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Reduced List of Facebook questions

Score Questions
15.6191339 Why Facebook?
11.025034 why you want to work for facebook.
10.3015337 What do you want to work on?
9.097238 Why do you want to work at FB?
9.093034 Reverse a linked list.
7.892472 why do you want to join in facebook
7.3822484 Print out a binary tree level by level
6.66808033 Tell me about your experience?
6.583946 What do you think facebook should do next?
6.517792 What will you do to improve FB?
6.324144 Tell me about yourself?
5.660314 How to reverse a linked-list?
5.65057 Tell me something about you
5.534935 Write the code for Binary Search
5.321311 What agencies do you work with?
5.17668056 Why do you want to leave your current job?
5.073795 print the number ordered by the level in a binary tree
5.01119947 What would you improve on the site?
4.822407 Print a binary search tree. Each level on a new line.
4.82054329 What do you like and what don’t you like about the Facebook advertising product?
4.73490047 Write the actual code to reverse a linked list
4.62398243 Given two arrays, find if the integers in array 2 are a subset of the integers in array 1.
4.578107 What about Facebook interests you?
4.550096 what do you know about facebook new features
4.523213 What’s the complexity of Binary Search?
4.487533 What are the challenges of Facebook in international market?
4.44423771 How would you change facebook? How would you change the help center?
4.21991348 Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager about an issue, and what did you do to overcome it?
4.21471 Why would you be a fit for the job?
4.13441849 Why online advertising?
4.133214 Given a binary tree, print out the elements in order. Without recursion.
4.10630941 How would you pitch Facebook to a client?
4.092223 Do you like the new Facebook homepage?
4.08230734 1) What do you think of the new FB layout?
3.95883632 If you were an animal what kind would you be and why?
3.89875364 Write a program on the whiteboard to reverse a linked list
3.883647 find the head of a linked list
3.85950613 What changes would you make ?
3.81755018 How can you improve facebook user experience?
3.80661845 What problems do you think Facebook faces with fraud?
3.7907486 What will you bring to the team?
3.77259064 Print out all the permutations of a string
3.7427547 Implement strstr
3.72233915 What do you think of XXX company ?
3.70839548 What is you favorite FB feature and how would you describe to someone how to use it?
3.67748952 Write a function to calculate square root of a number
3.6246593 Write a function that prints a binary tree level-by-level.
3.572625 Tell me about a time you had to work on a team etc.
3.57160783 How would you improve Facebook’s Advertising platform.
3.56348014 What is your favorite thing about Facebook Advertising
3.56340551 Tell me your ideal team.
3.55936217 How to traverse a binary tree in order recursively.
3.536983 What would you change about Facebook if you started tomorrow?
3.51743627 Write a function that prints out all subsets of a given set of numbers.
3.50357842 Given a set of characters, print out all possible permutations.
3.500071 What experience do you have with online fraud?
3.476896 Given an array of numbers, how would you search for one number?
3.46973467 How would you make the company proud of IT?
3.434016 What would your friends say about you if I were to ask them about you?
3.41643333 Do you think that Facebook should be available to China?
3.38869238 what are your feelings about working on a team?
3.36536312 Find the minimum depth of binary search tree
3.23937154 What is a good day at work for you?
3.232144 If you were given 50 new clients today, how would you start?
3.222124 With your finance background, why do you want to work in technology now?
3.21983886 Very general questions: So – tell me about yourself…..
3.21356153 What is your current salary?
3.20280552 Write a function that takes in two binary strings and returns their sum (also a binary string).
3.2017355 What can you contribute to the team?
3.16750979 What challenges do you think Facebook is facing right now?
3.128807 Given an unsorted array of integers, find a 3-element subset that sums to zero
3.12723851 How does FB work
3.09927726 Given a binary tree, write a function to find the length of the longest path in the tree.
3.06595778 Print a binary tree in infix order. Recursive and iterative.
3.04942465 What problems could FB face in international markets
3.045809 Why did you leave previous job?
3.03304434 What makes you excited about this job?
3.02264738 What can you do to combat fraud with Facebook credits and how would approach it?
3.01861262 Why do you think direct response advertising is effective?
2.9647007 What would you fix with X Product?
2.95714164 If you were handed 50 new target accounts how would you start?
2.942334 How to implement a DST?
2.91643238 How does Facebook make money?
2.89820385 How will you design TinyUrl?
2.8862288 What sets facebook apart from other similar networking sites?
2.8695538 Given a list of strings, for each string, find if it has an anagram in the list.
2.84635258 What are your strengths and weaknesses?
2.81869078 Introduce about yourself
2.81240582 In the phone interview:

Question: why do you like this position?

2.80736637 Binary search on a sorted, but rotated array.
2.77596569 Do you have private projects?
2.7502768 Implement square root function using basic operations ?
2.714552 How do you deal with conflict in a team
2.68523383 how did you impact your organization in your current assignments
2.642786 Generate a new array from an array of numbers. Start from the beginning. Put the number of some number first, and then that number.
For example, from array 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1
You should get 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1
Write a program to solve this problem.
2.62812638 given an array of strings, find all the lists of anagrams present.
2.624651 If given “this problem,” what steps would you take to solve it?
2.6201725 Insert a node in a singly linked circular list given any node in the list.
2.61506 Write a function that takes a binary tree as input, and have it perform In order traversal – recursive and then iterative
2.609032 Implement stack using a queue
2.58845019 Write code to solve the following problem
2.585657 Given a Binary Search Tree, iterate over the elements without using recursion.
2.58389974 search needle in haystack problem
2.56304073 Given a string, remove all chars from the string that are present in say another string called filter.
2.55526733 Who are Facebook’s competition?
2.55006313 What have you been working on recently?
2.54769254 What skills will you take away from your experience working for Facebook?
2.54217649 Write a function that takes in an input array of strings and output a list of sets of anagrams.
2.51394486 Tell me a time you were working with a group in which there was conflict
2.50202918 How could Facebook make more money?
2.500565 print out all prime numbers in a given string. abc2134kd31 -> 2, 13, 3, 3
2.5002346 Tell me about some challenges you’ve faced recently in your job.
2.48803949 Please discuss what sets Facebook apart from other, similar web sites.
2.48658538 Write a piece of code that finds anagrams.
2.48602629 Write a function to multiply two arbitrarily large integers.
2.48187542 Do you always dress like that?
2.47423244 Write a method to generate the Fibonacci series
2.46764684 discussing what can I do to improve my puzzle.
2.46358061 What do you see as the three main advantages of Facebook for brands?
2.42072439 How does Facebook compare to its competitors?
2.42027926 Given a set of integers, print out all its subsets. Write C/C++ code to solve it.
2.41809964 Given a binary tree print the first level, followed by a newline, the second level, followed by a newline, etc.
2.41710258 what would you do if a team member was not completing his or her share of the work?
2.40749741 You are given a set of numbers 0 – n. Given a k, print all subsets of size k. Give the time complexity of the algorithm.
2.38596988 Write a function that takes in an integer and returns the number of ones set in the binary representation.
2.38004 What do you hope to accomplish in your first 90 days working for Facebook?
2.37789178 What is your favorite part about Facebook (application, etc)? (paraphrased)
2.37699366 Given an array of integers and size find 3 integers that sum to zero. Explain a brute force algorithm
2.37595034 Who was the best person you managed and why? Who was the worst and why?
2.34480739 Given a large string (haystack), find a substring (needle) on it.
2.33998251 Output a single linked list in reverse, in linear time and constant space, and recursively
2.30456161 How would you rank your skills with SQL (1-10)?
2.299899 What is the difference between Facebook ads and Google Ads?
2.29540253 What is direct response advertising?
2.29131746 which group I would be the best fit for and why?
2.2875576 What are the main strengths of the Facebook brand?
2.28291488 Why would your current boss recommend I hire you?
2.27256536 with thousands of advertisers and a small team to oversee them what are some scalable solutions to make sure they are adhering to policy, while also keeping advertiser satisfaction high?
2.27216077 Delete the node with the associated key in the linked list.
2.26307368 What’s the advantage of the design?
2.26228714 Can you think of any new features that will benefit Facebook users as well as advertisers?
2.26043177 With many advertisers and a small team to oversee them, how would you scale this process?
2.25631 what is the highest responsibility you have taken in the current job
2.2497673 How do you keep yourself organized?
2.230549 What is one thing that you least enjoyed about a previous job?
2.22405028 What are our advantages over our competitors for online advertising?
2.21900773 remove duplicates in a string.
2.21546674 What would do with a Facebook user who was having trouble with their account?
2.21230388 Write a function that computes log2() using sqrt().
2.20460033 Implement a function to compute cubic root
what is the time complexity?
2.20273232 What is your favorite tool for recruiting?
2.198936 Design a linked list operation that takes a singly-linked list (only forward ptrs, no backward ptrs) as input and reverses the list.
2.19625521 Find the n-th smallest element in a binary tree.
2.195251 What makes Facebook different from Google and Yahoo?
2.19366813 Given a set of words, group them into sets of anagrams.
2.17260361 Tell me 2 things that you would bring to the job and 2 things that you would leave behind.
2.17003036 How can you maximize scalability by keeping team small and client satisfaction high
2.16617846 Use basic arithmetic operations (+-*/) to implement sqrt function.
2.15623832 Given sorted arrays of length n and 2n with n elements each, merge first array into second array.
2.15551 2) What are your sugestions to improve FB product and layout?
2.14823461 How can one implement a queue with only a stack implementation?
2.14645028 Given a tree, print the values contained at each level on the same line.
So if you had the tree with root A, and children B and C, you would print:
2.1177268 What was the difference between ArrayList and Vector.
2.11706281 Write a script to print all phone numbers in an HTML file.
2.10881 Facebook is now offered in a number of languages. Please discuss some of the challenges that Facebook could face in international markets.
2.10348248 Who are some of Facebook’s top competitors?
2.09184265 Given an array of integers, find the maximum number that can be reached by summing the best possible consecutive subsequence of the array.
2.0881753 Please write a program to merge 2 sorted arrays
2.06868815 What strategies for attracting new business would you apply in order to gain new accounts?
2.065187 Find Kth smallest element in a BST.
2.06458783 Write a function to prettify Json objects
2.05333662 Explain in detail what a hash table is, how would you implement it, what would be a good hash function, and when is it good to use a hash table.
2.03686666 given two sorted arrays, please merge them into a single array and still sorted.
how to determine the size of array?
2.03561735 Well, first off, do you have any questions for me?
2.03240657 How to traverse a binary tree in order iteratively. (no parent pointers allowed).
2.03203464 Given a string, remove all the duplicate characters (not necessarily consecutive)
2.02713037 Reverse a string in-place using C.
2.01727533 Write a function to tell if two line segments intersect or not.
2.01517582 How much experience do you have conducting international research.
2.01396346 Implement the div operator without using / or %
2.01067972 How would you prioritize different needs and projects for your client base?
2.01024461 Given an array, print the largest subarray that has elements in an increasing order
2.00854588 reverse the words in a sentence
1.99947834 Recursively reverse a LL
1.9945519 Are there any bugs in your code?
1.98597109 What are the pros and cons of a linked list vs. an array?
1.9810214 Write some pseudo code to raise a number to a power.
1.97968936 Implement “double sqrt(double x)” in C++.
1.97807169 What do you see as fb’s biggest challenge in the next 5 years?
1.97469425 How would you ensure that our work is 100% error free?
1.97412384 How would you handle a difference of opinion between yours and a Senior technical member?
1.973513 Design and implement an algorithm that would correct typos: for example, if an extra letter is added, what would you do?
1.97254717 Print out all combinations of k numbers out of 1…N
e.g. when k = 2, n = 4
Print out 12, 13, 14, 23, 24, 34
1.967944 Given two binary trees, return true if they have same elements (irrespective of tree structure)
1.9670192 Basic coding and design questions.
1.96563363 Given a file with 3-letter words, print all 3×3 with each row, column and diagonal being one of the words from given file.
1.95654428 Would you permit tobacco advertising? if Localized?
1.95537794 How would you compare Facebook advertisements to competing advertisement outlets such as Google or Yahoo?
1.94853652 tell me how this relate to ur current/previous work experience
1.946235 General questions about projects, experience, what was one of the challenges u faced in your current project, how did you over come that
1.94549179 Why Facebook? What do i know about online advertising? Basic stuff. Not really hard stuff.
1.94414878 How do your current job duties carry over to this position?
1.94346225 Code a program to check if a given string is matching a given regular expression
1.9432379 Writing test:
1 Describe a feature of facebook that you like most.
1.936798 What can Facebook do in order to improve and expand its user-base? (Particularly with the elderly.)
1.93639874 Who are our competitors? (Online Ads)
1.93529212 How do you find sequences of consequtive integers in a list that add to a particular number.
1.9300133 What would you do to make it easier for less tech-savvy new user? (paraphrased)
1.92361593 Find the missing hosts from a list when compared to a reference list.
1.91812491 describe me an experience in leading a sales team
1.91380191 How would you market X feature to the application developers, given you have limited time/resources?
1.91256571 Given the numbers 1 to 1000, what is the minimum numbers guesses needed to find a specific number if you are given the hint “higher” or “lower” for each guess you make.
1.89632583 Write a function to take a BST and a value k as input and have it print the kth smallest element in the BST.
1.8860544 Convert a binary search tree to a sorted, circular, doubly-linked list, in place (using the tree nodes as the new list nodes).
1.884467 Print a singly-linked list backwards, in constant space and linear time.
1.88319349 What is the difference between and inner join and an outer join?
1.86616337 Clear about future direction for you at FB…
1.85262227 Find an algorithm to find the largest sum subarray in an array of integers. (Better than O(n^2) ).
1.84995091 What is a recent project you are really proud of?
1.84549057 When are you available for a phone interview?
1.84436727 How to implement Sqrt(double k) efficiently?
1.84341812 what are the key insights that you have taken away in your last few years working?
1.83555949 I wasn’t asked any unexpected question.
1.81064141 The question about what kind of position I would interest, frontend or backend? Since I never work before, I don’t know what aspect is more suitable for me.
1.79717124 Given a positive real number x, find the square root of x without using built-in sqrt functions.
1.79595613 What would you say to someone interested in advertising on a small budget? why should they choose us?
1.78411376 A “what would you do in this situation” question. (I can’t give any more details since I signed their NDA)
1.78180885 3) Can you think of some ways to gain users in EMEA?
1.78177392 What is the running time of quicksoft?
1.7724427 What previous experience has led you to apply for this specific position?
1.76131535 given a list of words with a same size and a big string that contains one of the permutation of all the words combined(say p), find the startindex of the string p in the big string
1.75697255 basic string operations, trees, sorting
1.72638142 What should Facebook do to attract new users in the EMEA countries? Describe your best two ideas.
1.72082365 A file contains 10 billions of Strings and need to find duplicate Strings. You have N number of systems available. How will you find duplicates?
1.71425748 Write a list class where the only data structure available is a stack
1.7113986 Implement a queue data structure given only stacks. What is the time complexity of enqueuing and dequeuing operations?
1.70895338 What keywords would suggest a client use in targeting customers interested in camping gear? What keywords would you suggest if they were writing an ad for Google? How do these differ?
1.70628715 If you were analyzing thousands of transactions, what are some details that would stick out to you that a payment might be fraudulent?
1.70528471 Given a function for a fair coin, write a function for a biased coin that returns heads 1/n times (n is a param).
1.69975841 I was asked to explain a few projects on my resume
1.69927454 Multiply two big integers which don’t fit into an built-in integer type. How would you represent big numbers as a data structure? Write the function to multiply two big integers.
1.68208086 Find the first letter in a string that does not have a pair.
1.68160069 Some questions on graph theory and then I was asked to write a function to check if a graph was bipartite.
1.67164409 What is the difference between inline html and block html?
1.67006683 How can a perpetrator benefit from obtaining fraudulent Facebook credits?
1.66919518 Given an array of integers, now we want to erase all 0’s (can be other value), and we want the result array condensed, meaning no empty cell in the array.
1.66841948 Draw out Facebook’s infrastructure.
1.66670561 How can you possibly do technical management if you’re a very strong senior engineer?
1.66414607 You are going to take some numbers as an input from a file. You need to witer a program to find longest increasing sequence. You should process it as soon as you are taking an input. After finishing the last input immediately you should be able to tell the sequence.
Input: 1 5 3 4 6 4
Output: 3 4 6
1.66383159 Write a function to take two arbitrarily long numbers in the form of Strings and multiply them, returning another String with the product.
1.65763283 Each key on the telephone represents a list of letters. Given a telephone number, please write a program to output all the possible strings the telephone number represents.
1.65664244 Intersection of n sets without using a hash table.
1.64929736 Given a list of n objects, write a function that outputs the minimum set of numbers that sum to at least K. FOLLOW UP: can you beat O(n ln n)?
1.63787174 Fibonacci Numbers – Iteratively and Recursively
1.63617706 Questions on probability and expected return.
1.63587451 If you had a chance to present ideas for new initiatives to senior management, what would those ideas be?
1.633918 Suppose you have a matrix of numbers. How can you easily compute the sum of any rectangle (i.e. a range [row_start, row_end, col_start, col_end]) of those numbers? How would you code this?
1.63296568 How to implement multiple inheritance in Java
1.62931561 “Assume that Facebook is not blocked in China. What marketing strategies would you recommend to expand our user base in China?”
1.62187684 Write a code to convert an ASCII representation of a positive integer to it’s numeric value.
1.62128747 Write a C function to define strstr(char *haystack, char * needle) to return the first occurrence of needle in haystack. Code must compile and execute.
1.61357486 … be prepared to write real code on a while board on on-line editor.
1.5874263 3SUM problem
1.58052683 Modify the code to be used on a circular array of data.
1.57802439 Give a possitive/negative example of a time you worked in a team atmosphere and what lessons you learned as a result.
1.57672119 Describe a moment where you showed leadership on a team.
1.57592571 Given a matrix print it clockwise from the first element to the very inner element.
1.574578 Explain the difference between a LEFT and RIGHT SQL JOIN
1.57037413 Given a String containing java-script assets, write a parser which will output the String with proper indentation.
1.569481 Write a class providing an LRU cache
1.556796 Given a matrix of numbers in which some may be zero. If a cell contains a zero, set all the cells in the corresponding column and row to zero.
1.55262029 First question: for a random-ordered bucket of numbers 1 through 3000 with one number missing, how would you detect which number is missing?
1.55248618 Given a telephone number, find all the permutations of the letters assuming 1=abc, 2=def, etc.
1.548787 Given a collection of words, return a collection of anagrams found in the
given collection
1.54775989 I need someone who can manage my calendar….
1.54433393 Find a needle in the haystack: given two c-strings (null terminated), return a pointer to the location of where the needle occurs in the haystack, NULL otherwise.
1.54125547 It’s 6pm and your work day is over, what happened during the day that made it awesome?
1.53343654 Implement a function rotateArray(vector arr, int r) which rotates the array by r places. Eg 1 2 3 4 5 on being rotated by 2 gives 4 5 1 2 3.
1.53335512 Binary trees, hash tables (and locking), cache
1.532123 Describe the most exciting project.
1.52758276 how does hash map implementation looks like
1.52707684 Pascal’s Triangle – print a row
1.525893 Implement needle-in-a-haystack (string search). Make it more robust.
1.52002525 Largest subsequence sum
1.51703954 Code a native Array extension in JavaScript
1.50781357 You have two lightbulbs and a 100-storey building. You want to find the floor at which the bulbs will break when dropped. Find the floor using the least number of drops.
1.50730193 No hard questions asked – most was easy dialogue about their product.
1.49844253 what can FB do to beat its competitors in my country, where it is not the most popular social network.
1.496508 Given an API call that returns a null value and no error message, how would you go about troubleshooting the problem?
1.49575114 How will you design facebook newsfeed. Focus was on a design which could handle the huge number of status updates and display them on each of the user’s friend’s wall.
1.49565673 How would add new Facebook members to the database of members, and code their relationships to others in the database?
1.49262416 How would you print a large, balanced degree-bound tree in breadth first order, using only O(1) space?
1.49101746 Are you a designer or developer? You can’t possibly be both. It’s incomprehensible.
1.485411 FInd the maximum sum of a sub-sequence from an positive integer array where any two numbers of sub-sequence are not adjacent to each other in the original sequence. E.g 1 2 3 4 5 6 –> 2 4 6
1.48452055 Write a function that finds the minimum and maximum values within an unsorted array using divide-and-conquer.
1.48186624 Write a function that takes in a roman numeral string and returns its decimal value. You may assume input is a valid roman numeral.
1.48092175 How would the total credit points of a user be calculated based on my design?
1.46958888 Given set of coins and each coin has its unique probability to be head up, say double[] probs stores the probability values for all coins, print out all different cases and accordingly probability.
1.46660042 Implement a power function to raise a double to an int power, including negative powers.
1.4639076 Pass a list of word to a function
[car, rats, arc, star]
and have the function group the words which are anagrams of eachother.
1.45008373 Given two events, each with a start and end time, implement a boolean check to see if they overlap.
1.44554853 Advantages of setting up new branches of Facebook at different locations?
1.43173516 I was asked to diagnose an actual problem they were having with a database. I was given access to their performance visualization tools so I could see the DB’s vital signs. I was asked to explain why a spike in DB response time occurred at a specific time (as shown on a graph). I was able to log into the database and examine statistics and performance counters, but the best tools were their extensive graphs.
1.42579293 previous emplyoment
1.42045116 what is Facebooks value proposition to advertisers?
1.41860485 Implement atof function. eg., +3.5e-2, .03e1, 1e1, 0.0
1.41655612 Build a model to create a database of any and all possible nicknames for every user’s given name.
1.41602373 How would you implement a method to tell whether or not a string matches a regex that consists of lower case letters and *s.
1.41071069 In sudo-code write a program that takes an integer called N and prints out the Fibonacci sequence to the Nth digit.
1.40933847 Implement a LRU(Least Recently Used) cache
1.40144777 Complexity of Bubble sort
1.39885628 Not revealing questions due to NDA.
1.39697862 If the above two arrays are very long, but only few elements are valid. Please do the same task in the question 1 but without creating new array.
1.39562368 There was none. All questions were pretty much in line with the job and was expected.
1.390355 Write the actual code to parse a regular expression including “*”, which stands for 0 or more characters, “+”, which stands for 1 or more characters, and “.”, which stands for 1 exact character.
1.38958681 Implement division without using multiplication or division. It should work most efficient and fast.
1.379275 Read in text from a text file or stdin and tally the most common words. Output, in order, the most common words present in the file.
1.37800443 There were some questions that I could not answer directly due to confidentiality issues to protect my current company.
1.36684608 Design the Facebook Credit system which is a application where users can buy/trade virtual currency and can use the virtual currency to purchase Facebook services, like paid apps.
1.35551 Given a set of inputs in a log file:



The output should be all the unique numbers and the count associated with them.

1.35426044 Design a database schema that can be used for ad hoc analysis of Facebook mobile apps.
1.35151124 Decribe your favourite feature/application. Try to write it as a letter/email to a user asking for your advice.
1.35037136 Questions on the Look-and-Say sequence. Google it.
1.35004377 What is the command to display a routing table?
1.338085 Given a score S, and individual points p1,p2,…,pn. give all combinations of p that add up to s.
1.33775687 Cultural fit
1.33591044 Describe something that you’re an expert in.
1.33501649 Asked a lot of things regarding “what if” and “what if not” . . . They wanted to see where i was headed in life. Very specific to my CV and accomplishments till now.
1.32678914 What type of DNS records are there?
1.32125747 Technical background
1.31057155 Standard coding problems
1.29966664 Design a system to detect typos and provide suggestions to users.
1.29952729 How to sort 5TB of data using 5GB of memory?
Do it efficiently: RAM CPU, CACHE.
1.29601943 Given a set of non-overlapping integer ranges (1,3) (5,8), etc., and an input integer, what is the best way to organize the data and allow for quick search based on the input, etc.
1.28358889 You are given intervals of contiguous integers, like [1, 10), [15, 25), [40, 50), which are non-overlapping and of a fixed size.
Design a data structure to store these intervals and have the operations of insert, delete, and find functions
1.27993333 Scheduling question: What might be the problem with awards ads to the highest bidder, and how could we improve our revenue by doing something else?
1.27953422 Calculate x ^ y in O(log n)
1.27643216 Implement a function
char* readLine();
which returns single lines from a buffer. To read the buffer, you can makes use of a function
int read(char* buf, int len)
which fills buf with upto len chars and returns the actual number of chars filled in. Function readLine can be called as many times as desired. If there is no valid data or newline terminated string available, it must block. In order to block, it can use read function which in turn will block when it doesn’t have anything to fill the buf.
1.27600574 Implement a suggestion function that generates alternative strings for given password strings like “facebook” => “F@ceß00k” and “fæc€Bo0K” or sth.
1.2756263 I don’t know because I couldn’t hear the guy because his accent and his phone were so terrible. It was something about processing an array of strings in some special way.
1.26903331 giving lots of intervals [ai, bi], find a point intersect with the most number of intervals.
1.26503527 Given n+1 buckets with n of them with ball inside and move(a,b) function, that moves ball from bucket a to bucket b. Each ball has a different number from [1,n] on it. Move balls, so each bucket has a ball with matching number in it.
1.263547 Check a number of hosts for a specific daemon and report the hosts where it is not running.
1.26157367 Implement a function string balanceParanthesis(string s); which given a string s consisting of some parenthesis returns a string s1 in which parenthesis are balanced and differences between s and s1 are minimum.
Eg – “(ab(xy)u)2)” -> “(ab(xy)u)2”
“)))(((” -> “”
1.251312 Two other questions were similar to the ones posted by others who underwent FB interviews. So not repeating them.
1.25078785 use stack to pop out the max num under O(1)
1.248423 write a C function to define strcmp(char *s1, char *s2) to return negative if s1 is smaller, positive if s2 is greater and 0 if they are equal.
1.24608994 What’s the maximum theoretical number of TCP connections a host may have open?
1.23878753 Explain the features of various offerings provided by facebook to its client to enable them to advertise better.
1.22507453 given the utitlies getFriend(User u) and areFriends(User u1, User u2), write the function which takes as parameter the array of users and return a bool saying if you can divide the users in 2 groups s.t. if u1 and u2 both belong to a certain group, they are not friends.
1.22104311 Ribosome test
1.21859348 Find the min and max in an array. Now do it in less than 2n comparisons. (they were looking for the solution that finds both max and min in about 3/2 n comparisons).
1.21390545 5 year goals in the company
1.20543373 How to do a dot product (or other operations) on very very big vectors? (migh be very sparse and of unequal lenghts)
Data structures with discution, clean algorithm, extensible if some relations are known.
1.19227624 Given a certain state of an Othelo game board, location on the board, a certain piece to place on the given location, update the board and make the required validations
1.19099474 Programming test, take an arbitrary text input and transform it to a specified data format.
1.18667185 Given a matrix with 1’s and 0’s, find the number of groups of 1’s. A group is defined by horiz/vertically adjacent 1’s.
1.1789993 Explain to a user why he/she does have to provide his/her real name to set up an account.
1.17515671 You are trying to rob houses on a street. Each house has some +ve amount of cash. Your goal is to rob houses such that you maximize the total robbed amount. The constraint is once you rob a house you cannot rob a house adjascent to that house.
1.17143548 Compute the square root of a number down to a certain precision.
ie sqrt(num, precision) returns a number that is in-between sqrt(num) – precision and sqrt(num) + precision.
1.171002 Translate the following text into the foreign language you wish to support. Be sure to write it in a tone that would be appropriate for customer service.
1.17098176 1. Pick a product on Facebook. Please describe the logical data model for related fact and dimension tables, the aggregation tables you’d want to build for analytics, and the dashboard you’d build to monitor the product.
1.15013146 general question(s) re: my experience designing and shipping mobile products
1.14664555 Given a 1TB file of serialized 4 byte integers, and 2GB of ram, sort the integers into a resulting 1TB file. My interviewer was very collaborative in entertaining various solution ideas until we came up with a combo that would work performantly and reduce the number of passes over the 1TB file and intermediate files.
1.13278782 Optimize the algorithm suggested above
1.12271166 Find the center of graph(vertex, that is connected with every other vertex, but edges are directed to the center of graph).
1.11006045 25 racehorses, no stopwatch. 5 tracks. Figure out the top three fastest horses in the fewest number of races.
1.09770429 Write HTML/CSS to duplicate the behavior of the profile image in a facebook profile. When mouse over, a “edit image” link should display in the corner, and hide on mouse out.
1.06569469 Open-ended systems/design question on storing and searching zillions of status updates
1.05510974 Be prepared to articulate w/you are looking?
1.05257022 Nothing difficult or unexpected in the conversation. Good information swap.
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