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List of Amazon questions

List of amazon questions

I won’t give away the questions asked, as that would violate the NDA I signed. (Because I might actually want to work there some time down the road…)

But I will say this: Almost every coding and design question asked has been posted on Glassdoor. While I am a very experience programmer, I recognized long before the interview process, that I would need to put in some long hours preparing for this company. I spent a lot of time spent refreshing myself on data structures and applying that to problem solving. I went through like fifty Amazon programming questions posted here. I copied each one down, and made a note of the number of times an equivalent variation of that question was posted. Then I made sure I could solve each one with my own code. Extra attention given to the problems posted multiple times.

Prior to my interview, I had heard from many friends who interviewed at Amazon that they were asked at least one question involving a hash table. Amazon is famous for asking questions about hash tables. Either they ask about the hash table constructs in various programming languages (like Java and Perl, hash vs. map, etc..), or a coding problem where the hash table affords an O(N) or O(1) solution. So if you are asked a question that involves looking up a value in one array and searching for a corresponding value in the same or other array – the answer likely involves “use a hash table”.

Also, Amazon quizzes candidates on their ability to recognize runtime ordering of the coding solutions. So know your “big-O” notation (e.g. O(N), O(N lg N), polynomial, exponential, etc…)

Find intersection of two arrays and how to handle duplicates
Given a list of numbers and a rand(0,1) function, which returns a random integer between 0 and 1. Provide an algorithm to randomly sort the given list, based on the output of the rand() function, which should be called once for every number on the list. Code the solution in any language of your choice.
Given a tree(not a binary tree) and 2 nodes on the tree. Give an algorithm to find the least common ancestor of the given nodes. Code the solution in any language of your choice.
Tell us about some of the work you have done, and what challenges you had developing that code.
Reverse a linked list
Discussion about Binary Search Tree
There is an array of numbers with all the elements appearing twice, and one element appearing once. Remove this element.
Find the maximum sum in an array of numbers
Find the k closest points to a target~
Excel test
Consider Str1 and Str2. Tell me the number of occurrences of the cyclic substring of str2 in str1.
How well would your solution scale?
Write a function that determines if a given string is a palindrom
reverse words
How to inverse a link list.
Tell me a time when you LEANed out a process
Explain a time when you motivated a group
Given a string “aaabbbcc”, compress it, = “a3b3c2” . Given that output string’s length is always smaller than input string, you have do it inplace. No extra space
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Design a stack with min(stack) operation in constant time
Pretty standard
how to find the min and max in an array
how to find the median in a set of integers
Each interviewer came from a deferent department and asked questions from their area of expertise. That surprised me but I did not find any questions hard. Just deeper than I thought the position required.
Given a random array with integers, find every pair that sum up to a certain number.
Why do you want to work for Amazon
String to Integer without Libraries
Network related (TCP/IP)
Revealing the questions asked is a violation of the NDA as someone has already posted. But if you know the questions asked on this website you should do pretty well in the interview.
what are final, finalize and finalizer in java?
why cant you just use “==” instead of “equals”?
You are given a series of XML file.How will you parse the XML and convert to a java object?
They asked the question to find the depth of a tree
Question about hash tables
Write a function which determines if there is a cycle in a linked-list.
Reverse a string.
Write a binary search in a BST.
Write the code for the question in 15 minutes!
Write a JS code to travers the DOM and find an element with a specified class name
A simple CSS positioning question that starts with an independent widget (like a start rating widget)
Traverse nodes in a binary tree
What is a hash table?
What is inheritance?
Given a binary tree, find the greatest possible sum of the sub trees
Design a system to play games from deck of cards.
Coding of some string related question .. (Something like sorting , searching and merging)
Design the classes required to represent a deck of cards and write functions to shuffle and deal cards
Given an array of integers write a function to return the product of the value of the largest integer and its frequency
A question about anagram
Find an element in an array (sorted or not) in different ways
delete the duplicated character in the page
make stack to the queue
Describe a challenge you encountered in a previous position and how you overcame it.
Print the path of a BST in different orders
Remove duplicates from an unsorted linked list.
How would you rate your Excel skills? Then she asked about plexi tables….and I had no idea what they were.
Given a tree, output a linked list of all nodes in the tree ordered by level. For example, root, then all nodes at the next level, then the next.
given a dictionary of words sorted according to a certain order, write a function to out put this order. e.g. input {abc, fkq, bct} output:{a, f, b, k, c, q, t}
implement a stack with a method which can return the minimal value in the stack without remove this value.
What is a hash table and when should it be used?
Given an array and a sum, determine if any of the items add up to sum. Do a linear space solution and constant time solution.
Justify the suduku
OOP design of Furnitures (various types of furniture that share common characteristics while having their individual ones). Design issues and testing. Another one is Design Disney multiple-joy-ride ticket dispensing system.
Test if 2 sort arrays contained each other
Find n-th largest item in an incoming array
Calculate angle of 2 hands of a clock given time
Given array of numbers [S1, S2, …Sn], calculate the result array R whose Ri=S1*..S[i-1]*S[i+1]*…*Sn. Require 2 solutions.
– What is bigger: four thirds, five fourths or one
– If the budget increased 100% from 2007 to 2008 and 100% from 2008 to 2009 what is the total growth from 2007 to 2009
– If 2 trains depart at the same time from 2 places 65 kilometers apart and one goes at 80 km/h and another one at 50 km/h when will they meet
– If 2 cars start at the same place going in opposite directions and drive for 6 km and then turn left and drive for another 8 km, what’s the distance at the end
General questions.
Running times of hash tables, arrays, linked list, heap
Choose the n smallest from a pool of m integers in an array (unordered)
Why Amazon
Explain more than 12 leadership and client relations examples
Why amazon.com
Your main achievements by far
How does a hash table work? How would you handle collisions?
If you had access to all books published in English, how you create a program to create random words? Data Structures
Write code to serialize and then deserialize a tree.
Find the numbers that sum up to the same value
How would you go about forecasting for this particular merchandising role?
1. given 2 linked lists find the unique elements in order of n time.
2.find max height of n ary tree
Reverse a String using different data structure.
Why Amazon
What abilities or skills do you possess that might be suitable towards working for Amazon?
11 Answers
Given references to roots of two binary trees, how do you short circuit determine whether the sequences of the leaf elements of both the trees are same ? The structure of two BTs may be different. Short circuit : for ex. If the very first leaf element of each tree is different, the algorithm should stop immediately returning false instead of checking all the leaf elements of both trees.
Given an array, subarray size k and a number ssum, find the number of subarrays of size k that sum up to ssum.
explain what data structure will you use for a particular software?
a design question
Implement a Queue using 2 Stacks
Reverse a String eg: I am a boy ans : boy a am I
Various questions covering the whole gamut of leadership, project management, design, coding, decision-making, personnel challenges, etc.
What is the time required to search a tree , what is the advantage of AVL tree over ordinary tree?
How would you merge 2 sorted arrays?
Breadth First Search coding
What is the difference between fixed effects and random effects?
To find and return the common node of two linked lists merged into a ‘Y’ shape.
To return the ‘m’ smallest numbers from a file of ‘n’ numbers
Given two arrays with numbers, to return an array containing only those numbers occurring in both the arrays
How does malloc work in C? How does deadlock prevention work in operating systems?
Design classes for Kindle Fire ‘shelves’
implement a queue from stack
What attributes of yours’ are good enough for the senior product manager role?
What can Amazon do using the digital media to start a new service for consumers?
a dynamic programming questions (can’t disclose because of NDA)
What do I think about the first Earnings Releases of 2012?
determine a number is prime or not
Introduce himself
Why amazon?
What do you know about leadership? Can you manage 10- 15 people?
All technical questions had to do with scalability. All management questions had to with estimating/reporting time to finish.
Write the code for the preorder traversal of a tree.
Tell me an interviewer that you had that you that you feel would not want you to get the job.
Why amazon.com?
provide an algorithm for shortest prefix matching string
Team and Business Management
I will say that you need to think about real world situations with employees. How do you handle an employee dispute?
Tell of a time that I made a difference with a customer.
Do I consider myself a lucky person?
did you work with SQL and Excel on previous jobs?
Which number is bigger: 5/6, 3/4, 4/7, 4/9, or 9/11
Why amazon
Describe a project that you found most interest
algorithm and data structure
Check whether a tree is a BST or not?
How would you design a robotic mail distributor?
Describe a project you are working, tell me how would you scale the application to handle large data.
Design elevator system with classes/ methods
What happens when a URL is typed into the address bar of the browser? explain how DNS works?
reverse a string
binary search
Write a program to sort two arrays and merge them
Do you have any questions for me?
How would you find the common primes in two integers ?
Merge two sorted linked lists with unique integers.
How would you set up a wine shop on Amazon.com?
Design a system for reservations at a restaurant.
Write a program that reverses the words in a sentence.
Write a program that sees if two binary trees are equal.
What is the difference between an array and a linked list? When might you use either data structure?
Tell me what you know about Audiable?
Tell me about your customer service experience. Give a example of your call centre experience with your previous employers.
Tell what online customer experience do you have in relation to e-commerce?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Given stream of numbers, how do you choose one number at random.
Given two sets of numbers find the elements in A that appear in B (set intersection)
How do you find if two values in an array sum to a given value? Make it as efficient as possible.
Why do you want to work at Amazon?
tell me a time when you had to make changes to a project
How would you resolve a conflict in opinions with a colleague?
How to find non-identical numbers in a given two List in C++ & write program ( with syntax)
Given of stream of data in 3 dimentional , how to find million positions in billion points (x,y,z) at any given point (a,b,c)
Name 3 things you would improve about the Amazon.com experience.
How to save a dictionary.
Easy one, just use a trie. During the process, you will be asked questions about big O stuffs. Just remember your data structure
How to find every word in one paragraph and return back the 10 most frequently words.
Easy one again. Use a hashtable to store the words, after that, use a heap to return the 10 most
Numerical Roman numbers.
I screw up this one. That’s because the interviewee gave me a sheet full of rules, but only two of them are useful in the first part.
First part: given a formatted Roman String and convert them into numbers.
Easy one, but I spend nearly 25 mins on it.
Second part: how to convert a number into Roman Strings.
Recursion will work. I only have ten mins, so the interviewee doesnt let me finish this up
You have a node, each have three fields: value, next and random. How to make a deep copy.

The interviewee is helpful, he gave me hints and I finally solve it. First copy the list with only value and next. Save each one in the hashtable. And then change the random value.

A supervisor making a worker remaining in a path that may injure them for an extended period of time.
Amazon/AtoZ expect that all employees exhibit leadership qualities, so they ask specific behavioral questions related to their leadership prinicples (which can be found online).
Give me a sentence, and print the sentence reversely.
ex. input “he is a boy”, output”boy a is he”
Print the levels of an n-ary tree…
Phone interview 1:
1. Describe what a hash map/table is. Later evolved into how to deal with collisions.

2. Write the code to take an int array and return a new int array whose value at i is the product of all values in the input array except the value at i.

Phone Interview 2:
1. Count the number of words in a sentence.
After more definition, the problem evolved into:
Code a function that will take a String and return the number of words (continuous sequences of non white-space characters).
2. How would you model a restaurant reservation system?
In-House interview:
1. Given two int arrays, return a third int array that contains all values in the first int array that aren’t in the 2nd. If a value is duplicated in the first int array, only return it once in the output array.

2. Model a deck of cards

In-house Interview
1. Write a program to print all combinations of ascending numbers that equal an input number.
2. Given a million points on a graph, return the 100 closest to the origin
In House Interview
1. Write an algorithm to solve a maze
2. Standard “what’s a problem you faced and how did you solve it” type questions…
Traverse a binary tree in order.
How would you detect a phone number (formatted “(xxx)-xxx-xxxx” )in a file that is consist of strings?
How would you know what content to provide for the Kindle?
Check if 2 binary trees are equal
Collision in hash table
Are you eligible to work? Do you have a high school diploma?
Write a function in java to calculate all the possible palindromes in a string.
Programming technical questions.
How would you approach this current business problem we are having?
Reverse SList, Elevator design, bfs/dfs, BST
Given the word “HEAD” and the word “TAIL,” write code and/or describe using computer science algorithms how you would transform from the word HEAD to the word TAIL. Each change must be by only one letter, you cannot change the letter in a given position twice, and each new word must be a valid word.
Given a binary tree with the usual left and right pointers on each node, and additionally a parent pointer, make an algorithm to discover the closest ancestor to 2 nodes on the tree.
Asked about my summer internship experience and drilled down into what actual results my project had.
Explained “frustration free packaging” and then asked how I would convince vendors and vendor managers to adopt it.
Serialize a Binary Tree so that I can create the same tree on another machine.
Create a ransom letter using magazine with limited amount of words for the note
Create a data structure to keep track of hierarchy of employees, wages etc. Some are managers, VPs etc. They need to be interlinked such that a manager is linked to all workers under him etc. A VP has different managers under him. Need way to be able to traverse this data structure and have different pay grades etc.
Can’t tell since I signed the NDA agreement.
how do you check and correct database corruption?
describe what happenes when there is update to rows (in terms of database internals)
Design an algorithm to find the common sequence of two strings
Here we can have a pretty heavy workload and a lot of things in HR here come up very suddenly. How do you handle stress and complete unplanned tasks?
tell me about your experience
Why would you be a good fit for this job?
How do you think Amazon may have come up with the $80 fee for the Amazon Prime membership program? – this is a classic pricing question.
Some question around deciding on a new product feature – taking proactive step vs customer requested feature etc
Specifically asked about particular job roles and asked to elaborate on things on my resume. For e.g. tell me more about this role and responsibility. What, how, why did you do x, y, or z tasks.
If you were going to acquire a company, but could only look at their income statement, balance sheet, or cash flows, which would you pick and why?
Asked to implement a function that takes an integer and returns whether or not the number had an odd or even number of 1 bits.
First explain what a tree, then binary tree, then a binary search tree is. Now implement a function that verifies whether a binary tree is a valid binary search tree.
How would you deal with a client who wants to just run with a data integration project rather than planning it out with you involved?
You got some baby bottle samples. You would like to know the max height you can drop it without breaking the bottle. Let set the unit as 1 foot. And the highest height you can reach is at N feet. So how would you find the (max) safe height?
(following the previous one) You got only ONE baby bottle sample. You would like to know the max height you can drop it without breaking the bottle. Let set the unit as 1 foot. And the highest height you can reach is at N feet. So how would you find the (max) safe height?
(following the previous one) You got only TWO baby bottle sample. You would like to know the max height you can drop it without breaking the bottle. Let set the unit as 1 foot. And the highest height you can reach is at N feet. So how would you find the (max) safe height? (This is the one I think is kind of brain-teaser one.)
Implement a Hash Map with o(1) for insert, delete, access and iteration over the HashMap is o(n) where n is the no if items remaining in the hashmap after some inserts and deletes
Given a string, output all its permutations
How would you change the user experience on the website?
Array of integers. Store duplicates in the order of their first occurrence.
Design parking system.
Given English dictionary, find the longest word that can be created using the symbols of the chemical elements.
Design a parking lot system.
SQL queries
Was given a set of fields. Was asked to figure out the best data structure to store this data in the form of a list and at any given point, retrieve the first 5 (decreasing order) of field values.
Binary search (using recursion)
Find out if two binary trees are equal
Are you familiar with hash tables or Maps in Java?
When do you use an array versus a linked list?
Coding question – given a binary tree, write code to count the sum off all siblings.
What would you change about the Amazon website and why?
Which sorting algorithm would be good for sorting small-sized integer arrays and why? What is the performance? What about for large-sized integer arrays?
Give pseudocode over phone and code on a shared screen how to scramble an array of integers in random order. Then optimize it for better performance.
Write a program to check of a binary tree is a binary search tree.
trees..in order pre order
hash tables
Given two int arrays, write a function which returns their intersection as an int array; analyze the time/space complexity of your function.
Distinguish between instance and class variables
Distinguish between the Java keywords final, finally and finalize
Explain how you would design and implement a asking algorithm using Java.
Explain how you would perform load balancing among web servers without using a centralized server to allocate resources to the other servers.
What was your biggest mistake and how did you correct it?
What were some compromises you made and what did you get in return?
I was asked to explain my masters thesis work in detail
Reverse a linked list
Given a customer order of N items, design and implement a class that will most efficiently by space place the order in various size boxes
Tell me a time when you didn’t handle a situation as well as you could have, what would you do differently, how should you have handled the issue?
What are the 3 main financial statement pieces, and which is the most important in assessing a company?
“Solve a maze”, you have a 2D matrix with 1’s as blocked and 0’s as path. Find a path from one corner to another, backtracking should be allowed.
2.Prove that tree is BST.
3. Ransom note problem – prepare a note(array) from a given magazine(array).
4. Keep track of history of users of Amazon site in pairs of 3 pages that they have consecutively visited.
Distribute numbers starting from 1 to infinite, give out minimum number available and take in already given numbers.
Words representation of number.
Design File system
Trie dictionary
How would you select a random element from an array
What data did you use to support your decision to cut a product?
Write the pseudo code for a script to pull information out of a mail log.
How would you generate forecast on your product
Design a LRU cache.
Hard question: Given a game where you start with a word (for example, “TAGS”), find an algorithm that will give you the shortest number of intermediary words to get to a final word (for example, “LAYS”). So in the example above, a possible sequence would be, TAGS, SAGS, SASS, LASS, LAYS.
How would you find if a list of strings, at least one is a prefix of another?
Design a distributed Cache
starting from array,which asked to describe algorithm, then asked Big O and advanced data structure
Describe Object Oriented Programming
Design a parking lot
Describe data structures
Given an array of int, find sum of the most common int.
You are given a Binary Search Tree of ints with duplicate entries. You are guaranteed that if an element has a duplicate entry, it is in the right subtree of that element. Write a function to count the total number of duplicates.

(note, if a tree contains the same element two times, the count of duplicates is 1, not 2)

Implement a Linked List class (for ints only) that supports an append function, which simply appends to the end of the list.

After that, they asked me to implement an appendAt function that takes two ints as arguments, and appends the second argument to the node containing the first argument in the list.

e.g for a list 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 , appendAt(3,6) would result in a list: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 6 -> 4 -> 5

e.g for a list 1 -> 2 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5, appendAt(2,8) would result in: 1 – > 2 -> 8 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 (i.e if the first argument appears more than once in the list, then append the second argument to the first instance of the node containing the first argument)

I gave an iterative solution to the problem. The interviewer then asked me to write it recursively.

This one is really easy, I faltered on it for some reason.

Mention 10 success metrics for X product.
Name all the data structures you are familiar with and then asked the complexities of them.
What is the difference between a thread and a process?
Describe Hash Map, Linked list, etc. Write a program to output int as string.
There is an error with the price displayed on the site. 1000s of people have bought it at that discounted price. How will you tackle that situation.
Given a set of unique integers except one, that has at least a duplicate, create a function to identify which integer has the duplicate entry
Given a binary tree, write an algorithm to validate that it is correct.
HashMap, Linked Lists, Stacks, associated Big O for basic operations.
Use object oriented programming to design a deck of cards.
What would you do if you won $50,000 in a lottery?
What would be a red flag in identifying fraudulent activity?
Hash Map implementation
Convert a number to an array of characters without using to_s
Describe with a written code example the usage of an Oracle RANK OVER PARTITION BY analytic function
Describe Hash Maps (Java).
Implement a ‘put’ function for a Hash Map.
Given two nodes that are in a binary search tree (this is guaranteed) find the shortest traversal path between them.
Return the index of the first repeated character of a string.
Talk about an instance where you demonstrated leadership.
Array vs LinkedList
How do you insert node in linked list? they told me to just explain it. I didn’t have to code for this question.
Code the soduku game.
Tell me about yourself and experience ?
What programming language you are comfortable in ?
Can you write a program to extract data from 4X4 array of strings ?
If this company (one we had discussed in detail) was listed on Amazon as a seller and also sold on their own website and at a big box retailer like Walmart, what might be some of your recommendations to improve their sales on Amazon?
“How would you deliver the Kindle reading experience to customers in ______ [a country where Amazon doesn’t currently sell Kindles]?”
“Jeff Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?”
Tell me about the most successful project you’ve done.
How would you fix the US economy?
Provide an example about the task without specific instruction.
First Round
1. given some big-o compexities, asked to rank them from the fastest to slowest..
2. given a sorted array partially rotated, search for an element, basically just regular binary search with a tweak
very common interview problem, solutions can be found anywhere on line…I never saw the problem before, did manage to come up with a solution, though kinda clumsy..

Second Round
1. given a bunch of trees, and each node in the trees only has a parent pointer, you are given two randomly chosen nodes from the trees, test if the nodes are from the same tree
2. OOP design
Implement a system to help different airlines validate their package dimensions(if a certain package is allowed to be carried onboard….)

Third Round
1. some random chat about my school, coursework, etc
2. determine the odd/even parity of a number
very standard interview question again, can be found in that famous interview book “Programming interivews exposed”, but again..lol I didn’t read that book at that time, did come up with a solution though, just took me some time…So do read that book before you come to the interviews..

Fourth Round
1. some tivial questions about oop/stacks, etc
2. again…count the number of ones in the binary representation of a number..surprised that got asked the same question….
3. some tree problem again…given a tree, and each node has a parent pointer, given two nodes, find their least common ancestor…..

Market entry question: Should amazon enter the ____ market? What would distribution/procurement look like? Make a P&L, marketing, consumer awareness, etc. plan.
Market sizing and cost estimation.
What was something that you couldn’t tackle with? your biggest failure?
You are given two arrays, design a method to produce the intersection of those arrays. Analyze its runtime.
Write up your method in a language of your choosing. Are there any bugs? What unit tests would you run on it?
Define Polymorphism and Encapsulation.
You have a directory tree of plain HTML files and your boss wants you to find all the phone numbers on the pages so they can be removed. What would you use to do this?
A sample of a project was given and I was to break down step by step how I would handle it, organize it and what programs I would use.
Lots of hypothetical that were followed by ton of follow up questions.
Remove the nth from last element in a singularly linked list in linear time.
Find all pairs of numbers in an array that sum to a given number, n, in linear time
Write a function that takes an integer and counts the number of bits.
Design an LRU cache
Design and describe the classes you would use when implementing the card game War.
– You are a product, how do you market yourself?
– Was asked about a online bad experience and was asked how to remedy it
Product A, B have similar revenues/costs which one will you choose to put it up online(you can only choose one)
Why Amazon?
Find out if the array has repeated numbers in it. (make it more time efficient)
Reverse a singly linked list
in an array of characters find the character that is repeated the most
Print the BST in level order
Why do you want to work for us?
Why did you apply to this job?
Describe a time when you experienced a problem with a vendor and how did you handle it?
First phone interview

Given a node find all leaves belonging to its children.

Second phone interview

Think of an organizational structure where each employee is reviewed and given points. Could be any integer. If doing good positive, if not negative, if neutral then 0.

Now find the node with the highest number of points when adding points belonging to it and all its children.

4 7
0 6 2 -50

In this case the answer is Node 4

What is the hardest thing in moving a team to Agile?
What strategy could Amazon use to increase revenue from sales on the Amazon.com site?
Describe to “us” what we do . . .?
How would you handle price/cost concerns considering our price book is published.
how to design a neutral system
All of the questions asked were within the range of the expected. Know your strongest language well.
What data structure would you use to find the 100 closest stars?
How would you reverse a doubly-linked list?
How many gas stations are there in the greatter seattle area?
– There are ID records of customers who visited yesterday and today.
– Extract all customers who visited yesterday and today either.
– Estimate time complexity of my algorithm.
– Suggest best algorithm to fulfill above task.
– Knowledge testing about hash table.
Math scenario with production and assembly possible outcomes
How do you implement a hash structure?
Deep probing on object oriented programming skills.
How can you apply your research result in actual business?
Design a data structure to store strings efficiently for following operations :
1. IsPrefix (s1, s2) : Is s1 a prefix of s2.
2. IsEqual(s1, s2) : Are s1 and s2 equal.
3. common prefix(s1, s2) : Return the common prefix of the given strings s1 and s2.
Given sequences of page visits for thousands of users, find the most common sub-sequence across all of them. And now can you do it faster than what you just did. What about even faster.
Give an overall object-oriented design of the game chess. (This was one of the easier questions, but the interviewer was incredibly stubborn in pushing for a very specific answer).
1) how do find out if there is a path from root to leaf whose summation= given number?
2) Design a file system to with simultaneous read access and single write access
1) Write a code to find subset of numbers in array whose summation= given number? If this does not exist, print false.
2) How do you improve amazon website?
Tell me about your professional experience?
How would you design a process that could be scalable for a large organization like Amazon?
Describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult co-worker.
Find nth last number in a singly linked list.
He asked me about how I had managed teams in some of the projects that I had worked as a lead
How would you go about selecting a target market to launch this particular product
Tell me about a situation where you had to convince others of a process change?
If you have a file containing millions of integers, how would you sort the data in the file using extremely limited resources, such a s 1GB of memory?
How would you build a list of the top 100 largest elements in a file containing millions of integers?
Sorting. Data structure.
design api for cache management
unlimited supply of coins of different demoninations. pick min number of coins to get given amount.
serialize/deserialize binary tree – diff possible approaches and pick best one. tell why its best? code and complexity.
find if binary tree is bst.
what ds can be used for LRU cache.
write an algorithm to do a merge sort in assembly language
what is the use of interfaces?
different between array and heap
Describe what events you would hold to attract candidates.
Give me a win and a loss and don’t use the same examples you’ve used with other people during this interview.
open question on how to route their delivery
Describe data structure for Shuffle operation in a music player
Longest path between any two nodes of a binary tree
What is JavaScript?
What are the challenges facing cloud computing?
How will you check to see if two integer arrays have any common elements?
Write an algorithm to determine if 2 linked lists intersect
How would you redesign the homepage of Amazon.com?
Tell me about yourself and your weakness.
why our company?
Your leadership experience?
find the 2nd-largest node in a binary tree
What is the computational complexity of graph isomorphism
Write a program that takes an integer and gives the closest node in a binary tree.
What is another term for graph?
Probably the most difficult question they asked me was, he put a binary tree on the whiteboard and I had to write a function that would find if the tree was symmetrical or not. Anyone who’s familiar with data structures and recursion should be fine with this, just don’t freak out when they propose the question.
list some search algorithms and discuss complexity and usage of them.
How would you, specifically, build Amazon Web Services?
find the element from the array that has odd number of occurences
generate words from a n *n matrix
Why Amazon
How do you measure success of the [Cloud Drive] product of Amazon?
If Amazon were to do [A PRODUCT IDEA], how would you measure the market and what’s the process you go through to start building the product?
Whats the complexity of a SQL select statement where ‘Between’ is Used?
Market Sizing – how many customers in the US shopped on Amazon.com in the past year?
Business Model:

1) Launch (how would you launch a grocery business at Amazon?)

2) Growth (what’s the best business model for streaming video?)

3) Pricing (what is the optimal price for the new Twilight book?)

Metrics/Measurement – what is the best metrics to measure performance in DVDs?
Who is your best employee now and what makes them the best?
Describe a situation where you needed to make a gut decision?
How would you design the rating system for products?
Describe how the Java garbage collector works
Return top 10 most used words in a string
Return the least common ancestor for N nodes in a tree given nodes that only have a parent pointer
Write SQL to Find groups having exactly three different tags.
How do you motivate others?
A lot of questions like “tell me about a time you ….”
General Based on Coursework and Resume and Experince
Completely into Data Structures, trees, hash tables
methodologies used before in work
what’s you biggest achievement
They asked me about my dream job?
Reverse a Linked List.
Merge two sorted arrays.
Given an array of integer and a value(integer), find all the pairs of integers in the array that sum up to the value.
Amazon is preparing to move from their old campus to their new one in Seattle. They are looking for someone to oversee the entire project. You will be presenting to the board 1 week on your plan. What do you present and why?
What is polymophsm for OO?
A anagram program
Given two very large binary trees T1, with millions of nodes, and T2, with hun- dreds of nodes, create an algorithm to decide if T2 is a subtree of T1.
There is a special linked list where each node have two pointers, one pointer for next node and one pointer for randomly chosen node. Create a deep copy of this list.
Which is the best way to reach out to customers, an email campaign or a search engine advertisement? Why?
Are you an excel expert? You should have some detailed info to prove it if you say yes.
Be ready to do a math problem on the fly about percentage discounts, etc. You might want to carry a small calculator in your notebook. Bring a pen & paper & copies of your resume.
Implement Stack. Write code
Implement String to integer conversion
Given array of numbers find all combinations from given array which sum upto given target value.
One based on graph traversal. Find all combinations of words from given 2 dimensional character array.
if there is a stream of numbers( billions of them) as input from some source what data structure and algorithm to be used for saving the 100 largest numbers?
how would you design software for gift card ? how the key is generated ?and even went to extent of probability calculations for probability that generated key is repeated
write code for atoi function? write code for nth fibonacci through recursion and normal , analyze and compare time complexity
what is difference between c++ and java? where is polymorphism used , explain with example
What is the most in-depth analysis you have ever completed?
Tell me about a challanging situation that you faced and how you resolved it.
Why do you want this job and how will you adjust to culture change from your current employer.
You have a sentence that has a grammatical error, and the sentence has been broken into a parse tree. The grammatical error is because of an interaction between two words. Find the minimum complete phrase that includes the grammatical error.
What is hash collision? How to solve it?
Write a function to determine if a tree is symmetrical
Find the least common ancestor of 3+ nodes, in a binary tree wher the nodes only point to their parents. No child pointers.
Salary / Background / Experience.
Given int array
Sum = 10
Find number of unique integers that sum up to 10 fro that array
Tell me about a specific time in your recruiting career where you have been in a difficult situation.
Describe Hash Tables
Write code to do a k-way merge of sorted lists
Given a mutable string (array of characters) of words, how would you reverse the order of the words in the string, not the entire string. This must be done in place, i.e. not using any additional memory.

eg) “Hello World” => “olleH dlroW”

How would you design x system. Now imagine you need to scale that 1000x
What would u do if deadline is approaching and ur product is not finished?
what are ways to eliminate bottle necks
Find k largest/smallest number in a series of numbers. What data-structures will you use? Code it on white board.
How exactly do you prioritize your tasks?
What is the most difficult work situation you have been in and how did you handle it?
What are examples of some of the deals you have done?
What is leading?
What is the difference between kerning and tracking?
Board game of life
How to collect orphaned memory nodes in garbage collection
Find right-most zero in 0-1 node where in a given row, if 1 appears, all values right of it are 1.
Design counters system for online services.
How many phone books are in New York City?
You have a ping pong ball. It is the same diameter as a tube that it is in. It is buried 3 feet under concrete. How do you get it out?
You have 3 warehouses. Warehouse A, Warehouse B, and Warehouse C. Place them anywhere and tell me why.
You have 3 warehouses. Warehouse A’s demand exceeds its maximum capacity. What would you do about this situation?
Campaign you were most proud of
Experience w/ social and online media to promote books
hash table
Write a function to serialize a binary tree.
How would you design a training plan for all facilities nationwide and keep employees current with ongoing continuing education?
When can you start?
Design a data model for a Furniture company where each item needs to have a Type and a Material facets to it.
Design a data model for the e-shop and write query to select customers/orders.
What is a pivot table?
What does command “V” do in excel?
If you were about to run a 40% promotion in your store, how would evaluate its success?
If you were at a career fair with over 100 people, what is strategy to get noticed?
Are you happy? How can Amazon make you happier?
How to find the least common ancestor for a binary tree.
How would you go about searching for a movie based on the letter of the movie entered from the smart phone
Tell me about a time when you were dissatisfied with your job.
You have a file of 1 million numbers, how do you find the top 1000?
Whats a thread in C++?
If you have a continuous numerous data how would you keep track of the top 10000 numbers!!?
How would you check a BST?
How would you sort a very large Data!?
Explain Quick sort!? , Heap Sort!?
Describe human cell as class. What functions would you include?
Given a binary tree, write a program to serialize/ deserialize its contents. Basically the tree contains a string
Given a histogram, find a rectangular box(non empty) that will cover maximum area.
Business case question on finding profitability of a given product
What do you think you would have done different on a certain project?
Reverse a singly linked list in place.
Write an algorithm to see if a tree is a BST.
Write a method that takes an argument of two sorted arrays and returns a single sorted array (merge function of a merge sort algorithm).
Given a list of point objects find the 100 points closets to the origin of a graph.
Tell me about a time where a manager wasn’t there to oversee you and how you handled your job.
Write algorithm for breadth first search
There are incoming numbers from a stream, print the largest 1000 numbers.
Given a list of tasks to complete for the day, how would you prioritize each item?
From your work history, what previous position is most like the one you are apply for?
An example of when you have gone above and beyond at work.
Describe how you would handle difficult worker at pizzia shop?
Determine if two singly linked linear lists intersect.
What is cache. What data structures would you use for it. Replacement techniques
Tell us how you solved a difficult problem
Create an algorithm that will navigate a maze.
How to design a system which tells about movies going on each zip codes along with their showtimes and theatres
What is the difference between project manager and product manager?
How do you analyze price increase of a product?
If you were given a project with no clear goal or resources, how would you approach it?
Tell me a time when you failed and what did you do.
Describe one thing you did not like about your previous company.
If you were the CFO of amazon, what metrics would you look at every day to see how well your company is doing?
Consider a system with fragmented memory. So when the user invokes a malloc(N) there may be a possibility that N consecutive locations can’t be allocated. But chunks of memory that adds to N can be allocated. Design a data structure to store this information and write routines for allocating memory given the size, read , write given number of bytes to read etc.
find the closest pair of points in a 2 dimensional space.? write an algorithm.
Tell me about a hiring mistake you made and what you did to rectify it.
What would you offer as an API to handle Node.js
Given a 5×5 board containing random characters, find all words that can be formed from consecutive adjacent (diagonals count) characters.
Lots of rapid-fire Java-specific questions. ex: what is the diffference between ArrayList and Vector? What is the purpose of the finally statement?
How do you approach the problem you were given
What is the difference between abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance?
Tell your previous interesting project.
write a function to determine a BST
say about challenging part of your previous work experiences
Transpose of a matrix
What are you currently working on
How would you find if a sum exists between a pair of numbers in an array. Give the algorithm and complexity.
What is it about amazon that makes you interested in working here?
Do you prefer to work in a stable or unstable environment?
How do you deal with ambiguity?
typically questions consist of book defination of class and object, polymorphism , over riding etc
There will be definately questions on bits/bytes and small basic questions on Hexa decimal like
what is result if you add 1 to hexa F. ( there are good tutorials online which explains concept).
3) you may be ask to write small function to convert integer to bits or swap 16bits value
They will ask simple quetsions like “if you have 5000 html pages how would you find particular value
They will ask you to write simple program which you are expected to submit within few hours.
write a function to find 2nd highest value in an array. Basic questions on STL library , some baisc regrex questions , difference between left join right join ( only basic stuff). I guess w3school tutorial is fine incase if you want to refresh .
simple sql query using joins.
What type of processes improvement have you made at work?
oops question, inheritance and polymorphism with example.
Find largest and second largest number of an array?
Why do you want to work for Amazon?
If you are 1 month behind on the 3 month project how would you deal with the stakeholders? what would you do?…Further questions about dependant teams and whatnot stemming from the answer.
If you were told that your project was cancelled, what would you do?
reverse a linked list
Describe a good report layout you would propose to senior management that helps analyze the business in a meaningful manner
What did you find most difficult about your previous job?
How would you index a phone directory? What data structures would you use? Implement it.
The assignment problem
Reverse a linked list
Coding question with follow up on how efficient is that
How would you do years ago?
There was a wide variety of questions.
why amazon
How much do you currently earn?
“You are given an array of integers where every integer occurs an even number of times, except one integer that appears an odd number of times. Return the odd occurring integer. Write functioning code and read it to me when you’re done.”
What is the technical project or achievement you have worked on that you are most proud of, and what is one that you are least proud of your involvement.
Have you ever worked on CPG or financial products with any major agencies?
What is wrong with this code:

int *ptr;
*ptr = 7;

Will you please discuus the most innovative project/product you have led or produced in your current role?
Develop a general algorithm to enumerate all postal codes, for package routing, when passed of country of interest (note: postal codes do not necessarily follow a consistent pattern or perhaps exist on the international stage).
Give a 2D rectangular array represented as a 1D arrary in row-major form, rotate the array by 90 degrees
Find top 3 customers who visited the most web pages during a given hour using a log file that tracks a customer name and the pages they visited.
Find the top visited web pages by using the log files as described above.
judge if a tree is balanced
How will you improve Amazon?
Find cycle in link list
Rand(7) from Rand(5)
Design data model for movie system.
Design parking lot system.
How would you implement a scoreboard for an online game? Concentrate on data structures you would use.
You are given a task to parse phone numbers out of a logfile on a linux system. How would you approach this task?
TCP 3 way handshake method
What aspect of your professional life/experience does not show up on the resume?
What is a hash table and what would you use it for?
Write the a function that counts all pairs in an array.
Tell me Something about the case study of “CRAZY BIRDS” Game ?
Given million records, sort them out using 1K memory. Suggest the best algorithm to do this
Although not unexpected I found the question regarding past mistakes difficult because you have to measure your answer based on what you think they will expect.
Find all the common elements between two arrays.
Write code to check if a given tree is a Binary Search Tree (BST).
Design a hotel reservation system.
Design an elevator system using object oriented methodologies.
Design a Least Recently Used (LRU) cache.
What was your most significant achievement in your current position?
How would you handle an allocation scenario?
Given two arrays, write a method to find their intersection?
What is a hash map? How could you use hash maps to find the intersection between two arrays faster?
How do you check whether a given binary tree is a binary search tree or not?
1. Find out that data in a linked list is a palindrome
2. You have an array (size is not known) and whose elements are having the values from 0-> 99.
Find out the three largest elements in that array and return those.
3. Write the Test cases for the amazon review page which has these things on that page:
stars to rate the product
two edit boxes: 1 for title, 2 for review
two buttons: ok and cancel.
A user at home cannot RDP into his servers. What could be wrong? (draw out how you would troubleshoot on whiteboard)
What trends do you see that would affect video?
Tell me about advertising economics
What is the percentage difference between two numbers?
Several situational questions
How many days are you willing to work a week
Design an elevator system for a building
Design a clone of a web-based note taking system. Design various services for that system.
Write a program/script for analizing text and counting words with 2, 3 etc. letters.
What is the relationship between an object and a class?
Explain how spinlocks were implemented in hardware
Given an array of sorted numbers, a number to search for and a condition such as GreaterThanEquals, LessThan etc, return the match if present and the index. The array cannot be search using binary search and have to use least amount of memory as possible
Given a sorted inked list. Convert the linked list to binary tree (not binary search tree)
Implement the routines for queue. Now, add synchronization routines for enqueue and dequeue
Can you tell me about a time you had to convince someone to do something they did not want to do?
What solutions are appropriate for data collections of various given sizes?
Design a given change to the user interface for an Amazon shopper.
How would you take care of an upset customer.
Implement atoi
What is better Google or Facebook?
Advantages of hash table
How to implement reservation system?
Tell me about yourself, what makes you apply this position?
This was not unexpected but a bit difficult. How would you represent the ordering of a deck of card if you only have 32bytes to work with. So, he explained that you have 52 objects, there are 52! possible ordering of them. how to encode one of those ordering within 32 bytes?
Given an array of integers A[1…n], compute the array B[1…n] such that B[k] is the product of all the elements of A, except A[k].

Part ii) Try to do it without division (some mobile devices don’t have division).

Was asked to write code for part ii.

Give an object oriented design for a restaurant reservation system.
What failures have you had recently?
If I handed you a rubiks cube and told you that it had to be solved by tomorrow, how would you respond?
Tell me about a time when you were leading a group, were assigned a goal, and you did not reach it.
How would you deal with an unhappy co-worker, client, or customer?
What constructive criticism would your current employer write on your annual review?
How did you quantify the improvements in your teams.
If you had to focus on one of these to define your job satisfaction which would it be-work environment, what you do, your customer, your work life balance?
What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
Write the code to mirror images and tree
Implement a List in java
Design a recommandation algorithm
You are given the head node of a binary tree. Find the height of the tree.
Write a function atoi in C, which takes a String as input, such as “123”, and outputs an int, in this case 123.
Write the code for merge sort merging function
count the number of times a word has occurred in a given string
Can you describe your last two jobs?
When you arrived in those positions, did you have to “fix” them, or were they functioning well?
What metrics did you use to track your progress and show improvement?
What was your most difficult technical issue
Tripple linked list to one single linked list
Why should I hire you?
Tell me about a time when you had a group conflict and how did you overcome this conflict?
Do an in-order traversal without using recursion?
Describe a situation were you used your analytical skills
Describe a situation where you sloved a problem that affected customers
How will you implement LRU Cache?
what is binary search? Explain worst case and avg case complexity of it? How will you modify it to handle circularly sorted array?
How do you motivate people?
What actions would you take if you found that you are actually carrying too much inventory?
How would you handle the Top 20% of inventory items vs. the Bottom 20%?
Imagine you had 9 balls of all equal size and shape but, one ball was heavier than the others. Using as few steps as possible, how would you determine which ball was the heavier one using only a balance beam scale.
find the most frequent appeared web click sequence of 3.
Add two numbers represented by linked list, starting from higher digit.
What’s hashtable?
The technical interview will include (but is not limited to) questions related to: Coding, CS fundamentals, Problem Solving,
Data structures, Algorithms and Object Oriented Design and will last about an hour.
why do you want to work for Amazon?
Definitely a lot of technical questions. Be sure you know your stuff.
reconstruct a BST
Debug a code on a paper
One interviewer drew on the dry erase board and had me work through various puzzles. He wanted to see my thought process and how I work through challenging situations – was I able to think outside the box, come up with viable solutions, etc.
Having to pick up n items from a warehouse find an algorithm to minimize the cost having a cost function to go from one item to another.
Please provide me with some examples of your success in metric terms (percentage of improvement, etc.)
What is your biggest barrier to leadership and how do you surmount it?
The questions were very easy, not what i expected.
Whats the background process for a complex SQL query?
Would you say you feel fortunate, unfortunate, lucky or unlucky and why.
ascii to integer
find related info about a product which amazon is selling ?
Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an employee not performing their job well.
All behavioral questions for the role I interviewed for.
You have an orange and two people in the room amongst which you need to divide the fruit.
All competency based questions aimed at tasks, strategy, people.
Define the strategy pattern and when could it be used
How would you implement a priority queue. What is the O analysis of your implementation. How would you store a tree structure. How would you implement a tinyURL service.
given a tree write a function isSymmetrical that would find out if the tree is symmetric or not.
Class Node
Node leftChild
Node rightChild;
int value;

//Write this method:
boolean isSymmetrical(Node treeRoot) {


This is symmetrical

/ \
5 5
/ \
9 9
/ \ / \
2 8 8 2

This is not symmetrical (value difference):
/ \
5 6
/ \
9 9
/ \ / \
2 8 8 2

This is not symmetrical (structural difference)
/ \
5 5
/ \
9 9
/ \ /
2 8 8

What is the pro/cons of hash tables, trees, link lists?
Tell me about a failure and how you overcame it.
We did some data analysis and noticed that the phase of the moon was directly correlated to the productivity of our fulfillment center staff. What could be causing that?
The difference between and interface and an abstract class
Using only putchar how would you print out the ascii values for each digit in an integer. For example if the integer was 123, then you would want to print the ascii values for 1, 2, and 3.
Given a value and an array of integers, find if there are two integers in the array that add up to the value.
Describe the class structure for a chess game.
Tell me about a time you improved a process.
Please describe your leadership style.
How will you market Amazon cloud drive in Brazil?
What are 3 numbers the CFO would look at on a daily basis?
How do you price a brand new product?
How do you decide whether to include a 5 dollar free download voucher with each sale of a cd box set?
What would your ex-employers say is your biggest strength / weakness?
Data structure question
What-if scenario question
How would you describe your analytical skills
Are you a self starter
What complexity would sorting add to an array list?
What was your biggest professional mistake?
given a sorted list of integers, how would you find whether 2 integers exist that add up to a given sum?
code up a system that will accept a series of telephone keypresses and return a list of possible names from a supporting data structure. Describe both the data structure and the insert and search methods.
A list with a set of integers. All elements appear even number of times while one appear odd number of times. Find this number that appear odd number of times
shell sort
Give me an example of a website you created?
You need to design a system to provide answers to factorials for between 1 and 100. You can cache 10 numbers. How would you arrange/manage that cache, and what is the worst case for lookup on a cache miss?
What was your biggest achievement?
Your biggest failure?
What’s your management style?
What would your direct reports say about you?
Using Stack structure only to implement Queue.
How to enqueue, dequeue?
Write a function to mirror a binary tree (left node to right, right to left, etc).
How about very unbalance tree?
Have you proposed an idea to your company that would save the company time and money? How was it received?
How does your research relate to neural networks.
Why Amazon?
Do you have any Lean or Six Sigma experience?
What is the most difficult critique that you ever received? And how did you handle it?
On a scale of 1 – 10 how whacky can you be?
You are the manager of a pizza delivery business. One employee in the pizza assembly area is slowing down the other workers by talking to them and not doing his job as required. People on the weekend shift are leaving the store very messy and the day shift is complaining of the mess. Customers are calling and complaining that their orders are not arriving as ordered. How would you handle the problems?
You work at a fulfillment center. One of you workers is slow in getting his orders done in the mornings but is faster in the afternoons. The trouble is the quality of the afternoon work is poor with many mistakes. He says he just does what is needed to keep his job. What would you do as a manager about this?
How would you implement a sparse array (key could be any integer,
but only a few would be used) with limited memory.
Tell me about your failures?
What do you think of Amazon Prime
Describe an experience where someone you hired did not work out
Have you used Amazon web site to buy a product or service? what do you like or dislike about the website?
Give an example of a difficult customer you have handled and what was the outcome.
Have you ever had difficulty with a co-worker? What was it and how did you handle it.
Explain TCP. Be as detailed as possible.
Tell me about a technical issue that you have encountered in the past and walk me through what you did to resolve it.
What is a mistake you made that you’ve really regretted?
Tell me about a time when you failed at work, and how you handled it.
What would you do to motivate your team through major changes?
what was a simple solution to a complex problem
questions on forecasting and logistics
Why Amazon?
Matrix multiplication
What is overloading and overriding
All clients will be connecting to one controller and controller will dispatch events to all the back end server connected to it. How to make sure that all back end server seen updated information so that information served from any of the back end server is consistent.
Design Dictionary using TRIE (write insert and search function for TRIE)
Design a Chess game with OOD
Design expression tree with OOD
Dynamic programming question.
Tell me about a time where you did not succeed, meet a goal or an expectation
How do you handle an employee who is not performing
not an unexpected question, but for me, why did you leave your last job…the truth is too wierd to believe…
Willing to work long hours, weekends, holidays
What is your weakness?
why amazon?
power of a number
There was a question that was a Dutch National Flag problem. It is essentially about grouping colors, however he used integers, positive, negate, and zero to do the same thing.
When in your last job did you take a risk and fail?
Was tasked to design a class to take on an algorithm problem.
find LCA for two nodes of a binary tree.
how to merge two sorted linklist?
how would you trouble shoot a slow download of content on a Kindle device?
Write a program for the longest possible palindrome and write test cases to break it.
Elicit requirements for the game of chess and design the game.
Describe yourself in about five minutes.
Given an array of integers and an integer k, find all possible k-tuples of the array such that no k-tuple uses any index of the array more than once.

For example, given the array {1, 2, 3} and the integer k, the k-tuples returned would be:
1, 2
1, 3
2, 3

but 1, 1 would not be permitted.

Can’t post due to NDA! But none of the questions was too difficult-prepare for the behavioral type questions and read a bit about pricing.
Math question regarding units per labor hour.
Give me an example where you used data to defend your position on a decision made
differences between arrays and pointers
hash table
Was asked twice regarding specifics where I made a change or recommendation that made a significant difference in my team being able to exceed their goals.
Are you comfortable working nights, weekends, and/or holidays?
I walked into a trap about my management ability ie. I explained my strengths in such a way it looked like a weakness. I spent a few minutes having to backtrack.
Have examples of how you failed and recovered. I had a few in mind but had to think of one that involved personnel. Of course, you also don’t want to have too many examples of failures!
Tell me a time when you took the initiative to improve a process or procedure. What was it, what did you do, what was the outcome, and how did you measure success (ie. metrics)?
Say you had a dictionary of words. How would you set it up? And what would you do if you needed to search for a word (what type of search)? About how long would it take for you to search for the word using Big O notation?
How do you motivate high achievers?
What is your strategy in interviewing so you hire the right people?
How to design a cross-road traffic light system?
How to design Amazon’s warehouse shipping system?
Code for Fibonacci series
Code to find the intersection between 2 arrays.
find mirror of given binary tree
How do you deal with management?
The standard “how did you handle a conflict situation where there were two different points of view?”
How do you gather/validate requirements (also very standard).
How do you keep aware of changes in the wider business environment? Can you think of an example of how have you employed this information within your role?
Tell me a post mortem analysis on a business or team failure. What was the failure and what conclusions did you reach and how?
Give me a detailed example of the project you have led before to help me understand more of your previous job.
We are currently planning on this initiative. What do you think? (Case interview)
Describe a workplace where you volunteered improvements
Do you feel you have been fortunate or unfortunate
The first int: Create Queue class based on Stack (suppose Stack is already written and has basic methods). Change the class for using in multithread env.
The first int: Monday, you recognize you web-site works very slow. Describe how you will investigate the problem.
The second int: You have a file like this:


Write the program, which prints:

asb, sba
stop, tops

OK, you have 100gb file – approach? Using pure java? Why you use HashTable, not HashMap? What the difference? White sort for string (you use it in the algorithm)

Implement a queue using two stacks
would you like to take your boss’ position?
what was the most difficult case you had to face?
How many fields have you worked with in excel?
Given a file find the characters that appear the most often.
The first interviewer asked me to code a program to evaluate a post fix expression.
Second one asked me to design a Conway’s Game of Life. (I had no idea what it was. The interviewer took 5 minutes to explain the game and then asked me to design and code).
In the next round, the interviewer gave me a binary tree and asked me to write all the data in a file and when the file is read back we should be able to construct the original binary tree.
In the last round, the interviewer asked me to design and code an LRU (Least Recently Used) Cache.
Strategy to increase Amazon Prime membership?
How do you differentiate it from eBay for a seller?
What would you do to try to motivate an employee who really just wants to do the minimum to get paid?
Describe a process or processes that you have improved?
Write a function to validate a binary tree
Can you describe your biggest failure?
Do you have any warehouse experience
What is your favorite aspect of Excel?
Do you like using a Pivot Table?
How does LL work.
Tell me a time when you had a bad conflict and how did you handle it?
Tell me a time when you had to go against your supervisor and why?
How will Amazon factor into your life as unlucky or luck and how?
Have you had a coworker that was dishonest as in stealing?
Pick an Amazon product and tell me how you would double revenue on it in the next year.
Given an array of numbers, using a moving window of size 3, report the maximum element within the window for each position.
Code a Huffman lossless encoder on the white board.
Design a Parking Lot in terms of OOP concept
Questions about hasp maps, data structure etc ( it was a few years ago so can’t remember exactly)
how do you find ancestors on a doubly linked tree ?
median of various values
Design Elevator
Basic C++ questions … Define polymorphism, multiple inheritance, array, linked list and hash table.
Basic management questions … conflict resolution, management style and effective communication
What is method overloading and method overriding?
What are your weaknesses?
How do you motivate people?
Why amazon?
Provide me an instance when you failed.
Provide me an instance when you were in a leadership role
How does Microsoft Outlook does it’s updates
Given an array, put all repeated characters together.
Find substring ‘substr’ in string ‘str’
Write a function that takes a BinaryTree and validates if it is a valid BinarySearchTree. Assume the tree contains no duplicate values.
Phone: Intersection of to set!
Phone: reverse the letter of each word in a string! the position of the words should not be changed!
Math flow problem was altered as your briefed your solution.
Given two arrays find all the points of intersection between the (i.e. equal elements) and return them in an array.
Given a string like “I’m being interviewed by Amazon” implement a method that reverses the given string so that it looks like “Amazon by interviewed being I’m”.
Describe how you developed your agents?
What were your best and worst hires and why?
How do you motivate people?
Tell me about a time you failed? What was the circumstance that caused you to fail? What did you do about it?
Code to get the depth of a binary tree.
sort large amount of records saved in several files.
All sorts of tricky behavioral questions.
What is the difference between arrays and linked lists?
Implement a cache in Java.
Have you ever had to convince a teammate to implement a problem in a way different than their own?
How would you determine how relevant a book is to a particular search query? What parts of the book would you search and how would you weight them?
A part of developing a good search algorithm is determining how close the query terms are to one another in a document. Develop an algorithm for finding the shortest distance between query terms in a document.
Why Amazon?
Why is Amazon successful and what are the strengths we need to leverage in order to continue our 30% annual growth? What are the Company’s weaknesses we need to address as we move ahead?
Stock Questons. What do you look for when investing? What is your outlook for Amazon and why?
What is your best negotiation? And, what was the outcome?
Question about how you would determine the minimum distance between two actors. E.g. Tom Hanks -> Sleepless in Seattle -> Meg Ryan have a distance of 1.
Given two words “CAT”, “FAR” determine if you can get from the first to the second via single transformations of valid words….e.g. 1 transformation gets you from CAT to CAR changing T to R, then another gets you from CAR to FAR changing the C to F…all are valid english words.
Given two numbers n and m, divide n by m without using the division operator. Return both the integer answer as well as the remainder.
1. Given a depth d, build a complete tree of depth d.
2. How would you test it?
3. Why did you select your particular solution approach?
4. What level of programmer could be expected to code this?
Let’s say you inherit a system that no one is supporting but your team needs to use to deliver.
1. How would you manage the development and delivery of your product?
2. What if you need another team’s help? How do you get their attention?
3. What if this other team is stressed with their own delivery?
4. What if you have a tight timeline but the relevant resources are in different parts of the org?
How do you hire people? (This was asked multiple times. I almost felt that I must be messing up my answers). My answer led to many different interview paths.
What do you think is your biggest contribution to Amazon.com?
Should be very familiar with each data structure: link list, array, hash table. Know very detail about how they work.
Provide test data for a program whose functionality is to find second smallest number in a set
Why is security important in ecommerce?
Can you pass a written software test?
What is deadlock?
How did you use Six Sigma in your company? What projects?
Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work and how you handled it?
What would you do if your boss told you to do something that was against a standard procedure?
If we are shipping 2 products to the same customer but these products are contained in different warehouses, What are some of the factors that we need to consider so that the transportation cost will be minimal and the customer will receive the products in the least amount of time?
Binary tree traversal
Reverse an array
How do you aim to evaluate the Customer Service Members?
What interested you in this position?
How do you plan on familiarizing yourself with this new region, given the diverse cultures and languages?
What traits do you appreciate of your former bosses?
Write a function to implement .toString() function in java.
How you delete an node in a linked list.
Give an example of time when you found a simple solution to a seemingly difficult problem.
Why did you leave your last job?
Reverse a string in-place.
Design an elevator system (Object oriented design).
Design a car parking system (Object oriented design).
Given a list of structs which include two ids of parent node and the associated child node, construct a tree.
Find the last 3rd element of the singly linked list.
Based on your research into Amazon and your past experiences, how would you improve Amazon?
Give an example of a time when you couldn’t cope with your workload.
Give an example of a time when you had a disagreement with your manager.
Tell me about your most difficult working relationship
Where would you like to be in 2 years time.
What are your hobbies? How do you usually shop for those hobbies? How would you improve sales of products related to your hobbies on Amazon?
Tell me about a time when you had to change roles.
Tell me about the last time you used data to inform your decision making. How did you acquire the data? If you had to make that decision again, what would you do differently? What data would you like instead?
What challenges do you think we face selling X on Amazon.com? How would you overcome those challenges?
What factors would you consider in making changes to Amazon Prime?
How would you calculate the price of Amazon Prime membership?
How does hash table works
Tell us abt your experience
Implement a string matching algorithm that matches a given string prefix to the longest matching string in a dictionary.
Check given binary tree is BST or not
How to implement Nary Tree
What do you Know about hashing
Memory usage in Arrays and linked list
What do you know about amazon, why amazon
How would you sort a 32 GB file with a number on each line.
Write a function to determine whether a given number is a power of 2.
How do hashmaps work?
Describe a heap and write code for an insert.
Discuss finding the most efficient route in terms of cost and time for moving products through warehouses to customers. Explain algorithm complexity.
Given sample code and asked to determine what it was supposed to do. Then asked to point out everything wrong with it.
Given the tax ids and phone numbers of everyone in NYC, go and get their email addresses. Now what would you change if we expand to NY state? The US?
I was asked if I was willing to relocate. I said I was not able to relocate; however, I could travel. (I was applying specifically for a position in my city).
what do you know about distributed systems
What is a priority queue?
What’s your favorite Excel function?
“Teach me something”
Detailed case analysis
Case Example request for GTM market strategy involving B2B Services
Design an object oriented elevator system . What classes , attributes and methods will you use to implement this ?
Come up with a formula to calculate the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand in a clock.
How would you roll out this idea in 4 months time? (you are responsible for every aspect on it from conception to close-out)
How much does revenue does my favorite team earn
What do you like about Amazon would change and how
Design movie ticket booking system (for multiplex theater) with ER diagram. Also give some future extensions
Write algorithm/code to find longest path between any two cities. 4X4 matrix was given. If there is no connectivity between two cities then the distance between them was given as -1. Its cyclic graph.
Write an algorithm to find the minimum-depth of a binary tree.
weighted binary tress (find the node with highest weight?)
– Find k-th element from the end of the singlylinked list in single pass?
– Write an algorithm for power set of {a,b,c}. hint: 2^n complexity and subsets.
Write an algorithm for counting various vehicles ( cars, trucks..) passing the counting wire which timestamps for each hit ?
How would you design a software for a restaurant?
How to solve the dead lock problem? write the code for example.
Describe difference between a Set and List – what are different ways of implementing them.
Why would you choose an ArrayList() over a LinkedList()
Given an array of consecutive integers (1-100) with no reptitions, give a function that returns the missing int.
1. Why do you want to join Amazon?
2. Which part would you like to join? Front end- Back end or more broader side?
3. Difference between Array and Linked list?
4. Retrieval in an array and a linked list?
5. Insertion in an array and a linked list?
Given 2 files, each line in the files is considered an entry. Print the entries that are duplicated in both files such that the number of repeated entries are minumal. Example:

File 1:

File 2:


How would you design the game monopoly?
What is your weakness?
Design a database and tell me the entities and constrains you will include for some business model.
How would you design a parking lot using object-oriented programming concepts?
Do you go against a supervisor who made a decision that goes against corporate policy and is a potential safety issue for one of your employees
Describe the most negative candid feedback you received in your last job, what was it?
How do you motivate people
What do you think is the data structure for face book ?
Suggest algorithm for vehicle fueling optimization ?
Design an algorithm to find out if an array has a pair of integers summing to some number X.
Complexity of this algorithm. How to improve the complexity?
Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult vendor?
Give me a weakness that better not be a positive in any way!
Whats the biggest mistake you ever made at work?
There was a question that was loosely case based regarding how to approach a specific business situation.
convert binary tree to double linked list
Gave a string of characters and asked them to store in a binary search tree in such a way that it can be extracted in exactly the same order.
How to route trucks for delivery to a number of customers in Seattle with time windows?
As an Area/OPS Manager you are required to audit 2 employees on an established Standard Operating procedure for your line. During your audit this week you chose Becky, a stellar performer who consistently makes rate & has no quality errors and Mike, who has been having trouble making rate and has had 2 quality errors in the last month. During the audit you find that neither employee is following the Standard Operating Procedure. What do you do??
You run a packing department where customer orders are categorized into small, medium and large batches. In general you try to rotate your packers between all sizes of customer orders since there have been prior cases reported of shoulder strain from folks doing large batches for a full shift

Ian is your best large item packer; he can do twice the expected rate seemingly without even trying. He has been packing large items all morning.

After lunch you see your queue has grown in the large batch area. If you keep Ian in the large item packing area, he can get the work accomplished without any impact to production. Or you would need to move two employees into backfill his role which may impact your overall production for the day. What do you do?

Given a log file containing (User_Id, URL, Timestamp) user can navigate page from one to the other. Find the three page subset sequence repeated maximum number of times. Records are sorted by Timestamp.
Bar raiser
Given a NumberPool containing number sequence of numbers from 1 to infinity. Implement an interface, essentially two functions-
checkin(N): which adds number to the number pool and makes it available.
checkout(): returns minimum number from the pool and makes it unavailable.
Bar raiser
1. Given array of numbers, find a, b, c such that a + b = c. Can you beat O(N**2) ?
2. Difference between Quick sort and Merge sort. What modifications you make in Quick sort so that it provides O(N lg N) worst case complexity.
Given a set of numbers, partition the set in to two, such that sum of all the candidates in first subset = sum of all the candidate numbers in second subset.
Given a acyclic graph, find out its root; that is point where all the nodes converge.
eg. G(V, E) = {(A->B), (B->C), (D->C)} C should be the root.
What product or service is missing from AWS? Give an example then build a business case for it.
How would you build a reservation system.
prime number
shell script for processing list of files
How do u sort a million elements? What data structure would you use?
You have two very huge arrays of integers, they have only one element that is different. How do you find the different one?
why amazon
Tell me about yourself…
What is your favorite feature?
How would you set up a program
Swapping two elements in Binary tree
Math Question – basic algebra
How would you price a product/service?
how would you measure user purchase behavior?
How will xx affect the bottom line for the business
What is success to you
Find the node at which two linked lists intersect
Name a time you had to make a compromise and how you handled it.
Standard OOPS concepts like diff between interface and abstract class.
Difference between final, finally and finalize in Java
Given a binary search tree and a target number, write code to get the closest number to target number in BST .
Do you know what time it is? I don’t think I have time for this. I really don’t have time for this. Maybe someone else can do this.
Given a binary tree with only upwards (parent) node references, re-construct the tree adding in child references. You are given a list of leaf nodes (sorted in left to right order). Tricks include making sure to account for extremely unbalanced trees.
Given a large file (>500GB), sort entries.
Given a balanced binary tree implemented with standard child node references, re-implement in array format.
Design a distributed system for handling records. Address scalability.
Additional questions included a variety of algorithm questions including sorting, searching, and graph questions. Solutions typically required use of heap, linked list, queue, hash table (ALWAYS THINK HASH TABLE FIRST), and graph data structures. Almost all questions included run-time analysis and optimization follow-ups.

There were also more high-level design questions, as well as a couple of straight up math problems (pretty easy though).

Foldable Tree
Product Sum quesiton
How did I apply MVC model in my previous project.
Compare inheritance and composition.
Find intersection of two linked list.
Tell me a time when you had a personal conflict.
Tell me a time when your idea was not accepted.
Describe a difficult communication with a coworker.
Design an algorithm to find out if an array has a pair of integers summing to10.
What metrics do you report to daily?
How did you influence those metrics?
Design a library in an object-oriented manner.
Name a time that you tried something and failed.
How do you motivate people?
How would you design an airline booking system? What sort of algorithm would you use to identify routing paths for multi-step flights?
Given an array of numbers and a separate number, how would you determine the first combination of 2 numbers in that array that would total this single other number?
Given an array of integers and another integer X – create an algorithm to determine if the sum of any two integers in the array would result in x
design a ADT to implement push(), pop() method as stack, and also has a getMinElement(). Require that getMinElement() is constant time but push()/pop() do not have to be constant time at first. Then for improvement, these three methods are all required to be constant time
What is your leadership style?
How have you improved a process where you currently work?
Questions that were clearly positioned for an internal candidate
If a stick breaks randomly in three pieces, what is the probability that you can form a triangle from the pieces.
Based on your tour of our warehouse, what is something that we can improve upon.
How would you reduce the size of the cookies in browser?
find pair of numbers whose sum is 13 in a given array of numbers?
what is adapter pattern? given an example of its usage
reconstruct a binary tree
find two integers that summed up to a given values
implement strstr function
Given a list of characters, return combinations of list members.
Dynamic programming example
question on scalabilty
Phone Interview#1:
a) Design “People who this also bought this” feature for Amazon.
b) Questions on Java Garbage Collection
Phone Interview#2:
a) Check two binary trees are same.
b) Design Java ArrayList
a) find the top k repeated string in the list of string
b)Least common ancestor.
c)Finding the max sum of 3 element subset in an array.
1 10 6 1 0 32 4 ==>36
d)Design a In memory Voting System to handle concurrent users access
e) (Bar raiser)Multiple logs of server containing (time,sessionId,userId,Page) user can navigate page from 1 server to other server. find the three page subset sequence repeated maximum number of times
hint:- pushing all file data to DB we can solve this
f) Check weather string is a palindrome given a string as Interator
No questions. Scheduled a phone interview but those guys never called.
Given an array of size [i..n], find the product of all the elements of the array except for the element at index b, where b is an arbitrary element.
Given two lists of user IDs, the first being a list of people who have visited the website on Day 1, the second being a list of people who have visited on Day 2, what is an efficient algorithm to determine who visited on both days?
What is your biggest professional achievement?
If you had a product that was not selling well and was taking up inventory space in the distribution centers, what options would you look at to improve product turnover?
Time complexity of a array vs hash table
What factors would you analyze, and how, in order to make a go/no go decision on bringing Amazon Fresh into a foreign market?
Given a listed list and an integer, find two numbers in the list that sum to the given number (Test cases)
the 3-
tier web services. Presentation layer –> business logic layer –>
persistence layer.
Create the class design for a zoo. The zoo was described as a collection of animals and cages where multiple animals could be assigned to a single cage as long as they were not incompatible.
Write a function to print first n odd powers of 3, where n is given.
design classes and methods for a clothing store. Tell how you’ll use your design to find if the store has xxl size of a particular shirt in stock.
what data structure needed to store a IP address?
how do you design a cache. data structure focused.
Why did you pick your major?
What was the most challenging experience at X job?
Why Amazon?
Also he asked me Define Testing
Write a code for reverse of a string.
Consider a directory consisting of hundreds of html files. Find and replace each US phone number occurrence by appending the US country code to it
Write a code to determing whether a binary tree is symmetric or not (symmetricity is based on data i.e., folding the tree with respect to the root node, all the leaf nodes which overlap should have same data)
Differences between Array and Linked List
Difference between Heap and Stack
Refer the interview process for the weird question.
How do HashTables work?
Describe an Array. What are the benefits/drawbacks?
How does a linked list work? What are the benefits/drawbacks?
Write a method to find the sum of all nodes with no siblings in a binary tree.
The interview started with normal behavioral questions, such as what type of technology do you like the most, what do you not like, why do you want to work for amazon and so on. Then the interview moved to technical questions and then programming questions. The first programming question I was asked was “Assuming a valid binary tree, write a function to insert a new node into the tree”
the second question was a little tougher, “Write a function that checks whether a binary tree is valid or not. A valid binary tree is a tree where no child node points to any of its ancestors”
Internal working of RMI – Serialization.
dynamic programming, system design
Write an algorithm to check if an array holds a string value that you are passing in.
WAP to convery which takes unix command string as input and gives you aParent directory value
Reverse a line with all word reverese as well..
Like i am Dhar to raha ma i ekil
What are you most proud of during your working career?
What are some of your weaknesses?
Given the list of elements all of them occurring even number of times except for one. Find that number
Difference between arraylist and linkedlist in java
2nd interview: Polymorphism in OOP. A question related to NLP since it was my undergraduate project
How are virtual functions implemented(continuation of Polymorphism) and write a code for fibonacci series. Compute the complexity
(This one was from one of the senior developers, an older gentlemen who had been pretty much since the founding). “A road has a traffic counter on it and results in an array of durations since the sampling began. Code and algorithm to find out how many cars have passed, keeping in mind that there may be 18 wheelers, cars towing trailers, pickup trucks and passenger vehicles”
“Given a log file spanning multiple days, and given a page transition A -> B -> C, find all the unique users who made this page transition in the logs”
maximum subset problem
counting no bits from integer,parking garage problem,basic oops concepts
design a bus stand
least common ancestor
Why I was interested in working at Amazon.
Provide an example of when I had to analyze a large amount of data and what insights I was able to come up with.
How would I price something?
What Amazon products/services don’t make strategic sense to me and why?
Generate Random numbers without using any external library and drilling more into Random numbers.
– How did you come to the idea of working for amazon?
– Tell me about a project, where you were project leader – what was difficult, what did you learn, how did you master the situation?

– What is an object?
– Diff abstract class / interface
– What’s wrong with java? If you’d have the chance to change something in java, what would it be?

Write a function with input a list of integers and output the starting index of the longest sequence of ascending numbers e.g. 12123 -> 2 or 4567 -> 0
reverse linked list
explain hash table and binary tree
What happens when you type “www.amazon.com” into a browser?
Write a function to sort IP addresses.
Quickly describe the last two years and what you have done to increase production or productivity.
Find the numbers occur odd times (e.g. 1,3,5,7,…) in the given array. e.g. { 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 4, 4 } You should print 1.
What is generic class
How would you go comparing two sets of objects
How would you count the number of words in a string consisting of uneven number of spaces between words( not dictionary words)? With and without library functions.
What is polymorphism? How do you implement polymorphism in C?
Write a function to determine if a Binary tree is a BST.
Numbers from 1-100 are stored in an array but one number is missing find the missing number? Minimum time complexity and memory
Given two arrays one with expected numbers and other with actual numbers determine which number is missing in the actual array
Design an algorithm to tell how many shapes in the given bitmap image. Shape is defined as all the adjacency true bits.

For example, if the input looks like this, the answer is 4.

Binary tree operations, and design small games like chess or tetris. Not very hard but they keep asking how to improve it.
Find the largest palindrome in a given word.
Given a linked list, flip every pair of nodes, such that if given a-b-c-d-e, return
Design an object oriented design for Black Jack game
How would you implement a file system.
You said you did xyz on your resume. How do you know this was successful? If you keep going with this strategy how will you be able to determine if this is no longer a successful strategy & you need to shift gears?
Design a 3-tier high-available geo-distributed infrastructure.
Define PCI compliance and how does Amazon implement PCI compliance.
Tell me about the challenge of your current job.
What is your experience with Access, with SQL?
How would you design a game of chess?
First Interview. What data structure to use, and how to solve the problem?
Second Interview. Write code to compute result of expression binary tree? What’s the time complexity?
Have you ever had a problem with a fellow employee?
Implement atoi()
Implement clearbit(int n, int p) function, p is the position of the bit to be cleared.
Example : n is 13, p is 0.
Binary representation of n : 1101. You need to clear the pth postion, means 0th position bit needs to be cleared.
Test vending machine
Given a string like “dir1\dir2\.\dir3\..\dir\file.txt”
convert the string path into an equivalent path removing the .\ and ..\ directories. The algorithm should be in place and linear.
Design and implement the Boggle word game
Spiral print a 2D array
Don’t recall exact questions. Felt pretty standard.
Design file system using OO techniques
Design database tables for Books, Authors and Publishers
Print BST
Given a file with integers on each line, parse the file and return the overall sum of all integers
A website has 2 log files for two days ( a log file for each day) with customer information in it. Find all customers who visited the website on both days?
5-a) what is the complexity of the algorithm?
Print the last fibonacci series number that fits in 32bit
How would you find duplicates in two unsorted integer arrays
design a serialize/deserialize a binary tree into a string.
Implement directed graph as a class?
Virtual functons in c++?
is the binary tree a mirror reflection of another
What would you improve/change on Amazon.com?
Tell me about a situation where you had to make a quick decision.
Find second largest number of the given integer array? What about finding Kth?
Difference between C/C++/C#. How do you design a garbage collector in C++?
A log file contains records of IP addresses that have logged on to the server in one hour. Given two log files for two different hours, how can you find the IP address that have logged on in both hours? What to do if memory is limited?
Serialize/Deserialize a binary tree. (Write a binary tree to file and reconstruct it by reading from the file)
Describe the data structures you know. How do you describe BST, hashtable, array to a non-technical person?
You’re in charge of new business venture x. What do you evaluate in vetting the business potential? Now what is your estimate of the volume we could move (with numbers)?
I am your student can you please explain me HashTable? What is chaining?
Please give example.
There are 199 elements in array. It has only one distinct value? How will find this distinct value? Also for solution please tell about O(n)?How can you make it more efficient?
Design a generic UML diagram for an organization that can be implemented for all the companies (from small to large)? Include reporting structure, adding, search, and removing employee.
Find the number which repeat odds times in a array.(only one such number)
find the intersection of two sets.
how would you design how a cellphone implements its contact list when you press a certain letter.

For example, If you press M it will tell you all the names starting with M. then if you press MI it will tell you all names starting from MI and so forth….

Questions on oop concepts such as polymorphism, inheritance etc, design patterns , fibonacci series, prime numbers less than given number.
HR questions and given an array of numbers tell if the array consists of consecutive numbers after array is sorted.
What frustrates you
Name a time you screwed up
Print a matrix in spiral order
Find a pythagoran triplet from an array
Reverse a string. For ex: I like food will be food like I
What is deadlock? Can you give an example?
Write an algorithm to determine whether a given number is of the form (2^n)+1, where n is an integer.
Write an algorithm to output every possible string that can generated by a given 10-digit telephone number. (You know, how when you look at your phone’s keypad the number 2 corresponds to A, B, or C, the number 9 corresponds to W, X, Y, or Z, etc.)
Describe how you would design an algorithm to implement the behavior of make (i.e., the algorithm should parse a makefile and build the program).
Describe how you would design an elevator system in an object-oriented manner.
What is put option?
Your website is slowing down. How do you find the cause of the problem?
Reverse the words in a string. Code it.
Find the intersection of two arrays. Code it.
Implement a BST (involving all operations) and mail the code by the end of the day.
Explain how hash tables work?
If Wal-Mart came out with new very aggressive promotions for Christmas, as Senior Financial Analyst, what would you do?
Why did you apply for this position?
Given the Node in the graph, how would you find if the node leads to the cycle.
What do you know about Binary Trees? Write a function that outputs the contents of a Binary Tree to a text file. Write a function that parses from a text file and creates a Binary Tree.
Can you describe a fast flood-fill algorithm that you could use in an image-editing program?
Determine the intersection point of two linked lists (the point in two linked lists where they both contain the same sub-list)
Why do you want to work for Amazon?
Write a function that allows to convert a string to the corresponding number (i.e. implement the atoi() C function)
Given a (potentially large) array of integers, all but one repeating an even number of times, how would you find the one repeating an odd number of times in an efficient way?
eg [1 2 3 3 2 2 1 4 2] should return 4
Design the classes of a restaurant reservation system
Write a C/C++ function to decode url’s string in place. The special characters to handle are:
“%20″ -> ” “
“%3A” -> “?”
“%3F” -> “:”

Example input: “web.com/kitten%20pic.jpg”
Expected output: “web.com/kitten pic.jpg”

How would you design a system for the generation of book indexes (i.e., you want to generate at the end of the book, a section where the words are indexed with the pages where they can be found)
Why Amazon?
not a question – but advice on the test. I am good with words, but my grammar is pretty shaky (see above!). Really focus on your subbing skills if you get an interview, the pass mark is very high and it is pretty difficult if you don’t edit copy every day.
You’ve been tasked with preparing a business case about whether to continue offering Amazon Prime. What elements would you use to make your case?
Math Question: Inbound Flow Question:
You are in charge of the department that receives the product in to the building and stows it to the bin where it is accessible by the department. you have two options on how to receive and stow the product.
In the first option, you receive the product at 250 units per labor hour and stow it at 100 units per labor hour. You must receive it and stow it for the unit to count for production. This process results in 1% of the units stowed being incorrect. You can find and fix these errors at a rate of 20 units for labor hour with what you believe is almost 100% accuracy.
In the second option, you receive and stow the product in one step vs. two. The rate for this process is 80 units per labor hours for receive and stow. This process results in 1.5% of the units being stowed being incorrect. You can find and fix these errors at a rate of 20 units per hour with what you believe is almost 100% accuracy.
1. Which option would you select to process today’s units and why?
2. Does your answer change if you are told you must fully process 100,000 units today? If yes, why?
3. Does your answer change if you are told that you have 15 associates today and you must fully produce the maximum amount of units possible? If yes, why?
Case Study 1:
As an Area/OPS Manager you are required to audit 2 employees on an established Standard Operating procedure for your line. During your audit this week you chose Becky, a stellar performer who consistently makes rate & has no quality errors and Mike, who has been having trouble making rate and has had 2 quality errors in the last month. During the audit you find that neither employee is following the Standard Operating Procedure. What do you do??
Case Study 2:
You run a packing department where customer orders are categorized into small, medium and large batches. In general you try to rotate your packers between all sizes of customer orders since there have been prior cases reported of shoulder strain from folks doing large batches for a full shift.

Ian is your best large item packer; he can do twice the expected rate seemingly without even trying. He has been packing large items all morning.

After lunch you see your queue has grown in the large batch area. If you keep Ian in the large item packing area, he can get the work accomplished without any impact to production. Or you would need to move two employees into backfill his role which may impact your overall production for the day. What do you do?

Case Study 3:
You are working on a project that requires you to work closely with a peer from Operations (generally an Operations Manager). You need to complete an update to your supervisor tomorrow, but you do not have all of the information you needed from your peer. When you first approach your peer, he appears frazzled and comments that they have a lot on their plate. He further states that he won’t be able to work on your need for at least 3 days. How do you handle this situation?
Case Study 4:
Every morning you meet with your team at a “Start up” Meeting. One morning you need to present a process change to the group that you do not agree with, but is still being put into place. You have discussed your concerns with your direct manager, and they were heard but unfortunately the change is for the entire network, so your team needs to make the adjustment.
During your roll out, one begins to interrupt, gripe, and make observations that you agree with. You have not finished the information you are presenting to the group. What do you do?
What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface?
Write a function to recursively reverse a string.
Write a function to merge two linked lists.
Write a function that takes an integer and returns the string representation of the integer.
Given an array of integers, describe an algorithm to find the largest subset sum. Discuss the complexity of your solution. Implement the solution in code.
I have a file containing below matrix information:

3 3

2 0 0

0 0 0

3 0 0

First row represents order of Matrix. 2 — Start Point 3 — End point 0 — a city to be visited 1 — a city you have no access

Find all possible ways to go from start to end city visiting all 0 nodes and avoiding all 1 nodes. In this case the possible solution is 2

What is Hashtable? What is BST? How to avoid collision in hashing? Compare these two.
If X and Y both have uniform(0,1) distribution, what’s the distribution of X/Y?
How would you create a staffing plan?
Given a list of n elements…every element has a duplicate except one…Find that lone number?
The input to a function is an array of n elements.Output of that function is also an array where each element is product of all elements in the input array except the one with same index.

Input ::::: 1 2 3 4
Output ::::: 2*3*4 1*3*4 1*2*4 1*2*3

Those two were the main questions … rest were follow-up questions.

Other than these…OOPs concept questions…Polymorphism
Different Datastructures…access time and so on…

Walk me through your design for a Restaurant Point of Sale system — This was for a project manager job. A technical PM, but really?
Tell me about a time when you had to influence the business to try something new.
A financial math type question…
You are given 1000 containers of water with exactly one container containing poison.
You can use pigs to test which container contains poison. The conditions are that: A pig drinking
the poisoned water woudl die exactly after 1 hour and that a pig could be used for sampling multiple
containers. Assume that the pig takes 0 time to drink water from any number of containers.
What is the minimum number of pigs would you use to identify the poisoned container within 1 hour.
Find a longest Palindrome in a given string.
Find the intersection of two arrays.
how to construct a max heap?
Do you know that location of the job is Seattle?
How would you test if a binary tree were symmetrical and balanced.
Describe a time you had to fire an employee
How do you check if a Binary Tree is a Binary Search Tree?
Say you have a binary tree (data, left, right). Write a method to find the height of the tree!
Given the hour and minute of a clock, find the smallest angle between the arms. What are some test cases that would be useful?
Amazon has to display the availability of an item even when it’s being viewed by millions of people. How would you design how this availability should be implemented so that it’s as accurate as possible while being updated as quickly as possible?
Analyze a method for Fibonacci numbers.
Why do you want to work at Amazon?
Have you heard about Amazon web services? What have you heard about them?
Print all the possible permutations of a character string.
FInd longest palindrome in given string
Given n Cartesian coordinates find largest/smallest amongst them
Explain encapsulation.
Explain polymorphism.
Describe hashtable.
How do virtual functions work?
Write code to find the smallest two numbers in an array.
Design an airline reservation system. (using OOD, without concerning databases)
Implement the floodfill algorithm of a paint program
What is the different between final, finalize, and finally.
Explain how the garbage collector works.
Write a function that takes an input of a string and convert it to a an integer, convert the integer to its binary representation.
Program a linked list data structure
If you were a manager and told to fire one of us (of the two interviewers) who would you fire?

(this was one of the first questions–and they would not give any information about themselves)

If a ship goes down and you get on a rescue boat, are you a rower or a steerer?
Is the customer always right?
Speak of a weakness and how you are addressing it.
What is a pointer?
What is a memory leak?
What is a hash map? How does it work? What is a hash function
Given an array of unsorted integers, determine which number appears most often.
say sth about hash table.
Algorithm to produce the power set of a given set.
Tell me about how you organize your day.
Write a code to find largest sum of two consecutive integers in an array with syntax and read it aloud?
What is a Hash Table
Collision resolution strategy for a Hash Table
What is the difference between a breadth-first search and a depth-first search?
Tell me a time where you had to work with a difficult customer?
How would you design a Relational Database for a Computer store?
You have two sorted arrays – how can you effectively merge them into one giant sorted array?
Do you know how garbage collection is performed?

How does the garbage collector determine what to consider garbage and what isn’t garbage?

Write a method that will take a string and count the number of words in that string
Write a method that will take two integers and raise the first integer to the power of the second integer
Write a method that will take an array and return a list of points from that array whose values sum to a target value
– Do it in linear time
Write a method that will convert a string to an integer (ex: “824” becomes 824)
1) Find largest subsquence in array
2) parse and compute a string in reverse polish notation
3) design checkers game
4) design some board game
Write a code to get intersection of two arrays
Write a code to find kth largest element in an array
There was some question on Convex functions.
Suppose there is a problem in some web service we are hosting. We find out that it is running too slow. How would you go ahead in finding out the problem?
How would you handle and associate that was not willing to listen and very argumentative?
The math problem was the most difficult if you are not used to algebra type word problems. I am assuming that none of the people interviewing do this kind of thing on a daily basis.
Find depth of a binary tree
Reverse a linked list
design of a web crawler
Reverse a linker list
It was continuously asked to describe examples of continuous improvement
Continuously asked about different ways in past employment that consisted of lean management, six sigma, kazan and to give examples of what you did in prior situations to improve the process
Implement a function to print out all the permutations of an input string
Given two arrays of integers, find all intersecting pairs of integers
Find intersection of two unsorted arrays?
Several questions in java. conceptual stuff
Compare Java and C++
A web site with 2 app servers and 1 database server is slow. Explain how you would investigate it and solve the performance problem.
Given an array having integers with just one integer repeated thrice, how will you find out which integer is that?
Cure world hunger.
Invent a car that doesn’t run out of gas.
Calculate the trajectory of a satellite destined for asynchronous orbit if it was launched from Kennedy Space Center and its velocity and acceleration were proportional to the Bull S&*^ those first 2 questions were all about!
Write the code to reverse a string.
Design a parking garage.
What is a linked list? What is a hash table?
Q) How would you all values from the nodes of a given binary tree into a string and then deserialize the string and put it back in the binary tree?
Q) Given a list of strings how would you find the prefix of each string? What is the complexity? How will you sort the string?
method for finding square root of a function till 3rd decimal place without using any inbuilt function like power etc
Huffman’s code
Given a target point and a stream of points to be read from a buffer; calculate the distance from each point to the target point.
Maintain a list of size N, which contains the N smallest distance values.
Assume the stream of points is high volume, i.e. one million per second.
Given a BST and a target value, find the largest value in the tree that is strictly less-than the target value
What is the complexity of a hashtable? How would you write your own? What unit tests would you write?
Given an array of numbers and a single number, write an algorithm to print all the combinations of entries in that array that equal the passed in number. What is the complexity? What unit tests would you write?
Given a string, find the first instance of a character that is not repeated. What is the complexity? What unit tests would you write?
What tests would you write to test a search box text field on the amazon web site?
Merge and Sort 2 arrays. What is the complexity? What tests would you write?
Given a value say cents(n), printout all possible permutations of quaters,nickels,dimes and cents using binary tree
How would you program Monopoly?
some binary tree related
some design question
Given a number find it is one less than the power of two.
Revert word sequences in a string
Design a web site which can collect user clickstream data
How would you negotiate with suppliers to get the best prices for Amazon?
Design an online voting system
Explain how browser caching works
how will you implement garbage collector in c++
Optimize some Algorithm
Reverse a list in C++
Difference between an array and a linked list
If you had to advise a vendor to select one of two things, A or B, which would you advise them to select and why?
You have a limited amount of onsite warehouse space (approx. equal to the size of a 2 car garage), which can not hold 1 each of everything in your product catalog (example: product catalog contains kitchen items from ovens to toasters to spatulas). Whatever does not fit in the onsite space is stored in a 2nd further away facility. How would you decide to stock your onsite warehouse, what would you put in it?
boolean search on google
Explain Depth First Search and Breadth First Search. Write a routine to traverse the nodes of a binary tree using BFS
How do you find out if a graph has a circular reference ?
What is a Minimum Spanning tree ?
Explain OO design by taking an example of designing a card game
Given an array of positive integers, print out all the numbers which are repeated an even number of times ? Can you do this without using additional storage ?
How to implement a hash-table?
What is factory?
Q1) Implement hash table
Q2) Certain Customers buy kindle on day one and certain customers buy kindle on day two. Design an algorithm(optimum) to find customers who bought on both days. Each customer has a unique ID (Integer). (I forgot to consider case of duplicates,until she reminded), You need to write complete code(NOT just pseudo code within given time and read it out)
Q3) Few questions on design patterns(Interpreter/ Observer/State) etc.
1. In an array provide pairs of numbers that add to a particular value
2. In fibonacci series provide sum of all even numbers
Given an array of numbers find maximum subset sum? What is the complexity.
1) Write a prime number service in language of your choice. how you scale it. 2) design an airline company in object-oriented way.
Find the maximum subset sum in an array of numbers. Discuss complexity.
Search on a large incoming number stream. Discuss complexity.
Given a weighted binary tree, traverse and find the max weight efficiently.
Find the max ;length palindrome in an input string.
Extract phone numbers from a large number of text logs in a hierarchy of directories.
Compilation diffs b/w c++ and java/c#? Advantages of IL and JIT?
Advantage of factory pattern? Singleton class?
Mutable vs immutable types? Advantage of immutable types?
Details about Hashtable? Good hash function? HashTable time complexities? Binary search complexity?
If you had unlimited resources, how would you change Amazon?
How would you implement a binary search algorithm for a tree-type data structure?
Find all the permutations of a string.
Reverse a linked list.
What hours are you available to work?
Given two linked lists, find out IF they intersect.
Non concentric palindrome
Consider a simple array. What is the time complexity to insert, search, delete an element?
Design a Parking Garage using Object oriented concepts.
In linux, a folder consists of 10000 files and some files contain US phone numbers. What would you do to display the names of files containing US phone numbers?
How the browser acquires IP address of the website that you entered in the address bar? Explain in details. Then after that how does the browser process the IP address to get the contents of the URL?
The client has complained about your website that it runs very slowly. How would you increase the speed of the website?
Name a time you had to convince someone to do something they did not want to do
Generic question about picking. Simple algebra
What is a major mistake you made in the past and what would you do differently now?
What is your name?
write a method take a String object as parameter and return the reversed String
How will you drive demand gen for our product?
Having an infinite supply of water and two containers, one for 3 liters and one for 5 liters, how would you measure 4 liters?
Write a function to search for a string within another string. Analyze it’s complexity, and propose optimizations.
Write a function to obtain a string with the binary representation of an integer
Given an array of integers, all but one of which appears an even number of times, find the one integer which appears an odd number of times.
Write a program to reverse the words in a string in place. for eg; ” I am sam ” –> ” sam am I “
2 stacks are given, one is full of numbers and other in empty, one integer variable is given, fill the 2nd stack with
numbers in ascending order with space and time constraints.
What is the fast sorting algorithm and why?
How would you sell Amazon’s products??
Write a program to reverse words in a string
Explain deadlock scenario in Oracle
Explain garbage collection algorithms
Explain the data structure you would use to implement pop() and push(Object, int) for a Priority Queue.
Mention one design pattern used in your project. Give me something good and bad about it.
Why Amazon?
How would you launch a toy store on Amazon.com?
write a function to print the frequency of characters
eg. Input : aabbbc
Output: a2b3c1
How would you design a deck of card in an OO language.
Given array A of size n, generate array B of size n, such that: A[i] = B[i]/(Sum(A[0] … A[n-1])
Reverse a sentence but keep the individual words in the same order
Design a file system (Object Model question)
Finding statistically probable words in a sentence
Describe some of the ways you would scale a web-based application to handle huge traffic?
Write a function that takes in an array and repeats an integer that appears the most.
Compare and Book and a Three Ring Binder using data structures and classes.
Find the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand on a clock given the hour, minute and second.
How do you find the fifth last element of the linked list using only one traversal
Intersection of arrays
Word count of a paragraph
when looking back, what is the design change you would have made?
No difficult questions.
Tell me about your self.
Why Amazon?
Nothing difficult
integer palindrome: give character which appeared max in string
What position are you qualified to perform?
Many questions about writing SQL queries
Why Amazon, why this position?
Time you managed a product
Design a “Subscriber – Broker – Publisher” architecture (a) running on a machine; (b) running on a cluster. Write the code for the 3 classes.
Details: there are Events, specified by an “event type” and a blob of detailed info. Each subscriber subscribes with a Broker for a certain event type that it wants to get. Subscribers send events to the broker, and the relevant subscribers need to be notified.
How would you describe your leadership style?
Design a chess game
In an array, all numbers appear even times, while on number appears odd times. Find that number
Describe how you would design the following…
Several object oriented questions
Write functions to do the following, find two numbers in a sequence that add to K. Length of longest repeating element in a sequence.
What is functional programming?
Design a card game.
design a bank of elevators
Print all permutations of a given string.
Design a client/server messaging protocol to facilitate a web-based spreadsheet program. What would the object model look like on the client side?
How would you go about making a case for rolling back a feature?
How do you like this city (by the HR)?
what is virtual hosting.
different port numbers
Explain Polymorphism and Encapsulation.
Write a function to get the most repeated word in a string.
Given the head pointers to two linked lists of unknown length, find the node of intersection if they do intersect.
Questions on my project.
Explain Hash Tables
Write a program to find the square root of a double.
How would you know what product to market on the website?
Implement binary search in the any language you choose.
Design a Parking Garage
What is abstract in Java. Other and Class and Fucntion, where else abstract is used in Java?
Basic C++ concepts such as virtual functions, pure virtual functions, override, overload, inlining.
Design problem: Design a web-server system for click advertisement. Load balancing, database related questions.
What do you think this part of the job means?
Tell me what metrics would you develop to measure customer experience?
Suppose you have an array of positive and negative integers. Given X as input, find two numbers that add up to X.
Given a binary search tree, how can you list its items in order?
What type of leader are you?
Design software to represent furniture
Difference between Hash Tables and Linked Lists
what is TCP/IP?
differences between TCP UDP?
describe TCP IP model.
What is encapsulation?
Design file system
How would you design garbage collection in JVM if it was your task? Describe existing GC algorithms.
you have array with n elements. How would you do circular shift of k positions? Time and space complexity?
You have dictionary. How would you design function/system that should return true/false for check if a word is in a database? How would you scale your solution if word db does not fit in memory/disk? How would you scale it to really big db of words that should be located on n computers?
math problem with that included alloting different people on a given shift.
what kind of roles have you done that were leadership roles?
Discussion on Technological challenge.
Discussion on People management challenge.
what should be changed about amazon website
code to reverse a linked list
Give a recursive definition of Binary search
Test if a Binary tree is BST or not
Find intersection of two sets (i.e. elements which appear in both the sets)
Design a door.
Find the last element of a linked list.
What thing should I know about you that I failed to ask?
If I hired someone that was not working out what would be my strategy
To find nth node from the end in a singly linked list
Write a function that takes an integer and prints out the digits separated by commas. Example, pass in 345 print out 3,4,5
Write out merge sort and apply it to two arrays of integers.
Design a parking lot kiosk.
Given a series of N strings, find a set of repeating string of size 3
e.g. ababadefb
Given N numbers of memory size 1 bit per number and another memory set of size M bits, find the M largest bits from given N numbers without using additional memory
Staircase problem: Given a stair of size N and two ways to reach next step, take 1 step at a time or take 2 steps at a time. What is the total possible ways you can reach staircase of particular length?
Design an elevator scheduler.
What does the ‘static’ keyword mean in C++?
What would be the best data structure for a name-to-phone number lookup, and what would be the average search time? (As a follow up: What could you change in order to improve that search time?
Each question was a “What would you do in this situation?” question. They aren’t out to “get you”, they only want to know your thought process.
I was asked to solve a real world business problem but without all of the background that I needed to answer the question.
What happens when (with the socket and etc) a user enters “amazon.com” in their browser?
Given a sample array of integers containing a zero at random location, return reversed sub array before the first 0. Give the full method implementation.
Tell me about your professional development activities.
Design a scalable work flow system to handle 3M transactions per day
Describe how the hash table works?
Given a integer, count how many 1s in the binary format of that interger.
how would you solve a business problem where a process had to be imroved to 100% of its current level
Write a Card Game program
Implement a hash map along with get and put function
Design a video library
function: Divide 2 number without using divide operator
Given a node in a directed graph, write a function that determines if there is a cycle in the graph.
how to control shared memory access problem?
Given 2 dates see if the difference between them is 30 days or not?
Why Amazon?
In your career, what are you most proud of? What are you least proud?
Porblem about design pattern
find 2 numbers which summation is a give number
Given an array of 100 integers where every integer from 1-101 occurs once, except for one. Find the missing integer.
Reverse the order of words in a string.
Implement a queue using stacks.
Design a game of chess.
Implement a LRU cache.
coding test – write a linked list in any language – iterative and recursive.
Why Amazon?
If you had to choose between adding two products to the Amazon catalog, which product would you add and why?
None were really difficult, but I had diffculty answering anything that required impromptu math. I’m a spreadsheet guy. I.e. if you could buy the same quantity of two products one with a 10% margin and a higher cost and one with a 20% margin and a lower cost which would you buy?
You have an integer array of length N, containing values in the range 1,2,3…N^2. Sort the array in O(N) time
Design a DB schema for an HR dept in which one manager may have more than one manager .
“How would you go about creating an automated process to figure out bid amounts for keywords in a portfolio with a billion keywords for a new product.”
What did you choose this career path?
Write a function to display the permutations of a string
Why Amazon?
3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page
Please code up and send me a function that takes two integer arrays and returns their intersection. This answer must take less than n^2 time.
What are the interfaces for a queue
Code an implementation of priority Queue.
Code to find the largest 5th element in an array in Linear time
Describe merge sort.
what do you know about Amazon and this position?
how do you prioritize two tasks that are both very important?
How do u implement hash tables
Write program for DFS and BFS
Explain a time when you had to give up on something you really cared about. How did you handle it?
The first question asked was how to select random k elements from a linked list, when the size of linked list can not be determined.
The second question asked was to improve search experience when the search engine does not display any result to a user.
Code to find median in BST
Code to check if a Binary tree is symmetrical.
Add long integers using linked list
what is the bubble sort algorithm
If Amazon’s forecast were wrong or the demand didn’t react as expected. What would you do to reduce the financial cost of the inventory knowing that at the end of the year (4th quarter) the company sells 40% of all the products?
Reverse a string.
Hash Table description, Max heap
Suppose you want to migrate to a new platform but new platform has different functionality from old one. How do you migrate seamlessly?
Why Amazon?
Why do you want to work for Amazon?
Many questions on Excel spreadsheets and functions.
First Interviewer:
Why amazon? What made you interested in amazon? What grabbed your attention? What are you looking for?

Amazon invites a group of Six Sigma engineers/specialist from all places to look at your processes or areas. How you get them started what do you? Do go straight in and demonstrate the problem?

“Ok all these Six Sigma personnel have unique ideas” How do you bring them together, motivate them, bring those ideas to the table? How do you lead them and guide them through your process, what steps will you take from beginning to end?

Within you team you will have people that are focused in the afternoon activity, or are interested in getting paid and going home. How do you motivate them? How do you lead a team?

If yourself and your peers (other Area Managers) say for example 20 other Area Managers all have good ideas how do you go above them and demonstrate your process improvement idea? What type of communication approach or strategy do you use to convince your boss?

What type of improvements have you made at work?

Second Interviewer:
What is you background, why did you choose your major?
Tell about your previous jobs?
Where do you see yourself in five years? (He didn’t really care about what I said)
Math Problem will be emailed. Then you will be required to explain it.

Please take 15 minutes to review this question and be prepared to present your answer to the panel.

You have an upstream Picking department that feeds two downstream packing departments: A and B.

75% of your Pick volume goes to department A, which has a packing rate of 150 units per labor hour (uph).

25% of the Pick volume goes to department B, which is for large items, and has a pack rate of 25 units per labor hour.

Your pickers pick both large and small items throughout the day at an overall average rate of 100 units per labor hour.

You have 25 people today for all 3 departments, and you absolutely must pack 7500 units in department A to meet a customer promise metric. How do you allocate labor to balance the flow in your department if you work a 10 hour shift? Do not assume breaks or lunches in your answer.

Department % of volume Rate (uph) People Daily volume
Pick 100% 100 ?? ??
Pack A 75% 150 ?? 7500
Pack B 25% 25 ?? ??

My solution.

Overall Volume * 75% = 7500
*.75 = 7500
= 7500/.75
Overall Volume = 10,000 = uph * hours * people
= 100 * 10 * people
= 1000
10 = people

Packing A: 7,500 = uph * hours * people
= 150 * 10 * people
= 1500
7500 / 1500 = people
5 = people

Packing B: 10,000 * 25% = 2500
2500 = uph * hours * people
= 25 * 10 * people
2500 = 250 * people
10 = people

Now cut uph on Packing Department A: from 150 to 125.
How much volume is packed during the first 5 hours? How much volume is packed during the second 5 hours on Packing Department A?
Your must meet the 10,000 overall volume and 75000 (Pack A) From which department do you move people? What is the overall output for each department after move?

Scenario: You have Chris and Jennifer two associates. Each day Jennifer carpools to work with Chris. One day Jennifer arrives half an hour late. Jennifer is your team, and Chris is on your peers team. When arriving late at Amazon’s policy is employees get deductibles off their pay checks. On the next paycheck Jennifer has a half hour of pay taken off her pay check and Chris doesn’t.

How will you deal with Jennifer when she comes and complains? Will you tell your peer (other Area Manager)? How will you deal with this policy? What is the correct way of dealing with this policy? Is this fair for Chris and not Jennifer?

I apologize to the community. I cannot remember the specific questions I was asked. I only remember the broken dialogue in the process.
Given a integer array, find the subsequence with max sum.
Design a application installer, that update the progress bar periodically.
What do you think was the biggest consumer technological innovation of the past few years (and why)?
You are a product manager for the yellow pages. How would you estimate the market size for a Groupon clone, if your company were to create such a service?
What’s the thing you enjoy the least at your current job?
Given an infinite stream of numbers, find the top 50 integers. What’s the data structure to use, and what’s the time complexity.
Convert an int to a string (character array) in C.
Tell me about your self?
Design elevator
Design Amazon
Why would you use a BerkleyDB over a relational database?
Describe what you would do when you realize the project is approaching its estimated delivery date but your team is telling you they hit a major blocking issue that will likely delay the delivery.
In an array, all numbers show up in even times except one with odd times. Describe a solution to find the odd one.
you have a list of stock prices, find the combination that could make the biggest profit. O(n) solution is required.
String reversal in place
An array consists of elements where each element appears an even number of times. Only 1 element appears odd number of times. Find that number
How could you enhance our website?
Justify whether a binary tree is a BST.
You are given 3 chances to drop a non-biased dice (with number from 1-6). You can stop earlier, but the number of final drop is the money you can get. Give a strategy to maximize the money you can get.
Write an algorigthm to reverse a string?
Gave a list of classes and asked me to reengineer.
how would you price this product
one of the goal you reached and how?
a failure case and what i learned
Write a code for determining the given integer is palindrome in binaries.
Create the necessary classes when you are asked to model the card game.
How would you handle the hypothetical situation where one or more designers try to dominate the conversation and do not seem to be listening to other members of the team?
How do you decide which features to drive UX design for a specific release?
Write the program to return a list of specified prime numbers.
Given two strings, determine if the two words are anagrams. Explain the complexity of the solution using the the Big O Notation
i) Given a value v, in a BST find the next value in order.
ii) In a file or one million words find a pattern of words.
Why are you considering Amazon?
Given k number of sorted arrays, describe an algorithm to merge them into one array with each element remain sorted. Analyze the complexity.
Given a series or integers, write a program to print them out in random order in equal probabilities. In other words, each time your program runs the output should be different, but each output has equal probabilities.
Why Amazon?
What would you like to improve/change at Amazon?
If you are asked to design an elevator, what are things to consider?
Technica: C++ questions.
Code the algorithm to fine the Power Set of a set.
Design a scalable web facing system with a database backend.
Write code to find how many 1s are in an integer in its binary form.
Write code to find the nth fibonacci number.
Explain time complexity in implementing a Priority Queue.
Leadership style
How do you motivate team members
Code reverse a string
How will you test a pen.
Give two arrays. Return an array with product of all elements in the array divided by the element at index.
Example A[3] = { 1, 2, 3 } return
B[3] = { 6/1, 6/2, 6/3}
In O(n)
Gave an example and asked to choose array or link list for its implementation.
Requires many read operations based on position of element. Minumum insertions.
Find the longest subsequence in a given array of numbers in O(n)
Difference between array and linklist
Maximum subarray problem: complexity and pseudo code
Evaluation of a mathematical expression: how to model this using an OO language
Given a single linked list, choose an element from from that list randomly and equal distributed
2 sorted arrays. Give an algorithm for Union – Intersection of thoes 2 arryas
In an array, all elements are duplicated except one element. Fint the unique element
Given an ordered circular array of integers, find an element. Meaning the array is ordered, but the lowest element is not at the first index.

Example: array is [5,6,8,10,1,2,4]

Design a system for counting how many times an item is clicked on. You need to record clicks and be able to report how many clicks for a given item. Be able to report which items are the most popular. Keep in mind scalability, since this is Amazon we’re talking about.
Design a system using only standard PCs for load balancing. No load-balancers allowed. Want speed, scalability, reliability, standardized configuration for all nodes.
Describe the thread states in Java
What is the name of the Java garbage collection algorithm
When do you challenge your manager or give eg when you challenged your manager
what legacy will you leave behind
Write a function that takes in a list of numbers and returns the number of even numbers in the list.
Design a restaurant reservation system.
Write a function for in-order binary tree traversal.
Design an automated parking lot.
Height of a Binary Tree
he asked me regarding my projects, mentioned on my resume and den asked me couple of technical questions..
What is the hash table, what is the usage, what is advantage, what is the implementation, how you code a hash function
Asked what my aproach would be to a variety of product issues
Asked about speciic pricing questions
Coding the fibonacci algorithm.
Given two lists, A and B, of sizes n and k, respectively, describe an algorithm to determine the intersection, C, of the two lists. What is the complexity of your algorithm? (The obvious solution is O(n*k)). Can you describe a solution that is faster? (An optimized solution can do it in O(n+k)).
What algorithm would you use to search a sorted list? What is the complexity of the algorithm? Implement the algorithm in your language of choice.
An integer is represented in binary as a sequence of 0’s and 1’s. Write a function that returns the number of 1’s in the binary representation of a given integer.
Suppose you have a system that keeps track of thousands of users’ contact information, including email address. This information is stored in plain text, on disk in a hierarchical directory structure (on a Unix operating system) organized by year, month, and day it was entered in the system. Something bad happens and the system crashes. We want to get the email address of all these users to notify them. How would you parse these directories and files to generate a simple list of email addresses?
How did you size the market for your product
What metrics did you measure the product success
What would you go back and change in your product
Reverse a string
Quickest way to sort 1,000,000 integers
Design a system for a parking lot
Write a function to find the node where two linked lists meet.
What will you do if client changes the requirement during UAT
What would your manager say is an area of opportunity for you?
Say you have been around for two weeks, so you’re “settled in”. There are say 5 of the same item missing and the GM wants to know where they are before the end of the day. What would be your process?
How would you improve the performance of a detailed server performance issue
design servers to handle large traffic
write a code to print out the fibonacci sequence recursively and iteratively.
design a poker game
Why do you think you will be satisfied in this job in spite of years of experience in another Industry?
What does Product Management mean to you?
2 sorted arrays. Give an algorithm for Union – Intersection of thoes 2 arryas
In an array, all elements are duplicated except one element. Fint the unique element.
hash table principle and practice
find pairs of 2 given arrays
How would you collect customer data
given a stack implementation…find min and max.
Describe the MVC design pattern.
Given an array of integers and another integer (x) – create an algorithm to determine if the sum of any two integers in the array would result in x.
Was there a time you went against the advice of your supervisor / advisor?
About Quicksort
List some design patterns
Caps should not be used on prepositions of words less than four characters but should be used at the beginning and end of every heading and for titles which should be italicised. Correct the errors in these examples.
What does and mean?
write a method which takes x/y coordinates for a point for a graphics program and implement a bucket-fill (change all the surrounding pixels of the same color to the new color)
I was asked to write an algorithm to find the minimum number of 1 letter changes to get from a given start word to a given end word using a dictionary of valid words, i.e. Cat->Cot->Cog->Dog
Effeciently find the first 1 in an infinite sequence of 1’s and 0’s for which you have a random access function, given the contraint that the first 1 will only be followed by additional ones.
What sort algorithms do you know?
how do you measure your business performance?
Why is this position a fit for you?
Write an algorithm to find if a King has been Check-mated.
How would you implement a priority queue. Code.
Find the largest palindrome in a string in a O(n)
Link all the siblings in a binary tree in O(n) without using queues or stacks.
Reverse a linked list in groups of 3, sort the linked list.
how will do test Amazon’s Kindle application
Tell me about a difficult experience you had to overcome.
What is your greatest strength.
Fourth interviewer used whiteboard to map out problem he was trying to solve and asked me to, on the spot, come up with a strategy. It was in essence being asked to do the job for which I was being interviewed.
what is the most challenging problem that i had faced and how did i solve it?
3 algorithm problem solving questions – angle between hour hand and minute hand; recursion algorithm for X power N
whats the use of virtual destructorr?
Why are you looking for a job?
How did you determine pricing for a product you’ve launched in the past?
Tell me about a time where you had to deal with a difficult employee
How would you design a security system to determine if you were already hacked using checksum features in various hashkey technologies (I am a business person, not technical so this was an unexpected question)
Explain a situation in school or in your career where you had to be the leader?
Prime number
Binary Tree vs Hashing
Tell me what you learned from a negative experience.
You are given a binary search tree of integers. Given a target integer, find the greatest integer that is smaller than the target integer.
Design a class diagram for the game of chess.
They gave a 15 minute description of an area of their business and asked me to come up with a new business idea in the next 15 minutes that was unique and potentially profitable.
Write code for a tree whose number of children is configurable
Design a game
OOPS Concepts? What is Encapsulation, Polymorphism without giving any Object Oriented Example.
Regular Expression for finding US Zip Codes ?
Find Common elements from two same sized Integer Arrays(Unsorted) in O(n) without sorting either of them.
Design a Farm with Object Oriented Concepts ?
Show a class-level OO design for a dictionary service to be used by clients passing a complete document in for spell-checking.
Optimize a system for finding pairs of numeric values in a list which sum to a specified third value.
Figure out an automated way to do accessory recommendations for various products.
Talk about how hash maps work, with their advantages and drawbacks.
print all combinations of letters according to the layout of a telephone panel.

for example: telephone panel layout: 1 – none; 2 – abc; …

if the input the digits are 12, you need to output all combinations: i.e.

1a, 1b, 1c

Write production quality code to find whether a given binary tree is a BST or not. You can’t make any global variable.
Tell me about yourself
Hard to say – I tried to get as many details about the position as possible and it feels like I did most of the talking.
revert a linked list
describe past experience, focus on your contribution
How to create a binary search tree
Convert binary search tree to linked list
The manager of component ‘A’ says his functionality is more important than that of component ‘B.’ The manager of component ‘B’ says his is more important than that of component ‘A.’ You can only implement one A or B, but not both – which do you choose to implement.
Many quasi-technical questions. What is Apache? What is SCRUM? What is Agile? with appropriate follow-up questions.
What have you accomplished, on you own initiative, that the organization has benefited from?
what was your biggest challenge?
Give me an example where you created order/clarity where there was none…
If an advertiser has $X to spend, what does the response rate have to be to get a reasonable ROI?
Name a time when you failed?
How would you keep full stock at all times
What is your biggest business mistake?
How would you implement a priority queue?
Without using any high level language methods (such as indexOf()) write a function that takes two strings (A and B) and checks to see if B is in A, if it is return the index that B starts at.
How have you resolved conflict?
Linked list questions
Given a 32-bit int, how do you find if the number of bits that equal 1 is a prime number? (free to pick language you’re most comfortable with)
How to reverse a string? How to reverse an array of characters with spaces?
What change would you make on our web site?
Describe in detail what happens when you click on the amazon website
Given a linked list, write a method that reverses it.
How would you go about scoping an API documentation project?
You will need a pen and paper to write some SQL queries and get tested on your technical knowledge about database concepts.
I was asked what type of metrics and reporting I analyze and how I used that date to make business decisions
Most recent programming challenge?
Hashing, trees ….basic questions about data structures and algorithms.
Given a list of names in a file choose a random name .
write a c program to find the average off the top half of N numbers
Have you worked in complex technical environments?
Find nth fibbonacci number in less than 0(n).
Write production quality code to find whether a given binary tree is a BST or not. You can’t make any global variable.
A lot of questions on OOP (“what is the basic structure of a text editor”) and data structures (hashes, linked lists, etc.). You needed to know Java for that position.
Let’s say a VP came to your desk and said we needed a timeline of past orders and gave you no further direction. What would you do?
Tell me about a weakness of yours.
Tell me about a time when a mistake was made and how you dealt with it.
Tell me how you prioritize your day.
why do you want to leave your company?
Dig details how I create\implement something in my current job
There are 25 horses and only five tracks in a race.
How do you find the second coming horse of all the 25
horses, provided there is no stop clock? (obviously, a
horse cannot participate more than once in a race).
Can you tell me about your achievements?
Given an array of integers and an arbitrary integer, find the number of pairs of integers in the array whose sum is equal to the arbitrary integer.
What is the complexity of your algorithm for the above problem. Can you reduce the complexity
Design a parking lot using OOPS.
How would you test a search engine ?
How would you test an ATM machine ?
Java keywords: final, finalize, finally
Explain how Java does Garbage Colleciton.
Explain how Mark&Sweep is implemented.
Given array of integers, find the first pair add up to 10. Analize your solution.
Given array of integers representing historic stock prices. Find the buying and selling points to maximize the profit. (original: You can hold the stock for only 30 days maximum.)
Find all anagrams in a file. Improve the running time to O(n).
Implement start with feature, which data structure would you use?
Given two large files of integers, only one byte difference. Find out this byte if memory is limited.
What if memory is unlimited?
Tell the complexity of your algorithm and analyze it.
How many windows are in Seattle?
how to match the numbers in two arrays
Give an example of a time that you worked with a difficult client, how you handled it and the outcome.
serialize binary tree
distributed hash table and uses
How to resolve hash collisions in a hashing table?
How would suggest we fix the following actual problem we encounter on a daily basis?
What would I do to iimprove the exposure of product X
What was your biggest professional failure, and what did you learn from it?
Tell me about a time when you had a disappointed customer, and waht you did about it
What is your favorite thing about programming?
find the possible combination of number to sum up the given number
Ex: (1, 3, 5), sum 5
What was most memorable leadership moment?
What sorts of costs does Amazon face as an online seller of goods?
What is the mathematical equation for computing inventory turns?
Given a set of coins of arbitrary denominations, write an algorithm to calculate all possible ways to generate change for a given amount.
On the phone interview I was asked to write program for DFS and BFS. There was also a function I was asked to write about hashcode for a string key object. What were the limitations of the function. How many keys can I have for my hashmap.
In the onsite technical interview, I was asked to draw uml class diagrams for designing a FileSystem, designing a Chess, designing the autocorrection feature in word (specifying datastructures to use, classes etc.).
what was the most difficult situation you have faced in a work environment
Game of chess – draw UML object model and write the code to represent the pawn moves
The operations math problem… just take your time and think it all the way through.

I’ve seen some examples on here of the math problem however they’re not the same as I had. Just be ready to look at units to move, hours and head count needed to do it.

How do / did you motivate your team.

What innovations or improvements have you made in your organization.

1. Find common elements between two arrays of integers.
2. Find cycles in a graph.
3. Efficiently find duplicate elements in an array of numbers with bounded entries (for example, elements are between 0 and 99).
4. Reverse word sequence in a string inplace.
5. Efficiently find all Pythogorean triplets in a given array of integers.
6. Find all anagrams in a list of words.
7. Set operations.
Having a reference string and an array of strings how do we write an efficient algorithm to find which string in the array contains the same letters as the reference array
What has been your ‘home run’ with your current job?
Cut a ransom note from a magazine. Follow up is what if the magazine are two-sided
Assume there are a set of stepstone in the river. The butterfly start with initial speed and can only fly for exact one unit of time before it lands on a step stone. Given the configuration of the step stone, determine if the butterfly can across the river.
Write a program which picks the first 2 highest numbers in a sequence?
List all anagrams in a file. Assumptions: case-insensitive, a-z characters only, one word per line. For example, if the file contains dog, cat, ddd, goo, act, god — output dog, god, act, cat
A word to describe a good software and a word to describe a good supervisor.
Refuse to disclose
You are going to miss tomorrows deadline, how do you and your team handle it?
What is the algorithm to search for a city on google?
How to check if there is a loop in a linked list
Write fibonacci number generator
Write a program how to find the closes pair of stars in 1 billion stars
Given an immutable singly linked list of some object with pointer to next element, find the nth element from the end of the linked list.
Given an array of integers, how would you move the duplicate integers into a different array? What is the efficiency of your algorithm?
How would you test the “Find” feature in an application such as MS Word?
We have numbers from 1 to 52 that are put into a 51 number array, what’s the best way to find out which number is missing?
Test for cycles in Directed Graph – Check if acyclic or cyclic
Implement the game of boggle
Implementation of heapsort
Cyclic hashing and load balancing
Fiboancci of n
find last nth node of link list recursively
If you were to invest in other countries, what would be the contributing factors in your decision?
Why would you like to work for Amazon.com?
Describe what you would do with XYZ?
Polymorphism, inheritance – advantages etc
Linked list, array, Hashtable – complexities space requirements etc.
Design a deck of cards
check if elements of one string exist in a 2nd string
I want to design a database similar to imdb, design it, and tell me the structure/fields so that 1. given a specific year, you can find top 5 grossing films 2. given an actor, return all his costars 3. all movies with more than 3 cast members.
Given an array of integer in which all numbers occur even times except for one number occurs odd times, find it.
Given 2 strings write a function which returns boolean whether all characters in first string occur in second string.
Design a file system.
All questions asked were within normal types of interview questions.
Write an algorithm to return the intersect of two arrays.
Design a railway reservation system
Why do you want to work here?
Given an array of strings made up of 1s and 0s, formulate an algorithm that determines which strings are sub-strings of others in the input array
Given an english dictionary and an input word, create an algorithm that outputs all of the possible anograms
Design an aeroplane reservation system.
array manipulation in language of your choice
How would hire a particular skill set when neither the customer nor the recruiter has any idea of where to locate the skill set?
Where do you see yourself in this company in five years?
First phone screen: Print all the nodes of a tree in reverse level order (ie print all the nodes at the leaves first, then print the nodes on the level above the leaves, and then eventually work your way to the top).
Second phone screen: Implement a function to determine if a string is a substring of another string.
How would you design a parking deck
How would you traverse a tree without recursion(inorder and post-order)
Given a list of n numbers. All numbers except one are unique. Find the number with duplicate entry.
If there are ‘n’ computers connected in a circular node, what is the minimum hop required to reach the diagonally opposite computer, and what is the max possible hops. Use any algorithm to hop through computers.
You are to design the transportation system for a building.
find a pattern from a string
If you had to create an entirely new line of business at Amazon and pitch Jeff Bezos what would you recommend?
Who would use product A, who would use product B and why (note these might not even be the product you are interviewing for)
Explain the pros and cons of the Amazon Prime shipping program.
What was your biggest achievement? Please explain with some bullet points.
Tell me when you have difficulties with your team and how you cope with.
What is your ideal design process?
How do you form positive relationships with developers and/or stakeholders?
Write a program that balances an unbalanced binary tree.
what is the most significant deal you’ve ever done?
Extract the N largest floating point numbers from a large file of floating point numbers.
Given a list of integers, some of which may be negative, extract the pair that sums to the largest number.
Are you familiar with Design Patterns? What is the Strategy pattern? What is a Singleton?
write a program to generate N fibonacci numbers.
Regex for finding phone numbers.
are you willing to come in for an interview?
Questions on binary search tree. How to insert into tree. State big O.
Design a control system for a multi-car elevator system
What would you do if senior management demanded delivery of software in an impossible deadline?
What methods would you use to retain employees within the company?
What are design patterns and describe Publisher Subscriber pattern and Singleton Pattern
Write a program that returns true if the root provided as input is of BST
C++ has the concept of multiple inheritance. Java does not have this concept, how can multiple inheritance be implemented in java?
Given a text log of HTTP requests on a particular server, each line has a username and the name of the page the user visited. The pages requests aren’t in order and multiple requests from different users are logged in this file non sequentially. Find the most common 3 page sequence for each user.
Given a base 2 integer, give me an algorithm for detecting if it is a palindrome. What is the run time performance of this?
How do you find the least common ancestor of two nodes in a binary search tree? What is the runtime performance of this?
What is the same origin policy?
what is flood fill algorithm
Given a binary tree, how do you create a function that can swap the binary tree? (i.e. the left child becomes the right child and vice versa)
From this function you just created, can you create another function that will swap the tree in Alternate level? (i.e. swap 1 level and then the next level does not swap)
What’s deadlock? how to solve it? How to do it by software?
Design a list of arrays that aims to reduce overhead in storing data.
What one thing in your career to date are you most proud of?
Asked me how I would negotiate with external vendors like ATnT to add a new feature (Wi-Fi connectivity at home) when we already have a contract with them on poviding wireless services for kindle device
How do you handle a situation where you have a deadline to meet and your team member had not completed his chunk of work as he was directed by the VP of that department to complete something very important. You are lagging on schedule and there is a direct impact on other projectsif the go-live is changed
It says in your resume that you ‘created effective marketing plans’. What is that supposed to mean? How do you really know it was effective? Making positive revenue isn’t enough.
What is EVA
Merge sort of two arrays in ascending order
How to compute nth Fibonacci number.
What were your best customer experiences?
What is your plan for the future?
A very fast technical question that came out of nowhere in a middle of light conversation. Be prepared to know what you talk about.
What are the challenges you have faced in the past job
The search at Amazon site results in error 10% of the time. What could be the reason, how would you go about resolving it?
Amazon started putting Ads on its wbsite recently and there was a big debate before doing so. Could you throw some insights on the pros and cons of putting ads at Amazon site
Given a binary tree find the LCA?
check whether from the given word a palindrome can be formed or not?
With a parent pointer for a binary tree, do an inorder traversal of the tree with a limited stack.
Was asked to describe what I would do in a situation where I didn’t know the correct Amazon approach for a problem.
There are ten billion stars in the universe. Figure the nearest thousand stars given a list of X, Y, and Z coordinates.
How would you handle an employee who showed up to work drunk?
Write a recursive function to compute the last index which is less then the Fibonacci value (you don’t need to know what Fibonacci is, but you need to be able to write any recursive function for computation).
Explain the algorithm that you will use to compute the union of two Sets. What is the time complexity?
Find longest dominoe train in a generated set of 10-15 dominoes.
You have 2 employees, Jim, who is new and doesn’t seem to follow the SOP and constantly makes errors and Jane, who is a seasoned veteran, also does not follow the SOP, but rarely makes errors. How would you address with each employee the fact that he/she does not follow the SOP?
Math Problem: You have an upstream Picking department that feeds two downstream packing departments: A and B.

75% of your Pick volume goes to department A, which has a packing rate of 150 unites per labor hour (uph).

25% of the Pick volume goes to department B, which is for large items, and has a pack rate of 25 units per labor hour.

Your pickers pick both large and small items throughout the day at an overall average rate of 100 units per labor hour.

You have 25 people today for all 3 departments, and you absolutely must pack 7,500 units in department A to meet a customer promise metric. How do you allocate labor to balance the flow in your department if you work a 10 hour shift? Do not assume breaks or lunches in your answer.

Department % of volume Rate (uph) People Daily Volume
Pick 100% 100 ?? ??
Pack A 75% 150 ?? 7,500
Pack B 25% 25 ?? ??

What was one time when you had to solve a problem but was not able to use your standard tool set/approach? What was the situation? How did you work thru it? What was the outcome?
What is the biggest failure at work you have experienced? What did you learn from it? What would you do if in the same situation again?
How do you avoid collisions when multiple keys map to same hash value.
Difference between a process and a thread.
Given a list of integers, how to find pairs of integers whose sum is a given integer?
How does the internet work?
1) Given an array of numbers where each number has a duplicate except one, write a program to return the lone number.
2) Given a string, write a program to check if it is a palindrome.
3) Design a parking garage
4) design a deck of cards
How did you turn a no into a yes?
What is something that really bothers you?
Given two (huge) sets, what is an efficient way to find their intersection?
How do you think the cost for an Amazon Prime account was decided?
Questions about the product line of the interviewer, even if that’s not what you’re interviewing for – very difficult to ask a detailed question about something you didn’t expect to be asked about.
Why amazon?
Draw a diagram of the architectural layout on the last project you were working on.
Two dates are given to a function. The function should return if the dates are exactly one month apart, less than one month apart or more than one month apart.
Design the Boggle Game. (Given a 4×4 character matrix, output all possible words by moving through the matrix)
Write a program for creating Huffman Coding for a set of characters given its frequency table.
How to print a matrix whose size is n*n in spiral order?
Tell me some standard data structures & also their advantage over the other
Do you know about the Fibonacci series? Write the recursive program for it. What is the complexity? Write the program for the iterative approach. What is the complexity?
How do you implement LRU cache?
4, 7, 15, 29, 59, 117, 235…. whats the next in the series?
If you had 5,623 participants in a tournament, how many games would need to be played to determine the winner
How do you insert into a binary tree?
What do you think of the offices?
Why do you want to work for Amazon? The hiring manager has asked this question a few times!
Implement a single linked list add and size methods using java ?
how to design database for company like fandango – change movies regularly, have different show times per date etc.
How to find the unique integer in an array, where all the other numbers appear twice.
Find the most frequent 3-page sequence in a web log.
How to identify network / traffic congestion and debug scenarios and tools
This system is failing intermittently; troubleshoot why/how.
Design a system to store an HTML page in memory such that each ID is guaranteed to apply to a single HTML element.
Find the most common “3 page path” on a website given a large data log.
What was your biggest professional mistake and how did it impact you?
Describe how to implement a scalable web service architecture, like amazon.com.
You have just been given a large program with many different input components. One of the component deliveries was completed with errors and the at group says they cannot fix the problem because they are on to other work.

How do you resolve this issue?

What’s the biggest problem you see with our company?
Design a deck of card. Design a class of elevator
code boggle game, find all possible words.
Find if there is a loop in a linked list?
Discuss some factors that are relevant in determining which items in a warehouse should be shipped first.
Tell me about a time at your old job where a superior was doing something incorrectly, how would you handle that?
Would you rather turn something in on-time and incorrect, or turn it in late and correct?
Tell me about a time you worked with a difficult person, how did you handle the situation, how is your relationship with that person now.
How would you price the S3 service?
How would you increase sales without reducing margins?
Pick a product management experience and share with us how you did.
What do you think are the most difficult part(s) of software product management
How would you implement a lookup/datastore without relying on a RDMS?
explain what is hashing and how does hashing works
all numbers appear twice in an array, except one special number that only apprears once. how to find it efficiently using only constant extra space
Implement a function to validate whether a given binary tree is a BST (i.e. write an isBST() function).
Describe what happens between the time a person types in “www.amazon.com” and they see the web page on their computer.
Find the most common word in a string.
How would you set the pricing strategy for Amazon web services?
Have you ever had a time when you disagreed with your teammates?
Convert the number amount on a check into words.
What is deadlock
How to implement a phonebook?
how could you write good udp programs?
How does an Amazon Website work?
How do you deal with conflict?
Talk about a situation where …kind of questions
Write a serialization algorithm in Java for a binary tree structure with multiple children that may have children of their own. Explain the basic process and post-interview finish code-sample within the hour and send it.
Given a ring of coins, you want all coins to result in the same orientation (either all having heads, or all having tails). What’s the probability that one of these two scenario’s occurs?
Tell me about your operations experience and the structure of the team you led?
What do you think about the “DTP”?
How would you design a virus scanner
What differences would you think you would find between testing traditional software and embedded
What are your strategies for building an international team
How would you optimally sort an unsorted random list of numbers by using multiple computers.
Can you implement a queue using 2 stacks where in you can add and remove an element from the queue at the same time?
Tell me about a time you had a project deadline that was moved up and how you handled it.
Write a code to reverse binary bit pattern for an integer without using any string or utility methods?
How to sell “Live Plants” at Amazon?
The asked me questions on my background and then they tested the way i think through questions like: How do calculate the profitability of Prime? what is the biggest opportunity for Amazon? what is the Amazon business model?
What is an immutable object?
What could cause a decrease in sales of magazine XYZ on Amazon’s website?
What are the variable costs associated with sending physical products to customers?
I was asked a puzzle ..
You have 12 balls identical in size and appearance but 1 is an odd weight (could be either light or heavy).

You have a set of scales (balance) which will give 3 possible readings: Left = Right, Left > Right or Left < Right (ie Left and Right have equal weight, Left is Heavier, or Left is Lighter). You have only 3 chances to weigh the balls in any combination using the scales. Determine which ball is the odd one and if it's heavier or lighter than the rest. How do you do it?

Basic coding questions that would normally have been EXTREMELY easy:
shuffle an array in place in O(n)
Give me an example of what you were directly responsible for in a retail store (product)?
Write a program to fina a loop in a linked list
Given a set of N servers, design a system to aggregate statistics (disk space available), and create reports (min, max, total, avg).
Given a set of N numbers, assume that you have the set of numbers from 1 to N+1, with the exception of one number. How do you determine what number that is? What is the complexity of your solution?
There is an array of numbers, containing the integers 1-n, how can you find the sum of the numbers in that array?
Was asked to priovide an example where the use of IP Selective ACK would be used and why
You have web application, which runs on a server and your boss comes and up say it’s very slow, what do you do?
What is your greatest failure?
Search Algorithms
Schema design
I had a difficult question about a cuboid composed of smaller cubes. How many cubes are there where exactly two faces of the cube are exposed?
Why Amazon / Why this position
What would you do to improve our website
Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss and how did you handle it.
what languages are you proficient with
what was your final project all about?
How would you describe your management style?
In terms of shopping experience how do you feel Amazon.com compares to other large scale online retailers?
Are you comfortable with a 60+ hour work week with little to no supervision?
How would you create which you wanted only one instance of
How would you find the pairs of numbers that added to some specific number in an array.
If you were the CEO of Amazon.com, what is a new line of business that you would consider launching?
Why did you apply to this specific position?
What did I see as the plusses and minuses of [ther product]
Design and implement (in a programming language) an algorithm to solve a boggle puzzle given an API function isWord()
Design and implement an algorithm to determine if a binary tree is symmetric.
what is your biggest setback?
You have to support 5000 online stores. What technology would you use to support them?
How do you debug a website that has slowed suddenly.
Please describe your process improvement experience and how it benefited the company?
Given an array of integers, find two which sums to a given number
How to store a bunch of IP addresses in sql table
Describe the process of how you would create a wine website from scratch.
Why do you want to work here?
How do you check if the given binary tree is binary search tree?
Was given a homework question(2days): Program using a language of your choice the following assignment, given a file of sorted strings (one string per line, example file was given) sorted according to some unknown alphabet, recover the order of characters of this alphabet.
Suppose you have been asked to setup a new company that was going to do what netflix does. How would you go about setting up the network/databases/software?
Asked to extract numbers from a list of alphanumeric strings. For example if string is “qw34rt56”, new list should contain 34 and 56. New list should have unique numbers and should be in ascending order. They requested write complete code and tell over the phone.
How is the Java garbage collector implemented?
How would you implemented a priority queue that allows one to get minimum and maximum from the same data structure?
How will you go about designing a library database?
What was the most difficult scenario that you have faced as a program manager?
Tell me about your skills with Excel.
If you were going to plan two new distribution center locations for Amazon where would you locate them and why.
How would you decide what product to put in each DC
you had experience in [1], [2] and [3]… how do you think Amazon will benefit from these experiences?
What are the first 2 integers that, when added together, equal 10 in a “very large” array of unsigned integers?
Why do you join this company?
given 10 mega byte storage, how many UPC bar code you can save in it?
Design an elevator control system.
Find if a linked list has a cycle in it.
Find the first non-repeating character in a string
How would you design a class heirarchy for a card playing game.
I was asked to write a perl program that shuffles a deck of cards randomly
(1) Reversing a single linked list
Implementing a queue with stack as the internal datastructure
Given the function prototype for a function called secondLargest given a pointer to a list of integers, write down on a piece of paper how you would implement this function and read it back to me. Follow up questions included what is the complexity of your algorithm (O notation)? How would you extend it to do nthLargest element?
If the SVP of this division communicates to you the business goal is to double revenue for this product in three years, how do you go about creating a three-year business plan that will achieve the goal?
If you were CEO of Amazon, what would you do?
Imagine you are starting a new category of sales at Amazon (for example pet supplies), how would you start building the business?
How would you design a chat system?
How to compare and choose between 2 companies generating differrent cash flows each year.
business case about building a pricing system for old returned items of warehouse
We know that 10% of the time a customer will enter a product into our search feature and it will return a “no item found” message. What are some of the possible reasons and how can we fix it?
Sort the first 100 numbers from a incoming input stream of milions of numbers.
Write a function that takes two strings A & B as arguments. Return a boolean that indicates if A is a substring of B. Explain the various test cases you would run on the function.
What access modifiers does Java support? Explain situations in which you would use each modifier.
Determine the first non-repeated character in a word. For example, in abbcaf it should return c. Do this in O(n) time with O(1) space.
Find the first common element in two sets
design the objects needed to run a jukebox.
Given a time-ordered log of user visits to web pages find the most common 3-page sequence
Find the deepest common ancestor of two nodes in a tree structure.
Layout the fundamental objects to build a restaurant reservation system.
Explain the value proposition of Prime and why Amazon has it.
How would you choose a market for expansion of Amazon’s EC3 service?
In a 10 hour shift, how will you staff to achieve a goal of sending out 7500 packages. More info was provided re: the labor hours, laborer productivity, etc.
Where do I see myself in 12 months
What do you think of Amazon.com (the retail website)?
Why do you want to work at Amazon?
Reverse a linked list.
Why do you want to work for Amazon?
You have 25 laborers for a shift.
Pickers pick 100 units an hour
Small item packers pack 150 units an hour
Large item packers pack 25 units an hour
You must pack 7500 small units during a ten hour shift.
How would you staff your shift?
Tell me about yourself.
Describe the project that you are most proud of. Why?
Describe the project that you had the most trouble with. What would you have done differently?
How to detect loops in a linked list without using a data structure
How do you implement a HashMap in java if suppose there was no java.util.HashMap class available.
How do you implement threads in java?
about data structures
about algorithems
Nothing difficult – that was one of my main problems with the whole process!
Find if there are any pairs of numbers in a list which can be added up to a target number.
Give test cases for a search bar.
Questions on sorting and data structures in general.
How would you design an elevator control system in the highrise?
“Why should we hire you?”
How would you determine the next country for Amazon expansion?
what happens when you type a url in the browser. what is dns?
write some program to do sorting of a given array. i prefered bubble sort(only that i came to remember)
what is relative path? write a program to convert relative path to absolute path.
write a program to reverse the order of the given single linked list.
Add comment to all java files in a directory and its sub directories.

what could be the reason when a website doesn’t open.

7. Implementation of singleton class (java).

public class Singleton {
protected Singleton() {}
static private Singleton _instance = null;
static public Singleton instance() {
if(null == _instance) {
_instance = new Singleton();
return _instance;

public class Singleton {
private static final Singleton INSTANCE = new Singleton();
private Singleton() {}
public static Singleton getInstance() { return INSTANCE; }

8. There is a file with information of student. The file is comma separated and the contents are in the order of ‘Name, class, age, total’. write a script to get the the students whose total is more than some number(400).
The command will be like this:
cat student.txt | awk ‘{if( $3 >= 23){ printf $0; }}’

9. Basic unix commands like, wc, who, find, diff between find and locate, du and df etc.
10. Delete a given number from a singly linked list. given linked list is 1->2->3->4->5. start node of the list and the number to be deleted also given.write a script to delete the number 3 and have been asked to do a test run.
11. write a perl script to get home page of http://rediff.com and stire it to a location. write a shell script to find all the links( anchors) inside the file and get all its contents.
12. what is your achievement in past experience.
13. SQL: you have two tables(student and mark ) student table has student_id, student_name, class and mark table has student_id, subject_name, mark_obtained. mark table will have multiple records for a student(all subjects). write a query to find name of the student who maximum mark.
14. write a program to find factorial(concept of recursion)
15. what is the use of multi threading?where we cant use this.
16. did you solve any problem when the project was in live?
17. A server is running with 100% cpu utilization. write a script to kill the top 5 processes? write a script to run it for every 5 minutes?(don’t use crontab). Use sleep method.

I hope this will be helpful to you.
Please let me know if you have any clarifications.

How do you find sequences of consequtive integers in a list that add to a particular number.
Design Netfix..website, Database design, checkout flow, inventory management etc.
How would you design a data centre with 100 cabinets?
Give an example of an idea you surfaced to drive the companies business, tell us how you sold your idea, how successful you were and what you would have done differently upon reflection
How do you plan to ensure that your focus is always on improving the customer experience?
Tell me how your entrepreneurial background affects how you approach working for an employer.
Write a java method for reversing the contents of a linked list. (Read it over the phone)
Tell me about design patterns such as a Factory or Singleton.
An array searching question with less complexity.
given an array of records of size n, n is in the order of billions,
each record stores the co-ordinates (x,y,z)
find the m-closest records to the origin.
A puzzle about 65 cannibals
Describe a difficult technical issue you faced. How did you go about solving it?
the Coding question
Design Game of Life
Google Page Rank Algorithm
B Tree to implement searching for phone number
Also, given a large list of stars, with they’re co-ordinates, give a smaller number of closest stars, to earth, with earth as origin, and the best and most optimum way to do this.
The hardest questions were around customer situations, aimed at assessing how I thought about revenue/business from the customer standpoint. Some math required, but nothing hard.
Number of 1’s in binary representation of integer?
How did eBay decide to allow affiliates to use paid search marketing to generate traffic?
How would you implement integer division if your language did not offer it.
Since you are working on web application, what would be the problem you think Amazon would encouter ?
Do you have any questions?
What is the difference between a stack and a queue?
Given an array of integers, all but one of which appears an even number of times, find the one integer which appears an odd number of times. Upon completion, asked to improve the algorithm in terms of both time and space, eventually asked to do it in O(n) time and constant space.
Test whether a binary tree is symmetrical in both data and shape
There were 2 questions which was based on dynamic programming.
Questions from careercup.com
The data structure questions were difficult as they asked very low level details on hashes and such.
How do you find the predecessor of a node in a tree?
How do you work with a difficult employee?
How would you reverse a linked list in Java?
Design a vending machine
What was the hardest challenge you’ve overcome?
What do you look for when hiring engineers ?
How were tasked with building amazon’s recommendation system how would you go about it ?
what is the difference between Java and C++
what is Hash table and issues can happen working with hash table
You are to write a spell checker. Discuss the API, Data Structures and Algorithms.
If you saw someone steal a quarter. Would you report it?
Explain PCI Compliance. 6 Domains, in-scoping and out scoping systems
Few questions on architecture related. One guy spend whole 1.5 hrs asking me to design Amazon web services.
Couple of questions on compliane challenges.
What is your greatest achievement in life? Tell me a success story of a project you spearheaded.
What one thing would you change about amazon?
I got questions like “Given a dictionary of words, how do you calculate the anagrams for a new word”.
Another question was “How do you represent an unlimited dimensional maze and traverse it to find the exit.”
You seem more like a coordinator than a program manager, why should I hire you as a program manager. (It seemed provocative rather than information gathering).
They will ask many questions about the current service and how it can be improved.
Implement a simple load balancing algorithm in pseudo code (over the phone)
How would you implement a top 3 word count in a text editor application?
How would you design a chess game?
Sorting a list of some random type
What would you change on the Amazon site?
Typically engineering questions, like array handling etc. Language neutral, much more ‘how would you approach this’.
whats the difference between aggregation and association in a UML class diagram?
Print out all the permutations of a string.
Began by asking if I knew what a stack crash is. Then asked what happens during a function call, and how can this be exploited.
Design an email sender that can send 100,000,000 emails. You have 5 machines how could you do it efficiently.
Given a string find the first non-repeated character.
Binary tree with parent pointers, given two nodes find common ancestor.
Given two linked lists A and B, return a new linked list C, where C consists of all elements in A or B that are contained in only A or only B.
What do you see as the most important part of the business model?
Given a database of all the known stars, describe how you would determine the 200 stars closest to Earth. What is the efficiency of the algorithm you described?
The most technically challenging work/project. Describe that and tell why was it so.
Describe what do you write in a functional specification?
Determine whether the binary representation of a number if a palindrome or not, code it on a white board.
Specific technician level questions for what appeared to be a Senior level position.
Desribe your management style
Write a program to count the number of words in a file.
How would you handle working with a team in India
The functional details of signal processing in differential SCSI.
RAID performance general discussion.
How would you handle a business client that’s insisting on moving forward with a product release that you know is fraught with legal risk?
How would you handle a vendor that refuses to indemnify your company for X, Y, and Z?
Describe the various transitions encompassed in the TCP state transition diagram.
Describe the path-mtu discovery algorithm.
Design a functional specification for a video rental store.
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