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Most Popular Amazon questions

Based on my algorithm here are the 20 most popular questions that were asked during Amazon interviews:

Why Amazon?  
Linked list  
System design questions.  
Tell me about a time you failed.  
Why do you want to work for Amazon?  
What questions do you have for me?  
Design Question  
A lot of questions like “tell me about a time you ….”  
The excel exercise was specially tough for me. It is NOT related to finance.  
Describe a binary tree ?  
What do you do when people say no to you  
on data structures  
Search Tree  
The design problem  
Tell me about a time you used data.  
Tell me a time when you had to design a system?  
find common ancestor in binary tree(Not binary search tree)  
“Tell me about yourself”  
Write a code to find out if a tree is a binary search tree.  
Binary tree traversal  

Yes they do seem kind of generic, but I guess that is the case with many things.

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  1. Divyanshu
    July 21st, 2014 at 23:04 | #1

    Thanks for sharing!

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