. I recommend getting a good
cell phone reception and internet access before the interview, because
my call kept dropping on me during the interview. It dropped at least 6
times during my first technical interview, and I think they weren’t
happy about it, therefore I was sent to a third technical interview.  
Find top 10 occurring words in a page.  
The questions were something on the lines of,- Given a tree, output levelwise nodes (Ans: It was actually the BFS algorithm, but I didn’t realize it at that time)- Find first unique substring (In O(n)) (Ans: Use counting sort variant)-
Convert an array into balanced binary search tree (Ans: First sort the
array, then use recursive algorithm after splitting the array at mid,
and using the mid as a node)- From two arrays N and M find the
combinations that add up to say X (Ans: I was drained by the time second
interview started, so the only answer I came up with was of O(n2)
complexity i.e. using two FOR loops)  
Write an algorithm to tell if a given tree is a mirror  
questions, all technical. The first two were about basic data structure
and algorithm. The third one was a programming problem through an
online coding platform.  
DP, Bit manipulation  
First interviewer asked what problem I wanted to solve (general, not even coding based, but it took me by surprise)  
Find two integers in an unsorted array that produced a certain sum in linear time.  
How would I handle a stress call when the error was the company’s fault?  
was nothing difficult question. However, there was an unusual question
when a senior engineer asked me to generate a mathematical formula. I
didn’t expect this in interview for a company like Amazon.  
Basic data structure questions. LL, HashTable, BTGiven
an array of ints, sum up all the even numbers and print it. Then return
true if any number in the array is evenly divisible by 7, false
otherwise.Given a two words, write a function/method to determine if they are anagramsGiven
a singly linked list, split that into two lists one containing just the
elements in odd position and another containing just the elements in
even position.  
First:1) Find out if there’s a loop in a linked list2) Reverse all words(not characters in each word) in a string3) Design a parking lotSecond:1) Given a node, find its successor node in a BST(follow ups: in place, with or without root node, parent node)2) Given str1 and str2, find if they are rotated strings of each other  
1. Ask about your previous programming experience.2. Network knowledge. eg. what does “http://” mean.3.
Write codes — data structure problem for me: design a system to store
and manage songs of a specific music team, given songs’ names. You also
need to provide various functions, e.g. sort, insert…  
Read from file and find top ten most occuring words in file  
asked a lot of questions and followed up by asking how my contribution
helped the company, specifically looking for x% cost reduced, sales
increased, etc. They also asked a math flow question and a behavioral
what-would-you-do scenario question.  
the interview, I thought the questions should be very easy because it
was only an internship interview. However, obviously I was wrong and
didn’t perform well in the interview. Be prepared!  
The questions were on:1) Hashtable,Worst case complexity, Average case complexity2) Binary Search Tree,Worst case complexity, Average case complexity3) Write an efficient program to print the numbers whose sum is 10. Find the complexity.4) Binary Search,Worst case complexity, Average case complexity5) Which is the Best sort and search algorithm6) Design a Furniture store with Wooden Chair Wooden Table, Steel Chair Steel Tableand test for fire and water7) Write a recursive program for dividing numbers without the / operator8) WAP to find if given graph has cycles  
one of the production lines went down, a server went down, and your
boss’s laptop needs to be fixed all at the same time how would you
prioritize each of these tasks in order of most important to least
most difficult question was the case question. If you do the online
recorded first initial interview, the case question is similar to that  
second round of interview I was asked to calculate the product of three
highest numbers in an array. The interviewer kept further questioning
me about giving a more generalized answer.  
the final round, I was given a pricing strategy question to complete on
Excel which I had difficulty with because I did not know the excel
function needed to compile the raw data I was given. Make sure you know
your excel functions before heading into the interview.  
Although the job title is “Computer Vision Engineer”, the questions were about data structure concept.  
Walk me through the process you use to plan a complex project from start to finish.  
Have no Questions.  
was all the rage back then, I got asked a couple “brain twister” and
“What would you be if money was no object” kind of questions.  
Amazon has decided to compete directly with Netflix. Design the system (top to bottom) that will help us win the battle.  
The most unexpected question for me was about networking:Given
two IP addresses and one subnet mask as input (All are string data
type), write a function to determine whether the two IP addresses are in
the same subnet.  
easy to make rate in the area, your always in. But that day your 2nd
written is about to come off, there put you somewhere else. Then a week
later your in the HR dept. puzzled. Now you have your 3rd finally, you
work back in your normal area for a few more days. Then they put you
some where else for 2 days. A week later your back in HR. Your being
test question  
questions – find a substring of a string and design a library system.
You are supposed to ask questions for the latter and clarify the
functionality and requirements  
No specific question. Just rude, abrupt and lacking interpersonal skills.  
Just algorithmic and data structure questions.  
were really unexpected as they were all your typical behavior based
questions except with the added twist of being data and metrics driven.
Example: tell me about a time you analyzed historical data to make a
process better…etc.  
no hard questions.  
the interview, I was asked about why do I think I am best suited for
this job, couple of questions about my experience at my past employers ,
one question about a bullet point on my resume, one question regarding
processes that I’ve improved in my career, my leadership style.  
Was asked a design problem for a large scale web service.  
internal jargon about how would you rank vendors based on the reams of
data collected on customer orders. Gave her a good answer on this one
but she wanted more and more and more. Then no reaction – onto next Q.  
I never expected that they will ask a direct question regarding the complexities.  
Find all black regions on image, flood algorithm. OO design a address book.  
data structures and algorithm questions. Questions were mainly on
linked list and questions like write a routine to reverse every k nodes
in a given linked list  
Apply power function. Basic algorithms.  
How do decide to move forward with a project or not?  
Many questions about software design in the second phone interview.  
How to optimize the staffing and efficiency of a restaurant  
could i bring in a copy of my college degree?  
How is your teamwork?  
design a shopping cart  
the questions seemed pretty straight forward. I didn’t make it to the
in person interview, which is where I suppose the hardball begins.  
question regarding 2 employees that consistently arrive late for work.
You discipline the employee under you, but the other employee is not
disciplined by another manager. How do you handle this situation? Your
employee keeps bothering and telling you that the other employee is not
getting disciplined by their manager.  
a list of numbers, in which every number occurs an even number of times
except one number, which occurs an odd number of times, return the
value of the odd number. Question should be done with a hash map but I
used a n log n solution.  
Tell me about how you dealt with a mistake you have made?How do you handle missing a deadline?  
you were on a team where you were designing a new type of service for
the company to offer its customers, what are some things you would think
a function that converts an int into its alpha-numeric equivalent
represented as a null terminated string. The function should accept an
int as input and return a string as output. For instance, calling the
function with an int value of 324 would return a null terminated string
containing “324”. Ensure that your function checks for appropriate
boundary conditions and edge cases. Assume you cannot use any standard
libraries (for example, no itoa or sprintf).  
-Write a method that prints out an in order traversal of a binary tree  
was asked to count occurrences of an integer in a given sorted array. I
had to optimize for time and take care of corner cases.  
how do you make decision when necessary info is absent.  
realized during the interviews that we might have had a
miscommunication. Some of the interviewers expected me to have a
stronger technical background. When I pointed out to them that I don’t
and that I’d been very upfront with the recruiters about this potential
skill gap they seemed a bit surprised.  
Question 1:Setup:Assume primitive Facebook. FB has Members.class Member {    String name;    String email;    List friends;}Question A:Code printSocialGraph(Member m). Direct friends of m are Level 1 friends. Friends of friends are level 2 friends…..and so onPrint level 1 friends first. Then print level 2 friends….and so onEnumerate test cases to verify the implementation is correct.Question 2:Write
a function that converts an int into its alpha-numeric equivalent
represented as a null terminated string. The function should accept an
int as input and return a string as output. For instance, calling the
function with an int value of 324 would return a null terminated string
containing “324”. Ensure that your function checks for appropriate
boundary conditions and edge cases. Assume you cannot use any standard
libraries (for example, no itoa or sprintf).Write out test cases to verify your code is working correctly.Question 3:Let’s
say we’re developing a vector graphics application. It will allow the
user to create lines, rectangles, circles, text, etc. and manipulate
them independently – move them, re-size them, etc. Design an object
model for this application.  
asked a lot about my job history, and how I made things scale. (Which
was basically a load balancer, and sharding). When asked very
specifically about how to scale something beyond that this didn’t seem
to suffice for an answer.  
make a function given that will receive two arrays find and return the union using array list  
overly difficult, but the recruiter asked about managing WAN links,
which is where my skills fell short of their requirements (I think).  
String reversal. Merge LinkedList. OOD. Find duplicates. Prime numbers. Tree serialization.  
k closest points to origin out of N on a map  
Give an example about a task you cannot complete even with your co-workers’ help  
none – all behavioural  
Most difficult for me was:Write
code to – Given a list of numbers, return a list of all possible
permutations. eg. given {1,2,3}, return
{{},{1},{2},{3},{1,2},…,{1,2,3}}Had to use bit manipulation where I fumbled.  
data structures you would like to use to store texts of a text editor
that you can do some operations like insert, modify and remove.  
If you can understand how the game performs, you will find answer very quickly.   s (9)
Take two arrays of values and find the intersection between them. Most efficient way. Recursive functions.  
What can we add to our website to make it better?  
The most difficult questions were on the F2F with more technical/programming questions.  
Print a random line  
Questions were of average difficulty  
Sometimes the interviewer would not talk, but it is to let you do all the talking.  
Write code to find the next least node in a binary search tree given a node.  
Given two sorted arrays how would you combine them into one sorted array.Further: Given a list of K sorted arrays of average length N, how would you combine them into one sorted array.  
Calculate units per week  
Read Cracking the coding interview to prepare. Nothing outside of expectations  
programming questions on a white board. Both coding and design
questions as well as general computer science questions about data
None. I was prepared. Know the core competencies.  
Think of a time when everyone reached consensus about an idea, but you didn’t agree with it?  
was difficult. All were general questions based on Hashtable, Sorting,
OOPS concept. 1) Given list of elements find if it contains duplicates.2) Explain inheritance.3) What is difference between int & Integer.4) Given file containing IP addresses hitting amazon servers, find ip address with maximum traffic.5) How Hashtables work?6) Some behavior questions.  
Tell me about a time where you made a business decision that you regret.  
Here is what we do, now guess what I want.  
algorithm questions within an hour and half. Pretty basis questions
about linked list, array list, and a dynamic programming question about a
two dimensional array.  
What has been your greatest accomplishment and why?  
There was one case question in the first interview about how to price a vacuum warranty  
find all possible combinations to get a particular sum from an array  
Some questions on removing duplicates from a linked list, generally doable  
They asked about AWS and gave a use case about Big data.  
my interview, the director asked about evaluating the effectiveness of
my time as a “Big Brother”, through BBBS – which he found on my LinkedIn
page. Pretty shady, in my opinion, but just be prepared to answer
“analytically”, anything that you list publicly (although I’m sure
social media does not count).  
I think the most difficult thing is not the questions from interviewers; it is myself.Basically, if you have used the common data structures and algorithms, you can handle those questions without nervous.  
The interview questions weren’t that difficult.  
Had not started phone interview  
Nothing very hard.  
Find the longest repeating substring of a given string. For example, given “banana”, the longest repeating substring is “ana”.OOD, desgin Black Jack.  
The whole process involves a lot of data structure usage  
questions on their new business and service, tell them your opinion and
how to improve and verify the new service idea is workable or not  
To find least common ancestor in a binary search tree   s (2)
me a time when you have an employee how did not meet your expectations
and describe what you did about this situation. How much do you know
about Amazon / our operations here in this city.  
The questions are the usual fare, and I’ve done this before, so I wasn’t really unprepared.  
the string related question on java was the toughest…  
Questions asked in Second round was unexpected. I was expecting programming questions.  
Providing an example of project that did not go as well as I expected.  
Design elevator systems using OO design.  
Have two discus sion with the interviewer. Mainly about how you design the code and how you resolve the problem  
What are the things you did not like about your last job.  
Online assesement1)Code to merge a 2 sorted linked lists2)find the duplicates in an array3)Given a 2d matrix print the path with the maximum score form 00 to m*n  
one case questions pure behavior after that  
Find whether tree is symmetric or not  
The most difficult part was the most efficient algorithm  
All were irrelevant for my role.  
Adler style “One Question Interview”, Full Quant Case Interview  
Nothing unexpected. If you read this site you will see that others have had the exact questions I got.  
problem: I write out the pseudo-code for solution by interation not
recursion, but the interviewer spent a lot of time to understand it.
Maybe my fault. Maybe he expected the recursion solution.  
Where the linked list is not used and why?  
It was question related to a project we were working on.  
Implement insert and delete for a trinary tree.  
Describe how recursion isn’t always efficient.   s (3)
Walk me through a multiple priority situation  
I did not have a difficult or unexpected question. every question was basic, an incredibly easy interview to prepare for  
Question regarding how to retrieve the second highest repeated number in arraythe second question was how to print the nodes of binary tree level wise  
Tell me about a time you had to make a decision without a supervisor’s approval?General Forecasting questions, Examples of data/spreadsheet work  
the basic questions and couple of coding assignment over collabedit,
asked to design a data stucture to represent a game environment and then
for a dictionary.  
What is your definition of ownership?  
If an employee was cleaning a process incorrectly (not following proper protocol), what should I do.  
No difficult questions, really. Tricky in a way maybe, if you miss a detail, but if you are alert, you will sail through.  
Determine if a linked list contains any loops  
All questions are technical including 1 coding question at end of each interview  
A lot to questions involving has tables and trees  
How would you force a supplier (e.g. Nintendo, Sony) to sell more products on Amazon.com  
Write a program that merges two Linked Lists  
unexpected or out of the blue. The question topic included Linked List,
Binary Search Tree, HashMap and Bit Manipulation. Although tricky,
questions were doable in given amount of time  
a data structure similar to a Binary Tree except, rather than each node
pointing to is lchild and rchild, it only points to its parent. Write a
function that, given two nodes into such a structure, returns their
Lowest Common Ancestor – the lowest node in the tree which where both
subtrees meet.  
“What’s the biggest or craziest idea you’ve proposed to a manager”  
The question is common to see but you should prepare it well before the interview.  
1. Given a number (not necessarily of type int), find if it is 2^n. What is the complexity?2.
Given a set of points represented by x and y coordinates, find out the
first k points that are closest to the origin. What is the complexity?3.
Given an array of integers, return the largest occurrence element times
its array index. Do it in place. What is the complexity?4. Given a binary tree(not necessarily BST), return the sum of all kth level nodes. What is the complexity?  
fact that I was to regurgitate all information about Amazon’s core
principles instead of having an opinion of my own when asked about why I
wanted to work at Amazon.  
Design a database for an e-commerce web site.  
nothing particularly difficult  
I was asked to describe a sales study I had implemented at my current job.  
Test our current web site.  
Something related to binary tree which I don’t really remember  
Questions were just technical questions… not really hard questions..  
easy questions, how to reverse a string, iteratively and recursively, and given an integer in base 10, convert to a given base  
is basic algorithms. The first is a sort algorithm. There is an array
with a million integer. The integer’s length is 10 bit. Find an
algorithm with run complexity of N. The second is about detect if there
is any circle in a linkelist  
Make sure to know the big 0 for the worst case and average cases for different sorting algorithms.  
a string word by word and there may be multiple whitespace between two
word, keep exactly the same whitespace when reverse string by word2.find all prime number less than the give input k  
BST Linked List  
Pretty simple questions on basic data structures, OOP and a couple of coding problems.  
questions are pretty regular, but the second interviewer suppressed my
proposals and made me think in his approach. We kind of had some
conflict, but I have to admit his algorithm is easier to implement.Remember: do not try to be a smart ass in front of your interviewer.  
a Maze solver question. You r given a maze (up to you to design in any
data structure you want), a start point, a end point. And you r required
to find only one path from start to end. The time efficiency of your
method is the only concern in this situation  
was told that I would be having the technical interview for the third
one, but it was actually the personal interview. I should have been
ready for that, but I was not really ready.  
technical question by someone who spoke bad English was asked that was
better suited to actually sitting at computer and developing it, as
opposed to trying to write it on paper and tell the person over the
Describe the system architecture for a recommendation engine based on a customer’s previous shopping history.  
The math curveball question, as others have stated was tough!  
very easy ones, i think that’s why i failed.  
Questions given by HR Manager   s (2)
They asked standard data structure questions. For example, search times and design decisions.  
you were to discount 10 DVDs for a certain in-store promotion, how
would you pick the DVDs and how would you measure the event’s success?  
was a purely technical interview. Questions about algorithms and coding
were asked and some code practice. I was asked about solving a maze,
the Fibonacci sequence, and Linked List for coding. I also was asked how
to test my functions. I was also asked about memory efficiency and the
Big O of my functions. I was asked some definitions of programming. In
my second interview I was asked more low level stuff such as about
processors and threads. I was also asked to explain the difference
between programming languages and hardware description languages and
various question of how hardware description languages are implemented.  
Why Amazon?  
Divide without the / operator.   s (3)
Nothing unexpected.  
Tell me of a time when you were wrong  
Copying a tree  
Nothing difficult, they just want to see if you’re passionate and have the drive.  
questions were typical administrative questions. They expect actual
answers to all of the questions, so none of the typical answers apply.
Also, they expect you to ask alot of questions, relevant to you choosing
whether amazon is right for you or not.  
Second Round:This
was a bit difficult. The question is to generate sample math
problems(additions) for a 8th grade student and the results should be
stored in such a way that they can be printed when required. Sample
problem is 7+8=_____The constraints are:-1) The numbers that are to be added should be <=92) The result should be <=17   s (2)
SQL Performance tuning questions  
a binary search tree, verify whether a given tree is a binary search
tree or not. Not the most difficult question, but make sure to know the
Tell about a time that you disagreed with a manager and what was the outcome?  
Quite easy question i suppose- Emulate inorder BST tree traversal without using recursion.  
If you were given a magic wand, what is one thing you would change in your current job and how would you go about changing it  
Most questions are on the cracking interview book.  
You have been given an matrix of characters 5*5 which contains 24 elements a..y  the matrix will look something like   a b c d e   f g h i j   k l m n o   p q r s t   u v w x yYou have been given alpha (starting character) and beta (Ending character) as two characters.You have to find all shortest paths between alpha and beta with a restriction that you are allowed to movevertical or horizontal.  
Talk thru in detail steps to develop a new web page.  
Given a number, how to find a closest number in a series of floating point data.  
Question: Given the following list of integers, how would you sort it
the most efficiently and weed out duplicates at the same time?  
one question is to find a path in a maze  
Find top k largest numbers in array in O(n) time   s (3)
Everything was pretty standard and by the book  
A puzzle which had to be solved using an algorithm and also write code for the same  
difficult questions, your typical what did/would you do in this type of
situation. Interview was conducted 1:1 with someone from HR in a room
with other applicants.  
No extreme questions were asked, they were pretty good at trying to figure out what I actually know based on my experience.  
is your favorite book? If presented with the option to send out a
marketing email for this book, would you or would you not? Why? If you
decided to send one out, what would you include in the email, who would
you send it to, how would you decide on all of these things, and which
metrics would you use to analyze if the email was a success?  
of small cases such as problem solving questions and how do u make a
decision questions. Behavior questions are tough as well.  
was asked two questions – how will you know which is the starting point
in a circular linked list (write a program) and write a program to
return two numbers from a function to the main  
they were not difficult questions though they look at your thinking process more  
arrays of integers is there which has all elements present odd number
of times, only one element is present even number of times, find the
Evolving around the news and what your thoughts are about this/ what you would do differently  
Find total number of nodes at level K.  
tell the exact questions due to NDA. However, questions were based on
data structures, sorting algorithms, object oriented design.  
They asked specifics about Amazon Prime and why they chose to provide that service.  
The question in which i need to find whether two given binary trees are identical are not.  
In-place array reversal, level-order binary tree traversal, reading two files and outputting strings common to both.  
most difficult questions were the softer questions. Like how you work
with a difficult co-worker, what happens if you find a project will be
behind, etc.  
a multi-table join query to select some data – but the schema on the
printout was missing a required table and didn’t have proper identity
fields, and the interviewer didn’t seem to understand my explanation
that it wasn’t possible to get the answer without first modifying the
schema. Almost like that particular interviewer didn’t know sql.  
Sorting in linear time  
Think of a time when you had to make a difficult decision or chose to go against the grain at work. How did you deal with it?  
None really. Probably how I’d engage students.  
an int K and a list of 2-D (x,y) points, write a piece of code that
will return the K closest points to the origin (which is the point(0,0))  
The last/hardest question I was asked was how to do an in order tree traversal.  
two different strings, find the common characters between the two. For
example if string A is “hello” and string B is “elbow” the common
characters would be [‘e’, ‘l’, ‘o’]. Give a method that returns unique
or duplicate entries.   s (2)
not much difficult  
What is your proudest accomplishment? (This was only difficult because it was the EXACT same question I got in my 1st interview)  
behavioral based questions and they asked specific examples or
extensions based off of your responses. How did that look for you? Tell
me more about this. Most difficult for me was “At Amazon we have things
that need to be completed in a short amount of time and there is not
always time to get it accomplished. How far would you go to ensure
something is completed?”  
How do you lead under-performing teams to achieve expected results  
write a program to connect two people in a social network.  
were fairly easy. nothing unexpected. the programming question I got
was to check if a number is a power of 2 or not. Not heard back yet. so
waiting for a decision.  
I did not find that they asked any really tough questions.  
specific, hypothetical questions regarding detailed technical scenarios
asking the candidate how to best respond to the scenario and mitigate
the problem/find a solution.  
In what ways do you dive deep into your work and projects.  
was asked how I would find new products for Amazon to sell, which
wouldn’t have been a difficult question if a specific answer weren’t
The search box question above seems to have no right answers.  
What is the difference between wholesale and retail pricing?  
Any other ways to do this problem, and why and how  
How to identify defected products from an Amazon FC which aren’t labelled by the supplier ?  
least-recently-used cache. Because I didn’t have experience with cache
techniques, so I got an awkward moment with the interviewee explaining
the LRU cache.  
Most difficult experience at work that resulted in a personal job performance being recognized for a good job.  
Write a function to remove all redundant characters in a given string.   s (3)
lot of questions on delivering results. One question breeds 6 or so
follow up questions with poking and prodding on my analytical, program
and collaborative skills.  
role play for giving feed-back, i had never been in a leadership role before so I didn’t know how to asses the situation  
How would you determine the right amount of iPad accessories to sell next quarter?  
Array Manipulations, problems involving subsets.  
Combinations of nodes in BST based on the sum. Like display all the nodes whose key values sum to 10  
per the NDA, I will not provide specifics, but just think about the
types of problems that an Amazon.com engineer might have to solve,
because the interview problem is almost always a core production
strengths and weaknesses, how do you view safety.  
Tell me about a situation in which you used data to solve a problem  
question was centered around providing exact examples of when you have
used different technology suites to accomplish job. They want you to be
very precises. So make sure to really think of not just how to answer
the question but do it with an example, and don’t talk for more than 2
minutes per questions.  
question that struck me by surprise was being position which I was
applying for. Product manager of Technical Program manager.  
None, really, but at that time, I found the BBS question tough.  
No unusual questions. Basic data structures and some programming concepts.  
was difficult and unexpected (to me) as I’m from embedded application
dev background and haven’t dealt with such scenario’s.   s (3)
Not many difficult questions  
What is the Big O for this algorithm  
Design a database that fit specific criteria.  
All questions were easy  
Asking about Unix commands (I had no prior experience with Unix-based machines).  
What would you wish to improve if you were to start the project again?  
Too many to list but be confident in yourself and do not try to BS your way. That might work at Microsoft but not here.  
difficult programming and logical problem  
Sorting Algorithms and optimization. For a Senior SW QA Management position ?  
All the questions are sort of textbook problems, relatively easy.  
What was your worst day at work, why……what could YOU have done to avoid it and what can you do to avoid it in the future  
Give an example of how you used measurement to change a strategy, and include the numerical results you saw.  
Abstract class vs interface in Java  
Worry about recursion and different types of trees.  
Implementing a Web Cache system, with LRU policy  
difficult: Describe how you would solve a work problem in which you
have no experience/knowledge in? (i.e. setting up a bank account)  
were not that difficult to answer but the overall structure of the
process was interesting. The second or third person was trying to upset
or challenge me through insult or any other method. Met with two
directors – one was asking the questions and the other taking notes.
Felt like one was there to ask questions and the other was there to be a
distraction. As well, I was given vague, hypothetical situations and
asked “what I would do”.  
Most of the questions were pretty standard fare informational interview questions.  
weren’t really any difficult or unexpected questions mainly because the
online application pretty much too up most of my time. This being
factory work, the whole process was fairly impersonal.  
No difficult or unexpected questions  
phone interview began with a general discussion about the position, the
company (Amazon), and my background. This was followed with a test
question, asking what would I do if you was in charge of a web-based
e-commerce company selling shoes online. In this hypothetical scenario,
the marketing dept ran an ad for a few products offering 2-for-1. The
website had slowed to a crawl, but overnight had returned to normal.
What would I do?  
No difficult questions.  
What is the most important metric to focus on when evaluating a new business or investment?  
Write a program for a parking lot in Java  
sure to know complexity analysis for every bit of code you write, and
how to use the STL if you’re writing in C++. Know how to use hash
maps/hash tables.  
Tell me about a time you failed.  
How to find first non-repeating character in an incoming stream of characters  
Nothing out of the ordinary – some questions were harder than the others  
Write a function that determines the longest palindrome in a given string.  
There is a flow question. It isn’t difficult, but they want you to demonstrate an ability to balance labor.  
How would you troubleshoot a customer’s network problem?  
How would you reprice amazon prime if your goal was to greatly increase profitability  
can think of any. all related to the position.  
Find the longest repeated substring in a given string.  
interviews were very technically oriented thankfully. There were no
behavioral questions besides the usual: “Why do you want to work with
Amazon?”I was given only one problem in every interview, which
surprisingly takes the greater part of the interview to solve. We
communicated using CollabEdit.com.Question Number 1://Write a
method which takes an array input and returns true if the sum of any
two elements is equal to the sum of the corresponding indices.// Concretely if for an array the sum of values at any two indices i and j is equal to the sum of i and j.Question Number 2:// Write a method to reverse a linked list.// State any assumptions and write any classes/structs that you will need.  
Implement a method that flattens an iterator of iterators.  
“What would be a disadvantage to using recursion in this case?”  
really didn’t get any questions that were hard to answer…I am very
experience in customer service and all of the questions were related to
most difficult question was going over the ads and identifying which
products/services that Amazon would promote. While I spent time going
over ads before my interview, I didn’t really feel prepared to identify
which products would/would not be accepted.  
Length of a circular linked list  
Tell me about a project that you failed  
Nothing special, all basic and expected questions.  
Nothing difficult  
How would you forecast demand and price a service which is new and does not have any history.  
What would you think would happen if Amazon decreased 5% in the price
of all its products. 2) Tell us of a time that detail played an
important role in smth   s (2)
Linked list  
Questions were pretty much your expected computer science/algorithms until the last one, the “bar raiser” interview.  
Write a function to tell whether a BST is balanced  
Implement quicksort.  
What do you think is the next project that Amazon should pursue?  
of the Recruiters, went through a role play of a SLA and after that
part was done I was asked to write the most complex boolean search
string I could come up with based on the SLA. I threw together a site
search with wildcards and a tilde to indicate grammatical variations.  
was a very easy process. No real interview you talked with a person
that discussed your schedule and work assignment preference.  
Most of the questions are easy.  
Tell me about a time you used data.  
How to work with difficult employees who are not productive at all  
Nothing actually, I answered both of the questions, but still I didn’t make it to the second round.  
Asked about Ito’s formula as stochastic calculus is on the resume, although it’s totally unrelated to the job.  
of your vendors typically sells you a widget for $100, but is offering a
discount of $80/widget when you buy 500 all at once. Would you accept
the deal and what would be the process behind your decision?  
Describe a time when you have failed as part of a team.  
Arranging file system in the form of a binary tree.  
the NDA. If you want to be prepared, take a look at your old
programming assignments. (Data structures, algorithms) can you do it
from scratch? Most of it complete under an hour? What if they change it
to another variant? Can you recognize it?  
Design a fridge for the blind  
Design question to find the most frequent sequence of web page views from a log file of all the web pages viewed  
copy of a list list containing a pointer to the next node and also a
pointer to a random other node ( could be a node ahead in the list, the
node itself, somewhere behind or NULL)  
behavioral questions. The algebra in the work-flow problems might slip
some people up but I thought they were both pretty straightforward  
was not expecting a case interview in the first round, so was caught
somewhat off-guard when asked a case question. Other than that, the
questions were quite predictable, such as ‘Tell me about a time when you
had to influence a group,’ etc.  
the largest rectangle area on a bar graph. Example, if you had a graph
of 1,4,5,3,3,5 the answer would be 15 (3×5) which is formed by the
rectangle that is 3 high and spans from position 2 (1 based) to 6.  
System design questions: The focus was on the design of the data stores and scaling the systems.  
find the start of a loop in linked list  
Nothing hard. Write a function to merge two presorted lists, explain it’s time complexity.  
cannot remember any questions verbatim, but conventional wisdom I heard
beforehand was true. Provide detailed answers. They want to get beyond
the generalities of a resume, so the more concrete you can be, the
The questions was common. Seems they only have 5 questions of database.Each
time a person can meet 3 of them. But the time is 1.5 hours. I think I
didn’t write more on the analysis. Didn’t move forward   s (2)
bar raiser asked me a question that had nothing to do with the job I
was interviewing for. It was an analytical question with no background
questions were expected for this role, although the hiring manager
seemed to expect I would know exactly what metrics Amazon used, despite
Amazon being extremely secretive about anything Kindle related.  
How do you describe your management style?  
I was a bit rusty on my c++, and I’m sure I got all the problems correct, but I’m sure it was the comments that killed me  
None of the questions were exceptionally hard, just make sure to have very specific answers.  
Most questions were standard. Behavioral and case. How would you estimate the number of prime users?  
Find if a binary tree is a mirror image   s (2)
do you test the functionality of weather.com which takes a coordinates
anywhere on earth and gives you accurate current weather information.
After I given my plan which is to use automation tool collecting weather
information from public weather station and compare results. I was
asked what if there’s no web service, no phone service, not even radio
and you can’t load weather forecast information from the public weather
stations. Nor you can use historical value to test since the results
need to be very accurate.   s (2)
Design a object oriented class for a vending machine.  
Be ready to speak to your volume, and how your measure your success and the success of the different pipelines you source from.  
Ask to reverse a linked list, both recursively and iterating way.   s (3)
A lot of technique questions, as well as programming and algorithm skills. And you need to prepare some brain teaser questions.  
programing questions like given an array of integers write a function
that returns boolean when sum of two number is equal to given number  
Tell me about a time when you took a big risk at work.  
No ‘strange’ Amazon type questions that you tend to read about. Behavior based interview.  
graphs and trees  
Question related to representing aspects of a chess game, data structures needed and code to solve a chess problem.  
Most questions you can find from online  
asked for stories to show customer focus  
unusual or unexpected. Basic technical questions about linked lists,
binary search trees, circular arrays, OO design. Pretty casual process
large case study question in which I was asked how, as a manager I
would react to a certain unethical activity. As I responded, the
situation was changed around in different ways and was then asked to
explain how my behavior would change. Not extremely difficult, but
definitely requires being able to understand the rules of a company and
how a manager should properly treat his or her employees  
Reverse a linked list – both iterative and recursive way.   s (2)
You need to be able to explain your solution really quick as you don’t spend a lot of time with the Amazon person.  
What are your weaknesses  
There wasn’t too difficult question.  
have basic project management questions and also ask you to define the
logic to solve a problem (that can be solved programatically). For
example, how many buses are needed for a particular bus depot given a
specific schedule.  
Nothing not easy  
What are the criteria you would follow to open a retail store?  
For the math questions, they don’t care if you get the answer right, they just want to see how you work through it.  
Nothing was really difficult. I would say know your resume in and out.  
About the details, and interviewer will communicate with you when you are typing.   s (3)
Find all valid English language words in a give matrix by traversing horizontally, vertically or diagonally  
Case questions – did not expect case questions for Ops.  
Questions regarding task managers and some specific computer questions.  
wont be difficult – u should be good in recursions  
Everything was really easy.  
A lot of the questions had something to do with sorting algorithms, or some modified version of it.  
Fast powOf  
Efficient way to find a loop in a linked list.  
Business Case: very little time to crunch a lot of data in order to determine a pricing strategy for products.  
the NDA. In relation to the book: Cracking the Coding Interview, Amazon
will ask about scalability, and your code must be as efficient as
All questions are regular algorithm and OOD questions.  
What is your favorite principle/value?  
haven’t interviewed in a while, but all the questions seemed to be
pretty standard fare. “Go to the whiteboard and write an algorithm that
accomplishes thus and such, with the caveat that it perform in no worse
than linear time.”They were largely interested in how the problems were tackled and what types of solutions were produced.  
It was a very challenging group assignment, few behavioural questions.  
How to design a zoo with OOP?  
How to fetch telephone number and email address and copy it in another file  
Binary search on a sorted array that was rotated once   s (2)
no questions, though background checks take longer for some than for others.  
Tell me about a time when. That is almost how all the questions started.  
Give an example of a project where you failed.Design
a program that would select which elevator in a building would be the
most efficient, based on where the elevator is located and headed and
where the user is located and headed.  
Why do you want this position?  
How do you explain NPV to a non-finance person?  
careful how you reply to why you are looking for another job, why you
are not happy with your current or previous position. The HR interviewer
will ask this question and how you answer it could kill you.  
you were for example the web server admin for google and you received
an upset call from your client complaining that he and his friend
receive error failures when attempting to connect to google.com, how
would you attempt to troubleshoot the problem?  
did not meet any difficult or unexpected questions. The interviewer
evaluated more on one’s communication skills and thinking process.  
On campus interview. Two 45-minutes interviews.  
three data structure questions are: 1. the difference between linked
list and array; 2. the difference between stack and queue; 3. describe
hash table.  
Hash tables, string manipulation, big o complexity, other general coding questions.  
had answered that you should make sure your entire team believes in
your organization’s principles. She asked me how will make sure that
this happens.  
Explain a situation when you have had to deal with a angry customer, how did you approach it?  
Questions regarding double hash tables  
questions 1) Amazon has decided to launch add a new Nike watch to its
portfolio. How would you market it? 2) Amazon is deciding whether to
launch a book subscription service (whether online or delivered books).
What factors will you consider when looking how to price it and how to
market it?  
How to deal with hash collisions?  
was difficult to sit there for an hour and a half. It was also
difficult to get in touch with anyone in the HR office (a problem I
found for amzn workers as well as perspective workers)  
Design an ads auction service. There was very little input on requirements or level of detail they wanted.  
I dont know how to write the second code.  
all of these phone screens, for the most part, they seem to want you to
have done a project that is EXACTLY like what their department is doing
(as if they can’t relate what you have done with what you can do in the
future). One interviewer keeps coming back to a work example which I
told her I didn’t have, but her persistence told me she had troubles
checking the boxes on her sheet.  
a scenario where a customer delivery was wrong, one being out of stock
the other being wrong item delivered, take me through the stpes to
correct the situation  
All the questions were behavioral…tell me about a time when….  
Math flow problem took some time to figure out exactly what I was solving for. But once you get it it’s pretty easy.  
Nothin too unexpected…but the long day makes for better chances of breaking you down by the end. Don’t lose focus.  
Endless behavioral questions.What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced and how did you handle it?What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?Give an example of a time when you showed initiative.How to Introduce Process Improvements Successfully?Sourcing strategies?  
What is the angle between hour hand and minute hand in an analog clock?  
not difficult. very general. Expecting an immediate hire, and I am still in school. Will definitely apply again.  
too crazy, really. Just know straightforward algorithm/coding
techniques, and be prepared to work in pen/paper in a language you’re
comfortable with. They were understanding about not knowing the exact
methods for language API calls, etc.  
of them were tough; this is not a casual process for the super passive
job seeker; you need to be prepared to speak to metrics, projects,
specifics. Don’t be intimidated; stay calm and really talk comfortably
about your accomplishments and successes. Yet, don’t be overconfident.
Be able to be “vocally self critical” when appropriate.  
In the first interview, he ask a question about how to get the height of a tree. Easy one.The second is to find the maximum path in a tree. A path are the links between any two nodes in a tree.In the second interview, he ask factorial, and big number multiplication. And a OO question.  
N/A, all very typical behavioral questions  
I think the interview problems are about regular topics. There are not unexpected questions.  
Walk me through how kindle books would be priced.  
a function that takes two strings and returns whether they are
permutation. There are two ways to do it and you have to be able to
answer all of them and say the time complexity for it. Then write the
actual code.  
included: array where indexes correspond to the tree node number of a
parent node, and values correspond to current tree node number., root
having number -1 Write code to recreate a tree (binary tree, bnon-BST).
Another question was: given an array of numbers including negative,
print the highest sum of the continuous sequence you can find. Another
one: difference between hashtable and hashmap, etc. Detailed performance
test questions: load, stress, etc tests. Given than these definitions
differ from company to company (I attest, as my parent heads performance
engineering in large US defense company and this was discussed over and
over)…why write down and question every detail from you response and
pick on coefficients such as 1.5 versus 2, etc: this is quite
nonsensical.   s (2)
Given any binary tree, write an method to test whether it is a Binary Search Tree  
It was 3 programming questions, they were easy and available on careercup website and the time was 1.5 hours.  
are in charge of a video game vendor, and are contemplating reducing
the price from $40 to $30. They are currently selling 1000 units a week.
Please give your quantitative reasoning on the impact of the price
reduction on unit sales and total revenue and profits, with specific
numbers. Also walk us through how you would decide whether to implement
the price change or not.  
One moderate question that appear on Coding Interview book.  
There wasn’t any difficult question.  
If you make sure to internalize Amazon’s core values, the interview is easy.  
was given a detailed description of the job I was applying for and
asked what my first steps would be, once I got the position.  
What was your worst mistake ever?  
Be prepared for the math flow question  
Screen 1 – Leap frog problem. You’re given a array, each element
represents how many steps you can move forward or backward. If the
element is +k you can move fwd k steps or if the value -k you can move
backward k steps. You need to check whether you can navigate from 0
index to last index in the array.Find least common ancestor in BST treePhone 2:Given a BST find a num greater than a given numPrivate a tree level by levelOnsite:1st round: Write code to receive bytes of data which are sent in chunks for bytes arrays.Function(Bytes[] data, Object state) {//fill the code here;}Object
state is something you need to decide. But what ever you put in that
will be returned back something similar to static data.The first
4 bytes represents header which has the message size followed by
message or data. The message can be in the same chunk or next chunk or
chunk after. Same is with header. I was given like 30 mins to write
code.Example: 0005123 45So in the above bytes since
first 4 bytes are 0005, it means there will 5 bytes of message in the
same chunk or diff chunk. Same goes with the header.2nd round:Map
of child to parent chars are given. Design a tree using that data. Root
node will be a dummy node which will be given to you.s2-v1s1-v1s3-v2a1-s1a3-s1a4-s1v1-0a4-s2v2-0s8-0dummy node is “0”.3rd round:How
you prevent dead locks and asked me the code the graph based deadlock
code prevention (Psuedo code) when a process already know what locks it
going to access.Boogle question. Find all words formed in Boggle. Also he gave function which says whether a string a valid string or not.4th round:How
do you design a storage for data center. What will you do if you’ve
multiple storages. He kind of discouraged consistency and rather was
adamant on simplicity and fast throughput. He is into this – merge all
storages as one continuous block or arrays and some how build a lookup.5th round:Deign a video recorder to record videos on cable.a Channel can have multiple shows. Each shows can be shown in different channels at the same time.Each show can have multiple episodes. Each episode can be run at different or same time across diff channels or same channels.You need display what and all shows are shown at one particular time, all channels and all shows.Record: given a time and channel. Record all shows in that timeRecord:
Given a show and a channel. Record all episodes. What will you do if
the channel timings change after you received the record input.   s (2)
are focused on what you have done and achieved, not on theoretical
behavior. Be ready with examples and more examples, and lots of data.  
How would you represent a graph with million nodes ?  
The questions were unexpected and difficult in how poorly they were developed.”Give me an example of when you were challenged” (with no follow up questions based on what I answered).  
-If you are amazon and Samsung offers you 10,000 Samsung galaxy 3 in discount Are you going to take that deal?  
interview with the hiring manager was tough. Every example was broken
down to the nitty gritty. The manager apologized beforehand and said
that he would interrupt me, not to be rude, but to delve deeper into
what I was saying. By nitty gritty I mean, actual excel functions I
would perform to get to a certain point in the analysis. This was the
difficult part because I realized that if my example was not rich or
detailed enough, I would not have anything to say if the manager delved
deeper beyond a point.  
Find maximum depth of a tree.  
Do you know who is our CEO? How do you pronounce his name?  
would you do if somehow you shortshipped 10,000 units of something?
What would you do for the customer, how much would it cost the company,
and how would you prevent it?  
provide the exact question (NDA) but it was related to a product
strategy for their ongoing product implementation in the international
All were expected from the standard view point. Nothing difficult as such.  
mini url design. How to store it to database  
questions were all as expected, I had to write code to perform certain
operations like find the nth fibonacci number, the largest product of
any three numbers in a list, etc. After writing each solution I was
asked to analyze the time complexity and improve my solution.  
Pretty simple and basic  
In addition to the code, you have to describe the algorithm and data structures.  
basic computer science fundementals  
What is your favorite research method? What is a website/app that you like or hate and why?  
most surprised by questions on how I would design a financial software
architecture to resolve a specific issue – can’t give more details for
confidentiality reasons.  
Giving a string with number from 1-250 in random order, but miss 1 number. How to find the missed number.   s (2)
No real difficult questions – standard behavioral interview tactics as well as situation based, “tell me about a time you…”  
What was your most innovating idea at your present job?  
my third interview, I was asked how I would handle a loosely outlined
“hypothetical” scenario in the prospective position (which had not
previously existed at Amazon). I inferred that a similar scenario in the
past had caused this particular interviewer some personal or
professional frustration.  
The most difficult question: describe what Human Resources means to me…  
How do you detect for the first repeated character in a string? How do you detect whether or not a word is a palindrome?  
tell me a time you took a project from beginning to end and what customer changes you made along the way.  
most difficult technical question was to devise an algorithm for
traversing a 2D grid with obstacles in some specific manner that I can’t
quite remember anymore.  
It was about the Standby configuration  
A graph cut problem, as I was not familiar with this area (mostly EE background)  
Code merge sort  
How can you design a highly scalable system to fulfill given requirements …. ?  
1. On a shared notepad, i was asked to write a program that performs multiplication of two byte array.2.
Write an algorithm to trace all the websites and urls present in an
html file and visit each of them to get the same list.. until you reach
All the questions were very very easy  
For the second 45 minutes phone interview, the interviewer asked a question about memory chunk.  
Signed the NDA. Sorry guys, no questions disclosed.  
we are making X amount of revenue on 60 units of product and the profit
is X – what would the new price point have to be in order to make Y
“Tell me about yourself”  
After your boss told us how great you were, what would be the one reason they would tell us NOT to hire you.  
Business case study  
find all the list of words from a letter matrix  
They asked a theoretical about what I would do if 500 servers were failing. That is not an experience that I have had.  
The interview was very misleading.  
Behavior question  
Give me multiple examples of when you have used data to make marketing decisions?  
Write a function to determine if a tree is a BST.  
What would you do if your coworker/friend were being dishonest (stealing)?  
The questions were mostly on Data Structures and Algorithms. The interviewers also asked questions about my projects.  
What *specifically* have you done at past jobs related to the job description.  
there were a few  
Giving previous examples of works completed and computer payroll systems used is a plus  
How do you determine page load times of all pages across amazon.com?  
1. given a room of people, one of which is sick, after a while, how to know who infect a person2. level traversal of a binary tree  
Develope a chess game  
Be prepared to write short C program involving recursion.  
a situation where you had the most difficulty advocating for specific
language to be put into a contractual agreement during a negotiation
exercise. What was the issue? What did you do? What was the outcome?  
What are the 4 principles of OOP  
If you see someone doing something wrong, would you report them to your supervisor or anonymously?  
How would you tell a customer what Wi-Fi is?  
Can not remember, all tech problems. Not very hard  
was not a really difficult question. The first question was based on
design classes. And the second one was on checking whether a binary tree
is a binary search tree. One question per round. I screwed up the
second question.. so did not get the offer.  
how to implement big data framework like hadoop  
If I give you an array of N integers, find the largest three numbers which will result in the largest product.   s (2)
“What has changed in the last six years since Amazon last reviewed your resume?”  
linked list implementation problems, questions on data structures
(hash-maps, etc.), asked to code binary search tree solution to a
problem (i can’t quite remember the question exactly)  
a situational question: Say you have a deal in front of you to possibly
be renewed that made $50k last time (that’s a lot of money for a deal)
but the return rate is at 6% and we want to keep it to 5%. Would you
keep it or not?  
expected the management to be so ugly for a retail company – do not
feel like buying anything from them anymore. Even when you sell an item,
Amazon always side with the buyer. Let’s wait and see where this
company will go to!  
Nothing special actually  
If you were to choose where our next fulfillment center would be what would you choose and why.  
given a pool(P) of co-ordinates (infinitely large), find the closest N to a given user co-ordinate  
Nothing unexpected. Fairly difficult questions.  
Are you on drugs?  
based questions were easy to prepare for. Amazon prefers the STAR
(situation, task, action, result) method to answer. Would suggestion
preparing for the math flow question. I was asked the following: You
have 30 associates who all work an 8 hour day, 5 days a week. 2 need to
be in indirect (non-volume producing) roles. Your direct (production)
rate is 150 units per hour, but you have two 15-minute breaks during the
day. How many units can your department produce in a 40 hour week?   s (5)
How to forecast the output of a warehouse for Christmas?   s (2)
difficult or outside of the job description. mainly going over your
resume followed by behavioral questions related to that.  
Remote Assessment Test was very difficult  
questions were moderate. General reporting sqls. Both of them asked me
programming questions involving arrays. I answered all pretty well.There
was a data modelling question which i had problem understanding. He
gave me few co-ordinates and asked me how to represent them in a
database / data model.  
“When and how have you applied analytical processes to improve work conditions?”  
All questions are behavioral questions with the typical STAR answers expected.  
A complex tree question which involved implementation as queue and Linklist both  
How you handle difficult customers?  
can not talk about my interviews on site. My over the phone technical
interviews were focused on front end development. Asked about HTML
standards and behavioral issues between browsers, implement an accordion
component from scratch, javascript scoping problems, etc.  
Talk about how to add and remove item to an linked list in some position  
Why Amazon?Name a time when you worked on a team.What would you do if you caught an employee stealing?What does customer service mean to you?Why should Amazon hire you?  
X==NULL and NULL==x, what is the difference  
interviews that deep dive into root cause. You can never provide enough
details or data at Amazon. If you are the type of person that “fluff’s”
answers, you will fall on your face.  
How to implement a java garbage collection  
I thought the amazon interview bar has gone down drastically. For an SDE 2 position, you expect more than CS 101 questions.  
Generate an email based on really limited information.  
production floor math problem  
No difficult questions as such, but testing basic programming skills  
You occasionally get asked things like “How would you explain the internet to George Washington?”.  
something related to computer architecture  
How would you get associates who are not up to productivity expectancy up to rate without any form of disciplinary action?  
questions are behavioral. Visit Amazon FC careers website and read the
leadership principles. If you have problems tailoring your stories to
these principles, maybe you’re not a good fit for Amazon.  
What practical steps have you taken to elicit maximum contributions from each member of your team?  
asked to design a system (from user interface to underlying components
and classes) to accommodate a specific customer service business
prepared to cite work experiences where you were an owner, leader, when
you applied customer focus and when and how you have been innovative as
a designer.  
Word ladder  
The most difficult part is about how to select a data structure to solve the problem effectively.  
If you were the CFO what 3 documents would you look at daily and why.  
unsual, standard interview questions anyone would ask to see if you fit
the company job needs. Your experience handling a difficult situation
in the workplace, and and how did you handle a demanding job
What was the most difficult employee situation as a manager did I have to deal with.  
At Amazon we hire the “best of the best”. What makes you the “best of the best”  
go into detail because of the NDA. But basically 1 OO/design problem. 2
silly puzzle-solving algorithms. Both involved traversing matrices.  
of them were difficult or unexpected. Getting your point across to the
screener is tricky unless you use all the right buzzwords that Amazon
has (14 principles). The screener seemed to be very focused on a small
area of the product and had a hard time calibrating experiences outside
their area  
nothing unexpected  
What your most proudest invention?You have to write an essay. That is the culture. Everything is written in long form.  
Nothing difficult.  
use tree data structure to compute a proper expression which includes value, operator and parentheses.  
The design exercise was to build an in-store kiosk experience.  
consistency related question on AWS  
were all very similar and not unexpected if you do research – there
wasn’t anything completely off the wall. One interviewer was rather
distracted I don’t know if she wasn’t enthusiastic about me or just too
busy to interview but her interview was very hard her questions weren’t
pre planned at all but she didn’t seem to know what to pick.  
No unexpected questions  
Tell us what you bring with you to the company and why Amazon should hire you.  
Heres 10 million dollars, what will you go build?  
explain Big N notation. I am not a programmer or CS major  
were about previous experience as well has hashmaps. How to implement
them, handling duplicate keys. There was a coding question about linked
list that I can’t remember exactly.  
1st is to check whether a linkedlist has cycles, the other one is to get the most frequent integers in an array  
I can say about the on-site interview was that we were in the room for
about 6 hours, with 6 rounds of interviews after the initial HR meeting.  
was not difficult. The result wast unexpected that despite my better
performance in the second round of interview, I was not selected for
another round  
difficult or unexpected, I just did not have answers to all of their
“tell me a time when” questions, because in some instances there was no
“time when” I am a career financial analyst, I do not have managerial
experience. If I had a managerial background I would be writing a review
about how well I did and how I got a job offer. Be honest with
yourself, they miss a lot in the phone screenings.   s (2)
What are the top risks on your current project?  
Design an application for borrowing and sharing stuff.  
Easy peasy, lemon squeasy  
if a linked list is a loop, kth nearest points, sort two sorted linked list into one  
an algorithm to take a list of strings as well as a single input
string, and return the indices of the list which are anagrams of the
input string, disregarding special characters.Given a binary
tree which is a sum tree, write an algorithm to determine whether the
tree is a valid sum tree or not. Then, write an algorithm that will fix
the tree to make it a sum tree. Then, write an algorithm which will fix a
tree to make it a sum tree by only using addition.  
did spent a lot of time probing “which do you like to do better,
programming or management.” My last position was as an individual
contributor although I had a lot of experience with technical management
before that.  
Write a function that prints out a binary tree in order.  
was an unexpected question for me (also the last interview at the end
of a very long day): What products do you feel missed the mark?  
Know how to calculate UPH (Units Per Hour) and the process flow of warehouses.  
confident and comfortable throughout interview process. Take
water,snacks if needed. Math flow problems are not difficult, but with
intensity of interview process, it can affect your thinking and
performance. Stay relaxed and focus on solving problem. Think loudly.
This can help interviewer understand how you think.  
Have you ever told your boss that a change was needed?  
Most questions were common sense situation questions.   s (3)
Nothing difficult or unexpected just basic interview questions.Tell me a time you dealt with an angry customer.Are you comfortable working under stress?Tell me about a time you had to work with an unpleasant coworker.  
how could you make success from previous experience? (can’t remember clearly, similar to this one)  
Tell me what a critical section is used for in C++.   s (2)
How would you break the monotony?  
Question: If one of your workers comes up to you and complains that
someone gave her a weird look in the morning, what do you do?  
was your worst project? The interviewer asked much further about the
project I was talking about. I thought my answer is very bad.  
Design and Implement a data structure which supports push() pop() and min() in a constant time  
have you ever worked with a dishonest employee?  
an integer N and an array of unsorted integers A find all pairs of
numbers within A which add up to N. (This is the only question I can
remember and I had trouble thinking of an answer at the time)   s (3)
What do you consider good design?  
did you handle a dishonest employee or co-worker? I believe the answer
is simple…I would report any dishonesty to my manager.  
expected higher level questions for a senior position. I was not
expecting all of the questions to be about foundational data structures
and algorithms (which I was a bit rusty on).   s (2)
Explain when a process you designed failed. What happened? What did you learn?  
As an advice, look up the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” type of questions.  
go through resume, why MBA why amazon, why you make your career change,  
Why do you want to work here?  
flow question giving you details on production needed to be done and
asking you how to best staff 15 employees to finish three different jobs
if each of the different jobs has different requirements as far as
people needed and time it takes to complete.  
given a writing sample to edit or rewrite. I had been in the industry
for 20+ years and this was the first editing test I’d been given.  
I don’t remember the question specifically, but it involved memoization.  
Know data structures and alogos well, and OOP prinicples. Explain every step of the way what you are doing and why.  
Nothing unexpected. For example, one question is to explain the project you listed on the resume.  
What happens at “layer 2” when you plug a laptop into the net work?   s (2)
hash table question was determine was which person bought the same
thing on the same day. the data has to be taken from two files from two
How do you remove red nodes and get the entire tree structure in a red black tree  
clear what kind of product manager you want to be, product development,
partnership/relationship management, or just managing the product. Read
well the job description to identify what they are looking for  
me about a time you were in a meeting and had an opinion different from
everyone else in the room. What did you do and what were the outcomes?  
All technical questions.SQL and statistics knowledge questions.  
Coding Breadth First Search(I had yet to learn Breadth First Search in school).  
situational questions. Look at leadership principles. Find stories for
each. Make sure you are very well versed in your strengths AND
weaknesses. s using STAR (so practice a lot otherwise you
will ramble without realizing it).  
How can design a TinyURL for a website? Design an algorithm and write sample code which generates TinyURL for a website.   s (2)
If the sales in market place suddenly dropped significantly, what would you think is the problem?  
Limited time to sale yourself.  
last phone interview, they asked whether I have ever disagreed with my
boss and how I handled it. That particular day I was very mad – working
as a VP of Dev in a startup and we had a non-performing Sales VP – And I
thought he should have been fired (he was let go subsequently) and had
that discussion in the morning with my COO/boss and it was fresh in my
mind. So I inadvertently told the Amazon guy what I thought should
Finding out if a linkedlist has a loop or not. Mergin two sorted linkedlists.   s (2)
asked what kind of conflict resolution did i have to preform at my last job  
questions were read off a screen, and all answers were typed
frantically while I spoke. Questions were all right out of Interviewing
101: “Tell me about a difficult client”, “How do you deal with
ambiguity”, etc. You will not be listened to, only transcribed.  
have several different routes I can use to commute to and from work
each day. Say I hired you to recommend me the best route. Walk me
through the thought process of how you would determine which was the
best route.”  
Describe a time when you’ve implemented a change for your supervisor.  
Can you work in a building that exceeds 90 degrees or more for 10 hours?  
seemed to dislike the interview process so there really weren’t any
difficult prepared questions, it was more of an informal conversation
where he went over my resume and asked me things that a Producer would
normally know (and I did)…  
The questions were very usual for that kind of interviews.  
Will you be able to speed up your rate?  
would you recommend we approach the following scenario?: A vendor wants
to require Amazon to obtain consent from the vendor each time the
vendor’s trade name is to be used.  
a sorted array find the minimum amount of values that are needed to be
inserted to make a sequence of a given length. ie [0, 2, 5, 7, 11] for
length 5  
only asked one question. Given a Single Linked List print its values in
reverse order. I provided some solutions but interviewer was looking
for use of recursion.  
wasn’t an unexpected question, per se. but the abruptness of it was
jarring and threw me off of my game a little. I was expecting a
completely different format.  
general interview question none related to work being performed  
in the end of the interview he asked if I have any question:I asked what is the responsibilities and duties for this position: he answered I don’t know. I am not in this groupthen I asked what kind of model you are usinghe answered I cannot share this kind of information (he just could say for example statistical models).  
Code an algorithm to find the longest palindrome in a string.  
Math question  
Just treat everyone with respect!  
N/A. It turns out i’m not interested in development position so i told the recruiter to cancel the test.  
was pretty much alright nothing out of ordinary and every question was
sticking to the job description so if you go through that job
description you will be good  
tell me about team failure  
Questions on final interview came across very high level but manager was looking for more in-depth “Real World” answers.  
Asked me why I wanted this job.  
Tell me about a time when you could not solve a customer’s problem  
analysis of a certain algorithm  
they asked me a question on a subject that i had not had the chance to learn before  
It included basic questions mainly about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  
is probably repeated many times throughout the site, but know your
algorithms and make sure you really know the programming languages that
you have on your resume. Be prepared and best of luck to you.  
They did include a small math section, to be done in a limited amount of time.  
Biggest mistake at your current job.  
Lots of questions about analytics.  
No a hard question but understand the flow process for a warehouse  
Q’s involved string manipulations, OO design, algorithms and data structures.  
How do you check if the 5th bit is a 1 in a binary number  
Nothing really extraordinary.  
There was only one question. How to compress a string? If “AAABBAAA” the resultant string should be 3A2B3A.   s (5)
I was asked in the last 2 years what is a decision that I’ve made that I regret.  
The best implementation for a binary tree.  
Given a set A of 20 distinct positive integers, find two subsets that have the same sum. For example, if A = {10, 20, 30, 40, …, 200}, then {10, 20, 30, 40, 100} and {90, 110} are two subsets that have the same sum (which is 200).If there exists such a pair of subset, print out the numbers, otherwise print out “none”.If there are multiple such sets, you only need find and print out one pair.  
the most important decision you have taken in managing someone that
still makes you feel good. Also describe the worst decision you have
taken and how soon did you know that you made a mistake in judgment.  
group programming project–working on a small development team and
brushing up on datastructures would be helpful for preparation  
Interviewer was not qualified enough. Started asking stupid questions
and argued about few sure short answers. And Technical interviewer
started asking about salary expectations !!!  
Describe a conflict you had with partners and how you resolved.  
Are you able to work for more then ten hours in one day on a regular basis.  
was “difficult” or “unexpected”. The recruiter did tell me not to reuse
any of my examples/stories for any of the questions, which threw me a
General questions about distribution and operations, which were outside of my engineering background  
Write up a modeling problem  
an eval() method for numerical expressions such as + x – /
given a string containing brackets and parenthesis. I.E. “(3 * 6) +
[(2/4) – 1]”  
a stream of characters and a set of characters, find the shortest
sequence in the stream containing all characters in the set.  
Writing search strings on a board.  
Probability questions I had not seen since graduating…  
weren’t any difficult questions. Most started out with “Tell me a
time…” and I had prepared possible answers ahead of time to help me
jog my memory.  
There were a few mind games being played – like- when meeting with the site director, there was no place to sit.  
How do you analyze cost in the project during your internship?  
questions are similar as in the book CTCI expect the last algorithm
problem. The problem itself seemed to be an open question, but I guess
the abilities such as making reasonable assumption and the thinking
process are important.  
what | how to implement web service which has good performance and HA
(high availability) and how to improve service performance etc. it seems
little bit vague or high level question for me and i asked back what
kind of detail level he want.  
kept being asked questions about hosting/infrastructure. I am not
clueless here, but asked the employee interviewing me if this is a
position where you would manage developers. The answer is yes, but still
the questions are about hosting, F5…When I talked about
development, the interviewer did not follow. I asked at a time if he has
development experience. Asked me why I don’t just use cookies for
whatever it was. Hello, don’t you know that cookies get echoed with
every HTTP request from the browser? More network resources, less
performance…Just frustrating to be interviewed by someone that
does not even know that when you make a request, the browser first
looks into its cache, the if-modified-since calls and so on. He said
that is not what happens… Then he hinted at the fact that he wanted to
get my understanding of DNS. Gave him the info on hosts file, local
DNS, public DNS but lost him at hosts file and policies that can control
what you can override in the hosts file….Asked me to code
getting the nth fibonacci number. I did it using iteration. I guess he
wanted a recursive solution which is well suited for tree traversals. In
many other cases it puts a crap load full of stuff on the stack… Let
me stop here..  
discuss the project due to confidentiality. It shouldn’t be too hard
for someone who has a few years of coding experience.  
Be prepared to discuss the DMAIC process regarding your experience.  
Vertically and horizontally center an element on the screen using css.   s (4)
Tell me about situation where you directly impacted customer satisfaction  
Why Amazon, design an algorithm to rearrange numbers in a sequency, time complexity of the algorithm  
nothing really, not sure what they wanted, but the questions were normal.  
being too specific, because of NDA, the engineering questions were the
type of questions that only someone with a CCIE would most likely be
able to answer  
How would you test performance of your code?  
How can passwords be passed from client to server in a secure way?   s (3)
questions regarding quirks about certain data structures. What happens
in certain insertion, deletion, collision scenarios for particular data
structures. Know your data structures.  
The case presentation had really tough Q&A  
When have you had to deal with a difficult interaction with an associate and how did you handle that situation?  
Design code to be able to be able to find a song, a band, and all songs related to a particular band.  
technical questions asked just a request for why you applied, what can
you bring to the role and a self assessment of your skills  
Questions about hashing in Java, and I hadn’t re-studied that in a year in school.  
The best way to prepare is to go to topcoder and practice a bunch of the questions there.They
asked a question about infrastructure. They had me describe my
companies infrastructure, and then grilled me on how to adapt it to AWS.
Make sure you have at least some knowledge of all of AWS’s systems.  
Strength and weakness  
way to make the same change to thousands of html files stored in a Unix
environment. Should have been able to answer it but dint.  
pretty much expected all of the questions because I researched ahead of
time.Just be positive and enthusiastic and you should be fine.  
interviewer at onsite was a bit rude and kept assuming that all
organizations work like Amazon and was not able to understand why I did
what i did in teh financial sector. I did not push too hard back at him;
however, if i were to repeat, i would have told him that his vision is
X product had excess inventory, what would your strategy by to sell
through the inventory if the company selling the product couldn’t offer
any promotional funding? And other typical scenarios similar to this.  
I am unable to give details, due to a non-disclosure agreement.  
there were none. questions were all pretty traditionally in line with an interview  
What are your three biggest weaknesses, and how did you turn them into advantages in your most recent position.  
Bit shifting in C. It is way simple but didn’t refresh before inteview  
Nothing was too difficult. Bit-shifting, data structures, efficiency.  
me about a time that you pushed back on a decision that was made. That
question was fine but they probed my answer about 10 times. I didn’t
How would you design the game Monopoly?  
Algorithm to solve vehicle routing problem  
no difficult questions  
don’t remember there being a question that I would call “difficult” or
“unexpected”. They all seemed to be reasonable under the circumstances.  
None. In fact compared to other interviews this one was extremely laid back.  
Graph question  
Why amazon?  
what they did, what they are doing, and what they plan to do, and think
about if there is any research topics related to those. It would help a
lot.By the way, even if you are doing optimization,
logistics/transportation/supply chain type of research, still, get some
ideas about machine learning, data mining, analytics-type of stuff, it
would help.  
I had to find the length of a binary tree  
Question surrounding a very specific launch of a product.  
How weird are you on a scale from 1-10?  
How to design an efficient parking system for a parking garage  
architecture questions (when there were no right answers) and the
interviewer struggled to prove his answer was the right one.  
Time is limited, must program & debug within 30 mins/ question  
initial coding test was by far the most difficult–involved finding n
highest ranked films in a network of similar films. Pretty unbounded.  
was expecting Front End Engineering questions based on HTML, CSS,
Javascript/jQuery and I was asked what is the best way to search and
find the best possible way to reach a node.  
technical questions weren’t that hard, but they asked a lot of
questions like “name a time when you strongly disagreed with someone in
your past. How did you resolve it?” Those questions are harder to
prepare for.  
There are questions from strategy, market sizing, pricing and some technical questions around the position you are interviewing.  
is a flow problem that you have to present. The person will throw kinks
and you have to adjust on the fly. It is very helpful to have some
operations experience.  
Math case study  
Q was: Here’s a binary tree: find the longest path within it. So, find a
path between any two leaf nodes, where the path is the longest.  
design a public library system  
The design problem  
temp candidate is given a simple test to fill out, which tests the
candidate’s ability to perform simple job tasks. It also asks if you
have had any experience with a hand scanner.  
a time when changes were made at management level that you had to adapt
to?” Never had a job before so It was a fairly hard question to relate
to school, etc.  
Writing a file system  
don’t think the questions would have been difficult, there was just a
language barrier over a speaker phone. From what I could make out of the
last question, it was how would you deal with a project that was
delayed for 4 months you had a month to complete it, you also have 3
other projects that were due at the same time, you were under staffed
and could only get 1 additional developer. As I explained how I would
approach it, he would keep adding complexity (i.e one of them is a high
value customer).  
reverse a string in one place.  
Drilling down into experiences. Know everything on your resume in great detail.  
What was your biggest failure?  
What would you do to improve Amazon.com and the overall customer experience?  
Design a system to bookkeeping hotel reservation.  
Design a file system  
a big tree of geneology and a grandfather and a grandson print all the
nodes at the level of the grandson from the grandfather’ nodeSomethong like level order traversal.  
Not many but they really need to keep their wrong and egoistical attitude in check  
Why Sales? Why AmazonLocal? 3 times I was asked both.  
There isn’t anything that is unexpected or hard.  
java questions. I was told any scripting experience would suffice. but everyone wanted to hear java.  
All the questions were very basic.  
write a function that prints out the strings in a binary tree and then recreate the binary tree from the string.  
How to design a test to compare the effectiveness of two commercials.  
Compute the nth prime.  
there was a question on deliverables – if you had to chose 1 out of 3 which would you choose and why?  
Phone Interviews:1) Least Common Ancestor of 2 nodes in a binary tree2) Trim extra spaces in a given String.3) Check whether given linked list is circular or not4) Design a restaurant reservation systemFace to Face:1)
System Design question . Implement “File” java class. He went deep in
to the design specifics , asked me to design cache , handle parallel
access , efficient data structures to do it etc..,2) Integers
are arriving at a rate of one on a socket stream. At any given time
print k largest numbers. Describe an efficient algorithm and implement
it in language of your choice.3) Given a binary tree and an
integer S , print all distinct paths from root to leaves which sum to S.
Describe the algorithm and implement it.4)Write a program to
print the largest sub string which is a palindrome in a given string. He
asked me to optimize it with O(n) solution5) Given a list of
nodes , Node class has fields value(of type integer) , next(of type
Node) , other(of type Node) where next points to next node and other
points to some arbitrary node in the list. Make a copy of the list.
Describe an efficient algorithm and implement it.  
How do you think Amazon Prime contributes to the bottom line of the business?  
The most unexpected question was the paired-programming question. I am still unclear about what I was supposed to do.  
was asked to define SOLID, While I had heard of the acronym, I had
understood its use in the context of technical conversation, but didn’t
know the individual parts.  
Where do I see myself 5-10 years from now?  
Nothing that wasn’t posted on this website already.  
was too difficult. Bit-shifting, data structures, efficiency. Finding
phone numbers of a given format inside large number of different HTML
How would you test this system?  
Given an analog clock how would you tell the angle.  
Are you having trouble hearing me?  
Write implementation of a data structure online  
Big O notation questions, and some trick programming questions  
Have 2 phone interviews involving coding onlineQuestions about data structure, BST. finding duplicatesit is really difficult especially you need to hold your cell-phone and code at the same time..Recruiter and interviewers are niceinterviewers will give some hints on how to solve it.at the end of the interview, they will ask if you have questions to ask them.  
brainstorming questions are total waste of time  
Biggest weakness.  
print a tree in level order.  
hash map, division of number with + and – only, data structures  
question: What would you do if a product that you were in charge of had
a pricing mistake? For example, you were in charge of Nikon camera that
normally retails for $500, but it was listed on the site for $50 by
accident and 500 people purchased it.  
Explain Collaborative Caching?  
If you were is “X” situation, what would you do and why.  
Explain the process from start to finish of what happens when you type in a web address and press Enter.  
interviewer asked me about my resume, well a specific bullet on my
resume. Other than that there were no real hard questions.  
“Tell me the reason I should not hire you”  
1. Find out if the given binary tree is symmetric  
Jeff Bezos gives you $10M to start a business unit; what would you do?  
All very straightforward. Simple dictionary tree, hash table, finding prime numbers.  
Asked about my projects and professional experience, then 3 questions (in both the interviews)1. Design a Contact List2. Mode of a given list3.Given a binary tree. Find if there exists a path from root to leaf which sums up to a given number.  
Explain about a process improvement technique that you have improvised over your workplace in detail.  
Program to find the longest common subsequence (in a sequence)  
We have a table named ‘Employee’ with columns employee_id, employee_name, manager_id, manager_nameThe table contains the following rows:employee_id employee_name manager_id manager_name1 Bob 2 Alice2 Alice 3 JimWrite a SQL query to find Bob’s manager’s manager.   s (2)
No questions caught me off guard, standard questions.  
the code for a game that entailed an array of numbers and finding the
fastest way to get to the end when the numbers were the number of steps
you could move forward, and if you hit a zero, the game was over.  
what is your most difficult decision  
Find substring in string.give complexity for time  
None, exactly what you’d expect..answered all questions well still no offer. I must be missing something…..  
In previous word did you solve problem in unconventional way and solved ambiguity problem before.  
the whiteboard, design a high-availability system that can take in the
periodic table of elements and then output the largest word that can be
formed with the elements. Once that was done, describe and design
different ways to optimize the system.  
it was typical questsions on algoritims. I’m able to choose any language I want.  
Why did you like least about your previous job and why?  
What do you think about the offering of discount on gift wrap?  
What would you to improve the function of my current position?  
Write a program to find all possible pairs in array that sum up to X. With efficiency O(n).What is shared pointer? How will you say a tree is binary tree?Linked list has a loop?  
How is six sigma relevant, what does it mean, calculate dpm.  
1. build a queue using 2 stacks2. find the first repeated number/string in an array3. 2-sum4. given an array of strings, find all the anagrams  
data analysis parts are interesting: one is about predicting sales
given historical data; one is about the effect of weather on sales.  
are always entities (vendors/authors/publishers) that don’t want to do
business with Amazon. What data would you use to help convince the
entity to do business with us?  
Tell me about a time you made a mistake, what you did to fix it, and what you learned from it.  
complex data structure problem  
the system architecture on the whiteboard of a very vague scenario. I
know it is expected to see how you approach a problem and what questions
you ask, but it seemed the scenarios lacked detail in some cases, not
that Amazon was to build a robot and offer it online through
Amazon.com. How would you decide which features to include in it?  
None were difficult…I thought the entire process was easy. They’re not looking for true leaders, they’re looking for managers.  
General algorithm & datastructures questions – nothing detailed.  
Most of them were direct  
5 hours of behavioral questions. No one prepped me for these typed of interviews.  
Questions about computing the distance between words  
Reverse the order (left to right) of all nodes in a binary tree.  
Why do you want to leave your current position?  
Tell me about a time that you were challanged in a project and what did you do?  
asked to write the programs on sorting  
Some question about OOD, why you have these classes.  
I didn’t expect the HR to ask one programming problem  
All related to data structures  
How would you create an array given two sorted arrays.  
was unexpected. Was very impressed with the process. Most difficult is
every person I interviewed with had less than 10 months with the
Tell me a situation that your got challenged in public.  
a site tour – “what are we doing wrong?” asked to give constructive
criticism to site leader and site safety manager on what we could be
doing differently from a safety point of view and how I would implement
those changes/improvement.  
will drill down on mini cases, kept asking questions until you ran out
of ideas. they asked me what products i bought on Amazon, then said “how
will you persuade the CEO of Estee Lauder to sell their products on our
website?”(i said i bought cosmetics)  
How would you decide whether to launch in a new market?  
Pretty descent questions.  
There were no unexpected question.  
all questions are basic cs knowledge  
How would you implement a song recommendation system  
Describe your analytical skills.  
One question was about how to find empty parking lot space in a parking lot.  
Questions made sense for a developer senior position.  
Describe how you will construct cdn  
What kind of script language you’ll use to delete all SSN in a large amount of files in distributed system? How to delete them?  
Give me an example of how you utilized analytic skills to solve a difficult problem.Tell me about a time when you had difficulty working with a team member. What did you do to resolve it and what was the result?  
give a situation where it took asking “why” five times to get to the root cause  
Unexpected – what do you think of the company website and what would you change  
first question is from google i think. They ask you to write an
algorithm in order to figure out a kind of bottle will broken after
being throwing from a certain floor. The second part was about basic
algorithm but the lady had a strange accent and I have to keep asking
her what she said. The second part was easy.  
code online with a link offered by amazon, I am a little bit worried!  
big supplier has tried selling some of their products through our
store, but have not seen the numbers they’d like. How would you convince
them that they should continue investing in the cost to port their
software to our app store?  
Basic data structure questions and array related questions  
Not really  
Have you ever had a disagreement with a superior? How did you resolve it?  
Given a list of students ID, marks and date, find the average of top 5 marks for each student.  
Write an algorithm to find out if two words are anagrams of each other.  
Give a data structure which can push, pop, find-min in O(1) time.OO Design about a chat server  
Finding phone numbers of a given format inside large number of different HTML files  
the matrix in spiral format (inside out). Not that difficult, but
challenging if you have not heard of the question before (as was the
case with me)  
Calculate the distance between two hands on a clock.  
How to find the k closest data points to the origin given n data points.  
behavior questions like how do you deal with deadlines, how do you make decision without many information available  
iterator of a binary tree.  
do you choose to shift from business to computer science when you were
applying college? (I mean, no technical question becomes more difficult
than this one.)  
topological sort, solving postfix expression  
Very general questions surrounding algorithms and data structures.  
Optimization in both the programming questions.  
much datail asked about resume, get prepared before you go  
There is no unexcepted question  
Recreate the StringBuilder class in C++ from the ground up.  
The problem was hard to solve, very ambiguous.  
question of the full day, with top senior manager: Something outside of
my field (production/supply-chain-oriented) having to do with the best
choice between 2 supply sources for a single product. There appeared
(not surprisingly) to be no correct answer, and although I remained calm
and continued to evaluate and explain my reasoning, I clearly failed
How would you design a ‘latest viewed item list’ type function for Amazon.  
Nothing so difficult actually.  
Design the service similar to bit.ly  
was too difficult, just usual data structure/Algorithms and fundamental
CS stuff. I have written no disclosure agreement so can’t disclose
anything here. But every one looking forward to work there must emphasis
on recursion and Tree structure.  
what makes a good hash function?  
Design a File System using OOPS concepts.  
1. Trie. Given a string stream, and a Map, which has Strings as keys and Action as values.When Strings in map were found, the mapping action would be fired. One character each time.  
general computer science topics (Describe a hash table, etc.) Didn’t
ask any behavioral questions, or anything about my résumé. Had two
coding questions:1) Given a Binary Search Tree, print out the
median value. If there is an even number of nodes, print the average of
the two middles.2) Given a Genealogy Tree, print out the tree, row by row.For example:                  Dave                / \          Michael Sarah        / \ / \   Joe Alex Sam TomOutput would be:DaveMichael SarahJoe Alex Sam TomThe
questions weren’t very hard, but I nearly ran out of time because I
couldn’t understand them. I spent a lot of time just trying to
understand what they were asking for. They asked about the time and
space complexities of everything I was doing. After I finished the
second question, he gave me another problem with it. Asked if there
would be a way where you get stuck in an infinite loop, and how to fix
it.Also, they allowed me to choose which language I was more comfortable with. I used Java.  
Something related to arrays.  
How to troubleshoot when you fail to sign in your online chat/messenger program.  
Nothing really, all pretty standard computer science questions. Study other reviews on here and you should be fine.  
confused abit about TREE SYMMETRIC question. He was expecting a
recursive solution. But explained him a solution using tree
inorder/preorder/postorder traversals. Explained him, and wrote code for
different traversals and some functions to integrate all.Finally he seems convincing with my approach and solution.  
Find the minimum and maximum values of an array of integer arrays.  
They ask everything about data structure.Binary tree and linked list  
Find the intersection of two arrays.  
didn’t get asked anything out of the ordinary at all. They have their
list of behavioural questions and each team member had a different way
of asking the question or drilling down after answering. No trick
questions, brain-teasers, or what is your favourite animal types of
questions whatsoever.  
which collection is best suited in this case? explain why?  
What should you do if someone on your team is not finishing all of their work?  
Implement a class that simulates a 2-D Array using only a 1-D Array as it’s instance variable  
Given a red and black tree,traverse a tree from bottom to up and remove red nodes preserving structure of tree  
Binary Tree level order traversal.In-order traversal a BST tree that each node points to its parent and all leaves link to each other(SLL).Find the last k fibonacci numbers that are smaller than n.  
All the questions were easy. Basic networking questions.  
Given a text file, perform a pre-processing step to create a DS; so later when queried for a word, the lookup is very fast.  
Behavioral questions like how will you explain internet to a small child  
I interviewed for Manager position. They asked very deep technical questions.  
weren’t difficult, but you need to be very specific in your responses.
Interviewer wasn’t particularly interested in leadership philosophy as
much as how exactly it was applied.  
of the questions were that difficult, just common sense type questions –
the type you would expect from Amazon. They all had to do with actual
technical and management problems that they had encountered in the
Balance binary tree, how hashmap works in java  
Explain what you would do if a customer won’t stop hounding you to help him, and he’s on the phone  
I was asked by one of the interviewers if I thought he did a good job based on the numerous questions I asked him.  
Tell me about a situation where you failed and how you learned from it.  
was a specific sorting question about sorting certain chunks in an
array. I had to write it out and then the efficiency of the program was
asked as well.  
get fully prepared for data structure and bit manipulation.  
Standard interview questions nothing really unexpected.  
I got a question on recursion, i had to find a path in a maze of n*n matrix.  
Describe a project where you had the greatest impact and how did you use data to drive your decision making process.  
1. Test whether linked list is cyclist or not.2. Print k closest points to origin out of n points in a XY coordinate system.3. I don’t exactly remember the third one, but it was related to arrays.  
to convert a string to integer (expect to write a method for it) ?
without using parseInt valueat stringtokenizer split (that what I
suggested to use but they were all prohibited)  
set of jobs are given, each has a start and end time. Assign threads in
parallel for the jobs to be completed at the time mentioned. Optimize
the number of threads allocated.  
no unexpected or super difficult question. Just be confident and think
about the problem thoroughly. Also, speak out while you are thinking.  
found answering questions “a time when you disagreed with everyone and
turned out to be right” or “time you were dead wrong” to be challenging
questions if you don’t have examples like that. Just be prepared with
lots of stories that showcase your brilliance.  
Tell where I am having success finding Mobile Dev candidates  
Nothing difficult – very routine, very generic and boring questions.  
array intersection  
question was to write a function to determine whether a word was a
palindrome or not and the other was a basic permutation problem.  
Most questions were focused around CS topics, algorithms and data structures.  
unexpected, review the math process problems from here which you can
find through search and expect the above adjustment or a similar
adjustment.After you have made your calculations I suggest
highlighting the priority and understanding how you would shift your
labor to ensure this is met.  
Mostly behavioral and situational type questions, as well as past experience  
all from cracking the coding interview. Not hard.  
Reverse a string in double linked list.write the test case to compare the products on amazon.com site.  
One of the questions is to determine whether a linkedlist has loop  
Basic behavioral questions. Why Amazon?  
Detect a loop in a linked list.Otherwise, the other questions were all map related.  
Find the largest depth of a binary tree.  
How do you deal with ambiguity  
Write OOP system to parse different type of error formats.   s (2)
Create an algorithm to find the length of a binary tree.  
A time when you used a lot of data in a short period of time.  
The questions were quite straightforward. Nothing exceptional.  
case was a work situation where tasks needed to completed (given
constraints) and what steps you would take to get it done. i.e. move
workers to different areas, allocate different resources, etc.  
Was a simple OO programming question involving hashtables.  
Just one question:Make a function to determine if the the tree is symmetric or not.Various
questions asked in between while I was making the code and logic.
Language to write was at preference. I chose C. 45 minute interview.
Pretty Intense.  
How are ArrayLists implemented internally?  
questions were decent, not too simple but not overtly tough either.
However, key is talking though the entire process even during phone
interviews while working on a problem.  
difference between abstract class and interface  
All I answered had to be coded.  
All the questions are technical, nothing surprise. But their questions are not easy…  
Shuffle of cards  
Two questions, neither very hard:1.
Create a “flood” method for an image class (similar to the paint bucket
in Microsoft Paint), taking in x and y coordinates and a color to fill
with.2. Create a function to input integers (1-999999) and output
strings (one – nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine
What was a Computer Science class that you’ve taken that has helped you the most?  
What is your favorite day of the week?  
are pretty standard – success/failure type questions, resume walk, tell
me about a time with occasional cases thrown in.  
Ask about how to improve the speed of my first solutions of the searching algorithms  
Questions about distributed software systems that i was not familiar with  
Not a lot of curve balls – so honestly no single question stood out.  
Nothing in specific.  
Implement a data structure like a stack but with a way to find a max at O(1) time.   s (2)
solve longest palindrome in O(n)  
How would you create a price for Amazon Prime  
Compare two dates.  
find the intersection between to lists.  
Mostly situational questions, but can’t go specific since I’d like to respect the NDA.  
Unable to release information per agreement you sign when applying. Be ready for the unexpected.  
What would you do if a vendor asked you to remove a negative review on their website? Would you remove it?  
Find the fifth largest number in an arrayFind the intersection of two arraysAlso know some stuff about Java like visibility of methods  
If a tree possess same tree node.  
easy questions. Seems like they were straight from Program Interviews
Exposed, and basic data structure & OOP questions.  
– How do you decide whether to use a box or an envelope to ship a pen?-What do you see yourself doing in 5 to 10 years?  
How would you improve the website?  
1. Find the second biggest number in an array of int.2. implement a stack using an array.3. Everything you do they will ask whats the complexity and ask if you can do it in a better way.  
technical questions, only questions phrased as tell me about a time
when… you had a difficult decision to make, had a positive experience
with… etc etc  
Fairly straightforward questions on algorithms and DS  
“most difficult” question I had was finding the intersection of two
arrays. Seriously. The rest were even easier. I’m not kidding.  
interview asked me to talk about binary trees, designing a class
hierarchy, running time of certain algorithms, usual technical stuff.
Nothing extremely hard, just state your assumptions, talk through your
thought process, and don’t be afraid to say “give me a second to kind of
think this through in my head”. They really can’t expect you to create
the best algorithm, all things considered, in a matter of seconds!I was surprised that there weren’t any behavioral questions (e.g. ‘Tell me about a time in which you had to …..’).  
the first call i was asked about one coding question on matrices and
about basic questions on Data structures.In the second had a coding on
string mannipulation and questions related to object oriented
the one in the first round  
find max in an array.UNEXPECTED. not difficult  
Nothing unexpected.  
Data orientated.  
Give me a time when you got push back from a manager/client and how you handled it.  
No. Everything is simple and normal.  
system scalability: how would do to make a mobile app to go national  
Given an 2D array of 1s and 0s, find the number of “islands” of 1s  
too difficult if you’ve done your homework–you may be given a
hypothetical product and asked to create a merchandising plan for it off
the cuff, or you may be given a rapid-fire merch math quiz.  
up a class structure for an elevator system in a large building. It may
have multiple elevators, shafts, groups of elevators, buttons, ways to
call an elevator, etc… (hint, the elevator system they have in their
office is apparently very inefficient…)  
Given two nodes in a large relationship graph like Facebook, find the shortest path from one to another.  
We have text file qwith student names and their scores. One student has atleast 5 scores. File format is:name1 score1name2 score2name1 score3name1 score4name 3 score5and so on.Find the average of top 5 scores of each student.  
Difference between linked list and dynamic array.  
wasn’t one question, but 3 of the recruiters questions covered very
similar negative / failure area – and being asked to tell a different
story than last time…  
a spase matrix, create a class that would:1. have a method to take the
sparse matrix and put into a more efficient data structure. 2. retreive
data from the data structure. 3. Use a data structure that would produce
an iterator that keeps track of the order in which the entries were
added.I was given a class for the data type (xi, xj, value).  
an array in which elements appear multiple times, it is guaranteed that
all elements except one will appear an even number of times. Find the
element that appears an odd number of times.  
Questions about how subtypes work. I wasn’t expecting that, and was pretty rusty on them.  
Made a “deep copy” function for the following class:public class Node {     public String data;     public List chain;}By
“deep copy” he meant that each node in the chain needs to be a fresh
copy, not the original nodes. That way modifying the original node will
not change the copy in any way.  
had to implement a data structure for a last Least Recent Delete Cache
and write relevant functions (it was a class for me since I used Java).
Some functions included puts(Key key, Value value) and get(Key key).
When I was stuck they helped me out.  
It was hard to answer behavioral / situation questions. I am very bad at selling myself. It is probably good to practice these:Describe a simple but great idea that you have successfully implemented.Describe what you would improve in your current team.Describe the biggest challenge that you faced in your work.Describe the situation when your team could not make a deadline and how you handled it.  
given two nodes and a tree, find the lowest common ancestor  
“Explain why you are no longer with your former employer”  
How would you optimize the implementation that you provided from O(n2)?  
What should Amazon do to enter the offline small business market (mom & pop retailers, not necessarily online)  
The collision issue of hashtable  
were some questions based on graph theory that were very simply stated,
but required a very well-thought-out precise solution.  
Hash-table implementation  
Design of traffic system was little difficult. The interviewer kept finding faults with my ideas.  
Design a data structure that has constant time pop, push, and constant minimum value of data currently in structure.  
There was nothing new. It was all the same stuff. Tell me about yourself, etc.  
write dynamic programming for recursion  
Nothing unexpected.  
to find a missing integer between 1 to n  
1 find the least common ancestor of two nodes in a binary tree(not binary search tree)2 design an Amazon like online booking system  
find all possible paths between two points in a matrix  
1st interview: Implement the algorithm for playing minesweeper.2nd interview: Implement a^n in log(n) time both recursively and iteratively  
of the questions are not difficult but I didn’t figure out the latter,
so you should write down the code instead of just the pseudo-code.   s (2)
Simple questions and answers  
Given a number, write code to count how many 1s are there in its binary form  
directly write a program or function to solve a problem (bugs frww)  
Zipcode Validator  
no very unexpected questions  
Nothing was really that difficult. With basic algos and DS knowledge it is doable  
Nothing particularly difficult. Know your CS fundamentals and you’ll be fine.  
None – But they expect a good coding and data structure questions  
“What would you say to someone who complains about advertising on Amazon.com?”  
Find the longest path that exists between any two nodes inside a binary tree given only the root of that binary tree.  
Questions on Algorithm. One question was asked on merging two linked
lists with given order of 3rd link list. Other question asked by
different interviewer was somewhat similar with different logic.  
If you were to change one thing about Amazon, what would it be?  
The interviewer went deep into stack concepts.  
Nothing was unexpected  
Why do you want to work for Amazon?  
Search Tree  
OOP based questions  
some of their project names was unfamiliar  
Implement a generic Hash Table. Discuss the various implementations of a hash Table and then choose the best one and implement.  
2nd largest number in an array   s (3)
all questions posted in ths thread  
how would you get to the 1st chapter of an ebook through ur code.  
It was a question involving min/max heaps.  
Implement a program to find whether a number is even or odd without using arithemetic operator   s (2)
No tough questions at these early stages.  
Write a program to print all permutations of a string.  
My experience. I hardly got any.  
Interview 1: Data Structure Questions like BST, Hash tables,Complexities,Vectors.Which languages was I comfortable working in?Merging two sorted lists together. Find the first letter in input string which only occurs once.Interview 2:Find all the pairs of numbers that sum to a number x.  
3) Given a N*N array where N is even such as 4, 8 and so on . Print the array from the center.a= [1 2 3 4       5 6 7 8       9 10 11 12       13 14 15 16]the output should be [6 10 12 7 3 2 1 5 9 13 14 15 16 12 8 4 ] .   s (3)
N/A (unable to discuss the problem we were tasked with solving).  
The excel exercise was specially tough for me. It is NOT related to finance.  
Just been asked two questionsthe first one is to write a sudo code for an binary heap to print out the 17th, 18th and 19th node’s value.the
second one is to write codes to print out the maximum and the second
maximum value in an array (not sorted). In order to reach the fastest,
the interviwer gave me a hint to separate the situation with small array
and large array..  
1)Design a hotel reservation system in detailed manner.2)Design a sales dstrib system for amazon  
Find out if two words are Anagram or not.  
Is this the right role?  
How do you find out if our singly linked list has an infinite loop in it?  
The general thought process about making decisions that might impact your team’s project.  
linux command question, how to find a different type of phone number in a file using just one linux command, totally forget   s (2)
How would you sort a Red Black tree?  
the nth number in the fibonacci sequence. This question was easy, but
due to my nervousness I completely blew it. As a result I was not
offered a job.  
They asked a long question about string manipulation, requiring most of the interview time.  
There were three code on paper questions (algorithms and data structures) and one system design question.  
Ask me how to implement hash table in JAVA  
second one  
explain concept to someone who is not a computer scientist  
the estate of ______ (a famous children’s book’s author) didn’t want to
allow an ebook because they felt it diminished the artwork, especially
in the kindle, how would you alliviate their concerns?  
1st Interview:Question:
Tell me about your current project (focus on Project Management Stuff,
Agile/Waterfall, explain the project at higher level still cover key
information related to project management ex. for agile scrum talk abt u
got the project and how executed it, include agile scrum keywords,
search on youtube on agile scrum and u will get lot of videos)Q:What
-if scenarios, project is being delayed, developer is not as
productive…read Project Management books and u will get all
these…basically stick to script dont elaborate much but cover key
stuff…what they are looking for in Project Management side interviews
is you have worked in that kind of environment and your communication
has to be crisp dont go back and forth….Q: What type of challenge u get most i.e..scope change/ schedule change or budget changeQ: how u exert pressure if things r not working – ans: thru reports and escalate higher up in the chainQ:
wud u go for a deveoper who delivers poor quality or go with developer
who delivers good quality but delays – ans: go with one who delivers
good quality and 1) take into account his/her behavioral pattern during
planning 2) exert pressure to get things doneQ: read some project management book for sure to get idea on what is keyQ: read on risk management as u need to cover it as part of what u have doneInterview
2: Technical, what i learned for interviewer is ALL program manager
positions at AMAZON require SDE-1 level of knowledge…what it means
that interviewer should be able to represent developer community
correctly at various meetings.Q1) find substring from a string2)
build an elevator – show analytical bend of mind, ask lot of clarifying
questions, dont forget to start with requirements, he took a level up
and asked to create classes for elevator system3) build restaurant
reservation system: dont talk abt coding but show lot of analytical
skills, asked me to create a data model but before that i walked thru
user scenarios and understood detailed rquirement, ask lot of clarifying
questions4) capacity related, again lot of analytical and think on
your feet type questions also understand from interviewer and answer as u
go alongI think i got rejected mainly because interviewer’s initial
perception that i may not be as technical as they would like…as my
project management interview went really well5) he also asked some
pming questions on what-if analysis, who is accountable if
project/program not delivered, obviously PM is the one throat to choke
and he agreedGood experience  
provide a math question, and since the math question appears on
Glassdoor and other places they will modify it after you answer it the
first time and ask you to provide a new answer  
Basic questions about OOP, data structures and algorithms.  
How would you serialize a binary search tree?  
to describe the data structure and algorithms you use for the program.
And analyze them using big O. And asked if you have more time, what
other algorithms you may use.  
Nothing was difficult. Just make sure you study their top 9 company values.  
Design amazon’s “other customers who bought this also bought that feature”How would you define your SLA..(I thought that would be customer and resource driven but that wasn’t good enough)  
far as I could tell, all questions were out of programming interviews
exposed. I suspect that they give the book to the interviewer and tell
them to use those questions. However, don’t just memorize the right
answer. If you very quickly come upon the best solution, they’ll have
you come up with 1-2 more.  
think the most difficult question is about the behavioral part. Amazon
is a really fast paced company, so they wanna their candidate to meet
this criteria,  
are in charge of inbound at a warehouse (everything from the time a
truck gets to your lot to when inventory is stowed). You need to
increase productivity by 30%. Walk me through how you’ll do it.  
know your hashmaps  
Given an entire repository of files, how would you find the files which contain a certain 10 digit telephone number.Also, give a tool/library method to do the same as well as some OS commands  
find the longest repeated substring in a string.(e.g., “banana” -> “ana”; “I am what I am” -> “I am”).  
None. They were all easy. Standard algorithm and coding questions.  
the code in notepad for the second interview, since I had not coded C++
in a while. I would recommend reviewing typing code.  
In what order would you complete these three tasks…  
I was asked two questions.Q
1. You are given two version numbers of a software, like Version 10.3.4
and Version 10.3.41. Write a program to find out which of the version
numbers are the latest. If version 1 is latest output -1, if version
number 2 is latest output +1 else output 0 if same version. Both the
version numbers are taken as string. He also asks to make the program of
minimum time complexity as we can. At the end he also asked the
difference between an iterative program and one with recurrence and
their advantages and disadvantages.Q 2. Given two files with a
list of application IDs (or some kind of data) stored in them , write a
program to compare the data in the two files and output all the common
data found in each. What data structure would you use and why ? Give a
minimum time and space complexity algorithm. Why did you choose the
particular data Structure or algorithm ?   s (4)
difference between an array and a vector.  
Design a rental locker system.  
have a binary tree (contains negative and positive number) find a path
from root to a leaf node that sums to value K (K is given)Design a GPS system.  
None….all questions generally behavioral.   s (2)
How are you going to save me $10 Million  
How would you price the Kindle Fire. Why?  
The questions weren’t difficult. They were more like basic interview questions.  
most difficult question was to find the maximum contiguous subsequence
in a bar chart. I was able to find a solution in O(N^3) which is
basically the brute force method The idea is that given a bar chart with
peaks and valley’s, you should find the subsequence X which gives you
the maximum area underneath the chart. For the life of me I couldn’t
think of the answer at the time, , I had a hard time visualizing it,
however it’s a classical computer science problem called “the maximum
sum contiguous subsequence problem.”  
Describe a time when you went outside normal porcedures to get a project done.  
a large web-based, highly scalable, highly available system. This was
an open-ended question. You should make sure to ask the interviewer lots
of questions to narrow down the problem before jumping into a solution.  
tell me about a time when you disagreed with a teams decision and what did you do about it.  
me about a situation where you had to solve a particularly difficult
problem. What was the situation, how did you handle it, and what was the
Go through the steps of making a warranty for a product.  
How would you implement Amazon’s “users who bought this item also bought …” feature?   s (3)
How many cows are there in Canada?  
how to pick up string with quotation?  
Amazon asks interviewees to sign an NDA. Not willing to break it.  
was nothing especially difficult. I’m not allowed to discuss the
specific problems but I will give some general answers. There were a
couple of cute problems, but mainly the problems were related to
searching some space. I had 2 problems that required breadth first
searches. A problem which looked more difficult than it was. This is
probably the hardest type of problem, because it requires that you think
about it and play with it until you see the simple solution. Think out
loud, this is important.  
How would you decide what items to put on sale in the musical instruments category?  
About scaling a web app.  
All questions were focused around projects  
product launched with accidentally discounted price tag. This is a new,
prestigious vendor that you want to retain. Item went live and
practically sold out. You lost tons of money for Amazon and the vendor.
What are your next steps?  
question was: “If you had an opening (i.e., Web Developer) what is the
first thing you would do? What would your next step be?”  
What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class?  
Give an instance of a financial metric you developed that did or didn’t accomplish the intended goal.  
All pairs shortest path problem.  
Given a set of integers, produce its power set (the set of all subsets of the original set)  
out of the gate before I even got a chance to sit down at the table, I
was asked to write a function that tests the lengths of a triangle using
legitimate syntax. Ouch.  
Amazon is considering offering a subscription book service. What are your considerations for launching this offering?  
Find the nth largest number of an unordered list in time complexity of O(n)  
will be asked questions that are impossible for you to answer. The goal
is to see how you approach problem solving. Just be honest  
Usually focused on negotiations and relationship management with internal and external stakeholders  
first interview had like 5 or 6 short questions followed by a coding question which wassum
of 2 numbers within one array adds up to a target number which you have
as a parameter fairly easy question if you read all the interviews
questions on glassdoor.second phone interview had 2 questionsthe
first one was a find the kth node in a linkedlist and the second was to
check a string for “(” and “)” and there are only so many combinations
that are considered valid and invalid. Valid is if all the “(” have an
ending “)” for example , (( )) or ()()Invalid would be )()( or ((()if the string starts with ) its automatically invalid.second interviewer asked time complexities on both of the question.  
What makes you different, and why should we care?  
had this portion of the interview where they concocted a fictional scenario, presented it as if it was real.  
Pick a product you admire and how would you simplify it  
Design a buy/sell pricing algorithm for our secondary marketplace in Product Category X.  
Validate the BST  
Write and analyze an algorithm to check if there exists two numbers in an array that sum to a given third number.  
To copy a linked list. Every node’s prev points to the previous node, but the next points an arbitrary node.   s (2)
I had a few glitches with equipment they provided. I lost a lot of time. The interviewers didn’t apologize or acknowledge this.  
They had many clever questions, none of which can be specifically shared due to an NDA.  
Shortest path problem, which I failed to solve  
I was given a case study and was asked create a business report  
get the second most highest integer from an array   s (7)
How to tell if a tree is symmetric.  
price per minute would you set for a cloud computing product that
delivers a premium product and is currently set at $1.04 per minute?  
There was no unexpected or difficult Question.1. Find the first non repetitive character in a character stream.2. Check for prime number and Elevator system design.3. Agent bidding system design4. Find for subtree within a larger tree.   s (3)
one author put it, Amazon loves Object-Oriented Questions. It seems
like the interviewers are more concerned with the process and quality of
code over the number of questions you’re able to answer, although I’m
sure a good balance of both is useful.  
How did you implement X in order to solve problem Y?  
design and board game  
Given a linked list, find a key value and how many times it occurs. Include the possibility of a loop.  
Its says team project. But remember each member is evaluated independently.  
Object Oriented Design  
Usual questions. Nothing very difficult  
How do you handle people who take credit for your work  
techniques such as how to forecast demand of certain product; what are
the most impressive project you have worked on.  
How would you implement auto-complete on the Kindle?Answered that you first get the use cases: quick searching, better user experience, research.Keywords
from the given text could be loaded with the book itself or generated
using a scanning process. Put into a datastore in memory cache (quick
access), ignoring basic words such as “the”, “and”, “or”, etc.Each letter typed in would reduce the result set.Sort the results user a weighting system, such as number of occurrences, uniqueness, etc.You
would know if your algorithm is working by the number of characters
entered vs. the word chosen and it’s place in the sorted result set.  
What is the most advanced calculation you have ever done in Excel?  
interviewer asked me to build a tab based interface in html/css/js on
the phone but in the online tool. As an additional follow up question I
was asked to write the JavaScript as a jQuery plugin  
Endless behavioral questions  
The accent problem.  
All our situational type so could be difficult to remember examples.  
Mainly questions about array manipulation.  
I didn’t expect the scalability question was that hard.  
Most unexpected question was “What will working for Amazon do for your life?”  
Code something that uses polymorphism  
Don’t want to give all the hard questions away, that’s what keeps them hard!  
Usual Oracle questions  
Which design patterns did you use in your projects and why?  
How do you scale up a local business to a national and international business  
Given 8 identical balls and find the heavy one by using a balance with two weightings.  
Unstructured in-person interview, ensure that your thoughts are well organized, focus on customer  
asked to design a large distributed system on the spot, despite not
having relevant experience. But the interviewer did a great job of
setting up the problem and we talked through it and worked out a
solution. I enjoyed it.  
something related to virtual function. not most difficult question as such but i did not know the answer  
Nothing too crazy, brush up on data structures and algorithms knowledge before the interview.  
was an extended question regarding to binary tree. The tree consists of
the numbers and the mathematics operations, like +, -, *, /. The root
is the operator and its two children is the numbers. The question is how
to calculate the result of the whole tree. I suggested to DFS the tree
to reach the bottom. But my interviewer wanted me to use another way to
solve the problem. I finally use recursion to solve the problem but it
consumed too much time and I even didn’t have time to do the second
metrics did you implement internally to measure the business in a way
that’s not been done before. Why did you do it and how did it help you?  
And what else?When
given a complex, multi-part hypothetical by the bar raiser, I provided a
detailed, thoughtful response that was met – three times – with “and
what else?”  
my previous product and asked me how we computed market size. What they
are looking for is a very analytical bend of mind.  
Questions around creative, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  
All questions were straightforward and not tricky.  
What are your THREE(3) best traitsWhat are your THREE(3) worst traitsWhat is your leadership styleWhat would your team say about youVendor
calls you and has 10k of something for $10 per unit. do you buy it?
(very strange and ambiguous. had to ask the interviewer 20 questions to
get the information you need to actually answer the question)  
head to tail problem was rather difficult for me… first I created a
function to generate all words created by changing one letter of a word,
then I mentioned doing iterative deepening DFS. Probably should have
gone with A* search, with number of different letters as the
heuristic… maybe keep a list of explored words to avoid duplicates.  
What bring you here? Why Amazon?  
I cannot reveal the details of what the project was.  
One of the design questions pretty challenging. Can’t give the details.  
Many questions are aimed at determining why you want the job.  
Some example questions:Define a milestone.Define your approach to planning.What do you do if you know you will miss a critical milestone?Tell me about a successful technical project.Describe a failure.  
What is the most risky decision you took?  
only remember three of the technical questions I was asked, in addition
to the usual general questions about my experience, skills, and work:1. write code to replace spaces in a string with a * character (don’t just use .replace functions though, hehe)2. given an array with values that increase, reach some max, then decrease, find the max in less than O(n) + test cases3.
given a linked list that represents two numbers (e.g., 1234 represented
by 1->2->3->4 and 5678 rep by 5->6->7->8), add the
numbers. singly-linked list   s (2)
Given a list of coordinate pairs, write a function that separates related coordinate pairs into new lists of those values.  
How would you go about taking decision on buying a stock lot of merchandise from a supplier in competitive pricing?  
a system for elevators with multiple lobbies and multiple areas of
access (ie one elevator can open at floors 1-5, another from 3-7, etc)  
At the end of the interview: “Would you like to work here?”  
all questions involve solve problem, then try to solve it better. they want to see how you think  
Most of the questions were behavioral and I was fairly well-prepared for those. There were a few case questions sprinkled in.  
most difficult question was during the first interview, and I had to
explain certain features in an operating system like a five year old.
Really it was just to make sure I could create analogies on the fly as
well as be technical, but not confusing to customers.  
I did not find any of the questions difficult or unexpected.  
Most of their questions were situational and case based from past experience.  
Why Amazon?  
how to integrate 3rd party product reviews into a product detail page  
Whether or not amazon should enter the XX market?  
Just one problem to solve for the whole day with a group of candidates.  
nothing tough, though in roman equivalent question, there are many rules one should be aware of …..  
How to check if/where two link lists merge  
If a manager wanted a daily tally of where they are in regards to their budget, what would you tell them?How would you reconcile two programs data when looking for a payable?  
Greedy algorithm.  
Role-playing difficult sourcing challenges.  
was not the questions that were unexpected. It was the structure of the
day. Upon arriving, I was greeted and escorted to a conference room
with 8-10 other applicants. We looked around at each other, knowing who
the competition is. The math Flow Problem may have been unexpected had
the recruiter who coordinated the process had not briefed me on what to
expect.One additional item that was unexpected. The offer was
contingent on a drug screen – like most offers. However, the drug screen
is not completed prior to the start date. It was actually conducted on
day one of employment, during orientation week.  
would say that the questions were of the type that I expected. Just be
prepared to handle questions where all of the information is not
necesearily provded, It happened in all three interviews, the itention
seemed to be to evaluate how you approach a problem and analyze data.  
Did not get to interview phase.  
vaguest ion that was asked in a very general way, but which the
interviewer clearly had specific answers he was looking for: “what are
four components that are included in every specification doc”. That
sounded a lot like a thing you would find at Microsoft and similar large
companies where process is more strictly defined. I answered poorly, I
think, perhaps because I haven’t worked with that kind of spec in a very
long time, and not on any projects that worked out well. Smaller
orgs/programs/projects (startups and incubators, for example, where the
outcome is always in flux, as I am accustomed to working with) can have
poor specs, specs that are centered on marketing, planning documents
that are made up of wireframes and time-based stage gates.In any
case, I choked a bit, and the interview kind of skated around and
became more specific as we went along. I don’t think that is
inappropriate, though, because Amazon does value and expect the ability
to deal with ambiguity.   s (3)
How do youset goals and achieve them. Generally behavioral questions were hard  
How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?   s (2)
Reverse a doubly linked list given a pointer to the head node.  
are challenged to dive deep and ask the same line of questioning in a
different way in order to identify your true strengths.  
How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?   s (3)
Reverse a linked list. After presenting a solution I was asked to provide a recursive method.  
of the questions were difficult. First interview question was about an
array and finding all pair values that add up to a target number. Second
question was, given an array, find as many permutations as possible in
randomly ordering the array.  
I expect them to ask me OO design but they didn’t.  
when can you start. the job was a 5 hour move from where I was staying at the time.  
Write a function to allocated two dimensional rectangles within a larger area.  
much … questions are easy. If you are have a computer science degree,
you probably has done something similar to them. You just need to go
back and prepare fot them. Tree and recursion are the most important
How long would it take to prototype your web-based chat customer service system?  
Did not expect to be asked about Mobile technology. Have not worked on it. Hence was a surprise.  
What is the range of numbers that can be stored using a single byte?   s (2)
Assuming every job paid the same, and skills were not an issue, what career would you pick?  
No questions are out of ordinary.  
How would you handle a hostile customer?  
Create a card game in Java. Say basic poker rules. Use whatever classes you see fit.  
Write a code to find out if a tree is a binary search tree.  
We are giving you $1mm, what will you do  
How to start the system config program from the command line.  
what is your most significant accomplishment  
I was asked to explain relational databases although my job profile had nothing to do about it!  
So many follow up questions. Requested to find optimized solutions.  
if the transportation cost doubled in the next three years what you will do to decrease the total cost.  
Given a singly linked list of characters. Determine of they form a palindrome.  
What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface?  
Nothing too crazy. Standard data structures / algorithms / design type questions.  
He asked questions on what is OLAP , OLTP , questions on data warehousing , SQL queries  
Design an application over the phone interview.  
difficult or unexpected question rattled me. However the common theme
questions from each interview was why do you want to leave the food and
beverage industry for the logistics industry  
A practical question regarding starting a new e-commerce business.  
Signed an NDA, so can’t talk about it.  
There things you do like about Amazon  
questions were along the lines of “tell me about a time when you faced a
challenge and over come it” or “a mistake that you’ve done” or “an
analysis that went wrong”. also “an amazon product that you love and
Dynamic Programming Question  
Show us your contributions to the open source community ? Please show us some code samples.  
Tell me about a time that you had to make a difficult decision without having enough information.  
What was your least favorite class in college and how did it prepare you for this job?  
There weren’t any unexpected interview questions, nearly each interviewer had similar questions and there were no odd questions.  
How would you expand the business?  
He asked me what I used for a particular statistical analysis on a project about 8 years prior.  
a lot of tree problems  
Provide details about LDA and Gibbs Sampling.  
What is your current level of experince with Unix operating systems such as Ubuntu and Redhat?  
me about a time where you clearly had an upset customer but it was not
your fault or the companies, and how you went about fixing it.  
“Give me a time when….”  
Write code to print out each node of a tree in level order and print a new line whenever a new level is to be printed.  
memory management  
What are things that could be improved for Amazon?  
a set of strings, find the equivalence classes of permuted strings.
This threw me for a loop because it’s been a while since I have done
string manipulations.  
a function to transform one word to another word, changing one letter
at a time, using only valid words (e.g., cat -> dog: cat, hat, hag,
hog, dog).  
describe reasons you should be promoted over any other employee, why do we need you?  
two lists containing any kind of objects, build a function that takes
them as input and outputs a list of common/different elements.   s (3)
‘What was the most stressful event of your past employments?’  
You work in the DVD department. How would you determine what the sales are going to be this year on Black Friday?  
He kept asking me if i could make my algorithm even efficient. I found difficult to convince  
How would you price the product to gain makret penetration?  
are the manager of an ice cream store. You are having a sale, and you
send out 100 promotional emails about the sale. How do you measure the
effectiveness of the emails?  
The unexpected part was some questions regarding multi variate calculus which I had not expected.  
How would you secure the cloud?  
Tell me about a time when you created or invented something  
Design a Unix-like file system  
All technical questions are required to answer online. But the questions are pretty easy.  
how database knowledge was applied to resolve a complex issue. How
different sources of information were used to identify and resolve an
get that far, but I have to say this is the third time I have gone
through this process and each time it peters out after the homework. It
is very difficult to understand what they want because in a real life
job, I have never had a problem drafting a contract.  
None as such  
1) A puzzle to find 3 numbers in an array which summed to 0.   s (4)
do you want to work here? – The question is simple but the recruitor
told me my answer was too generic the first time. You actually need to
have a good answer for this and not the normal bs.  
coding questions were all doable, but I only had 90 minutes on them. I
spent 45 mins on the first one, and ran out of time before finishing the
third one. Don’t spend too much time thinking I guess, just start
what’s the big failure or mistake you made in your career? what did you learn?  
What is a weakness you have  
on data structures  
Study the other variations on the math problem (several are posted on
GlassDoor). They will change it after you give your initial answer- they
want to see if you can think on your feet and handle stressors caused
by change. Be calm, think, then respond.  
are given a string with billions of characters spread across many
geographically separate machines. Devise a distributed algorithm to find
the first non-repeating character in this large string.  
Lot’s of Data Structures and Algorithms questions as well as OO design questions. I can’t be specific as I have signed an NDA.  
problem solving question that required a graph traversal solution.
After getting enough hints from the interviewer I immediately understood
what was expected to produce.  
How to check if a tree is a BST  
Would you ever recommend a project that had a negative NPV?  
an employer ever dishonest with you. I really didn’t expect this to be
asked but I stated that yeah I had an employer who was and she wanted to
know an exact time when this happened. Really caught be off guard so be
prepared for this one.  
One interviewer simply wasn’t nice.  
honestly can’t recall a difficult or unexpected question. Very standard
questions like “Where is an example where you lead groups of people?”,
“When did you fail and how did you learn or overcome it?”, “How have you
improved processes or been innovative?”  
Advanced linux command questions and not being fully prepared to answer that many technical procedures.  
Tell me about a time you attempted to refine a process and failed.  
from director: “… four people need to cross a bridge at night, there
is only one flash light and only one person can walk on the bridge at a
time. How do would you get them all across the bridge?”   s (3)
most difficult and unexpected question was a bunch of “What if” and “An
example of when…” kind of behavioral questions. I should have
prepared these, I had not and really was stumped and ended up giving
them real examples and expressed my honest opinions (not a good idea esp
if you are opinionated like me).  
asked to do a presentation  
should you determine whether or not to drop the price of a kindle
accessory? (note that they had numbers and wanted a specific answer
regarding these, not a general one).  
In what country should Apple open up its next flagship store?  
What was a mistake you made in your current role and how did you recover?  
All questions were simple and easy to answer.  
the questions were smart – my advice would be to go in after you’ve
reviewed/thought about the projects you want to discuss in fine detail.  
Tell me about your weaknesses.  
Given 2 strings find the common words along with the time and space complexity. How would you optimize the algorithm   s (3)
Serialize a binary tree  
Tell me about a time where something you planned did not turn out as you expected.  
Concept of the java language  
sequence: pseudocode it. Honestly, pretty easy, but you have to be
prepared with quick answers to this and things like this.  
Name a time you resolved a conflict in a group environment.  
group coding was givensolve some problem of inventory management  
How would you distribute inventory to minimize the number of missed delivery dates while keeping costs to Amazon low?  
would you design a customer product review system and make it scalable
(describe in terms of algorithms and data structures)?  
company doesn’t want to work with Amazon because of their loyalty to
one of your competitors. You’re in an elevator with that company’s CEO,
how do you convince him to work with you in 30 seconds?   s (2)
The open question of vehicle routing problem is pretty hard for some one whose research is not focus on this specific area.  
How would I change the website.  
a deep copy of a linked list in which each item, in addition to the
normal “next” pointer has a random pointer to another item in the list.   s (2)
What has been your biggest challenge in life or your field?  
bar raiser will ask the ‘brick-wall’ type of questions. Be prepared to
think these out. Treat these questions like trying to please a difficult
question about finding contradictions in statements based on some
obscure rules. I jumped into writing code too quickly and didn’t write
out some cases to test for first, and I got burned by it. It’s not a
super difficult problem, but I was nervous and just skipped some parts
of it.  
wasn’t anything difficult. The most difficult part was figuring out
what the interviewer wanted to hear based on their facial expressions.  
System design questions.  
was pre-Kindle Fire and the questions were about if Amazon should
compete with the iPad. Reasonable questions, but very kept very
hypothetical. Most of my responses were trying to show the questions I’d
look to answer before making a decision. When I said, for example that
I’d want to understand Amazon’s goals in releasing a new Kindle the
reply was that was up to me. Though I may be in charge of a product,
clearly Amazon’s entire strategy including content (movies, books,
music, general merchandise) is not up to a single Senior Product
Manager. As much as I love to be given a lot of room to make decisions,
launching a device is a big decision that should meet business
objectives beyond the scope of a single PM. In my experience, there’s
always a bigger context.I’m sure she felt my responses were too
wishy washy because I was trying to show how I’d go about making the
decision (if it were mine to make). When I interview people, I want to
know how they think and how they would act. The specifics of the
decisions are somewhat less important. I think I made clear how I would
go about doing the research, how I’d go about trying to make a decision,
etc. None of it seemed to satisfy her. She seemed to want, “this is
what I’d do” . Mind you, this wasn’t something I could have prepared for
since this device was secret at the time. So it isn’t like I could
quote real numbers, etc. All I could do is talk about the process I’d
use to come to a conclusion. The outcome would depend on what I learned
and what the constraints were (objectives set for me, etc.) Even though I
didn’t have numbers to back me up, I did go down the path of, “based on
what I know *now* i can see how X makes the most sense.” Even that
wasn’t specific enough to impress.That unceremoniously ended that set of discussions.I
was approached by an Amazon recruiter last week about another
unannounced product. The recruiter was very nice and set up a phone call
with the hiring manager. It was a slightly better tone, but still the
manager was remarkably monotone. I tried to appreciate that this must be
how Amazon managers are trained to interview and didn’t take it
personally but it is hard to have an enthusiastic demeanor when there is
virtually no response on the other end from the start, no matter what
you say. The manager also insisted on using a speaker phone during the
call despite that initially I said it sounded like a very bad
connection. Only toward the end did she pick up the phone so I could
actually hear her well.Without being able to tell me what the
product was, the questions were similar. For an “imaginary” product,
what would I do… Again I said my first step was to understand the
overall goals or suggest them if none existed and get buy in as part of
the concept. Everything from there hinges on that. Without some
agreement on why we are doing something and how it fits the bigger
context it is hard to know where to take the device. Features,
priorities, etc. are all driven from what we hope to achieve. Look at
the Kindle strategy itself vs say, Apple. Apple is selling the hardware
essentially pure and simple. Amazon almost gives away Kindle to make
sales of movies, music, and books. I said if that was the strategy here
too, then I would do X.Now people who know me know that I’m
anything but wishy washy. While I can change my mind in light of new
information or persuasion–I’m very decisive. But it rarely makes sense
to make decisions without any information and describing the information
I’d get before making a decision seemed like an unacceptable response.I
had a mixed feeling about the interview, but I was able to tell from
LinkedIn that the manager had checked my profile. I read hers and then
followed her on twitter and I think she followed be back. I thought this
may be a good sign. Sure enough they arranged another round of phone
interviews. Good! The next interview went very similarly. Same monotone,
same unenthusiastic responses. Same hypothetical questions.I
should add that none of the of the hypotheticals were aided. For
example, If I asked a question, there was nothing like, “assume X and go
from there.”I understand the idea they are shooting for, but
the combination of asking about hypothetical products without
participating in a meaningful way.Anyway, the whole thing is kind of disappointing as i think highly of Amazon as a customer and I could contribute a great deal.  
put of the blue. Program inputs a number gives you the written form.
example 22 to twenty two. simple questions like this  
in an effort to illegally find out how old I was, after having
successfully passing a nonpaid phone interview, asked if I had children.
Absolutely illegal in this country. Breaking the law.  
strugged with the math question due to the way that the details were
provided and didn’t expect them to want me to provide the math on a
white board.  
There were lots of math questions that I was supposed to solve orally!  
number of questions that seemed related to the work of other
departments. Not being an employee of the company, it was difficult to
accurately answer, not to mention why such questions were being asked.  
What are the things that need to be improve in the Kindle?  
How would you balance the requirements between the user goals and business goals?  
answered what i did not like about my previous employer.. I did not want to sound negative. So i had to be polite.  
What would you do if am employee was leaving an assembly line because he was bored?  
Not one of the question was difficult thanks to glassdoor i was prepared  
was asked what motivates you? I gave a couple answers and each time I
was asked with, but why? I don’t think they were looking for a right
answer, maybe just trying to test you  
When did you disagree with your boss? What did you do? What was the result?  
They’re all of average difficulty…  
how you would analyze a particular decision or situation, what financial model you would build to answer the question posed  
before going to a tech interview know how to code Trees, Linked lists, Stacks and Queues.  
none. it was quite easy but they expected something better from my answers  
You’re asked to start a new division under the parent company of Amazon; What do you do and why?  
a time and decision in your career where you had no analytical data or
ability for observation where you made a development decision that was
in opposition with upper management and you were right.”  
real off-the-wall questions. Maybe an overload of behavioral questions
like “Tell me a time you went against your own personal standards to get
something done” or “When did you receive unfair feedback on your
performance and what did you do about it?”  
How did you handle a confrontation at work.  
java fundaments  
How would you improve user experience on a section of the website?  
asked open ended question on efficient traffic flow through an
intersection. This was really an OO design question, but it was open
ended enough that it was easy to go in many different directions.  
What would you do if you didn’t agree with management’s decision?  
General questions about troubleshooting tactics.  
would you fire an under performing employee. Why are you asking me this
when HR is a great reference for any type of employee issue  
How do you deal with “under-performers”?  
asked if I thought people steal and I responded with a “yes” answer,
she wanted to know WHY I had not reported it. I answered because “I had
no proof” but she wanted to make sure I WOULD report it in future, even
if just speculation.  
were difficult, just be prepared to come up with 4 separate situations
for such questions as “discuss a time when you had to handle a difficult
situation”, discuss a time when you had to fire a non/underperforming
employee” etc. They do not want the same answers and they type your
responses in and compare them at the end of your interview.  
of the interviewers asked me to implement a file system. What was in
particular frustrating is that he left is so open ended as to the level
of detail required, yet expected a specific answer and was unhappy that I
took a different approach.  
why should we hire you?  
was followed by couple of emails to a local senior recruiter. Good
round of interaction and clarification on job role, responsibilities,
overall culture and salary expectations. Then misery started.I
was forwarded to some recruiter in Seattle who contacted me after 3 days
for scheduling phone interview. That interview got suddenly postponed
and clashed with my vacation days, planned 1 year ahead. I requested for
taking the interview after vacation (6 days): when I come back from
vacation and email them for next steps, they tell me the position has
been filled.  
Tell me about something that you could have done better.  
Several questions related to networking configuration and troubleshooting  
What are your safe behaviors?  
3 – design amazon product recommendation system  
the music department we have to forecast the first two weeks of sales
so that we can have enough inventory, Dave Mathews Band is coming out
with a new CD, how would you go about forecasting sales?  
Implemetation of Hashing methodology  
how much of your day do you smile?  
any such difficult question but there were a lot of specific detailed
analytic questions to guage your understanding of the concepts!  
“Explain how you keep up the pace.” I was taken off guard by this question and asked her to be more specific.  
OO design, without using database, design a IMDB senario:Simplified
question: A film has one director and several actors, while a person
can be both actor and director for one or many films, design the classed
that can represent these situations.That is when showing a film, you have things like title, director, a bunch of actors.then
showing a person, you need to show the movies he directed, and the
movies he acted in, show nothing if there’s no movie he has ever
directed or acted in.  
questions related to overall company vision at the Bezos level.  
Some question related to compiler level and some practical experience on Java.  
All normal questions.  
interviewer wanted me to create a structure that represents a binary
search tree and write a boolean function that verified to see whether a
parameter was a binary search tree.  
Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer.  
There was no difficult questions  
What is in the candidate bag?  
Why do you want to work at Amazon?  
How often do you find yourself smiling?  
was asked a few big O questions which I expected but was also asked
some detailed network questions for which I was not prepared.  
raiser was by far the most difficult all around, because there is no
way to really prepare and the question asked after the small talk about
the position and your prior experience, seems completely irrelevant to
the position. And as nerves are already high, it is frustrating because
of course you want to give an answer that will get you hired, but at the
sane time it’s hard if you don’t understand what they are asking for.
An example is like estimate how many trees there are in Washington
state, or tell me the best way to get home from these two routes. And of
course you can’t ask for more information and if you try to add
information you may be told it’s irrelevant. I would suggest really
relaxing and try to understand what they are really trying to gain from
asking such strange off topic questions.  
Write the function immediately  
you strongly believed in an idea and were in a situation where your
colleagues did not support your idea, how would you react? The question
was something along these lines…  
If you had to develop a scorecard to rank suppliers in your category what metrics would you use? Why?  
My personal failure   s (2)
validate a binary tree   s (3)
I think these are covered by their NDA. They want good leaders, if you are one you will have no problem answering the questions.  
Sorry, do not recall questions. All were behavior based on the leadership principles you can find on their web site.  
a trie and a prefix, find the word (in the trie) that starts with some
subsequence of the prefix and also has the longest such subsequence.   s (2)
The math questions involved bottlenecking and resource allocation.  
How many emails do you currently send per week?  
Interview Questions
Interview Questions
Create a merge sort algorithm  
How would you handle a hostile co-worker/manager?  
Some question about merging arrays, which was already mentioned on Glassdoor.  
Suppose you were in charge of launching a new product. How would you approach it, and what is your go-to-market strategy?  
a binary tree, convert it into a doubly circular linked list. The
structure of the tree was given by the interviewer and also the
structure of the doubly circular linked list.   s (2)
Find the longest palindrome in a file of a very large size.  
I’m unable to offer questions specifically due to the disclosure that Amazon asks you to sign.Be prepared for a situational interview.  
Given an array A of n integers, in sorted order, and an integer x.design an O(n)-time complexity algorithm to determine whether thereare 2 integers in A whose sum is exactly x.   s (5)
Usual questions about data structures. Nothing you haven’t seen before.  
Give a description of most challenging project taken  
given a large array of int return the length of the longest increasing(non-necessarily-adjacent) sub-sequence   s (3)
what is your favourite data structure?  
Design a complex car from the ground up.  
Can you think of an example of a scenario where you would want to use a tree with more degrees of branching than a binary tree?   s (4)
are 100 million records to search through in memory. What data
structure would you use? Explain in detail why you would choose that
over others?  
What was a challenging problem you had to solve and how did you solve it?  
When would you use an interface, a abstract class, a virtual class.  
Reason to work for Amazon  
Print a binary tree level by level  
Merge two sorted Array  
the company would probably frown upon me giving interview specifics,
I’ll explain the general knowledge base you should have when
interviewing with Amazon.They are very concerned with data
structures; namely structures that are very fast. Hash tables are a
staple, though questions involving tree and trie structures are also
asked quite often.Even if you’re not applying to a position
requiring knowledge of networking, you should know the basics of how it
works and how to avoid network congestion.  
The length from one coordinate to origin  
The most unexpected interview question was Why is it important for you to learn new things?  
Describe a difficult business decision you had to make where a complete data set was not available.  
how many years experience do you have  
a string of Rs and Gs, design an algorithm to produce a string with Rs
in the front and Gs after that. The number of flips from Rs to Gs or
otherwise should be minimum. The number of Rs and Gs in the end need not
be same as that in the beginning, however the length of the entire
string should be the same.   s (3)
code for scheduling interviews of 20 candidates with 3 interviewers.
Each candidate has specific available times and can only interview at
those times.  
Reverse a string  
How would you build a system monitoring infrastructure for critical services?  
Delete extra spaces in a string.   s (2)
Maps, Recursion, and good OOP are your friends.  
Tell me a time when you had to design a system?  
Read in a stream of numbers, print out the ones that are repeated an odd number of times.   s (2)
Java generics  
Tell me about a time blah blah blah unimaginative questions  
They make sure you can operate a computer. It’s fairly basic.  
Standard Algo question ; kept adding different constraints to make problem progressively more difficult ; very interesting.  
int array, such as [3, -4, 8, -10] find consecutive subset, get the maximum sum.  
you were asked to create content to help with a Kindle customer service
problem, how you could go about creating that content given there are
different versions of the product and the problem applied to some of
them but not all of them? This is in addition to there being no central
place that stores all the help content for all the different versions of
a business analysis situation that you faced in your previous job that
was most challenging and how did you tackle it and what did you learn
and what was your strength to solve it?  
an integer set of numbers, print all the subsets. For some reason the
interviewer asked to print the supersets, but what he means is subsets.   s (7)
Average, Best & Worst case complexity of an BST. On what basis these complexities are defined ?  
is detail page latency? How can this be improved? How can this be
broken down (click an item and then what happens until new page pops
How would you reverse a string without using buffer variables?  
don’t want to give the exact interview question, but here’s something
similar that any company might ask – given a binary tree and an integer
corresponding to a level in the tree, print the contents of the nodes in
that level of the tree from left to right.  
Find the largest branch in a tree that is itself a binary search tree  
Complexity analysis, discussion about best solution   s (2)
Under DNA  
have a log file with many different bits of user activity. How would
you go about finding specific three page user sequences for sessions
that met certain criteria.  
Implement sort using list  
Check if a BST is mirrored  
Under NDA- cannot share this.  
Describe a binary tree ?  
How would you remove common elements from a two arrays.  
Details on how you specifically were involved in the success of a product launch.  
flattening a tree to a file  
String reversal, OS concepts, Object oriented designing concepts  
What is an abstract class? Why is composition better than inheritance?Difference between abstract class and interface? When would you use interface over abstract class?  
validate BST  
How would you stop a cross-site request attack?  
Tell me about a time you used analysis to make a business-critical decision. Walk me through the analysis and outcome.  
What would you do to come in and improve our processes in staffing?  
What are the challenges in designing an application  
Kth largest element in tree.  
How would you begin to design software for an elevator system?  
design an elevator class  
Write a program to get all permutations of a string  
Find a subset string specified in a big string.  
What would you consider one of your failures?  
how to get the most significant bit from a byte?   s (3)
Interview Questions
Q. Describe the best achievement in your current job and why  
Why Amazon?  
some array such as {4, 2, 5, 3}, write a function that would take in
the array and a number that would return how many pairs add up to the
number.   s (2)
how to find a number in a circularly sorted array?   s (2)
Determine if two strings are anagrams.   s (2)
What analysis would you use to understand if we should increase the price of Amazon Prime Membership  
Design a GPS  
How would you troubleshoot a problem after launching a new service?  
Tell me your background.  
Code Fibonacci function in both iterative and recursive.  
Write a java program to calculate the frequency of the online series data.  
What do you think is different when you have huge data set?  
Does Change Bother You?  
Questions were in the category of data structures and algorithm — e.g., searching algorithms, big-O, caching implementations.  
Linked list based question  
what’s the most difficult technical challenge that you faced and how did you solve it  
About testing a Client Server model  
What happens after entering Amazon.com into the address bar?  
Explain Factory method and singleton design  
Find all of the non-concentric palindromes in a string. Do so in linear time.  
Design an object oriented system for a deck of cards  
Tell me about yourself.  
As a buyer, how would you grow our department/category?  
Describe a time when you have identified a bottleneck in the process and introduced a change in process.  
A variation of the K-nearest neighbour problem, and how do you scale it?  
How to convert a bst to doubly linked list   s (2)
Describe some project management methodologies that you use, strengths and weaknesses of each, etc.  
Write a method to decide if the given binary tree is a binary search tree or not.   s (4)
Write an atoi function  
If you had to incorporate a new state into the US how would you do it  
What would I do in a situation where someone made a big error in price on the website  
an algorithm/code in C to do integer multiplication and division
without using multiplication nor division operators. Do the same thing
for partitioned algorithm/parallelizable (suitable in parallel
processing)   s (3)
Traverse nodes in a binary tree   s (10)
Given a binary search tree and a number find the closest node to that number.   s (2)
What are different types of memory?   s (2)
Find intersection of two arrays and how to handle duplicates  
Write a function that determines if a given string is a palindrom  
I will not give away the interview questions since I’ve signed the NDA. However, the advises I can offer is:1:
make sure you are FULLY prepared before you attend the interview, they
are not EASY. by FULLY prepared, I mean, do a very serious review on
your data structures and algorithms!2: Never begin solve the
question before you completely understand what the question is asking.
most of the time the interviewer’s instruction maybe misleading, not
quite accurate or hard to follow. If that happens, do not be afraid to
ask for clarifications.3: Try an example after you write your
code. remember to take care of boundary cases such as empty array or
null pointer exceptions4: If you prefer working alone, let your
interviewer know, they can let you working alone and come back, or they
will try their best not staring at you.5: Be FULLY PREPARED and good luck!  
Given a random array with integers, find every pair that sum up to a certain number.   s (4)
Tell us about some of the work you have done, and what challenges you had developing that code.  
Pretty standard  
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  
a tree, output a linked list of all nodes in the tree ordered by level.
For example, root, then all nodes at the next level, then the next.  
Write the code for the question in 15 minutes!  
How would you rate your Excel skills? Then she asked about plexi tables….and I had no idea what they were.  
Given an array and a sum, determine if any of the items add up to sum. Do a linear space solution and constant time solution.   s (2)
questions covering the whole gamut of leadership, project management,
design, coding, decision-making, personnel challenges, etc.  
A question about anagram  
Interview Questions
Justify the suduku   s (3)
What is a hash table and when should it be used?  
provide an algorithm for shortest prefix matching string  
implement a queue from stack   s (2)
What abilities or skills do you possess that might be suitable towards working for Amazon?  
All technical questions had to do with scalability. All management questions had to with estimating/reporting time to finish.  
What is the difference between fixed effects and random effects?  
General questions.  
Given two sets of numbers find the elements in A that appear in B (set intersection)   s (3)
a dynamic programming questions (can’t disclose because of NDA)  
How would you resolve a conflict in opinions with a colleague?  
How do you find if two values in an array sum to a given value? Make it as efficient as possible.   s (2)
you were going to acquire a company, but could only look at their
income statement, balance sheet, or cash flows, which would you pick and
How would you set up a wine shop on Amazon.com?  
Name 3 things you would improve about the Amazon.com experience.  
expect that all employees exhibit leadership qualities, so they ask
specific behavioral questions related to their leadership prinicples
(which can be found online).  
Design a system for reservations at a restaurant.  
Print the levels of an n-ary tree…  
How would you approach this current business problem we are having?  
Traverse a binary tree in order.  
How would you know what content to provide for the Kindle?  
Math scenario with production and assembly possible outcomes  
Interview Questions
Design an algorithm to find the common sequence of two strings  
Do you have any questions for me?  
would you deal with a client who wants to just run with a data
integration project rather than planning it out with you involved?  
How would you change the user experience on the website?  
Write the pseudo code for a script to pull information out of a mail log.  
a customer order of N items, design and implement a class that will
most efficiently by space place the order in various size boxes   s (4)
What are the 3 main financial statement pieces, and which is the most important in assessing a company?  
Trie dictionary  
Describe with a written code example the usage of an Oracle RANK OVER PARTITION BY analytic function  
Given an array of int, find sum of the most common int.  
me a time when you didn’t handle a situation as well as you could have,
what would you do differently, how should you have handled the issue?  
Interview Questions
How would you find if a list of strings, at least one is a prefix of another?  
is an error with the price displayed on the site. 1000s of people have
bought it at that discounted price. How will you tackle that situation.  
Mention 10 success metrics for X product.  
Talk about an instance where you demonstrated leadership.  
Convert a number to an array of characters without using to_s   s (2)
What is the difference between a thread and a process?  
First Round1. given some big-o compexities, asked to rank them from the fastest to slowest..2. given a sorted array partially rotated, search for an element, basically just regular binary search with a tweak    very
common interview problem, solutions can be found anywhere on line…I
never saw the problem before, did manage to come up with a solution,
though kinda clumsy..Second Round1. given a bunch of trees,
and each node in the trees only has a parent pointer, you are given two
randomly chosen nodes from the trees, test if the nodes are from the
same tree2. OOP design    Implement a system to help different
airlines validate their package dimensions(if a certain package is
allowed to be carried onboard….)Third Round1. some random chat about my school, coursework, etc2. determine the odd/even parity of a number   very
standard interview question again, can be found in that famous
interview book “Programming interivews exposed”, but again..lol I didn’t
read that book at that time, did come up with a solution though, just
took me some time…So do read that book before you come to the
interviews..Fourth Round1. some tivial questions about oop/stacks, etc2. again…count the number of ones in the binary representation of a number..surprised that got asked the same question….3.
some tree problem again…given a tree, and each node has a parent
pointer, given two nodes, find their least common ancestor…..  
How would you fix the US economy?  
Why do you want to work for us?  
Interview Questions
What is the hardest thing in moving a team to Agile?   s (4)
Why did you apply to this job?  
Describe a time when you experienced a problem with a vendor and how did you handle it?  
how to design a neutral system  
How do you implement a hash structure?  
Tell me about your professional experience?  
How would you go about selecting a target market to launch this particular product  
write an algorithm to do a merge sort in assembly language  
different between array and heap   s (3)
How would you redesign the homepage of Amazon.com?  
Why Amazon  
find the 2nd-largest node in a binary tree  
How would you, specifically, build Amazon Web Services?  
Write an algorithm to determine if 2 linked lists intersect   s (13)
list some search algorithms and discuss complexity and usage of them.  
the most difficult question they asked me was, he put a binary tree on
the whiteboard and I had to write a function that would find if the tree
was symmetrical or not. Anyone who’s familiar with data structures and
recursion should be fine with this, just don’t freak out when they
propose the question.   s (3)
Who is your best employee now and what makes them the best?  
A lot of questions like “tell me about a time you ….”  
What is polymophsm for OO?  
is preparing to move from their old campus to their new one in Seattle.
They are looking for someone to oversee the entire project. You will be
presenting to the board 1 week on your plan. What do you present and
two very large binary trees T1, with millions of nodes, and T2, with
hun- dreds of nodes, create an algorithm to decide if T2 is a subtree of
T1.   s (6)
have a sentence that has a grammatical error, and the sentence has been
broken into a parse tree. The grammatical error is because of an
interaction between two words. Find the minimum complete phrase that
includes the grammatical error.   s (2)
What is the most in-depth analysis you have ever completed?  
What is hash collision? How to solve it?  
Given int arraySum = 10Find number of unique integers that sum up to 10 fro that array   s (2)
what are ways to eliminate bottle necks  
Find k largest/smallest number in a series of numbers. What data-structures will you use? Code it on white board.   s (5)
How would you design x system. Now imagine you need to scale that 1000x  
What would u do if deadline is approaching and ur product is not finished?   s (4)
What are examples of some of the deals you have done?  
Interview Questions
Write a function to serialize a binary tree.  
Are you happy? How can Amazon make you happier?  
Tell me about a time where a manager wasn’t there to oversee you and how you handled your job.  
When can you start?  
How to find the least common ancestor for a binary tree.  
How would you go about searching for a movie based on the letter of the movie entered from the smart phone  
How would you design a training plan for all facilities nationwide and keep employees current with ongoing continuing education?  
If you were given a project with no clear goal or resources, how would you approach it?  
If you were the CFO of amazon, what metrics would you look at every day to see how well your company is doing?  
Tell us how you solved a difficult problem  
Create an algorithm that will navigate a maze.  
How to design a system which tells about movies going on each zip codes along with their showtimes and theatres  
a system with fragmented memory. So when the user invokes a malloc(N)
there may be a possibility that N consecutive locations can’t be
allocated. But chunks of memory that adds to N can be allocated. Design a
data structure to store this information and write routines for
allocating memory given the size, read , write given number of bytes to
read etc.  
What is the difference between abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance?  
How would you find if a sum exists between a pair of numbers in an array. Give the algorithm and complexity.  
How do you deal with ambiguity?  
Do you prefer to work in a stable or unstable environment?  
Describe a good report layout you would propose to senior management that helps analyze the business in a meaningful manner  
Why do you want to work for Amazon?  
What type of processes improvement have you made at work?  
reverse a linked list  
What did you find most difficult about your previous job?  
How would you index a phone directory? What data structures would you use? Implement it.  
The assignment problem  
Will you please discuus the most innovative project/product you have led or produced in your current role?  
are given an array of integers where every integer occurs an even
number of times, except one integer that appears an odd number of times.
Return the odd occurring integer. Write functioning code and read it to
me when you’re done.”   s (3)
is the technical project or achievement you have worked on that you are
most proud of, and what is one that you are least proud of your
Coding question with follow up on how efficient is that  
judge if a tree is balanced   s (3)
How would you do years ago?  
TCP 3 way handshake method  
Given million records, sort them out using 1K memory. Suggest the best algorithm to do this  
not unexpected I found the question regarding past mistakes difficult
because you have to measure your answer based on what you think they
will expect.  
Can you tell me about a time you had to convince someone to do something they did not want to do?  
What is the percentage difference between two numbers?  
Design a clone of a web-based note taking system. Design various services for that system.  
If I handed you a rubiks cube and told you that it had to be solved by tomorrow, how would you respond?   s (4)
What is the relationship between an object and a class?  
Tell me about a time when you were leading a group, were assigned a goal, and you did not reach it.  
Advantages of hash table  
Design a recommandation algorithm  
Tell me about a time when you had a group conflict and how did you overcome this conflict?  
How do you motivate people?  
interviewer drew on the dry erase board and had me work through various
puzzles. He wanted to see my thought process and how I work through
challenging situations – was I able to think outside the box, come up
with viable solutions, etc.  
Definitely a lot of technical questions. Be sure you know your stuff.  
to pick up n items from a warehouse find an algorithm to minimize the
cost having a cost function to go from one item to another.   s (2)
All behavioral questions for the role I interviewed for.  
did some data analysis and noticed that the phase of the moon was
directly correlated to the productivity of our fulfillment center staff.
What could be causing that?  
Would you say you feel fortunate, unfortunate, lucky or unlucky and why.  
What is your biggest barrier to leadership and how do you surmount it?  
Tell me about a failure and how you overcame it.  
How will you market Amazon cloud drive in Brazil?  
What complexity would sorting add to an array list?   s (2)
list with a set of integers. All elements appear even number of times
while one appear odd number of times. Find this number that appear odd
number of times   s (4)
Give me an example of a website you created?  
need to design a system to provide answers to factorials for between 1
and 100. You can cache 10 numbers. How would you arrange/manage that
cache, and what is the worst case for lookup on a cache miss?   s (3)
How does your research relate to neural networks.  
On a scale of 1 – 10 how whacky can you be?  
Have you proposed an idea to your company that would save the company time and money? How was it received?  
Tell me about your failures?  
Have you used Amazon web site to buy a product or service? what do you like or dislike about the website?  
What is a mistake you made that you’ve really regretted?  
how would you trouble shoot a slow download of content on a Kindle device?   s (3)
was a question that was a Dutch National Flag problem. It is
essentially about grouping colors, however he used integers, positive,
negate, and zero to do the same thing.  
Are you comfortable working nights, weekends, and/or holidays?  
you had a dictionary of words. How would you set it up? And what would
you do if you needed to search for a word (what type of search)? About
how long would it take for you to search for the word using Big O
Give me an example where you used data to defend your position on a decision made  
asked twice regarding specifics where I made a change or recommendation
that made a significant difference in my team being able to exceed
their goals.  
Math question regarding units per labor hour.  
post due to NDA! But none of the questions was too difficult-prepare
for the behavioral type questions and read a bit about pricing.  
How do you deal with management?  
Implement a queue using two stacks  
How many fields have you worked with in excel?  
Write a function to validate a binary tree   s (2)
Do you have any warehouse experience  
Pick an Amazon product and tell me how you would double revenue on it in the next year.  
Design a Parking Lot in terms of OOP concept  
Interview Questions
What is method overloading and method overriding?  
Can you pass a written software test?  
What is your best negotiation? And, what was the outcome?  
All sorts of tricky behavioral questions.  
we are shipping 2 products to the same customer but these products are
contained in different warehouses, What are some of the factors that we
need to consider so that the transportation cost will be minimal and the
customer will receive the products in the least amount of time?  
Reverse an array  
Binary tree traversal  
Give an example of time when you found a simple solution to a seemingly difficult problem.  
What’s your favorite Excel function?  
was asked if I was willing to relocate. I said I was not able to
relocate; however, I could travel. (I was applying specifically for a
position in my city).  
How would you roll out this idea in 4 months time? (you are responsible for every aspect on it from conception to close-out)  
Implement a string matching algorithm that matches a given string prefix to the longest matching string in a dictionary.  
what do you know about distributed systems  
What is a priority queue?  
Case Example request for GTM market strategy involving B2B Services  
How would you design the game monopoly?  
Design a database and tell me the entities and constrains you will include for some business model.  
Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult vendor?  
There was a question that was loosely case based regarding how to approach a specific business situation.  
How to route trucks for delivery to a number of customers in Seattle with time windows?  
How would you build a reservation system.  
Math Question – basic algebra  
Find the node at which two linked lists intersect  
you know what time it is? I don’t think I have time for this. I really
don’t have time for this. Maybe someone else can do this.  
Interview Questions
Describe a difficult communication with a coworker.  
Design a library in an object-oriented manner.  
Also he asked me Define Testing  
How would you reduce the size of the cookies in browser?  
What factors would you analyze, and how, in order to make a go/no go decision on bringing Amazon Fresh into a foreign market?  
Given a listed list and an integer, find two numbers in the list that sum to the given number (Test cases)  
Write an algorithm to check if an array holds a string value that you are passing in.  
Interview Questions
What is your experience with Access, with SQL?  
said you did xyz on your resume. How do you know this was successful?
If you keep going with this strategy how will you be able to determine
if this is no longer a successful strategy & you need to shift
Design an object oriented design for Black Jack game  
How would you implement a file system.  
Interview Questions
Don’t recall exact questions. Felt pretty standard.  
is the binary tree a mirror reflection of another  
how would you design how a cellphone implements its contact list when you press a certain letter.For
example, If you press M it will tell you all the names starting with M.
then if you press MI it will tell you all names starting from MI and so
forth….   s (5)
in charge of new business venture x. What do you evaluate in vetting
the business potential? Now what is your estimate of the volume we could
move (with numbers)?   s (2)
Why did you apply for this position?  
What is put option?  
Interview Questions
Why Amazon?  
been tasked with preparing a business case about whether to continue
offering Amazon Prime. What elements would you use to make your case?  
Given the Node in the graph, how would you find if the node leads to the cycle.  
If Wal-Mart came out with new very aggressive promotions for Christmas, as Senior Financial Analyst, what would you do?  
What is Hashtable? What is BST? How to avoid collision in hashing? Compare these two.  
me through your design for a Restaurant Point of Sale system — This
was for a project manager job. A technical PM, but really?  
Find a longest Palindrome in a given string.   s (3)
Tell me about a time when you had to influence the business to try something new.  
Print all the possible permutations of a character string.  
A financial math type question…  
Implement the floodfill algorithm of a paint program   s (2)
Algorithm to produce the power set of a given set.   s (2)
Tell me about how you organize your day.  
say sth about hash table.   s (2)
What is the difference between a breadth-first search and a depth-first search?  
Do you know that location of the job is Seattle?  
Tell me a time where you had to work with a difficult customer?  
math problem was the most difficult if you are not used to algebra type
word problems. I am assuming that none of the people interviewing do
this kind of thing on a daily basis.   s (2)
design of a web crawler  
How would you program Monopoly?  
Optimize some Algorithm  
If you had unlimited resources, how would you change Amazon?  
Non concentric palindrome  
What hours are you available to work?  
How will you drive demand gen for our product?  
What is the fast sorting algorithm and why?   s (4)
Describe some of the ways you would scale a web-based application to handle huge traffic?  
Interview Questions
when looking back, what is the design change you would have made?  
integer palindrome: give character which appeared max in string  
What position are you qualified to perform?  
a “Subscriber – Broker – Publisher” architecture (a) running on a
machine; (b) running on a cluster. Write the code for the 3 classes.Details:
there are Events, specified by an “event type” and a blob of detailed
info. Each subscriber subscribes with a Broker for a certain event type
that it wants to get. Subscribers send events to the broker, and the
relevant subscribers need to be notified.   s (2)
Print all permutations of a given string.   s (4)
a client/server messaging protocol to facilitate a web-based
spreadsheet program. What would the object model look like on the client
How would you go about making a case for rolling back a feature?  
How do you like this city (by the HR)?  
What type of leader are you?  
Interview Questions
I was asked to solve a real world business problem but without all of the background that I needed to answer the question.  
question was a “What would you do in this situation?” question. They
aren’t out to “get you”, they only want to know your thought process.  
Interview Questions
were really difficult, but I had diffculty answering anything that
required impromptu math. I’m a spreadsheet guy. I.e. if you could buy
the same quantity of two products one with a 10% margin and a higher
cost and one with a 20% margin and a lower cost which would you buy?   s (2)
You have an integer array of length N, containing values in the range 1,2,3…N^2. Sort the array in O(N) time   s (2)
would you go about creating an automated process to figure out bid
amounts for keywords in a portfolio with a billion keywords for a new
3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page   s (2)
Why Amazon?  
what do you know about Amazon and this position?  
what is the bubble sort algorithm   s (3)
Reverse a string.  
you want to migrate to a new platform but new platform has different
functionality from old one. How do you migrate seamlessly?  
Hash Table description, Max heap  
Why do you want to work for Amazon?  
Why Amazon?  
Many questions on Excel spreadsheets and functions.  
How could you enhance our website?  
how would you price this product  
Interview Questions
Interview Questions
he asked me regarding my projects, mentioned on my resume and den asked me couple of technical questions..  
What would your manager say is an area of opportunity for you?  
have 3 log files which contain details of custId, PageId, date/time of
visit. find 3 most frequently visited pages (in order ..if we have 5
pages A B C D E and the entries are sorted by date . say sequence is A B
D A B C D A B ) which were visited by a customer then answer shud be A B
D ( like even if sequence is D A B it wiill be counted as A B D  
What does Product Management mean to you?  
given a stack implementation…find min and max.  
Was there a time you went against the advice of your supervisor / advisor?  
a method which takes x/y coordinates for a point for a graphics program
and implement a bucket-fill (change all the surrounding pixels of the
same color to the new color)  
gave a 15 minute description of an area of their business and asked me
to come up with a new business idea in the next 15 minutes that was
unique and potentially profitable.  
how will do test Amazon’s Kindle application  
Write code for a tree whose number of children is configurable  
Design a game  
Interview Questions
Explain a situation in school or in your career where you had to be the leader?  
Hard to say – I tried to get as many details about the position as possible and it feels like I did most of the talking.  
what was your biggest challenge?  
How would you keep full stock at all times  
What is your biggest business mistake?  
using any high level language methods (such as indexOf()) write a
function that takes two strings (A and B) and checks to see if B is in
A, if it is return the index that B starts at.  
How have you resolved conflict?  
Linked list questions   s (2)
How would you implement a priority queue?   s (2)
How would you go about scoping an API documentation project?  
What change would you make on our web site?  
I was asked what type of metrics and reporting I analyze and how I used that date to make business decisions  
Have you worked in complex technical environments?  
lot of questions on OOP (“what is the basic structure of a text
editor”) and data structures (hashes, linked lists, etc.). You needed to
know Java for that position.  
say a VP came to your desk and said we needed a timeline of past orders
and gave you no further direction. What would you do?  
Given two large files of integers, only one byte difference. Find out this byte if memory is limited.What if memory is unlimited?Tell the complexity of your algorithm and analyze it.   s (3)
Give an example of a time that you worked with a difficult client, how you handled it and the outcome.  
serialize binary tree   s (3)
distributed hash table and uses  
How would suggest we fix the following actual problem we encounter on a daily basis?  
What would I do to iimprove the exposure of product X  
What sorts of costs does Amazon face as an online seller of goods?   s (2)
a set of coins of arbitrary denominations, write an algorithm to
calculate all possible ways to generate change for a given amount.  
what was the most difficult situation you have faced in a work environment  
1. Find common elements between two arrays of integers.2. Find cycles in a graph.3. Efficiently find duplicate elements in an array of numbers with bounded entries (for example, elements are between 0 and 99).4. Reverse word sequence in a string inplace.5. Efficiently find all Pythogorean triplets in a given array of integers.6. Find all anagrams in a list of words.7. Set operations.   s (2)
a reference string and an array of strings how do we write an efficient
algorithm to find which string in the array contains the same letters
as the reference array  
Write a program which picks the first 2 highest numbers in a sequence?  
You are going to miss tomorrows deadline, how do you and your team handle it?  
all anagrams in a file. Assumptions: case-insensitive, a-z characters
only, one word per line. For example, if the file contains dog, cat,
ddd, goo, act, god — output dog, god, act, cat   s (8)
Refuse to disclose  
We have numbers from 1 to 52 that are put into a 51 number array, what’s the best way to find out which number is missing?   s (3)
If you were to invest in other countries, what would be the contributing factors in your decision?  
want to design a database similar to imdb, design it, and tell me the
structure/fields so that 1. given a specific year, you can find top 5
grossing films 2. given an actor, return all his costars 3. all movies
with more than 3 cast members.  
Describe what you would do with XYZ?  
Write an algorithm to return the intersect of two arrays.   s (4)
All questions asked were within normal types of interview questions.   s (3)
You are to design the transportation system for a building.  
Given a list of n numbers. All numbers except one are unique. Find the number with duplicate entry.   s (7)
Explain the pros and cons of the Amazon Prime shipping program.  
what is the most significant deal you’ve ever done?  
are you willing to come in for an interview?  
Questions on binary search tree. How to insert into tree. State big O.  
Design a control system for a multi-car elevator system  
says in your resume that you ‘created effective marketing plans’. What
is that supposed to mean? How do you really know it was effective?
Making positive revenue isn’t enough.  
What one thing in your career to date are you most proud of?  
How to compute nth Fibonacci number.  
Was asked to describe what I would do in a situation where I didn’t know the correct Amazon approach for a problem.   s (2)
How would you handle an employee who showed up to work drunk?   s (2)
Math Problem: You have an upstream Picking department that feeds two downstream packing departments: A and B.75% of your Pick volume goes to department A, which has a packing rate of 150 unites per labor hour (uph).25% of the Pick volume goes to department B, which is for large items, and has a pack rate of 25 units per labor hour.Your pickers pick both large and small items throughout the day at an overall average rate of 100 units per labor hour.You
have 25 people today for all 3 departments, and you absolutely must
pack 7,500 units in department A to meet a customer promise metric. How
do you allocate labor to balance the flow in your department if you work
a 10 hour shift? Do not assume breaks or lunches in your answer.Department % of volume Rate (uph) People Daily VolumePick 100% 100 ?? ??Pack A 75% 150 ?? 7,500Pack B 25% 25 ?? ??   s (2)
Find longest dominoe train in a generated set of 10-15 dominoes.  
How does the internet work?  
How do you think the cost for an Amazon Prime account was decided?  
Given two (huge) sets, what is an efficient way to find their intersection?   s (4)
dates are given to a function. The function should return if the dates
are exactly one month apart, less than one month apart or more than one
month apart.  
If you had 5,623 participants in a tournament, how many games would need to be played to determine the winner   s (50)
Why do you want to work for Amazon? The hiring manager has asked this question a few times!  
Implement a single linked list add and size methods using java ?  
How do you insert into a binary tree?   s (2)
how to design database for company like fandango – change movies regularly, have different show times per date etc.  
How to identify network / traffic congestion and debug scenarios and tools  
This system is failing intermittently; troubleshoot why/how.  
What was your biggest professional mistake and how did it impact you?  
What’s the biggest problem you see with our company?   s (2)
How would you price the S3 service?  
How would you implement a lookup/datastore without relying on a RDMS?  
Implement a function to validate whether a given binary tree is a BST (i.e. write an isBST() function).   s (9)
How would you set the pricing strategy for Amazon web services?  
What is deadlock   s (2)
Have you ever had a time when you disagreed with your teammates?  
Tell me about your operations experience and the structure of the team you led?  
What do you think about the “DTP”?  
How would you optimally sort an unsorted random list of numbers by using multiple computers.   s (2)
What is an immutable object?  
Give me an example of what you were directly responsible for in a retail store (product)?  
Basic coding questions that would normally have been EXTREMELY easy:shuffle an array in place in O(n)  
Was asked to priovide an example where the use of IP Selective ACK would be used and why  
There is an array of numbers, containing the integers 1-n, how can you find the sum of the numbers in that array?   s (3)
You have web application, which runs on a server and your boss comes and up say it’s very slow, what do you do?  
had a difficult question about a cuboid composed of smaller cubes. How
many cubes are there where exactly two faces of the cube are exposed?   s (4)
If you were the CEO of Amazon.com, what is a new line of business that you would consider launching?  
You have to support 5000 online stores. What technology would you use to support them?  
what is your biggest setback?  
Please describe your process improvement experience and how it benefited the company?  
you have been asked to setup a new company that was going to do what
netflix does. How would you go about setting up the
to extract numbers from a list of alphanumeric strings. For example if
string is “qw34rt56”, new list should contain 34 and 56. New list should
have unique numbers and should be in ascending order. They requested
write complete code and tell over the phone.   s (2)
Tell me about your skills with Excel.   s (2)
If you were going to plan two new distribution center locations for Amazon where would you locate them and why.How would you decide what product to put in each DC   s (2)
What are the first 2 integers that, when added together, equal 10 in a “very large” array of unsigned integers?   s (6)
you had experience in [1], [2] and [3]… how do you think Amazon will benefit from these experiences?  
Design an elevator control system.  
the SVP of this division communicates to you the business goal is to
double revenue for this product in three years, how do you go about
creating a three-year business plan that will achieve the goal?  
How would you design a chat system?  
Sort the first 100 numbers from a incoming input stream of milions of numbers.   s (2)
a 10 hour shift, how will you staff to achieve a goal of sending out
7500 packages. More info was provided re: the labor hours, laborer
productivity, etc.  
Reverse a linked list.   s (2)
Tell me about yourself.  
How to detect loops in a linked list without using a data structure   s (4)
Find if there are any pairs of numbers in a list which can be added up to a target number.  
How would you determine the next country for Amazon expansion?  
How would you design an elevator control system in the highrise?  
How do you find sequences of consequtive integers in a list that add to a particular number.  
Design Netfix..website, Database design, checkout flow, inventory management etc.  
an example of an idea you surfaced to drive the companies business,
tell us how you sold your idea, how successful you were and what you
would have done differently upon reflection  
given an array of records of size n, n is in the order of billions,each record stores the co-ordinates (x,y,z)find the m-closest records to the origin.  
Describe a difficult technical issue you faced. How did you go about solving it?  
the Coding question  
given a large list of stars, with they’re co-ordinates, give a smaller
number of closest stars, to earth, with earth as origin, and the best
and most optimum way to do this.  
B Tree to implement searching for phone number  
hardest questions were around customer situations, aimed at assessing
how I thought about revenue/business from the customer standpoint. Some
math required, but nothing hard.  
Number of 1’s in binary representation of integer?   s (11)
How would you implement integer division if your language did not offer it.   s (5)
Since you are working on web application, what would be the problem you think Amazon would encouter ?  
There were 2 questions which was based on dynamic programming.  
Questions from careercup.com  
The data structure questions were difficult as they asked very low level details on hashes and such.  
How would you reverse a linked list in Java?   s (5)
You are to write a spell checker. Discuss the API, Data Structures and Algorithms.   s (2)
If you saw someone steal a quarter. Would you report it?   s (10)
What is your greatest achievement in life? Tell me a success story of a project you spearheaded.  
What one thing would you change about amazon?  
seem more like a coordinator than a program manager, why should I hire
you as a program manager. (It seemed provocative rather than information
They will ask many questions about the current service and how it can be improved.  
Determine whether the binary representation of a number if a palindrome or not, code it on a white board.   s (8)
Implement a simple load balancing algorithm in pseudo code (over the phone)   s (2)
Sorting a list of some random type   s (2)
What do you see as the most important part of the business model?  
a database of all the known stars, describe how you would determine the
200 stars closest to Earth. What is the efficiency of the algorithm you
The most technically challenging work/project. Describe that and tell why was it so.  
Write a program to count the number of words in a file.   s (5)
Describe what do you write in a functional specification?   s (2)
How would you handle working with a team in India  
Design a functional specification for a video rental store.  
particularly difficult or unexpected but you must really show
enthusiasm for progressing your career – it’s vital. The STAR technique
is an absolute must – all answers are expected in this format. There are
14 leadership principles by which Amazon live and you would need to
have an answer prepared for each of them – it is a really good idea to
mention the principles liberally during interview as they are mentioned
endlessly during every meeting/interaction in Amazon. It’s an endurance
test more than anything.  
Why did you apply to this role?  
find common ancestor in binary tree(Not binary search tree)  
distributed computing  
noo easy  
they will ask you what are the risks in online transection, and how one can reduse them  
How would you reduce the time taken to transfer 4GB data into 4GB pen drive by 50% from the current benchmark.  
unexpected. Signed NDA, so I’ll not tell the specific questions. All
questions were for basic usage of data structures. If you studied
Computer Science and exercise to solve and code basic algorithm
problems, you’ll do well.  
The analytical thinking questions were not easy.  
Questions were not adapted at all.  
Tree traversal question  
Got a puzzle to solve, out of the blue.  
What is the advantage of JSON over xml  
only focus on two things, generic architecture level discussion, how
would you design a specific scalable system. Mostly question will pose
an ongoing problem in the group and you need to brain storm solution
with them. Nothing that difficult , it is only that you need to apply
common sense.second thing they focus is your people management
skills, again all question are really practical and if you try to give a
bookish answer you will be caught..so if you do not really believe in
your answer you will not be able to make it…for e.g. “you have an
excellent super brillant team member in your team, better than all
others but his behavior is bad, he does not talk properly if someone
approaches him for help of solution, he literally insults them…what
would you do”…Now reallt think about your answer…if you want to
preach this guy..it will not work out..it is his nature…do you really
want to throw him out of your team…ha ha you probably will not like
to…because these kind of people bring 10X value to organization…what
will you do…similarly there are many trap questions..if you try to be politically and inetrview wise correct you will not make it…  
swich stacking; details of routing protocols  
hands on with an app and test the app  
Implement code to calculate the Fibonacci number.  
How to monitor web service?  
deeper questions once you reveal the basic answers  
What would your enemies say about you?Would you use normal (non amazon) forums to give advice to people on how to use our products?  
coding questions, one binary search tree, and one depth first search. I
was asked to think about alternative ways to solve the second
I wasn’t thrown by any of the questions.  
Implement an online board game from scratch. Starts with classic coding questions and ends with the overall system design.  
a string. Suppose all its characters can be jumbled up and all possible
strings are arranged in an alphabetical order. Now given a number n,
find the nth word in the ordered list of words.  
Imagine Amazon is considering introducing “Free Giftwrapping” for Books.The
customer pays $4 for giftwrapping the product. In 2008 we giftwrapped
700,000 Units and expecting a growth for 2009 of 12%. Our average
revenue per Unit is about $20 .Would you recommend launching this and why?Make assumptions wherever appropriate.Price Elasticity of Demand is -2  
cases were unexpected since the recruiters specifically told me that
the first interview would have been about my CV & work experience.  
What is your biggest achievement?Give me an example where you had to use negotiating skills?  
technical problems were of medium difficulty and not unsolvable. Just
designed to show that you know how to think about software problems.  
I solved the problem in Java, but the hiring manager was more into C or C++, and didn’t have much knowledge in Java.  
prepare algorithms , there interview process is quite very easy but
they focus on alternative solutions like alternative to AJAX etc ..  
Was there ever a situation in which your actions or decision had a negative impact on your co-workers?  
Nothing, all was expected.  
Repeating the question 3 times to make you feel uncomfortable.  
Questions on Graph problems.  
Tell me when you improved a product, despite you were receiving a positive feedback from customers.  
Which are the competitive advantages of Amazon vs its competitors?  
was as such no hard question for me. But unfortunately i was not
prepared for this interview. Frankly this was my first ever interview.
So yes i was bit nervous and i didn’t knew about the tips and tricks for
cracking the interview at that time. I was asked the following 2
questions:1. given a tree, do the level order traversal of the tree. Explain the logic and write it’s proper code not pseudo-code.2 given a link list, Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size. write it’s code.  
no single question is difficult you have to prepare for dozens of
possible behavioral questions. The interview wears you down as the
interviewer repeatedly bombards you with scenarios. Sometimes there can
be numerous follow-up questions on a single scenario.  
technical problem wasn’t something very difficult at first sight, but
the trick was finding out the most efficient solution, which involved
using tries. This solution was not implementable in 45 minutes, so the
interviewer asked me to implement a specific part from the solution.
There were very few behavioural questions, and nothing unexpected.  
interviewers all wanted different examples to questions that were very
similar. After the first two interviews – you are naturally bored of
answering competency based questions,  
They asked me what was the most regretful thing I’ve done regards my colleges.  
unexpected- Recruiter was difficult to reach and had about <12hrs warning before scheduling interview. The actual interviews went well- the engineers were easy to talk to and walked through the problem solving.  
What was your greates failure and what did you learn from it?  
this question is a bit difficult because of the limited time I was given to code it.Given a binary tree with fields- {pointer to left child,poiter to right child,next pointer}.Initially the next pointers are all NULL.Now
fill all the next pointers in each node with pointer to the node which
is immediately right to the node in the same level. The next pointer of
rightmost node in a level shold be NULL.It can be done using level
order traversal using a queue but the interviewer asked me to do it
without using queue or any extra memmory and in O(n) time.Hint: The logic is to fill the next pointers in the (n+1) th level while trvelling in the n th level.I was asked to code it  
Was very optimistic about it but Als! i was sent back.  
Business case  
provide actual real life examples of various Amazon principles (dive deep, disagree and commit, have backbone, etc…)  
vercent test can be a little difficult for freshers as all the tests conducted are time bound.with practise and speed any graduate with good communication and speed can get through!  
Excel test  
question about OSI model, where in it fits the switch  
quasi-case on how I would improve the company at which I previously worked if given the opportunity.  
be prepared to work in a fast pace environment….it is amazing!  
Tell me about a time you had to compromise?Tell me about a time you had to take a decision without all the information?  
What is the most important thing to recruit a new publisher/client?  
The design problem in last interview was not difficult, but I think they were looking for a specific answer.  
typical codeable question for an undergrad – something you would get
from cracking the coding interview. Only one question was asked – I then
chatted with both interviewers for 45 minutes each separately for two
back-to-back interviews.  
the first telephonic screening round, I was asked to explain my
background in brief. Then, I was told: Assume there are 100 million text
files/novels. I need to design a text suggestion tool, based on the
100million novels, while the user is typing search text in Amazon
What’s your favorite Excel formula?  
a few scenario questions  
What is the last time you asked your manager permission to do something?  
Good coding question  
almost average difficult, no too difficult one  
what would have done different in a project  
Please explain your three top ideals for creating a smooth and customer-oriented experience with IT support.  
the beginning, they asked me very specific questions about my role,
experience and motivation to change. I always had to provide examples on
how I manage my skills in my job. The often insist on the fact that
Amazon is “frugal”, and they are very informal… to the extent that
this approach soon becomes “differently formal”. They use the STAR
approach, and to be honest I did not have unexpected questions. I
thought they would have discussed my assignment, but only the technician
pronounced very superficial words on it.  
web service is used by many teams. How do you release a new version ?
Sending emails or reminders to a mailing list of current users does not
guarantee a full response, what do you do?  
lady buys goods worth 200 bucks from a shop (assuming the shopkeeper is
selling goods at zero profit). The lady pays with a banknote worth 1000
bucks to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next
shop & keeps 200 for himself & returns 800 to the lady. After
sometime the next shop owner returns the 1000 note saying it is fake
& takes his money back. How much loss did the shopkeeper suffer?  
How do you improve the category home page?  
Give an example where you need to use you disagreed with your manager’s decision and hat you did to deal with the situation.  
Why did you choose Amazon?  
Design a class model for an invoicing system  
Theoretical questions about algos I haven’t used for 10+ years.  
Nothing majorly surprising  
1° phone interview:- Talking about background and previous experiences- Design Patterns- Big O notation concepts and examples- Agile metodologies2° phone interview:- Find the element that appears an odd number of times in an array where all elements except one appear an even number of times.- Design a Data Structure for a phonebook- Find if there are two elements in an int array that sum up to a given x- Live coding of the solution to second problem through collabedit.com- Talk about given solutions complexityOn site interview:1° (Senior Product Manager)- Three “Tell me about a time you…” questions2° (SDE)- Given a 0-5 random int generator create a 0-7 random int generator.- Get k highest price in a list of n pairs (and talk about complexity)3° (Senior SW Dev. Manager)- Two “Tell me about a time you…” questions- In-depth discussion about a schema I drew on a whiteboard4° (SDE)- OO Design of an elevator system- Write code to handle the system requests queue5° (SDE)- Solving a Puzzle that involves graphs search- Write BFS code on a whiteboard  
was my first interview and I obviously did not know what questions
would they be asking me so every question was like unexpected and
surprise for me. But I remember one question in particular – They asked
what was the most difficult and toughest thing in your life and the same
question in an emotional sense and how you got through it  
How did you make those decisions? What was your analysis?  
They tested my analytical and Excel skills but at a proper analyst level.  
asked me to explain how will I behave in several situations. They asked
me about situation that never happened to me so I had to “lie” because
it was very uncomfortable to reply “that situation never happened to
of the technical questions were standard CS questions – but they
weren’t that far off. There were list, graph, and other algorithm
questions, but they were given in the context of an actual use case at
Amazon, and then you needed to figure out what algorithm to use. For
instance, I got the “How do you tell if a directed graph has a cycle?”
question, but in the context of an Amazon use case.That said, it
might just be those set of Amazon reviewers – I have done Amazon
interviews in the past for an intern position, where off-the-shelf
questions with no Amazon veneer were used.  
2 questions:* Code a binary tree from an input of the like:[2, 4], [1, 2], [4, 8], [5, 9], [1, 3], [2, 5], [3, 6], [3, 7]* Design (OO Language) a billing system  
not much difficult  
not any. all questions were good algorithmic problems.  
asked to explain the spanning tree protocol  
Tell me a specific problem you’ve met doing your project, and how you handled it.  
What is the reason if the 5th page on google search is not loading properly  
tell me about your biggest failuretell me about an experience where you were in trouble and were your analytical skills helped you to solve your problemstalk to me about a time when you have been out of your sphere of responsibility to go and help people in your teamWhat is the achievement that you are most proud of in your life  
What is your Project Managemet Style? …should it not be Method?  
IIS questions put me on the spot. IIS is not my specialty and that was clearly shown on my CV.  
question involve removing a node in a linked list with recursion – I
was given a buggy piece of code and was asked to fix it. I was
distracted when I mentioned this would not work on a long linked list so
I couldn’t answer it but the engineer let it go anyway since we were
short on time  
you have a room with three lights inside it and there are three
switches arranged randomly outside the room. The room is completely
closed and you can’t see anything through it’s walls. You are allowed to
go into the room only one. So how can you tell whether which switch is
connected to which bulb.  
who is a best suited for Amazon a crisis manager or a risk mitigator  
How do you make Amazon service better ?  
primitive class having two string attributes and one attribute list of
the class itself and then we have to get the each level’s string
variables’s printed….  
Convert a number to a currency string: 1234,45 -> one thousand two hundred thirty four dollars and forty five cents  
asked when I took a decision which seemed wrong at the beginning but
after a certain amount of time it revealed itself to be the right one.  
None of the questions were very difficult as i was only asked from the algorithm section.  
What company should AMZN buy right now? Why? Give me names.  
bucket is kept under the tap and the tap is opened to let out water.
Though water is flowing out, the bucket never seems to be full. why?   s (5)
There was none, pretty simple.  
Writing code on a whiteboard is a bit of a challenge.  
How do you feel that you would suit this position?  
Say we are launching the new Amazon Premium program. Set the right price for it.  
have a file with 4 billion integers. Find an integer that doesn’t exist
in the file, given that you have very little available memory on your
computer.   s (5)
its only pure programming… And don’t know how there selection process works.  
what is the one thing you will change about amazon ? how will you make decisions in absence of data ?  
All questions were STAR.  
why you leave Intel? is there any specified reason?  
Nothing; several situation/behavioural psych questions  
General questions about my knowledge on e-commerce, news in the press, etc.  
“What is your drive to succeed”  
Question1: What did you do rise the bar in your previous position?Question2: Give us an example of a situation you had to dive deep to solve a ProblemQuestion3: Can you tell us about a situation where you had to take ownership of a decision you made.  
most difficult questions were from data structure implementation point
of view. They required a strong understanding of the problem statement
to decide the correct data structure to implement. They were very stern
about the required efficiency of the solution. Getting a solution wasn’t
enough, we are expected to give the best solution we can possibly think
All question needed good amount of logical thinking.  
Nothing really difficult  
of questions like “tell me about a time you had an idea that was
beneficial to the entire company”. Just try to be as much specific as
possible and be sure you acted according to Amazon’s principles (find
them on company’s websiet)  
me about a time you had conflicts in the office and how did you solve
them. Tell me about a time you failed. Tell me about a time you
generated change in your organization  
of questions on specific front end technologies: JS, CSS, etc. Asked to
code a simple JS function. No questions on fundamentals or algorithm.  
Not so really. Most of the questions are expected ones, checking on the knowledge of SQL, why amazon? and so on.  
Nothing that I can think of now.  
Asked me to design a Potato Chips Factory by OOAD means.  
No particular difficult nor unexpected questions  
Not really difficult if you prepare good examples of your previous work experience.  
Tell me a time when you developed an analytic tool to resolve a problem  
There was a questing on designing a distributed database  
you had a more junior person report to you that you believe had more
potential than you? If so, how did you help them to develop.  
prepared to have technical questions based on algorithms and date
structures like binary trees, but also for product-oriented questions
like “how would you revamp the main page of Amazon”  
How did you know that your product was successful?  
3 coding question.1.tree,2.algorithm based on string,3.linked list.  
the spot” variation /modifications on operational flow problems (makes
you think on your toes) – what if the demand increases by 20% where
would the bottle neck be and how would you change your plan  
What do I see as the main challenges of the role? Have I ever dealt with difficult clients? Not really difficult.  
What would be the first thing you’d change in your new job?  
there wasn’t any difficult question just general questionn  
The analytical exercises were tricky, but only because one is not used to solve them from school days.  
Thinking of fresh examples was difficicult.  
What is your biggest weakness  
How can you forecast your book sales in Spain for the next year? (no other given information)  
a dataset, only the first variable has been confirmed as an independent
variable. There is no other info. How to build a model or run a
Nothing particularly unexpected, the problem was around the right level, just lacked experience and confidence  
system design question. Was asked to design a restaurant booking
system. The interviewer digged into the details as we discussed the
problem and added more and specifications.  
The questions are not EXACTLY around Amazon principles but around them. You have to adapt your personal examples.  
Biggest professional failure  
What happens when you type an address into a browser and press enter  
you had to calculate how many packages Amazon ships on an average day
and you couldn’t ask anyone and couldn’t research it either, how would
you do it?” I was later told that they are not supposed to ask trick
questions anymore.  
what do you analysis skill you used in SPSS when you carried on the research?  
were often the same through several interviews so it was easy to
prepare, though boring and not so spontaneous to answer. Questioning was
not always welcome.  
are given an array of length k and it have numbers from 0 to n (where
k>>>n) in O(k) time and no extra space find occurrences of each
element in O(k) time only2. You are given row and column wise
sorted matrix you have to find and delete an element such that it is
still sorted in O(n) time  
All pretty reasonable if you check up on the principles first  
a function that takes a position (x,y) in a go game graph and returns a
boolean telling if this position contains a white or black piece and if
this piece is trapped or not.  
if you were from mars how would you solve a problem  
casual question on behavioural aspects  
A test on excel via phone call  
No particular difficult questions  
Using the supplied graph, how much of X company’s net profits came from the engineering department in 2004?  
The questions are not tough. Just because the phone interview is not the comfortable interview.  
Differences on memory handling between C++ and Java.  
Pricing strategy for amazon prime (case study)  
an array of lenght 2n+2 in which every number except for two numbers
repeat twice each.. and we have to figure out what they are.   s (2)
the first round for this position was Written test. Following are the questions -1. Write a program to find next largest element in binary search tree.2. Write a program to search element in circular sorted array3.
Write a program to reverse a linked list in a chunk of 3 . ex. consider
the following linked list 1-2-6-75-33-10-5-3-2 , then the output should
be 6-2-1-10-33-75-2-3-5.i was not shortlisted . so it might help others .  
question became more difficult with additional requirements being added
each time I gave an answer to the question under a given scenario. It
started with:1) Count occurrences of numbers in a fileOnce I solved that the following additional task was added:2) Find out if duplicates existAfter this, the following constraint was added, and I was asked to come up with a new solution:3) Assume the file is to big for memory (a solution in O(n log n) is OK)Finally I was asked to come up with a more efficient solution:4) Find a linear solution   s (2)
really difficult but the one that was asked over and over again was,
“If you have to make a decision today, and you do not have enough data,
what do you do?”  
difficult questions. I was highly impressed by the interviewer’s
professionalism. She seemed to not ask silly questions like many
interviewers do.  
All worthy questions are about javascript rest are very simple.How inheritance work in javascript, write 2 methods on how it can work.What are closures on javascriptWhat is the difference between an array and an object in javascriptwrite a program in javascript that tells if element x is child of element y (recursion)more javascript questions I can’t recall now.  
Not realy difficult, but you need to know basics and able to think in different ways.  
What’s your challenge in this position as you are already an experienced Account Manager?  
of “Tell me a time when…” questions, they are flexible to switch to
another one if you cannot think of a specified situation.  
Tell me about a time when you put customers need before your company’sTell me about a situation when you discovered a problem and what you did to solve itTell me an example of when you received a negative feedback and did not agree with it  
was only one technical question and it was to design a media player for
a mobile device. I didn’t expect it because of what I had read about
Amazon interviews in websites.  
Tell me when you were able to change some processes in your company  
in as much detail as possible, everything that happens on a Linux
machine from the point when you hit the enter key after typing “./a.out”
to the moment when “Hello World!” gets printed on the screen.  
some of the strategic aptitude questions seem to be difficult .if we aren’t nervous we can get through.  
Questions was rather easy. I guess they put more attention on how you are answering rather than on correctness of the answer.  
Responded to different objections from the client in the role play  
Are you looking to commit for atleast 3 years?  
Nothing out of the ordinary.  
Signed a NDA. But nothing unexpected, and nothing too difficult, assuming you have been studying.  
Find a loop in a graph  
want they question to be the best solution, need space and operation to
be the best, if there is a O(n) solution, then the o(n*n) is not
3 tech interview round  
Given a binary search tree, find the second smallest element to a given element.  
Nothing unexpected  
How would you solve performance issue in your application?  
questions focussed on the 14 principles of leadership so if you prepare
examples for each of these there will not be a question that you can
not answer relatively easily. But prepare more than 2 if you can as in
the 2nd round you may need it to keep the interview fresh. Amazon is all
about data and metrics. Show you are comfortable with these.  
lots of questions from your past expenrience  
question: Using an already implemented method Rand5() that generates a
random integer between the ranges 1-5 uniformly. Using this method,
implement a a new method that returns a random integer in the range 1-7
uniformly, i.e. Rand7(). Basically this is Rejection Sampling Algorithm.
See http://leetcode.com/2010/11/rejection-sampling.html   s (2)
Giving unexpected scenarios to answer.  
Prepare very well on SLA (Drill down from GL to all sub ledger Queries) , TCA & Multi Org Concepts.  
wasn’t hard becuase open to a lot of answer. I think more details you
give, more positive will be your rating. Question was about Amzon AWS,
how to balance a workload, how to manage a big web site, difference
between NAS and SAN, how to identify a problem of system slowliness,
queing method, what happen when you surf the web (he wanted to
understand if i knew how http transfer protocolo works).  
Calculate the Height of a BST  
Programming for manual testers  
What happens when you delete the Sysvol folder?  
Rod cutting problem on dynamic programming  
All scripting and problem solving questions are difficult.  
Having a technical (B.tech) background, why are you intersted in this job.  
HR round its final round but i rejected & after that i contacted
the HR and asked my reviews she told that i m not good @ Testing
concepts but @HR round there is no matter i still dont knww the reason  
a Binary Tree. Assuming each node denotes some x,y coordinate. root
node denotes (0,0). Write a code to display coordinate of all nodes.  
questions related to unix  
He asked me to give him the algorithm for the Fibonacci number in both iterative and using recursion.I failed to solve a problem regarding the algorithm of a rand7 function by using a rand5 function.  
Write a program which do a multiplication without using any built-in multiplication function. and optimize it.  
did you do in your b.tech?to test my leadership qualities.I frankly
told i didnt do anything.Neither in organised some fests nor i
participated in any.  
The third question was pretty difficult as per me.  
was really no unexpected question. Be sure to know the leadership
principles which can be found on the Amazon website, as well all the
latest news about the company. They won’t ask you about the news, but
you may proactively – without being too pushy – throw it into the
interview. Adding to that: ask questions about the company, but not the
basic ones!  
How did you express different opinions to your manager?  
It was a question related to binary tree and hashing combined  
clone a graph which has cycles  
data structure(s) would you use for storing and displaying the best
sellers lists (there are best sellers for each category and
Give me an example of a time when you had to do something without your boss knowing  
Question – Count all lists of adjacent nodes stored in an array  
Prepare using available interview books. Sleep well the night before, and be calm.  
failed in 3rd round  
an Instant Messaging system at a high level including the possible
number of servers for around 10 million users. The features include
buddy list and presence updates.  
– Tell me about a time when you did something without your manager’s permission (disobeyed).- Suddenly you get to know that our biggest competitor has just dropped prices dramatically, should we start a price war?  
Anything from Designing to cryptic algorithms  
difficult question. the interview walks you through the answer and
helps along the way. Just be good at algorithms and some languages like
C++ , java, etc.  
case studies and cross questions  
Desgin an LRU Cache  
Problem solving  
Mostly straight forward competence asked questions.  
unexpected voice n accent  
was no difficult questions. The main problem was that I hardly hear
them, voice quality was very poor and Indian English is something that
worse than Chinese  
How you will convince your manager to consider your new innovative idea ?  
No one, they were all fairly simple. Questions related to binary trees and linked lists.  
Algorithm for searching for a piece in an infinitely large chess board using a knight piece.  
is no specific question as such which is difficult. But felt little
uneasy when they focus on Data structures for a Quality Assurance
Engineer which is not in my preparation.  
i made it till 2nd round, the 3 coding ques were-1- find if the given BT is BST2- replace every element of a BT with the sum of its inorder successors3- every element in an array occurs twice except 1, find the number  
Open ended design questions where there is not enough clarity about the desired output. e.g. persistent structure design etc.Protocols
used for web services in different situations. Found sometimes rather
easily judgmental without hearing to the complete response both on
technical and on managerial topics.  
Question was so easy and could be done in 30 minutes using all built-in container in C++ STL  
find missing number in 1 to 1000 random digits.  
Writing documentation for 3 test questions took me a big way too long time.  
a n (large number) lists of customers who visited n webpages on n
(large number) days, design a data structure to get customers who have
visited the website on exactly “k” days and should have visited at least
“m” distinct pages altogether.Was then asked to improvise the solution as much as possible  
Find the max subsequent sum for a random array of numbers   s (2)
a n (large number) lists of customers who visited n webpages on n
(large number) days, design a data structure to get customers who have
visited the website on exactly “k” days and should have visited at least
“m” distinct pages altogether.  
Linked List traversal  
Time limitation -1.15hr which is very minimal  
voice round was totally unexpected,  
Role playing negotiation exercise.  
How do you tackle a problem that arises in a team?  
Nah, the interview was a cake walk.  
None, simple questions  
Useless question which are not required for a day to day work or life at software industry.  
questions regarding how do you handle negotiations( both internal and
external), case study of real company related issues.  
Explain the most difficult manager you have dealt with.  
started as a place in which you can “buy” stuff, and they were doing
really well. At some point, they decided to allow people to also “sell”
their stuff, which was a very risky decision as they couldn’t anticipate
if it was going to be successful. Do you consider it was a good or bad
decision of Amazon to start this new business? Why?  
To design a model (data structures, what must be already computed..) for building a T9 dictionary.  
the usual type of questions were asked e.g. describe a time you failed
at work, or describe the most difficult situation you faced at work etc.
so nothing really original or surprising. My the third interview I had
had enough. My recommendation is to look up standard interview questions
(read first Amazon’s approach to customer service as they are very into
customer service).  
of the questions were difficult. They were very specific and practical,
of those that require you to have analysed what is your style of
working and how you deal with things, situations and people.  
Unexpected: Write a function to sort 3 numbers.Difficult: Model a car park management systemThere’re a lot of questions about linked list vs array list  
Debugging scenario  
maximum cardinality bipartite matching  
Why Luxembourg?  
Question about priorities sequencing when primary objective was completely different. A bit strange IMO.  
Questions where easy.   s (2)
Describe a situation when you disagreed with your manager  
all were average  
test, leave me alone.  
real technical questions beyond for example describing how a REST API
differs from a SOAP API, and why you’d want to use the former.  
I’ve been asked not to discuss this.  
Everything from BGP/OSPF/MPLS/TCP/STP…  
Technica questions about basic things like cookies, https….  
What about you?How to find the ip address in windows?  
are three boxes with apples, oranges and both mixed in them. the
stickers are interchanged. you can only open one box. how will you find
what is in which box.  
an InOrder traversal and a PreOrder traversal of a binary tree, rebuild
the tree. I didn’t actually know how to do it, but once they told me
the trick it wasn’t difficult to code the algorithm. Don’t be afraid to
say you don’t know!  
The question was to fin the number of time an array was schifted.For example:[1 2 3 4 5 ] is 0 because it is in order[7 5 6] is 1 because it should be [5 6 7][7 8 9 2] is 1 too.  
a lot of tree problems  
can not recall any right now. classic questions like: tell me about
your resume? why should we hire you? what do you believe being the extra
you would bring to the company? An example when I missed a deadline in
my work or study experience and what happened next?  
Did you face a situation where you had to fire an employee? If so, how did you handle it?  
language tests were quite challenging, as most of it involved
translating from English, but the language register used is very formal
and tied to contractual and legal contexts. Needless to say, you won’t
be allowed to use dictionaries.  
Tell me a time when you had to solve a problem that had two possible solutions.  
The on-site case study, 1h30 on Excel.  
Logical and puzzles questions  
How would you find whether a matrix is symmetric or not  
a data structure like Facebook you have connections (with name, email,
and list of connections) and your connections have connections, print
first level connection and second level connection.  
questions in the first round were fairly straightforward if you use
data structures like trees and linked lists for your work regularly. If
you’re working in areas where you don’t use those data structures
regularly, you may find the problems challenging. The question I was
asked was “Given a sorted linked list, create a binary tree with the
array with minimum height.” Note that the question specified only binary
tree and not binary search tree.  
Do not find myself ethically inclined to disclose questions from the interview.  
Are you prepared to code for most of your work day?  
getting the maximum sum of a k*k submatrix out of a 2d matrix.  
find the next missing positive number in a unsorted array in O(n)  
Why in particular do you want to work for Amazon?  
There was this problem solving question on finding out the shadow length when the buildings were given in a particular fashion  
There were no difficult or unexpected questions  
Calculate a question over the phone  
In PS, interviewer asks logic and then asks to write proper runnable code.  
When did a project you were working on fail because of you?  
How did you handle when you design is opposed by all the senior management and you know that it is right and they are wrong.  
would you design the complete architecture for image storage of
Amazon.com storage? Another one was, how would you design a key-value
store? I hadn’t worked with a lot of big distributed applications so I
struggled with these two. I had prepared a lot for the on-site, but the
questions were a lot different than the phone interview questions, which
mostly focused on small scale algorithms.  
Optimize each solution with respect to time and space  
Implement a reverse hash table   s (4)
How to find a string in a large file storage  
How can we store the name of street in a map service? Because street names have characters in common.   s (2)
-Name one incident in the past where you broke a rule/law to achieve something desirable  
the first character in a stream which is not repeated in the rest of
the stream. Please note that you are being provided a stream as a source
for these characters. The stream is guaranteed to eventually terminate
(i.e. return false from a call to the hasNext() method), though it could
be very long. You will access this stream through the provided
interface methods. A call to hasNext() will return whether the stream
contains any more characters to process. A call to getNext() will return
the next character to be processed in the stream. It is not possible to
restart the stream.Example:Input: aAbBABacOutput: bIn this example, the character ‘b’ is the first character in the stream which is not repeated in the stream.   s (2)
Write functions to serialize and deserialize a binary tree.  
Write a test scenario for copying a file from one location to another using a wireless connection/  
I was asked for a salable solution to index all Amazon pages then retrieve the pages based on users queries  
All were average questions, nothing seem stunning to me.  
To write a tree structure in a file and to read back again in any programming language.  
Aptitude question ( may be i was not ready for it)   s (2)
asked question about in-order, pre-order trees and how to retrieve the
maximum number of repeated strings in a array or strings.  
how to design a calendar.  
a method for kindle word spacing, on an actual laptop. Given the number
of words and the number of space on a line, how to spread words out
evenly with white spaces between words.  
Bar raiser round withGiven that the input is a binary tree connect all the elements in the same level or depth using links.  
Sometimes if enough time is given to think through past experience,
this would mostly be cake walk, be sure to check the leadership
principles before you walk in for an interview!  
asked to implement Facebook features.  
if exists two values in the list add up equals the given number  
How would you find the second largest integer in an unsorted array? Write the code.  
how many piano players play in delhi?  
No unexpected question  
excel test  
were so many really silly questions that I could not have fully
prepared for in a million years. One of my favourites was ‘When was the
last time you asked ‘why’ 5 times? So, er, exactly 5?  
S.T.A.R. interview  
constellation is a group of connected stars. Given a set of stars in
the sky. Assume that each star takes up a square region (think of it as
pixel). Given a specific star, find the constellation it is part of.  
Trouble shooting of web server problem  
Nothing very difficult or strange  
How will you find lowest common ancestor of 2 nodes in a tree??  
build a business case for the pets category, and how to develop the business in european context..  
the question based e in asp.net or data base management  
a program to compress text (being as syntactically correct as possible
in a language of your choice) by encoding runs of repeated characters:e.g. aaaaaabbbcc becomes a6b3c2Also
the graph problem which I cannot remember exactly but you had a certain
number of spaces and each space could jump a certain number of spaces
to another space. Find the shortest number of jumps to reach the end.  
There was no difficult question. The questions were not that are typically asked in most of the interviews.  
Design a card game.  
Was asked to implement some graph search function based on an existing code base on the spot.  
interview asked BST and 2sum in an array including time and space
complexity questions. The second one asked me to merge to sorted array
and something about arraylist and linkedlist.  
the interviews required building these web systems from scratch, trying
to think of every aspect of the design. The structure of the data
storage, essentially the database design was asked. However, answering
the question efficiently required knowledge of modern noSQL and graph
All questions were on past work experience  
ques on algo ps and data structures  
NDA, sorry.  
Implement a Linked List  
Question 1 / 4 (Repeat characters in a string)You
are given a function findRepeatCharacters which takes in a string s.
Complete the function to print the repeating characters in a string in
lexicographical order. (one-per-line)Question 2 / 4 (Rotate an array)Write
a progam to rotate a matrix by 90 degrees clockwise. You should write
complete code (including headers). Read the input from standard input
(STDIN) and print the output to standard output (STDOUT).Question 3 / 4 (Nth largest node in a BST)Given
a binary search tree (BST), return the Nth largest node. The function
nLargeBST takes the root of the BST and N as parametersQuestion 4 / 4 (Binary Search Tree to Sorted Doubly Linked List)Write a program to convert binary search tree in to sorted doubly linked list, Inplace. Given pointer to head of binary tree  
Subroot in a Binary tree with longest leaf-to-leaf path  
Name and explain 3 features of the Amazon product page  
How to divide a number?  
Excel fuctions and macros  
Use OO to design shape (The interviewer did not clarify any further)  
1. Copy a linked list with random pointer.2. Find an element in a sorted 2-D array top to bottom and left to right3. Find cycle in a liked-list  
the UNIX file /usr/share/dict/words that contains one word per line,
how would you get a random word out of the dictionary with the same
probability for all the words in the file?   s (2)
Very much in line with the question on glassdoor  
How would you implement division without the dived or multiply operator. This should be as efficient as possible  
a set of number ranges, i.e. [1,5], [3,6], [7,9], write a program to
merge overlapping number ranges. In the above example, the result should
be [1,6], [7,9].  
What does strace do?  
There wasn’t any question of very high difficulty  
asked the best way to store boolean values on memory. I said an array
but he wanted more, so in the end I said BinaryVector class. He asked
why a binary vector is a better option but I couldn’t answer that. I
told him that I don’t know the internal implementation.  
would you use ArrayList? Is there a way to implement the same logic
using just an ordinary array of int elements? What is the pros and cons
in your decision?  
What is the P&L of Amazon  
of the questions require you to analyze data from a chart or table, the
questions are generally about ratios, percentages, inflation, etc i.e.:
you’ll be shown a chart with the sales of several companies across
several years and they will ask you “What’s the percentage attributable
to company Y in year 2?  
solve boogle using a function  
The verasant round is somewhat competetive.  
All questions were the same. Either you know or you don’t.  
I want to do DBA work at Amazon? I had to ask what it means at Amazon
to be a DBA? 🙁 Another question was about stand by database.  
What was your most important achievement in the last months and why?  
are so busy to take interview,they don’t even refer your CV , no idea
abt your exp or previous job.In teh interview they ask aquestion and
don’t pay much attention for your reply  
Binary search trees  
If you are well prepared, then you can answer all the questions  
Given two sorted array find the most optimised algorithm to find the kth smallest item in the merge of two  
Example when I failed  
Given your family tree, find all the you cousins in the tree, given your position.  
Given a square matrix, implement a function to rotate the matrix 90 degrees.  
1. Design an ordering system.  
interviewer asked me a question about where I would want to invest my
money if I had the choice, i.e. which sort of market (equities, bonds,
etc.) and where geographically. It was not an extremely difficult
question, but I think it was relatively unrelated to the job I was
applying for (though it was a Finance Intern position, I suppose).  
A system design problem.  
Problem solving questions  
Financial questions  
only surprise was at the end of the day, I met with someone who was not
on the team or in the UX discipline; he noted that Amazon has a team of
folks who meet with recruits to help ensure a more uniform interview
process across the company. He asked some very tough questions about my
desire to work at Amazon and was much more probing about my answers than
other folks on the team had been. Overall a positive experience though.  
Case study not very difficult  
The questions for phone interviews are not difficult.  
Elevator design  
Some Linux internal questions were quite arcane.  
informal interviews. They want people hard-working, proactive people
who are ready to take initiative. Talk about what YOU want from the job-
culture and scope-wise.  
an idea you suggested that failed  
Can you describe your experience,etc.Not so much relevant questions for an interview, so this is why it was not a real interview for me.  
tree traversal without recursion  
Algorithms, Data structures.  
write the code of inserting a node into a binary tree  
Tell me 3 different occasions when you’ve received negative or constructive feedback  
phone interview was basic questions. Lasted about 30 minutes. 2nd phone
interview was strange and what I consider to be a bit twisted. My 2nd
phone interview was conducted by a gentleman (rhymes with Bip) I looked
him up on LinkedIn prior to the call, had my company research done etc.
Bip had an MBA, but not a lot of retail supply chain experience. He
asked me to help him with a problem he was having at work, the head of
their division wanted a certain project done, this project would require
an IT system changes. He said that the manager of IT wouldn’t do the
project. Assuming since he had an MBA, he had already done the basics of
ROI, Business Case etc. I began to ask if the IT manager reported to
the head of their division? Since Bip had an MBA and had been working
their almost a year, I assumed that Business Case, ROI etc had been
conducted. Lesson learned here, don’t assume. The second circular
question was the Amazon Japan division was receiving too much inventory
on a particular item. I asked if the fulfillment system was a
proprietary system? He said, yes. I began to describe “Root Cause
Analysis” to rule out system problems at Amazon prior to contacting the
supplier. Wrong, the answer Bip wanted was to contact the supplier
first. That was the end of my interviewing and till this day have not
heard anything back from Amazon. There were a couple of other questions,
which I don’t really remember the details, most likely don’t recall
them due to the rabbit holes I had already been down with this
interviewer. This interview occurred in June 2012; to date, I have never
heard a word.  
Designing algorithm with the best possible time-complexity?  
Return the second largest element in an array.  
After the tour, they asked what improvements would I make to the FC.  
Design garbage collector of C++/  
Bay Of Bengal is in which state?  
Asked me to design a Banking database and some queries regarding how to find monthly transaction details.  
How do you make a decision if you do not have enough information?  
my experience the questions were tough but fair, always challenging
your analytic abilities and knowledge of the market & customer.  
tell me the total sum of 1+2+3….98+99+100 ?  
don’t understand how the database fits into the product you are
describing. (Comment, clearly the interviewer didn’t have the technical
experience to understand that databases are inherent in everything, such
as logging in.)  
a problem similar to 3Sum.  
Find the missing card:I
gave an O(n) space approach using hashtables, but he wanted a much
better optimized solution, after some thinking thought of using only
required bits or using the cards as an A.P., however these thoughts came
after the interview.  
what is a fundamental of c programming?  
On the spot situation based skills application.  
they will ask on deep dive and your technical expertize   s (3)
A rectangle is cut from inside another rectangle. Divide the remaining area into half by drawing one line.  
search for occurances of a word in huge list  
Given 2 eggs and there are 100 steps. Need to find the step from which the egg starts breaking. What is the minumum tries?   s (2)
Given a binary tree find such a subtree that is a bst. + that bst must be the biggest bst in the given tree.  
nothing difficult  
what your favorite course in college  
Reverse Polish Notation  
Be ready to use OO concepts to answer some very general design questions.  
1)Find LCA given 2 nodes in a binary tree2)Merge two sorted linked lists3) Print a substring of a given string given the source and destination indices4) Check whether a given tree is BST or not.5) regarding Hashing technique  
They are the typical corporate questions  
Explain buffer overflow  
The culture fit question: How the candidate takes the ownership, how he has contributed in his previous organization  
There were no difficult questions asked  
Salary expectation? You only get one shot at this and there is no guide so ask for what you would accept/  
Eight queen puzzle  
scripting standards are expected high but the good thing is, it is of
any language. Being a manual tester it was difficult to write a core
logic. But still I figured out the logic unable to pen down it  
The last question he asked me was a conceptual programming question. Here it is:”Given
a 1,000,000 element array of 1,000 digit binary integers in random
order, how would you print it in order, but not necessarily sort the
array?”He put emphasis on the fact that they are all exactly
1,000 digits long. After some discussion I did not come up with a
solution that was as efficient as he would have liked, so I don’t know
what the answer to this question is.  
that 10% of the products sold online were incorrectly priced. What
could be a possible solution to this problem and detail out the approach
you’ll follow.   s (2)
How would you design a file system  
questions were posted here on Glassdoor. Just go through and create a
list of common questions. Study seriously for a month if you can.  
1. Reverse words in a string I.e given “I love glass door” make it “door glass love I”  
Define creativity  
mostly questions are based on data structure based, which needs lots of practice  
Given a binary search tree, find the length of the path between two nodes.  
OO Design  
SVL Tree balance  
Given a function which takes in a 2D point “n” , an array of 2D points and a number “k”, return the k closest-points to “n”  
A question on trie.  
Flood filling in 2-D matrix  
Unexpected Question: If you can have one super power, what do you want?  
Only from glass door and career cup   s (2)
Recursion on Tree Traversal  
Implement a stack with constant time min.  
How would you implement a deck of cards? Pretty standard question. They will almost always ask a question of this nature.  
The math questions  
what price will you charge for amazon prime services in UK?write a micro to analysis the given set of data .  
Asked about Hashmaps and the details of them.  
would you measure how much adding an auto-complete functionality to a
search adds to an overhead in the backend. The correct response was to
measure the delay on the client side and compare the difference.Followup
question: now when you have a file which contains the delays for a
hundreds of millions of measurements (separate files for before and
after) how would you know whats the difference. Simply measuring the
average before and after was an acceptable answer.Followups included how to average the top N values from the file and where would bottlenecks be.  
They ask you to write program and read it to them(telephonic interview)  
Find the longest substring of non repeating characters within a string given.  
is nothing to actually say its difficult. Spontaneity and fluency are a
must. Pro-activeness and enthusiastic people are more welcome.  
If Amazon was considered making a capital investment, how does that effect each of the financial statements?  
interviews were like a conversation …more focused on my past work experience  
Had Role play on how to deliver feedback on a Agent. Most of the questions are on Amazon leadership principles.  
you need to be strong in algorithm coding is not difficult.  
Write a function to detect if a graph is cyclic.  
What is your best legacy in your current work experience.  
problem statement was basically a string manipulation problem where in
an integer was to be converted to its roman equivalent.  
to speak in specific metrics about how you improved an event while in a
leadership/management role. I had to really ensure I broke out
subordinate accomplishments from my own in a leadership role.  
Normal questions you can get from cracking interviews  
Which is more efficient? Binary Tree or Hash Table, when to use which one?  
Few of the questions were on trees  
cases – Make an income statement, only operating expenses was given and
some percentages, a little complex. 2nd case- Analyze some KPI’s e.g.
Inventory valuation, Gross profit etc and Deep follow up questions by
Design a data structure to answer minimum in constant time from increasing of decreasing size array  
The question is basic, make sure when you write code, you need to check NULL and edge case.  
traversal in a BST. I know it’s a standard question but I wasn’t aware
of it and couldn’t come up with a good enough answer in the interview
How to determine a binary tree is a BST?  
problems are highly relevant to the company’s the practice. They are
challenging, and I was often asked on how to validate hypothesis.  
nothing specific.. why do you want to join amazon  
implement the math.pow function  
am not going to reveal the questions here. I had heard about the
question that the first interviewer asked. It is an open-ended question.
The interviewer qucikly became frustrated with the direction I was
going and had to rein me in a little bit. I was frustrated about why
then he asked such an open ended question. Anyway, his intentions were
clear when he asked the follow-up which I found to be an interesting
one. But unfortunately time was running out at that point and I quickly
suggested some ways I would solve the problem. In hindsight, I realized
this was an important question because Amazon had designed a product
around it and uses it very heavily internally.The second
interview was about the application of efficient data structures to
solve a problem. I quickly arrived at the solution and coded it. There
was more time left in the interview and we talked about problems arising
in a distributed architecture setup.The third interviewer was
nice and asked if I needed a restroom break. I gladly took his offer.
This interview was also about the application of an efficient data
structure. I initially proposed a multi-threaded solution to his
problem. He asked a few follow-ups which I was able to answer. But he
eventually asked me to give a single-threaded solution which required
the realization of a need for an efficient data structure. I quickly
realized that I needed a data structure to solve a problem, but he had
to give me some hints to arrive at the right one which ironically was
what I had proposed for the question asked by the second interviewer.The
last interview was not very technical. The interviewer asked about what
I did my current role, how I would handle stress, what to expect at
Amazon etc., After the interview was over, he walked me out of the
building and wished me good luck.  
design an element system  
easy questions all  
1) Give one example when you had to deal with conflict.2) How would you decide adding new content to Amazon Videos?  
Simple questions like :1) what happens when a url is typed in a browser ?? how is the request completed ??2)find all the numbers in an array that are repeated odd number of times.3)given the root node and depth traverse the tree and print all nodes till that depth.  
Detailed technical questions for a job supporting sellers.  
find a relative value in a binary search tree  
Q1. Why would you like to work for our company?A1. It is a very renowned and stable company with very good reputation.Q2. Okay, but this is from customer’s prospective. Why would you like to work for us from employee’s prospective?A2: Because the company cares of its employees, it helps them utilize their skills and knowledge and develop it further.Q3. Hmmmm, what else? Why would you like to work for us? ……….  
Not too difficult to answer, but it would be good to have answers that show you have studied Amazon.com  
-Read out code for merging 2 sorted arrays to get a single array as an output which should also be sorted-Read out pseudocode for checking if a search tree is a binary search tree or not.  
code to reverse a C-Style String(C-String means that “abcd” is
represented as five characters, including the null character )  
like unexpected ploy: How do you build customer intimacy and then
saying this is not the answer for all possible answers from experience
and michael porter.  
programming questions (count character frequency, find pair that sums
up to a certain value). Describe how Garbage Collector works in Java.  
Questions were average. Following are some of those from my last interview1. Print a tree in level order (alternate levels should be in reverse order)2. Find the largest binary search tree in a binary tree3. find K closest point from a set of n points from a given point p.  
There was no difficult question that I can remember.  
1. Write code? Inserting and deleting an iteam from a Binary Search Tree2. What’s the difference between List and ArrayList?3. How to get the common elements from 2 given lists?4. What’s the difference between Abstrat class and Interface?  
Optimization Problem  
– Describe a time when you had to quickly make a decision- Can You Describe a Time When Your Work Was Criticized and How Did You Handle It?- Tell me about a challenge on a project you faced, how you dealt with it, what was your role, and what was the outcome- Tell me about the most successful project you’ve done- Tell me about a time when you have been innovative: How?- Tell me about the most complex analysis you have worked on  
Design a stack with any number of queue  
What would you do with $100 Million  
In a collection of strings, output the string that occurs most often.   s (2)
linked lists question, array questions  
There were really no difficult question.  
make sure you cover all your basics. They will cover a wide range of
topics to see what you know and how you react to difficult questions.
Always ask to clarify questions since they are usually ambiguous.  
Asked very deep questions regarding my previous job and projects, pace was fast.  
Print out all paths from root to leaves.  
Find Mode and the frequency  
have no specific example. Think of the typical behavioral questions,
but be prepared to be asked to go very in depth to each answer that you
first phone interview is quite simple.. I was only asked to discuss
some of my projects I did. Then some simple questions about arraylist
and linkedlist.  
Bar Raiser will continually come at you with changes to the original
scenario, so make sure you listen to what is being asked and stay on
your toes. And don’t be afraid to take some time to answer the question.
You will not be knocked down for taking 30 secs to answer a question,
or taking time to write something out.  
Design IMDB.  
Tell me about a decision that did not work in your favor and how did you respond to it.  
you ever dealt with a difficult employee or had difficult end users.
Basically more behavioral type of questions than anything.  
What happens when you type in an URL in browser?  
Combine N sorted arrays to one sorted array and discuss the time complexity and space of the Algorithm.  
Implement a stack with push , pop and minimum functions  
Lengthy and ambiguous  
I had to problem solve a scenario relating to seeing unexpected metrics  
What is the big O notation for a given sorting algorithm.  
Please try to be as detailed as possible regarding the technical question, business case, etc.  
Questions are usually straightforward, but requires thinking critically on the spot  
Question pretty basic and straightforward. Java : difference between “steve”==”steve” and “steve”.equals(“steve”)Write code that finds common items in two unsorted lists. What’s its complexity? How can you make it faster.  
What do you expect Amazon to be doing 5-10yrs from now?  
To secure the code about decrease an amount of money from account a and increase the same amount of money on account b.  
I commented on a continuous improvement style used at my current
company, the interviewer ask in a defensive way why I thought it was
better than the way they did it at Amazon. That is not what I said at
Some of my interview questions include:1. Finding the number of leaf nodes in a tree – recursively and iteratively. Comparing time and space complexities.2. Given an element find the index of the element in the sorted array.3. Convert an input number to roman representation of the number.Some theory questions related to stack, heap, BST.  
How would you project t-shirt sales of Superbowl t-shirts?  
Like I said the questions weren’t difficult but the way I could answer them were something I wasn’t use to  
I was asked to explain the metrics on which employee performance is measured.  
Warn: this is not a real questionTelling me the position has been filled after scheduling the interview  
what are final, finally, finalized differences etc  
time is less. i was unable finish coding in time.  
Function to detect if Binary tree is BST.  
What product area you want to work for Amazon.  
Mostly are in the book ctci  
would you reverse the bits of an integer? What does single or double
inheritance mean? What is the difference between C and C++?  
to code a program that multiplies 2 numbers without using the algebraic
multiplier command. I forgot to include cases where one or both values
are negative.  
The safety team asks you to rotate people, but one person is killing it? What do you do?  
(1) Reverse characters(2) Reverse strings  
Give an example of where you’ve undertaken process improvement and how you went about it.  
Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a manager and how did you resolve it?  
I wouldn’t call anything in the process difficult. Anyone with basic reasoning skills and the ability to read should do fine.  
The node in a tree has either 5 children or none, given its preorder? how to construct the original tree.  
How do you show trust to your employees?  
1. Design a payment transaction system.2. Performance improvement of a large website.3. Given a sum, find the first pair of numbers that add the sum in an array.4. Singleton patten. Issue with concurrent access. Over vs under locking.  
How to construt data structures to solve the problem effectivly. Why do you choose this kind of data structures?  
They were pretty standard exactly the ones we see here at glassdoor.  
Write the code about eliminating extra space in the string. e.g “hello world” to “hello world”  
If you need to do decision in limited time, what will you do ?  
I was pressed on how exactly I conducted a marketing campaign for a business I owned, and whether or not it was a good idea.  
All questions were around leadership principles and were straight forward.  
OOP concepts, comparison between datastructures and array manupilation.  
Metrics oriented question. What are the metrics that you would use to understand the success of a certain product.  
and predecessor in a bst tree. Count matching open, close brace single
threaded and multiple-threaded way. Find a number in a ascending order
vector/matrix (in a 3 dimensional array)  
have to be able to prove and articulate that you have professional
experience using quantitative data. Both interviewers asked me totally
off the wall questions based on the genre of books that they market. 1)
How would you market an instructional manual that explains how to make
horror video games (kid you not). 2) Sales strategy for JK Rowlings new
I was an engineer, why would I take up a non technical role? (although a
seemingly easy question, i think depending on this answer, you may or
may not have gotten the job even though every other answer may have been
of the interviewers is an expert in 3G technology. He posed me a
question related to the inner workings of 3G technology. I am aware of
how the internet works, TCP stacks, DNS, DHCP, and all that… I had no
idea what kind of protocols are deloyed on 3G.  
are given a fixed number of 5 rupee, 10 rupee, 20 rupee and 50 rupee
stamps. Now given an amount for sending a parcel, you should design an
algorithm to come out with the minimum number of stamps that should be
used for attaining that amount. For example, if the parcel costed 30
rupees, it could be attained using one 20 rupee stamp and one 10 rupee
stamp OR using three 10 rupee stamps OR using one 20 rupee stamp and two
5 rupee stamps OR using one 10 rupee stamp and four 5 rupee stamps OR
using two 10 rupee stamps and two 5 rupee stamps. However, the minimum
number of stamps is the case of one 20 rupee stamp and one 10 rupee
stamp where only two stamps are used. The case where no solution is
possible should also be handled, for example, a parcel amount of exactly
33 rupees cannot be attained.   s (7)
is the most inventive or innovative thing you’ve done? It doesn’t have
to be something that’s patented. It could be a process change, product
idea, a new metric or customer facing interface – something that was
your idea. It cannot be anything your current or previous employer would
deem confidential information. Please provide us with context to
understand the invention/innovation. What problem were you seeking to
solve? Why was it important? What was the result? Why or how did it make
a difference and change things?  
Write down your code on a paper, and read it to me through the phone.  
Nothing special, just some common question.  
OO Design  
just realized that you have double the supply for inventory than the
demand. What is going on, how doo you know you are overstocked and how
will you deal with this issue?  
OO Design with little definition, interviewer’s English was not good. No feedback was given on my work.  
A time you obsessed about your customer  
Most are normal questions. No very difficult one.  
you aware that the organization you joined previously might change its
strategy within the year and your department might suffer as a
consequence? The interviewer also made several sarcastic and
condescending comments during the interview.  
Multiplication in sublinear time complexity  
Questions were pretty standard; usual graph/tree related stuff  
sorted arrays. you can start from any one them, and then at common
element you may or may not jump to other array. Continue in this manner
till you reach the end of an array. Find the path that results the
maximum sum.   s (3)
find the factor number of a number. say input is 6, output should be 1, 6, 2, 3  
asked a few technical programming questions and i think the hardest
thing was thinking of various ways to raise an integer a to the power b.  
Nothing too difficult, basic behavioral.  
What is something your current manager/director has asked you to work on, to correct.  
How would you design an Item service for Amazon?  
The preliminary testThe technical interviews ( 3 – 4 interviews in the span of a day)  
Test case for Mobile phonebook  
I proposed a design for the the parking lot application, the
interviewer added more and more functionalities and requirements which
broke my design and force me to rethink it again and again  
difficult question was on infinite array. They keep changing some
information given in the beginning and ask us how would that change our
solution.they keep asking u did u complete many times which means they
expect u to code fast  
What is the most appropiate DS to implement a T9 dictionary   s (2)
tend to ask questions about data structures and algorithms. They want
you to think of the best possible solution and you must know your Big O
How do you design a shipping wokflow  
Please explain when and why you would halt operational process.  
Coding at last  
– Which is your most important achievement in your current job?  
The questions weren’t hard.A
slightly tricky one was: given a sorted array that’s been circularily
shifted an unknown number of time, return the index of the smallest
Most of the questions were medium to difficult level algorithm questions. Nothing extra-ordinary.  
Write a function to find a substring in a string.  
A majority of the questions were centered around the Amazon Values and Leadership Principals.  
oop design, design a human body  
Design/Write an algorithm to find the most-popular sequence of three pageTypes in a row.  
The hire manager asked if i was good at numbers or not. I said yes but didn’t have good example to prove it.  
Explaining the whole code orally.  
Can’t disclose due to NDA.  
an iterator for a linked list. Write the actual code on the board. What
is the time complexity, what is the space complexity  
describe tree structure; develop N child Tree; add sibling pointer  
Design a filesystem  
Nothing really  
no really, routine questions.  
Optimizing Fibonacci for scale with caching considerations, large numbers  
Code an algorithm to merge 2 unbalanced binary search trees  
Given an array of numbers, nums, return an array of numbers products, where products[i] is the product of all nums[j], j != i.Input : [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]Output: [(2*3*4*5), (1*3*4*5), (1*2*4*5), (1*2*3*5), (1*2*3*4)]      = [120, 60, 40, 30, 24]You must do this in O(N) without using division.   s (8)
I had a business simulation, a test on Excel (that did not go very well…) and a headache at the end of the day!  
Given an array of numbers find all the pairs of numbers that add up to the total.  
How to measure productivity of developers  
to describe a eccommerce system  
you’ll react and solve the problem if you will have to do three big
projects for three important clients and the deadline is tomorrow
morning? Consider that you wont be able to finish on time because of the
amount of work you’ll need to do.  
question: my second phone interviewer felt bad when I said that I was
good interfacing with clients. He was expecting me to say that I loved
some code, or something technical like that. Not that I don’t like, I do
a lot, but I had to proof that since it was not his first assumption
for a Software Developer.  
question. He asked me few coding questions during the phone interview
and i was asked to code in a online platform called collabedit. The
first few questions were designed based questions where you don’t have
to code. Just come up with ideas. The last question will be a tough
coding question.  
questions about pricing strategies. Looking for more of a
marketing/communications role, thereby wasn’t as well prepared as I
should have been.  
How would you motivate people in your team?  
Given a B-Tree, find the longest possible walk with at most one bend.  
Given a adjucency matrix view of a graph find connected components in it.  
I don’t really remember the questions but mostly they ask on Data structures, prepare good.  
of questions on the datastructure might be easier to remember all those
stuff right out of college but after 9 years of expereince its very
difficult   s (2)
Please share one or more of failures in any of the projects you were involved in? How would you approach the same project now?  
Heaps.Design a website which would display the top 1000 amazon products  
Tell about a time when you had to make a major decision but you only had overnight and no data to back it up?  
Design O(1) LRU cache  
Why do you want to work for amazon?  
Mostly they ask shell scripting and basic coding stuff.  
No question really threw me.  
questions came from different areas of computer science: operating
systems, algorithms, programming, and database. The questions were not
difficult but a quick review of basic topics in computer science would
be useful.  
of behavioural and situational questions e.g give me evidence of when
you have been innovative? Give me another example? How would you go
about launching product X? What marketing interventions would you do?  
the interviewer had also done a similar kind of a project at school so
he started digging deep into the project. This was a search engine
project. He asked me about page rank etc.  
you have conducted interviews earlier, what is it that you look out for
in candidates? How do you judge whether a candidate ‘has it’ over the
case study was the same as others have detailed on this website. Don’t
just know the answer, understand how to get it because you will have to
demonstrate it on a whiteboard for the interviewer then the interviewer
will change one of the “givens” and ask you to recalculate.  
A question on Dynamic Programming…..a modification of longest increasing subsequence problem  
What would you do if you saw someone stealing?  
did not know what is a red-black tree. And he asked me what collection
uses r-b tree. And i just did not know. Didn’t even guess.   s (2)
They need details of implementation at every step.  
coding questions where to implement isParanthesized() method for and arithmetic expression..  
How do you handle under pressure?  
that you are working for amazon, you want to know the response time of
amazon web page for each customer or user who opens it. By response time
i mean the moment the user enters the website url and presses enter and
till the web page opens, time interval between pressing enter and
received web page. How will you calculate the time interval for each
user or customer ?  
How do you find the loop in a linked list.Write an algorithm to deduce a tree is in fact a binary tree.I tried my best, just couldn’t arrive at the exact answer.  
find words through a grid maze of characters.  
You have int ‘a’ and int ‘b’ the result should be an interger. How would you perform the API testing and how would you automate.  
was supposed to make a method that implemented the Fibonacci sequence. I
froze up and forgot the actual equation before I stalled and finally
stumbled my way through it.  
1.Implement merge sort2. reverse a single linked list  
transform a [1,0] matrix grid into matrix grid of manhattan distance between closest 1’s  
Nothing out of the ordinary was asked.  
are given a nxm matrix having unique integers, each column is sorted in
ascending order. You have to select one integer from each column such
that the difference between the minimum and maximum of the selected
numbers becomes minimum.  
Nothing out of the ordinary. Some simple questions on time management, but that is pretty much it   s (4)
Algorithm efficiency optimization for almost every code that u write.  
technical or tough questions would be asked as such. The questions as
based on the how you are proficient with your language and communication
Explain the whole OS to a new undergraduate person.  
interviews – except 1 – were behavioral. Most of the questions were
common across interviewers: how do you identify issues, how do you
enable cross-team communication, how do you deliver bad news, etc.  
Design a consistent ATM machine that if for some mechanical reasons doesn’t provide money, it keeps the balance consistent  
algorithm of finding median of stream of numbers  
How does a server crash?  
Curve balls following the math question require you to think on your feet so be mindful when answering those questions  
Finding a particular combination of numbers from an array with
particular properties, without a floor or ceiling on how many different
numbers could be involved.  
OOD questions  
was a design exercise where they give you an idea and you need to walk
them through your design process and along the way create a design from
that idea.  
Just know your data structures: hash tables, binary search, b-trees.  
How to apply machine vision to a problem not requiring machine vision techniques.  
Finding a path in a maze which is represented by a grid of characters.   s (2)
They asked me to make two programs both were easy one, but they want us
to make it complete in every sense.i.e. under all input conditions.I
was able to complete that successfully.2)So next they scheduled
the next round of telephonic interview and told me the date and time of
the interview,but they didn’t give any call.  
What all do you know about Amazon  
Asked not to reveal the exact question, sorry. However, it falls in a large class of scalability problems.  
interviews were strictly problem solving questions, one was a mix of
behavioral and problem solving questions, and the third was strictly
behavioral questions. For the problem solving questions I was asked
“what country should business unit XX expand to,” “who will win in tv,
apple or google,” etc. In each of the questions there was a focus on
what data I would need to make my decision. Once I answered this part of
the question, I was often asked “what else” would you need. My advice
is to just keep throwing ideas out there and not worry about being
wrong. I think you need to prove that you can keep up with them and not
be intimidated by their style.  
I was asked questions which were totally not relevant to the position.  
Describe yourself and capabilities to someone who cannot see you.  
“Tell me about a boss you admired”, followed by “Tell me about a boss you did not get along well”.  
like people are picked randomly to give you interviews and have only
hours to prep. Very few questions related to the position I applied for.  
Give an array of integers, find all pairs that sum upto a given number  
there were no difficult question  
Vaguely remember finding pairs of elements in array with same sum  
In a hash table, if all the key produced are same, what would be the complexity  
Make a deep copy of a linked list that has a random link pointer and a next pointer.  
None, nothing in the interview was really applicable to a manager level job.  
asked about some memory caching algorithm  
4 problems on interviewstreet.com codesprint  
Design the backend system and data structure needed for an online ticket booking system for an intercity bus service.  
What was your most enjoyable class of college?  
Usual range of questions for NRT tests, with sample questions at the beginning to ‘warm up’ before the test.  
Create a program that would print out all possible routes to travel down a 7×7 chess board  
a shifted array of sorted integers (like 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7). find the min integer in the array.  
Write a function that divides one number by another, without using the division operator, and make it better than O(n).   s (4)
Explain your experience in analyzing data in order to find the best implementation.  
Experience of online shopping- had never tried it before  
If you get an array of integers, find the only integer that is repeated for an odd number of times.   s (2)
of the interviewers (not the ‘bar-raiser’) asked a very open ended
question about how to design a specific system in a way that could
effectively and efficiently scale to meet Amazon’s needs.  
Why do you want to work at amazon?  
Find the longestsubarray which consists of numbers that can be arranged in a continuous sequence.For ex- {4,5,1,5,7,6,8,4,1}output-{5,7,6,8,4}.Find the longest.   s (3)
k-way merge  
not difficult it is easy…asking to talk 1 minite abut the topic which have been given by thm  
a train leaves Chicago at 120km/h at 7:30 and another train is coming
in the opposite direction at 840km at the same speed, at what time both
trains will meet   s (2)
Analytical tests was the hardest part (questions required some calculus with calculator).  
Given a sorted array. Insert a value into correct position of the array so that the array remains sorted.   s (2)
would you do if you found out on a Friday afternoon that the NY Times
was going to publish a feature on a book currently low in inventory with
a 28 day reprint time?  
a library there are N books with the number of pages in ith book given
by b_i.These books are to be distributed among K students such that the
difference between the largest sum of pages in the books assigned to any
student and the smallest sum of number of pages in the books assigned
to any student is minimum for the given input. Also the books are
arranged in a certain order and this order must never be changed.For example:suppose B[] contains the number of pages in each book.Then
for N=6 K=3 B={3,7,8,2,6,4}, the output will be 0 as we can give book 1
and 2 to student 1 and book 3 and 4 to student 2 and the remaining to
student 3. That makes 10 pages for student 1 10 for 2 and 10 for 3 and
thus the difference is 0similarly when B={3,6,8,2,6,4} then the minimum difference will be 1 .  
of indepth technical questions to the level of explaining RAIDs from 0
and above including benefits & disadvantages. Project experiences
& company related.  
me give key lessons learned on each of my roles through my career.
Given the questions up to that point in the day (How have you solved X
before) i didn’t expect such an open ended one.  
An scenario to test the integrity and flexibility while dealing with on job operational relationship with governmental agencies.  
of the questions were unexpected. If you intend to interview with
Amazon, do read the questions here and think of how you will answer
1st telephone round:1)about project2)Given BST tree and a value which is in BST. Find the inorder successor of the given value in BST.3)Given single linked list. Do the pair reversal of the list.Given1->2->3->4->5output:2->1->4->3->52nd telephone round:1)About projects2)Given an array with size n. Find the element which is repeated more than n/2 times.3)Design a automated parking system.  
You have 5 different tasks (she listed them out) – how do you proceed with your day?  
Design for me an elevator !  
Asked to give real time scenarios to support any skill set or capabilitiy mentioned in the course of interview.  
Number of squares on chess board  
The question on finding time-complexity of a recursive function was the hardest.  
About internal Amazon products solutions  
about large data sets  
Design a seating kiosk for a restaurant.  
Why do the same job when you have done it for so many years  
Tell me about one product you like and why (he didn’t let me reply with a tech product).  
If you had to decide on how much to charge for Amazon Prime, how much would you charged knowing this company  
the code to read in characters from a file and print out the top 10
most used. What if they are 32 bit characters? What if it’s a 4GB file
and you only have 1GB of ram?  
Given a linked list containing integers as values, write an algorithm that detects if there is a loop or cycle in the list.   s (2)
No unexpected stuff – fibonacci, reverse a string, stuff like that. Lots of questions about my background.  
With so many questions, I felt I was using the same examples multiple times.  
At very first started with coding. Didn’t ask anything else before that.  
Nothing stands out as being exceptionally difficult compared to the others. It’s all a test of concepts and learning ability.  
All questions were fairly okay but I was kinda underprepared.  
questions about algorithms and data structures, allof them already here  
Tell me about a time in which you challenged your manager’s instructions  
analytical thinking questions  
Was given a business case to solve with what KPIs you would use.  
Situational questions.  
I was asked to trawerse a tree in preorder which i found wery difficult using a link list  
question was to do a demo training session. The surprise was that this
was supposed to be for a senior L&D posistion and delivery is not
what Sr L&D people do on a daily basis. I could understand if I was
interviewing for a Trainer position. The other challenge was that I was
not given a topic, so it was clear what audience to prepare for. I was
just assigned to do a hour training session in Japanese. The audience
was difficult, one had a “go ahead and wow me” attitude, while 2 were
polite participants. The other particpiant was obviously uninterested
and brought his laptop to the demo session and was doing what could only
assume was his own work. I was later told he was pinch hitting for
another person who could not attend and did not understand Japanese.  
were some product(y) questions that might be very specific to their
online sales business. Be prepared to think on your feet and don’t be
afraid to ask questions.  
Recall an event in your past where you had to deal with someone acting in an unsafe manner. And how you dealt w/ it.  
how would you design a part of lucene?  
have over 20 years experience in the field I was interviewing for.
Coming up with a specific example to demonstrate how I handled a certain
situation can be a real challenge sometimes.  
Gmat type questions –  
Can you give me an example of …x… in the form of a totally data-driven answer?  
What is that one thing you wanted to change in the last one year of your career?  
Without developing a supply chain, how could Amazon venture into Grocery sales in the UK within 1 month?  
How would you prove and defend your case for expanding into a new location?  
Why do you think amazon is the best retailer website in the ecommerce market?  
Write code to convert a string to a double value.  
what is your current salary?  
Describe the product that I will implement?  
What are your biggest Failures in your career  
How did you deal with an employer that did not follow your idea for change?  
you ever retaliate against your B School for academic,faculty or
cultural issues or participated in a rally against your Institute?  
Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for the customer?  
write code to reverse string  
Why did you leave your previous job?  
a particular product that we are selling, we are trying to improve
revenues. We decide to run ad campaign. We find that revenues do in fact
increase. How can we test, using basic regression techniques, the
effectiveness of the ad campaign?  
Implement a B+ tree  
sudo ku solver  
Tell me of a time when you did something wrong/incorrect, or when something with the project went bad, and what did you do?  
How to improve the system performance?  
do you conduct a survey to know how many number of cars sold in a
particular city? what are the techniques do you use for the accuracy?   s (2)
did you choose Customer service field when you have a bachelors in
technology with computer science background with a good percentage?  
Feature on A.com and how would you improve it?  
Tell me something you faced when you were part of team…some challenge  
Write a function to find number that occur odd times in input array  
service : There are 2 integers int A , int B and they both give the
output as Int . How would you do positive and negative testing ?  
If you’re in charge of buying decision for varying products, what data would you need?  
Describe red-black trees. Explain how to implement insert and delete functions on red-black trees.  
How do you detect a fraud?  
Difference between oltp and olap  
What is one thing you do not like about Amazon?  
Question in regards to 3 areas that I felt I were a weakness  
design an elevator system.  
How would you handle a certain situation in which people disagreed with you on something.  
imagine that you are doing some operations on tables, the server
containing the database goes down, how would you do to perform the
operation anyway ?  
Asking to write test scenarios for the “copying a file from one system to other using a wireless connection”  
Pl. describe a couple of conflict resolution scenarios from personal experience where you had to lie to make it work :-  
Why do you think Amazon has so many different products?  
Sorting and acessing elements in a large array (millions of elements)  
Write code to convert a Binary Tree into a singly linked list by traversing level by level.  
print an 2D array in spiral order.  
you ever received a bad customer service and how would you handle it if
you’re in the place of the representative who made you feel the service
is bad?  
Reason to setup a work location  
With regarding my CTC  
How do you motivate teams.  
Tell me a time you took a product, service, or process and improved it.  
Describe semaphores, locks, hash tables.  
Breadth -first-traversal  
What is our company doing poorly?  
What is differeence between hash set and hash table??  
latches and mutexes were brought up in detail  
Interview Questions
process engineer  
Design a system to provide services to users / clients to obtain uuid .  
Finding the Minimum Window in S which Contains All Elements from T  
Cannot got into much details. Binary Search Trees  
Validate a bst.  
How to do customer recommendation?  
reverse a string  
What is soomething negative about you?  
I was asked to code up a general regex match function which accepted “*” and “.” are the matching filters.They
provided a long list of test cases for you algorithm to pass,
unfortunately they list a whole bunch that would pass a ad-hoc
implementation. This leads you to a poor implementation if you fix the
code as successive test cases break!Has I paid attention to the
last few at the end of the list, I would not have run out of time to
come up with an elegant solution.  
Why you want to work for amazon?  
Tell us about a project you’ve worked on  
Tell me what happens in typical desktop PC between pressing ‘power on’ button and login screen appearance.  
convert binary search tree into doubly link list in constant space and link list should be sorted  
what is hash table?  
Difference between detele and truncate sql, types of joins, other more advanced queries.  
Count the number of unique customers  
Would you recommend Amazon.com to a friend or family member?  
Basics of data structure about linked list.  
Write a function to find the lowest common ancestor of two nodes in a BST.  
you are designing an elevator system. describe how and what you would design.  
Tell me a time where you had to deal with a difficult team member  
Why did you relocated from your native place to this city? You do have better options available there.   s (2)
Describe a situation where you had to work on tight deadlines  
Implement Binary search tree and find the lowest common ancestor for 2 given nodes?  
Java questions  
Why agile methodology is much more powerful than waterfall?   s (2)
implement queue with two stacks  
Questions askedWritten round1….Convert floating number to StringEx float value 17.53 to string value 17.532….N ary searching in a tree3…Finding the index of rotation in a rotated sorted array ..  1
2 3 4 5 6 is a sorted array and rotated sorted array is 3 4 5 6 1 2 ..
Here the index of rotation happens at 5 position … Order of this pgm
should be in o(n/2)My first round was testing which u guys won have as u all apply for SDE ..  
Truck scheduling problem  
How to check if there are any duplicate entries in a file?  
Fibonicci series – recursion/non-recursionGiven array – find two numbers which adds to given number.  
Given a list of unordered numbers, what would be the best algorithm to find the n largest numbers.   s (2)
OOD a student attendance system  
There has never been an occasion in which you had to overcome your manager’s orders and why?  
Describe a time when you improved a process?  
They asked if it was important to have a regular schedule.  
why you want to join the company  
Detect a loop in the given directed graph.  
least one question involving a hash table. Amazon is famous for asking
questions about hash tables. Either they ask about the hash table
constructs in various programming languages (like Java and Perl, hash
vs. map, etc..), or a coding problem where the hash table affords an
O(N) or O(1) solution.  
Workflow problem  
To date what has been your greatest acheivement?  
How to you motivate others in a group to do things?  
check if bst is mirror  
Background and work experience  
What do you do poorly?  
Find the common ancestor node of two nodes in a BST  
Describing DNS & DHCP server & How to troubleshoot a DHCP server  
Closest pair of points problem   s (3)
Implement some classes to simulate a deck of cards.the card class should have getRank() and getsuit() methods.the
deck class should have a shuffle() method and deal() method. The
constructor should create a shuffled deck. The shuffle method must be
hand-coded; the Collections.shuffle method is not allowed.  
OOD of a chess game  
have 1 million product id, get the top 10 in the past 1 hour  
Print an in-order binary tree without using recursion.  
“get (int i)” and “put(int i)” methods to operate with a queue-like
collection, which can hold only 3 numbers, so when you put a new number
in the end of the list, one old number must be removed, which should to
be the least recent requested number by “get” method.So if you have a list of numbers (A):237and the list of numbers requested by “get” method (B):13294the least recent requested number was “1”,but when you put new number “5” in the list A, you must have a result375because 2 is the least recent requested number.  
Many behavioral questions but they seemed to be reasonable and targeted to what I would have been doing  
Why do you wanna leave your current job?  
where have you worked  
find out mistakes of a short program  
Some Puzzle  
were difficult. The “solutions” were the more unexpected. Interviewers
stopped you at an O(n log n) solution without applying slightly more
thought to an O(n) solution.  
Are you lucky are unlucky in life  
What are you looking to gain at Amazon?  
initial interviewer tried to shoot holes in my experiences in a
somewhat sneaky way, based on his personal limited military experiences.  
Why do you want to work at Amazon?  
What do you choose you major?  
What things will you consider if we want to expand in Mexico?  
what project you are most proud of  
1. String palindrome ignoring spaces.eg: M o m2. Inorder Traversal3. Find the pairs in an array which is equal to a target sum.4. Difference btw Java and C++5. Does Multiple Inheritance exists in C++6. Does Multiple Inheritance exists in Java  
Find all prime numbers no bigger than x  
find if two words are anagrams or not  
Find all prime numbers no bigger than x.   s (5)
Interview Questions
Given two strings, write a function that returns the index of the first match of one string within the other  
What is the difference between a risk and an issue?   s (3)
A sorted array has been rotated. Find the largest and smallest number.  
What is your level of safety experience  
How to search a certain string inside a longer string consist of random data?   s (2)
Tell me about software reliability improvement work that you did in your company  
Binary search tree, hash table, search algorithms  
What did you think of your college study abroad experience?  
What questions do you have for me?  
given non-zero number array A, create array B where B[i] = product of all elements in A except A[i].   s (5)
how much would you charge for washing all windows in Seattle.  
else could you have said? could you have said anything else? did you
say anything else? why? what did you do after that? did anything change?
(all regarding my response to “when have you disagreed with a superior
and had to go along with his/her decision?)  
Given thousand lists, find the longest common sublist  
an array of integers(positive or negative), and two integers x, y.
write a function that can find a subarray whose sum equals to x and
product equals to y   s (4)
given list of integer duration, e.g. [1, 5], [3,11],[7,20]decide whether the all the duration will form a continuous duration.  
Re-implement the parseInteger method in java  
What is your weakness.  
Design the class for mobile operations state diagram?  
Find loop in a list  
How would you reverse a linked list?   s (3)
Find the index of an element in a matrix which has been sorted, if can’t find the element return (-1, -1)   s (2)
Amazon Video Services question  
Write equals for binary trees.  
Excel test  
Consider Str1 and Str2. Tell me the number of occurrences of the cyclic substring of str2 in str1.  
Complexity of BST best case,worst case average case  
Find the k closest points to a target~  
How well would your solution scale?  
reverse words  
Design a stack with min(stack) operation in constant time   s (2)
a string “aaabbbcc”, compress it, = “a3b3c2” . Given that output
string’s length is always smaller than input string, you have do it
inplace. No extra space   s (12)
Why do you want to work for Amazon  
How to inverse a link list.  
interviewer came from a deferent department and asked questions from
their area of expertise. That surprised me but I did not find any
questions hard. Just deeper than I thought the position required.  
Write a function which determines if there is a cycle in a linked-list.  
Given a binary tree, find the greatest possible sum of the sub trees  
Print the path of a BST in different orders  
Describe a challenge you encountered in a previous position and how you overcame it.  
Remove duplicates from an unsorted linked list.  
Write code to serialize and then deserialize a tree.  
Find an element in an array (sorted or not) in different ways  
Reverse a String using different data structure.  
Why Amazon  
Find the numbers that sum up to the same value  
How would you go about forecasting for this particular merchandising role?  
What do I think about the first Earnings Releases of 2012?  
I will say that you need to think about real world situations with employees. How do you handle an employee dispute?  
Introduce himselfWhy amazon?  
Team and Business Management  
Write the code for the preorder traversal of a tree.   s (4)
determine a number is prime or not  
Interview Questions
Write a program to sort two arrays and merge them  
What do you know about leadership? Can you manage 10- 15 people?  
algorithm and data structure  
A supervisor making a worker remaining in a path that may injure them for an extended period of time.  
Give me a sentence, and print the sentence reversely.ex. input “he is a boy”, output”boy a is he”  
tell me a time when you had to make changes to a project  
Given stream of numbers, how do you choose one number at random.  
Why do you want to work at Amazon?  
Programming technical questions.  
Walk me through your resume  
How would you detect a phone number (formatted “(xxx)-xxx-xxxx” )in a file that is consist of strings?  
Are you eligible to work? Do you have a high school diploma?  
Write a function in java to calculate all the possible palindromes in a string.   s (2)
Reverse SList, Elevator design, bfs/dfs, BST  
we can have a pretty heavy workload and a lot of things in HR here come
up very suddenly. How do you handle stress and complete unplanned
I was asked to explain my masters thesis work in detail  
starting from array,which asked to describe algorithm, then asked Big O and advanced data structure  
Reverse a linked list  
How would you select a random element from an array  
How would you generate forecast on your product  
What data did you use to support your decision to cut a product?  
Design a distributed Cache  
Name all the data structures you are familiar with and then asked the complexities of them.  
Use object oriented programming to design a deck of cards.  
Describe Hash Map, Linked list, etc. Write a program to output int as string.BST.  
HashMap, Linked Lists, Stacks, associated Big O for basic operations.  
Hash Map implementation  
Provide an example about the task without specific instruction.  
this company (one we had discussed in detail) was listed on Amazon as a
seller and also sold on their own website and at a big box retailer
like Walmart, what might be some of your recommendations to improve
their sales on Amazon?  
What was something that you couldn’t tackle with? your biggest failure?  
Why Amazon?  
How many gas stations are there in the greatter seattle area?  
All of the questions asked were within the range of the expected. Know your strongest language well.  
What strategy could Amazon use to increase revenue from sales on the Amazon.com site?  
How can you apply your research result in actual business?  
Design a data structure to store strings efficiently for following operations :1. IsPrefix (s1, s2) : Is s1 a prefix of s2.2. IsEqual(s1, s2) : Are s1 and s2 equal.3. common prefix(s1, s2) : Return the common prefix of the given strings s1 and s2.   s (2)
Deep probing on object oriented programming skills.  
Find nth last number in a singly linked list.   s (6)
He asked me about how I had managed teams in some of the projects that I had worked as a lead  
Tell me about a situation where you had to convince others of a process change?  
How will you check to see if two integer arrays have any common elements?   s (4)
what is the use of interfaces?  
Tell me about yourself and your weakness.  
open question on how to route their delivery  
Sorting. Data structure.  
Whats the complexity of a SQL select statement where ‘Between’ is Used?  
How do you motivate others?  
Write SQL to Find groups having exactly three different tags.  
They asked me about my dream job?  
A anagram program  
is a special linked list where each node have two pointers, one pointer
for next node and one pointer for randomly chosen node. Create a deep
copy of this list.   s (2)
Salary / Background / Experience.  
Tell me about a specific time in your recruiting career where you have been in a difficult situation.  
a mutable string (array of characters) of words, how would you reverse
the order of the words in the string, not the entire string. This must
be done in place, i.e. not using any additional memory.eg) “Hello World” => “olleH dlroW”   s (2)
Interview Questions
Tell me about a time when you were dissatisfied with your job.  
You have a file of 1 million numbers, how do you find the top 1000?   s (3)
Describe how you would handle difficult worker at pizzia shop?  
What is cache. What data structures would you use for it. Replacement techniques  
find the closest pair of points in a 2 dimensional space.? write an algorithm.   s (2)
How do you approach the problem you were given  
Tell your previous interesting project.  
What is it about amazon that makes you interested in working here?  
If you were told that your project was cancelled, what would you do?  
you are 1 month behind on the 3 month project how would you deal with
the stakeholders? what would you do?…Further questions about dependant
teams and whatnot stemming from the answer.   s (2)
Reverse a linked list  
What is wrong with this code:int *ptr;*ptr = 7;  
How will you improve Amazon?  
why amazon  
There was a wide variety of questions.  
Give a 2D rectangular array represented as a 1D arrary in row-major form, rotate the array by 90 degrees   s (4)
a general algorithm to enumerate all postal codes, for package routing,
when passed of country of interest (note: postal codes do not
necessarily follow a consistent pattern or perhaps exist on the
international stage).  
Have you ever worked on CPG or financial products with any major agencies?  
How much do you currently earn?  
Tell me Something about the case study of “CRAZY BIRDS” Game ?  
What aspect of your professional life/experience does not show up on the resume?  
Design an elevator system for a building  
How do you check whether a given binary tree is a binary search tree or not?  
A user at home cannot RDP into his servers. What could be wrong? (draw out how you would troubleshoot on whiteboard)  
Write a program/script for analizing text and counting words with 2, 3 etc. letters.  
What is better Google or Facebook?  
Implement atoi   s (3)
How to implement reservation system?  
Tell me about yourself, what makes you apply this position?  
was not unexpected but a bit difficult. How would you represent the
ordering of a deck of card if you only have 32bytes to work with. So, he
explained that you have 52 objects, there are 52! possible ordering of
them. how to encode one of those ordering within 32 bytes?   s (9)
How would you deal with an unhappy co-worker, client, or customer?  
What failures have you had recently?  
Write the code for merge sort merging function  
Do an in-order traversal without using recursion?  
Why should I hire you?  
count the number of times a word has occurred in a given string   s (4)
What was your most difficult technical issue  
Tripple linked list to one single linked list  
why do you want to work for Amazon?  
The technical interview will include (but is not limited to) questions related to: Coding, CS fundamentals, Problem Solving,Data structures, Algorithms and Object Oriented Design and will last about an hour.  
Please provide me with some examples of your success in metric terms (percentage of improvement, etc.)  
The questions were very easy, not what i expected.  
Whats the background process for a complex SQL query?  
Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an employee not performing their job well.  
What would your ex-employers say is your biggest strength / weakness?  
What is the pro/cons of hash tables, trees, link lists?  
What was your biggest professional mistake?  
shell sort  
How would you implement a sparse array (key could be any integer,but only a few would be used) with limited memory.   s (4)
Why Amazon?  
When in your last job did you take a risk and fail?  
Was tasked to design a class to take on an algorithm problem.  
not an unexpected question, but for me, why did you leave your last job…the truth is too wierd to believe…  
find mirror of given binary tree  
Given a file find the characters that appear the most often.  
Can you describe your biggest failure?  
How does LL work.  
Questions about hasp maps, data structure etc ( it was a few years ago so can’t remember exactly)  
Design Elevator  
How does Microsoft Outlook does it’s updates  
a function that takes a BinaryTree and validates if it is a valid
BinarySearchTree. Assume the tree contains no duplicate values.   s (2)
Math flow problem was altered as your briefed your solution.  
Should be very familiar with each data structure: link list, array, hash table. Know very detail about how they work.  
Provide test data for a program whose functionality is to find second smallest number in a set   s (2)
Why is security important in ecommerce?  
How did you use Six Sigma in your company? What projects?  
What is deadlock?  
How would you calculate the price of Amazon Prime membership?  
Why did you leave your last job?  
How does hash table works  
Tell us abt your experience  
Interview Questions
Interview Questions
2 files, each line in the files is considered an entry. Print the
entries that are duplicated in both files such that the number of
repeated entries are minumal. Example:File 1:aaaaaabbbbbbbbbcccFile 2:aaaaaaaaabbbbbbresult:aaaaaabbbbbb   s (3)
What is your weakness?  
How would you design a parking lot using object-oriented programming concepts?  
convert binary tree to double linked list   s (3)
a string of characters and asked them to store in a binary search tree
in such a way that it can be extracted in exactly the same order.  
why amazon  
How would you set up a program  
Swapping two elements in Binary tree  
Name a time you had to make a compromise and how you handled it.  
Design an algorithm to find out if an array has a pair of integers summing to10.  
Questions that were clearly positioned for an internal candidate  
If a stick breaks randomly in three pieces, what is the probability that you can form a triangle from the pieces.   s (5)
Based on your tour of our warehouse, what is something that we can improve upon.  
Interview Questions
No questions. Scheduled a phone interview but those guys never called.  
the 3-tier web services. Presentation layer –> business logic layer –>persistence layer.  
Time complexity of a array vs hash table  
the class design for a zoo. The zoo was described as a collection of
animals and cages where multiple animals could be assigned to a single
cage as long as they were not incompatible.  
Refer the interview process for the weird question.  
Internal working of RMI – Serialization.  
dynamic programming, system design  
Generate Random numbers without using any external library and drilling more into Random numbers.  
Quickly describe the last two years and what you have done to increase production or productivity.  
Find the numbers occur odd times (e.g. 1,3,5,7,…) in the given array. e.g. { 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 4, 4 } You should print 1.   s (4)
Tell me about the challenge of your current job.  
How would you design a game of chess?  
Given a string like “dir1\dir2\.\dir3\..\dir\file.txt”convert
the string path into an equivalent path removing the .\ and ..\
directories. The algorithm should be in place and linear.  
Have you ever had a problem with a fellow employee?  
Print the last fibonacci series number that fits in 32bit  
a question – but advice on the test. I am good with words, but my
grammar is pretty shaky (see above!). Really focus on your subbing
skills if you get an interview, the pass mark is very high and it is
pretty difficult if you don’t edit copy every day.  
I have a file containing below matrix information:3 32 0 00 0 03 0 0First row represents order of Matrix. 2 — Start Point 3 — End point 0 — a city to be visited 1 — a city you have no accessFind
all possible ways to go from start to end city visiting all 0 nodes and
avoiding all 1 nodes. In this case the possible solution is 2  
If X and Y both have uniform(0,1) distribution, what’s the distribution of X/Y?  
How would you create a staffing plan?  
You are given 1000 containers of water with exactly one container containing poison.You can use pigs to test which container contains poison. The conditions are that: A pig drinkingthe poisoned water woudl die exactly after 1 hour and that a pig could be used for sampling multiplecontainers. Assume that the pig takes 0 time to drink water from any number of containers.What is the minimum number of pigs would you use to identify the poisoned container within 1 hour.   s (4)
How would you test if a binary tree were symmetrical and balanced.   s (4)
Describe a time you had to fire an employee  
Program a linked list data structure  
Write a code to find largest sum of two consecutive integers in an array with syntax and read it aloud?  
Interview Questions
How would you handle and associate that was not willing to listen and very argumentative?  
Given two arrays of integers, find all intersecting pairs of integers  
Reverse a linker list  
Implement a function to print out all the permutations of an input string  
Given an array having integers with just one integer repeated thrice, how will you find out which integer is that?   s (2)
Interview Questions
Given a value say cents(n), printout all possible permutations of quaters,nickels,dimes and cents using binary tree  
How would you negotiate with suppliers to get the best prices for Amazon?  
Given a number find it is one less than the power of two.   s (9)
how will you implement garbage collector in c++  
1. In an array provide pairs of numbers that add to a particular value2. In fibonacci series provide sum of all even numbers   s (6)
Given an array of numbers find maximum subset sum? What is the complexity.  
Write a prime number service in language of your choice. how you scale
it. 2) design an airline company in object-oriented way.   s (2)
What is a major mistake you made in the past and what would you do differently now?  
How would you implement a binary search algorithm for a tree-type data structure?   s (2)
Given two linked lists, find out IF they intersect.   s (3)
write a method take a String object as parameter and return the reversed String  
What is your name?  
2 stacks are given, one is full of numbers and other in empty, one integer variable is given, fill the 2nd stack withnumbers in ascending order with space and time constraints.   s (3)
How would you sell Amazon’s products??  
write a function to print the frequency of characterseg. Input : aabbbc        Output: a2b3c1   s (2)
Finding statistically probable words in a sentence  
No difficult questions.  
How would you describe your leadership style?  
Nothing difficult  
Time you managed a product  
design a bank of elevators  
How would you know what product to market on the website?  
Implement binary search in the any language you choose.  
Interview Questions
Design software to represent furniture  
Difference between Hash Tables and Linked Lists  
Interview Questions
To find nth node from the end in a singly linked list  
Design a parking lot kiosk.   s (2)
Tell me about your professional development activities.  
Design a scalable work flow system to handle 3M transactions per day  
how would you solve a business problem where a process had to be imroved to 100% of its current level  
Write a Card Game program  
Given a node in a directed graph, write a function that determines if there is a cycle in the graph.  
how to control shared memory access problem?  
Given 2 dates see if the difference between them is 30 days or not?  
coding test – write a linked list in any language – iterative and recursive.  
Design a DB schema for an HR dept in which one manager may have more than one manager .  
What did you choose this career path?  
Write a function to display the permutations of a string   s (2)
code up and send me a function that takes two integer arrays and
returns their intersection. This answer must take less than n^2 time.   s (3)
how do you prioritize two tasks that are both very important?  
Amazon’s forecast were wrong or the demand didn’t react as expected.
What would you do to reduce the financial cost of the inventory knowing
that at the end of the year (4th quarter) the company sells 40% of all
the products?  
How do u implement hash tables  
Write program for DFS and BFS  
Explain a time when you had to give up on something you really cared about. How did you handle it?  
apologize to the community. I cannot remember the specific questions I
was asked. I only remember the broken dialogue in the process.  
What’s the thing you enjoy the least at your current job?  
Tell me about your self?  
Interview Questions
Why are you considering Amazon?  
Interview Questions
Height of a Binary Tree   s (2)
What is the hash table, what is the usage, what is advantage, what is the implementation, how you code a hash function  
Coding the fibonacci algorithm.   s (3)
you have been around for two weeks, so you’re “settled in”. There are
say 5 of the same item missing and the GM wants to know where they are
before the end of the day. What would be your process?  
What will you do if client changes the requirement during UAT  
How would you improve the performance of a detailed server performance issue  
Why do you think you will be satisfied in this job in spite of years of experience in another Industry?  
How would you collect customer data  
design servers to handle large traffic  
What sort algorithms do you know?  
interviewer used whiteboard to map out problem he was trying to solve
and asked me to, on the spot, come up with a strategy. It was in essence
being asked to do the job for which I was being interviewed.  
whats the use of virtual destructorr?   s (2)
would you design a security system to determine if you were already
hacked using checksum features in various hashkey technologies (I am a
business person, not technical so this was an unexpected question)  
Tell me what you learned from a negative experience.  
print all combinations of letters according to the layout of a telephone panel.for example: telephone panel layout: 1 – none; 2 – abc; …if the input the digits are 12, you need to output all combinations: i.e.1a, 1b, 1c  
Write production quality code to find whether a given binary tree is a BST or not. You can’t make any global variable.  
Tell me about yourself  
1=5,2=25,3=125,4=625,5=?   s (4)
Name a time when you failed?  
You will need a pen and paper to write some SQL queries and get tested on your technical knowledge about database concepts.  
Can you tell me about your achievements?  
There are 25 horses and only five tracks in a race.How do you find the second coming horse of all the 25horses, provided there is no stop clock? (obviously, ahorse cannot participate more than once in a race).  
How many windows are in Seattle?  
how to match the numbers in two arrays  
How to resolve hash collisions in a hashing table?  
find the possible combination of number to sum up the given numberEx: (1, 3, 5), sum 5  
What is the mathematical equation for computing inventory turns?   s (2)
What is your favorite thing about programming?  
What was most memorable leadership moment?  
Game of chess – draw UML object model and write the code to represent the pawn moves  
What has been your ‘home run’ with your current job?  
A word to describe a good software and a word to describe a good supervisor.  
How to check if there is a loop in a linked list  
What is the algorithm to search for a city on google?  
an immutable singly linked list of some object with pointer to next
element, find the nth element from the end of the linked list.  
Design a file system.  
Design a railway reservation system  
Why do you want to work here?   s (2)
Design an aeroplane reservation system.  
array manipulation in language of your choice  
Where do you see yourself in this company in five years?  
How would hire a particular skill set when neither the customer nor the recruiter has any idea of where to locate the skill set?  
there are ‘n’ computers connected in a circular node, what is the
minimum hop required to reach the diagonally opposite computer, and what
is the max possible hops. Use any algorithm to hop through computers.   s (2)
find a pattern from a string  
Write a program that balances an unbalanced binary tree.  
what is flood fill algorithm  
a binary tree, how do you create a function that can swap the binary
tree? (i.e. the left child becomes the right child and vice versa)From
this function you just created, can you create another function that
will swap the tree in Alternate level? (i.e. swap 1 level and then the
next level does not swap)  
What is EVA  
Merge sort of two arrays in ascending order  
What were your best customer experiences?  
What are the challenges you have faced in the past job  
With a parent pointer for a binary tree, do an inorder traversal of the tree with a limited stack.  
have 2 employees, Jim, who is new and doesn’t seem to follow the SOP
and constantly makes errors and Jane, who is a seasoned veteran, also
does not follow the SOP, but rarely makes errors. How would you address
with each employee the fact that he/she does not follow the SOP?   s (3)
Merge two sorted link list  
Given a list of integers, how to find pairs of integers whose sum is a given integer?  
about the product line of the interviewer, even if that’s not what
you’re interviewing for – very difficult to ask a detailed question
about something you didn’t expect to be asked about.   s (2)
How to print a matrix whose size is n*n in spiral order?  
What do you think of the offices?   s (2)
Find if there is a loop in a linked list?  
Discuss some factors that are relevant in determining which items in a warehouse should be shipped first.  
me about a time you worked with a difficult person, how did you handle
the situation, how is your relationship with that person now.  
How would you increase sales without reducing margins?  
Convert the number amount on a check into words.  
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