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Reduced List of Google Questions

Score Questions
22.8202553 why google
18.9376717 How are you ?
18.3586483 Why do you want to work for Google?
13.9474487 How would you improve ___Google product?
13.8578 Tell me about a time….
12.6875 algorithm
12.3883972 What would you improve?
12.3263664 What do you like about Google?
11.828434 Why do you want to join Google
11.59977 Write the binary search.
11.562252 What do you know about Google?
11.2225008 What google product do you like the best and how would you improve it?
11.1560259 What would you like to work on in Google?
11.09031 Tell me about your experience?
10.991395 can you tell me about yourself?
10.9472437 What Google product do you like, and why?
10.7390671 why do you want to choose Google?
10.033392 Why Google? What is your favorite Google product?
9.943935 why are you a fit for google
9.88254 What would you change at Google?
9.852629 Tell me all about yourself.
9.704809 how to do you think you can improve the google
9.400255 What is the Google product you like the most
9.127155 Tell me about your background
8.905936 Tell me about your metrics.
8.76929951 Name a site you like. Why do you like it. How would you improve it?
8.682011 What Google product do you like, how to make it better ?
8.644213 Implement Binary Search
8.637555 Why do you apply for Google?
8.606035 Why this position?
8.469617 What Google products do you use?
8.208437 what you like to go in google?
8.19818 Pick one Google product and what would you improve
8.04828 How would you improve Gmail?
7.92431927 How would you test Google search?
7.888489 Name some google product you like? How will you improve it?
7.76136541 How would you change or improve an existing Google product?
7.52723837 What Google products do you like? How would you make one of them better?
7.5057683 How would you design google maps?
7.49359226 what do you do outside of work?
7.45595932 Questions about algorithms and data structures.
7.350195 Why do you want to change your job?
7.33170128 Tell me what you know about Google’s technology.
7.143914 How would you build Google search?
7.09160376 what do you think you would bring to the team?
6.919182 what happens when you type: google.com in the browser
6.891712 Can you tell me about your achievements?
6.86613131 What you want to join the Google.
6.831284 what will you bring to google
6.817745 When you type www.google.com on your browser, what happens?
6.813608 why do you want to be in marketing and sales
6.79374266 What is your least favorite Google product?
6.68649673 How would you reverse a linked-list?
6.68228436 Tell us about yourself
6.677178 Tell me about a time when you were creative?
6.57956 How does google make money?
6.57871962 data structure and coding
6.535691 What ideas do you have for Google?
6.51436567 what can you do to improve Google search engine?
6.507463 Tell me something about your design process.
6.44274473 B tree
6.399483 Tell me about a project that failed.
6.37564659 what’s your favorite project and why?
6.34811354 What would you do if you never had to work?
6.28902149 Tell me about a situation when you had to multitask.
6.282653 If you were at Google what new product would you like to have developed and why?
6.22057438 Coding question
6.19577646 What’s you GPA
6.18769932 Describe Google’s Products
6.18354034 Why Google/ Why adwords? How does adwords work?
6.17561531 Design something.
6.170523 related to data structures and design questions
6.13575268 name a google product you use and what would u change about it? how to improve it?
6.11284065 How many people in the UK do…..
6.092494 What Google service do you use and how would you improve it?
Additional question: How would you index the deep web and how would you make money of it?
6.074415 What is Linux?
6.05366135 What are you favorite Google Apps?
6.04542875 merge sort
5.97341776 What role do you think you would be best in?
5.970826 How would you sort an array of size N?
5.969304 binary tree successor
5.91069365 Why do you want to change your jobs?
5.91036 Which 2 products do you like about Google and Why?
5.89445639 Data Structure and Algorithm related questions.
5.829522 Reverse a linked list in place
5.78177261 Write a quicksort function.
5.74924135 You are in a room with 3 switches which correspond to 3 bulbs in another room and you don’t know which switch corresponds to which bulb. You can only teleport to the room with the bulbs and back once. You can NOT use any external equipment (power supplies, resistors, etc.). How do you find out which bulb corresponds to which switch?
5.738592 How to reverse a tree
5.73420525 how would you implement a web search engine?
5.721012 Hash table, binary search tree,…
5.714202 How would you describe your personality?
5.70003033 how would you find maximum element in an array of numbers.
5.633053 Can you explain why Google should hire you?
5.61281 Do you like technology
5.60271263 Why do you want to leave your current company?
5.57684231 Why do you want to move to our company?
5.56192875 Name a non-technical product that you like. Why do you like it and how would you make it better?
5.56179428 Given two strings (say string A, string B).
Write a function that returns string A – string B.
5.55262947 Implement a binary tree and explain it’s function
5.47413 how do you find out if there is a cycle in linked list.
5.458335 Tell me something that’s not on your resume
5.43982744 In a sorted array, find the number closest to a given number
5.431059 Tell me about specification XYZ.
5.40521526 Complexity of Binary search algorithm
5.404514 Given an array of numbers, there is one number that has a duplicate. How would you find the number?
5.363038 How do you find the median of a set of numbers?
5.32702541 How would your previous manager describe you?
5.317355 Linked list and tree questions
5.309643 How would you sort an array of one millions integers?
5.30877256 Given an unsorted array of integers, find first two numbers in the array that equal a given sum.
5.292957 Describe an in-order binary search tree traversal.
5.27823353 Write a program to find depth of binary search tree without using recursion
5.252861 Define binary search tree. Develop a procedure to verify a binary search tree.
5.232515 What do you think would be the part of the job that you think you might like the least?
5.224589 Can you explain Google AdWords to me?
5.22299862 A string manipulation question.
5.21291351 Why do you think you would fit with the culture here
5.206891 How would you sort an array of one billions integers?
5.198547 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5.184265 How would I develop a product
5.180627 How many people do you think Google screens every week ?
How many people do you think in year?
5.15225124 A BST question.
5.13582 How do you fit in with Google culture?
5.11538935 How would you find the power set of a set of numbers? Code it.
5.08904934 how to improve product of your choice
5.0811944 What Google would do to make investments?
5.06129026 If you were CEO of your last company, what would you do to change it?
5.059874 How would you design Solitaire?
4.97117424 Where do you see yourself in next 3 years
4.931879 What would you do if you were the GM of Apple?
4.9111557 How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
4.90013 Given an array of integers which is circularly sorted, how do you find a given integer.
4.900073 Where do you see yourself in five years?
4.887393 How do you organize your day
4.860681 To merge two sorted integer arrays.
4.85183954 How would you approach the design of a Google title?
4.84623241 No technical questions were asked.
4.82502 Given a list of numbers, find out if two of the numbers sum to 500
4.81572866 data structures and array manipulation questions.
4.778646 What website do you visit the most and what would you do as PM for that website?
4.774467 How many people use Gmail on any given day?
4.7541604 How would you explain Google Apps to a 4 year old?
4.75325346 Given a set of integers find if two elements sum to a given value.
4.74560547 Typical IT questions
4.73570251 What would you like to do with 10000 computers
4.735539 What’s your dream?
4.734299 Tell me about a situation you leaded succesfully
4.698795 Asked questions on anagrams.
4.680692 Tell me about a time when you didn’t complete a task.
4.680303 What do you know about Search Engine Optimization?
4.6446104 What do you think would be a good approach for the Google design team?
4.63584232 What technology excites you? How would you improve it? How would you measure the success of the technology?
4.63336134 what’s the your favorite sorting algorithm and explain why?
4.61405563 How many people apply to Google per year?
4.61294842 Quad tree
4.565619 How would you deal with a difficult customer?
4.56081724 Tell me everything you know about hash-tables.
4.559857 what’s BST?
4.540903 Find the intersection of two integer lists
4.534904 Let’s say you have a lot of numbers and you want to sort them. What do you do?
4.50977659 How would you explain the Internet to a five year old?
4.506404 Write a code to find out if two string words are anagrams
4.496555 If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be and what Google products would you use to make yourself successful?
4.45435572 How many tennis balls can you fit in this room and how would you get them here?
4.442065 How do you get a new product into a market
4.418282 how google makes money?
4.41218758 What is Google’s mission?
4.41218758 what are the challenfes to google
4.37726927 Reverse all the words in a string
4.37499475 How many websites are on the internet? How would you find out the number?
4.3670435 Tell me when you took one for the team
4.35512543 * Write a function, preferably in C or C++, to reverse a string.
4.351685 What’s the difference between a hashtable and a hashmap?
4.349924 How would you sort 10 million phone numbers?
4.329859 Describe UDP.
4.325196 Data structures, algorithms, and OOP.
4.324942 What if you were a google travel manager
4.307987 Write a function to find intersection of 2 sorted arrays.
4.29539967 how do you measure the success of this product
4.29425573 Basic data structure and software design questions
4.27992058 How would you explain Adwords to an 8 year-old?
4.25764942 What Google program do you use most often?
4.25426054 How would you develop your subordinates?
4.25424767 Describe a time when you had to defuse a situation. What did you do and how was the situation resolved?
4.244812 Find a repeated number in a list of numbers
4.235023 How many golf balls fit into the airplane?
4.231982 Implement a hash table
4.227347 What do you think the position you’re applying for is about?
4.20496273 what was your GPA in College?
4.18421 Here a situation and some code, what to you think about that?
4.16430235 print binary tree in level order
4.161988 What is http?
4.157487 How many dogs are in the US?
4.14627361 Describe the difference between TCP and UDP
4.13892937 Do you have time to do a coding exercise?
4.13520956 your previous projects
4.112298 What do you plan to do after college?
4.08706856 How would you contribute to the day to day company function?
4.08329868 Why this industry?
4.06612968 What is the difference between an interface an an abstract class in Java?
4.051453 Given a string, find the minimum window containing a given set of characters.
4.04957771 No particularly difficult questions.
4.04368973 Find missing number in sum
4.0416913 How do you deal with conflicts?
4.021859 Given an array of numbers, replace each number with the product of all the
numbers in the array except the number itself *without* using division.
4.009227 List all of the company’s products that you use, and tell us how you use them.
4.00819 Questions related to data stuctures and algorithms.
4.00574732 Describe what happens when you press a key
3.999238 how many basketball can you fit in this room
3.99678755 Given this Google product, how would you address this technical challenge? What kinds of algorithms would you use?
3.996279 If you were to design a Google homepage theme, what would it be, how would it look and why?
3.99113679 What’s your favorite programming language? Talk to me about it.
3.99056 Describe a website that you think doesn’t work well, why don’t you like it, how would you improve it.
3.98276019 What subclasses of Collection do you know
3.97302556 What is appealing to you about the position?
3.96946478 How would you improve an in car GPS system?
3.96845722 if you type google.com in the browser, what will happen.
3.966736 What can google improve upon
3.95933914 What is an inode?
3.9378953 Design the Twitter.
3.9241004 Reverse an sequence, or array
3.91943479 What previous sales experience do you have?
3.91104746 How would you explain something to someone that has no idea about it?
3.90527153 what do you do in your spare time/when not working
3.90246153 Do you know what “Peak Oil” is? Yes? good. You are the product manager of Peak Oil for Google. What do you do?
3.90138054 Implement an Array iterator.
3.88398266 What is your favorite online photo sharing program? Why do you like it and how would you make it better?
3.8748498 How would you store 1 million phone numbers?
3.867476 How does RAID work?
3.85541725 How do you delete a given node from a single linked list?
3.85208654 size of google graph
3.85113358 How many people use Google Maps in your country?
3.84027624 How will you determine two graphs are the same?
3.83169651 why are you interested in this job?
3.82310033 Write code for depth first search in a binary tree (iterative or recursive) and explain what’s the performance.
3.812328 Tell me a little bit about the product you are currently working on.
3.80992985 questions about tree and hash table
3.80524039 Testing question
3.802848 What would you do with a red brick…..
3.791755 Google asked that I did not review any specific of the questions asked.
3.78299427 Given a list, return the first pair of duplicates in the list.
3.780139 Talk about your design process. How would you approach a project?
3.77945757 What is Google Ad? How would you handle a difficult Google ad consumer?
3.77585077 Given two sorted integer arrays, write an algorithm to get back the intersection.
3.77540064 What makes you qualified for this position?
3.77267551 List out all the data structures you know
3.771713 Explain how TCP works.
3.77073812 Tell me about a time you had difficulty working with a group and what you did to resolve the problem.
3.75862122 Tell me a time you were in an ethically questionable situation and how did you deal with it?
3.7548368 Tell me about a time you had to overcome differences within a team environment.
3.7478435 Are there any questions you want to ask me?
3.74751425 Where do you want to see your self in 1 year
3.743077 How would you built a restaurant search product?
3.740151 What is the biggest mistake that you have made and what have you learned?
3.72667718 If you were to describe yourself as an animal what would it be?
3.717583 What was your last performance review in your current company?
3.71631432 If you were asked to find out how many people are online right now in London, how would you do it?
3.70684052 What if you were Larry page, how would you direct the company?
3.70447159 textbook algorithms questions
3.69756866 Find the number f set bits in an integer
3.68827033 Design Google news.
3.67963433 What product should company work on?
3.67039418 Create a binary tree based on a sorted array
3.66794348 What is the biggest software project that you have worked on and how.
3.665464 How would you handle a particularly difficult client?
3.66067481 an algo question
3.65834355 How do you make sure you are delivering quality in your product or service?
3.65473962 Implement a binary tree interator class.
3.62836576 What is your most significant experience?
3.624034 Tell me why you’re interested in the position.
3.61868644 How do you efficiently reverse the order of the words in a string?
3.6163168 How many applications does Google receive in a day?
3.61466455 What blogs do you read?
3.611526 Given two arrays, print all common elements
3.6025176 Reverse the word order in a string.
3.59982824 find the intersection of two integer arrays in increasing order.
3.598789 integer partiontioing
given N (a integer)
how many ways you can write as N summation of other numbers
5 = 1+ 2 +2 = 2+ 2 + 1 = 1 + 3 +1 = 1 + 4 etc..

write C code to print every combination

3.59810662 How would you solve [this challenge] given your previous experience?
3.5907042 Write a C procedure to reverse a string in-place.
3.5884552 How do you remove duplicates in a large array.
3.58384061 some puzzle questions.
3.57553625 Design an API for a game
3.57480025 Write an algorithm to test if n is power of 2
3.57469821 How to merge twe sorted arrays into a new sorted one?
3.57275486 In one of the questions in the interview they asked me to build a tree iterator for a binary tree
3.56065941 What were your SAT scores?
3.560179 Describe what happens when a user clicks a link in a browser.
3.55895543 How to find a median in a large file of 64-bit integers
3.55775213 Design a compression algorithm
3.55594182 Describe a time when you had to tell a client that you couldn’t meet a deadline.
3.53677678 question on design patterns
3.53531933 write a string splitting function that did not copy the string
3.5270803 Stuff with string manipulation.
3.52130985 How do you cope with menial work? πŸ™‚
3.517937 Intersection of two numerical arrays
3.51733041 What was google’s revenue in 2009
3.516979 How would you sort a file which is too large to fit in memory.
3.508314 Also many questions about data structures, sorting algorithms, and program complexity (Big O).
3.50566053 How google would compete with Facebook?
3.49416518 What is your favorite data structure? What opertions does it have? [Then some detailed questions about the algorithms based on this data structure]
3.48472357 Find the common numbers in two text files.
3.480881 How do you make 4 gallons from a 3 and 5 gallon jug?
3.47927976 Describe a technical problem that you solved.
3.47658229 Design me a File System in high level design.
3.469582 write a program to merge two unsorted large arrays.
3.46915865 code game of life
3.46736813 AVL tree
3.467334 Find the integer pairs in an integer array, so that they sum up to a specific number n.
3.46661735 Find 3 numbers in an array adding up to a given sum S.
3.45835924 What is your experience working with engineers?
3.45796275 What is the difference between luminance and illuminance?
3.45796275 what is difference between fork and exec
3.45753741 How do you process a set of log files if you don’t have enough memory to do it?
3.456843 How would you implement Google spelling correction algorithms?
3.45412278 Why should we hire you?
3.44336557 Explain to me something that I don’t know
3.44012475 Write mergesort
3.43503451 What is prototypical inheritance and why would you use it?
3.431489 Write a function to return the longest common prefix between two strings.
3.42919374 How do you increase computer speed?
3.426218 What happens when you enter a URL in a browser? How does a DNS system work?
3.42615 What motivates you?
3.42536664 Create a graph class and graph traversal algorithms.
3.42476153 If you were to estimate how many concert tickets are sold in the US in 1 year how would you go about it?
3.42473865 Describe a current project. What was challenging about it? What did you learn from it?
3.41941 Please list all of Google’s products
3.417317 Write an algorithm to calculate n factorial
3.41309667 Given a tree and leaf node, write the code to make the leaf node as root of tree.
3.41213655 how would you code the Fibonacci numbers in javascript
3.410988 Write an algorithm for integer multiplication
3.40910888 sort integer array in linear time
3.40484047 how many people run marathon in the UK every year
3.40413737 What has been your biggest challenge?
3.39862132 Given two arrays of integers, return a new array containing only the common elements.
3.39271069 Copy a graph.
3.39216447 What happens when I type “ps” into a UNIX prompt?
3.390878 Find the maximal and minimal number in an array of integers
3.39009356 How would you implement a singleton in the language of your choice?
3.38568664 What kind of metrics did they use to measure your performance in your previous job?
3.38209271 What percentage of the time are you coding and in what language?
3.37979054 Describe Hashmap with details.
3.37974119 What can you bring from your current industry to google?
3.374694 Write an efficient algorithm to merge sorted arrays of integers.
3.37245846 I cannot disclose technical questions.
3.36671042 Describe a situation here you had a conflict with a team member, and how you resolved it.
3.36660337 What is Adwords advertising
3.35804725 How would you build a computer for a parapleigic?
3.3567884 What is the biggest bug in your previous code
3.356149 Given a graph, find if it represents a tree.
3.35487747 Take an array of numbers and replace each item with the product of all the other items in the array.
3.34312558 Write a function the generate Fibonacci sequence
3.33017159 Analyze quick sort.
3.3259325 A voting question
3.31637073 Now, how would you explain it to a third grader?
3.302903 How would you evaluate a carbon offset?
3.30259418 Why are manhole covers round?
3.29713082 Given a list of integer e.g. (1,2,4,5,6,7,8…)
Find a pair with a given sum.
3.29678679 Find if a binary tree is the sub-tree of another.
3.29378748 How do you find the cube root of a number?
3.29374886 Given a string with only ‘)’ and ‘(‘ find if the string is complete or not. If the string is complete means that each open paranthesis should have a corresponding closed one.

Eg: String s= “((()))()”- Complete String

String s1=”)()()()())))(()()()((” – Incomplete String

3.2889204 How would you test Goggle maps?
3.28618956 How much revenue does FB make a year?
3.284182 What is the product you are most proud of releasing and why.
3.28357363 What happens from the point when you type in a URL in your browser to the point the page gets displayed?
3.27667141 If you were appointed the product manager, what would be your top 3 priorities?
3.27593732 How would you write an algorithm to search across many machines?
3.26486 Delete an element from a singly linked list in Java
3.26398349 Write a function that can determine if an input number is a power of 2.
3.25987816 How would you desing a web proxy?
3.25469661 different types of sorting
3.246405 How many Google searches are done per day on average in the UK?
3.23719025 How would you lay out a datacenter with 10,000 servers, and how would you monitor them
3.23585153 I was asked questions in the areas of data structures, graphs, and architectures.
3.23269343 Where do you see Google in the mobile space with Android
3.23209715 Why do you believe you deserve the salary increase?
3.22733331 Given a number N and a very large file containing natural numbers, find the N minimum numbers in this file.
3.224097 How would you design and develop a URL shorting service
3.218027 How would you make Web browsing faster?
3.216679 Given an array, and another key, find two numbers in the array that add upto the key.
3.21076965 Write a function to convert a collection of strings into a single string and a function to convert it back.
3.21025515 Tell me about a project you saw from creation through completion.
3.209889 How do you organize or prioritize when you have 4-5 projects given to you at one time?
3.19515 If you were heading Google, what questions would keep you awake at night
3.19416237 Estimation problem
3.19037771 How would you adopt this feature for your market?
3.189814 How many people are flying in a given day? (domestic flights)
3.1881175 You are given an function which converts a string like “I work at Google” to “Google at work I”. Write all the test cases you can think of for testing such a function.
3.18682981 words are given to you in “alphabetical” order (this is not the same as the usual a, b, c, d, … order)

find that order

3.17905378 Was asked to implement a Linked List insertion.
3.17775273 What are the 3 major changes you would make on a Google Product ? Once you have made those changes, how will you make it a billion$ product ?
3.17638969 What has been your biggest failure
3.16271329 What is the data structure behind hashmap
3.15826488 How much revenue does Admob makes?
3.15547347 How can you optimize the code written for B+ tree.
3.14344263 If you were the CFO of the company, which products are you most excited about and why?
3.134978 Find the largest 100 numbers out of a list of a trillion unsorted numbers
3.12073827 Pick your favorite gadget or piece of technology. How would you market that product now?
3.1205883 Create a data structure for LFU cache
3.11951232 What are the complexity characteristics of all the operations that you can perform on the data structures that you can think of?
3.11563063 Given a problem X with Y constraints, how would you handle it. Now if Z happened, what would you do?
3.10944915 implement dijkstras algorithm
3.10594416 Walk me through your Management experience?
3.10301518 How many people in China have internet access?
3.10223436 Do you think Hindustan Petroleum needs to market?If yes , why, and what do they need to market?
3.10191417 Tell me what [insert keyword] means.
3.1008656 How do your values mesh with Google’s?
3.09756541 What’s the complexity of insert in hashtable ?
3.09609365 questions were very practical
3.09419012 What kind of product or technology you want to develop as a product manager with unlimited resources?
3.09255981 What would you do to double the revenue for an existing Google product in the next 12 months?
3.09041238 How would you implement an MS Paint clone? What objects and methods would you need, how would they draw on the canvas, and what UI elements would be necessary?
3.08688259 Explain the development process you would take and give an example.
3.08010459 List all Java classes
3.07481813 Design a function which returns the number of set bits in a given number, when expressed in binary
3.07233834 Given the pre-order and in-order traversing result of a binary tree, write a function to rebuild the tree.
3.05721879 How many golf balls could fill this room
3.05444527 How long have you waited for us to contact you?
3.051189 Explain how a debugger works
3.04789138 Write a function to perform incremental search
3.04784346 How many Google searches occur on your campus per day?
3.04592156 Write a function that will return the second longest string in a list of strings. You have to do a single pass on the list.
3.04009748 Please tell us about a personal challenge you had with someone who managed you?
3.03717947 How would you go about improving the hit rate of a website using AdWords?
3.01991177 Write the code to check if graph is bipartite or not?
3.01873851 Time series data analysis questions
3.017328 What’s the difference between finally, final and finalize in Java?
3.01704621 Describe Bresenham’s algorithm
3.01536036 write a function to calculate X^N
3.01326227 How many users does Google have given xxx revenue?
3.012116 how would you find the shortest path between two nodes in a social network?
3.01184 How would you know if someone was using IP spoofing?
3.01059937 If you want to distribute a large file (gigabytes) in a large (100+ machines) park how do you do it?
3.00743628 How would you explain the daily deal process to a 5 yr old?
3.00263166 What is the strategy pattern in Java?
3.00135159 What is your research topic and how is it related to Google products?
3.00050879 How would you explain cloud computing to a nine year old?
2.99716568 How can you speed up the user’s internet experience?
2.98821735 some general OS questions and C++ question
2.98572826 what is your worst fear?
2.984672 If you had an idea for a new product, how would you go about making a good business case for it within Google?
2.98247981 What was your favorite comp. sci class?
2.98201156 What type of binding is used in C++. Is the only type used ?
2.9814496 explain what’s a C# enumerator, write a function to concatenate a list of enumerators and test this function
2.98009157 Question related to merging two arrays
2.97710729 What would you do if you would find yourself in a situation when your job related goals were contrary to the goals of your colleagues.
2.9747715 Quad tree bitmap: describe data structure and an algorithm
2.97360516 How many tennis balls fit in Boeing 747?
2.9646244 What was the most challenging aspect of your previous job?
2.95817757 Please walk me through this HTML code and tell me what the purpose of each line is.
2.95594525 some bit manipulation question
2.95196772 How do you think about dealing with the work relationship with your colleagues?
2.95000482 How many email addresses do you think there are in America?
2.94956136 How many car batteries are sold in the U.S. every year?
2.94780922 How would you go about determining the EXACT number of piano tuners in the U.S.?
2.94490337 How many coffe cups people drink in London per day?
2.94427466 Given a search terms, find the minimum window containing all the words
2.94164324 What happens when you enter a search query on google ? ideas about sorting results ?
2.939369 Given a node in a binary tree find the next greatest value in the entire node.
2.9373858 Write a program the generates the power set of a set of numbers
2.928622 Question related to Fibonacci series
2.928588 Function for int2str
2.928393 Nothing was difficult
2.92799783 how would you validate an xml?
2.92668223 Given an array of integers where each element points to the index of the next element how would you detect if there is a cycle in this array?
2.92274737 How would you design a TV commercial service?
2.9226954 What’s the latest news about Google that you’ve read about?
2.921034 write a program to count the number of 1 digits in a number’s binary representation.
2.9207046 Describe your research background.
2.91762328 Find occurrences of a number in sorted array (allow duplicates).
2.91523933 How would you describe Google to a 5-yr-old?
2.91508985 How would you trouble shoot a web page that is not loading on a linux web server?
2.91160536 How does the garbage collector in the JVM work and how does it reclaim orphaned objects?
2.91151237 describe the recent project you have done.
2.91083717 Please describe your leadership skills.
2.90971637 How would you sell Google Apps to someone who has invested in servers and computers and uses Offiice
2.902114 Write ArrayList in Java.
2.901801 Cannot list due to NDA.
2.900304 Select K largest numbers from N
2.89897656 Reverse the bits in a 32 bit integer. Write C code for that.
2.89806175 Q2) compare quick sort and merge sort in space?
2.897681 How many people will take a particular bus route today
2.891561 Question about scalability:
How would you sort a huge file – one that can not fit in memory?
2.89020538 What new markets should Google enter and what would your go to market strategy be
2.88656664 what’s your current position/job?
2.88452 What’s the next step for Google to advertise it’s products?
2.88314915 “Design a utility similar to Google suggest. How can you do it?”
2.88205886 How to efficiently sort a pivoted array
2.880981 Based on data structures and algorithms. Can’t post the original questions as I signed NDA with them.
2.87871885 If someone came to you and asked you to rebuild the Golden Gate bridge, how would you go about it?
2.87851715 How would you help your friend market their business online? How do you increase search rankings for his website?
2.87737465 Please design a iterator class.
2.87712574 How many gas stations are there in the UK?
2.87535477 Different ways of implementing
2.874682 How would you implement a stack with the additional operation of getMin?
2.87179756 Main problem you’ve had and how you solved it?
2.871615 What do you see as Google’s short term and long term objectives?
2.865954 difference between get and post in forms.
2.86389875 Name a example of a time of difficulty that you had to handle and how you overcame it
2.8627584 Tell me about a situation in which the writing project did not go smoothly? How could you have improved it?
2.8599937 What do you envision for Web 4.0?
2.85800314 How much does a new york cabbie make in a day?
2.85584545 How would you determine the number of baggage processed on any given day?
2.85272741 How would you write a sort routine to ensure that identical elements in the input are maximally spread in the output?
2.85005355 Given a sorted array, find how many times a specified element appears.
2.84771323 Work experience in the region
2.84645438 How would you identify risk in Google checkout?
2.844956 How is your Python or Java skills?
2.84335828 how ping works
2.83936286 Implement Queue based on a stack
2.83899236 Implement ‘memcpy()’ in C
2.836401 What is Google’s primary source of revenue?
2.83455086 What type of charity work have you done?
2.83437347 How would you determine if someone has won a game of tic-tac-toe on a board of any size?
2.83187127 What is your familiarity with Google Goggles?
2.83054423 Why the manhole cover is round?
2.829327 How would you work with an advertiser who was not seeing the benefits of the AdWords relationship due to poor conversions?
2.82810283 Why am I meeting you?
2.82633066 Design an algorithm to do X, then analyse the complexity.
2.82386637 Merge 2 sorted linked lists.
2.82350159 Difference between function overloading and overriding.
2.81813383 Does gangaram hospital need to market?If yes what do they need to market and why?
if no , then Why
2.81710768 language skills
2.81678152 What would you do to help us achieve our goals?
2.8150866 What do you see as current trends for internet marketing?
2.81494951 Why is a good user interface good for the company?
2.81316042 What do you consider your technical area of expertise?
2.80987525 What are your best skills as a programmer?
2.80849171 Find the number of connected components in a Graph.
2.80702043 Given a project deadline, limited resources, how would you complete the project successfully?
2.80514 What is the difference between hard and soft links in Linux/Unix?
2.80335379 Discuss and implementation of flattening a binary search tree into string representations.
2.80238986 What company do you think has bad and good customer service.
2.79970527 What clubs did you run in college?
2.7985096 Describe how you would diagnose and repair a printing problem?
2.79453588 Describe an experience in which you were a team leader.
2.794384 Please tell us about the most satisfying project you worked on in the last year?
2.789441 How to kill a process in linux?
2.78920245 Given an integer, write a c++ code that would count the number of bit positions that are set (1’s)? What is the time complexity of your algorithm?

Assume you were asked to improve it such that you would get the results instantaneously. What would you do?

2.78881073 You have $50,000 to plan a offsite…What location would you choose and how would you plan the site
2.78475142 Write code for Fibonacci algorithm (iterative or recursive) and explain what’s the performance.
2.7845068 operating system related question
2.78172088 What do think about the distribution model of Google Android to date?
2.77795482 Give me an example when you took initiative?
2.777313 Explain what happens when a user logs onto a website
2.77269459 Your client wants to estimate the market size for jeans in the U.S. How would you go about doing that?
2.77102232 Describe your past work experiences.
2.7697885 How much storage does Youtube.com need?
2.7696712 Write a function that computes the intersection of two arrays. The arrays are sorted. Then, what if one array is really larger than the other array?
2.76876783 Reverse bits of a digit
2.76626086 How many airplanes are flying over the US right now?
2.76404357 Find the next larger node and write down code
2.762346 Tell me the sequence of events that happens when you type “telnet “.
2.761503 Write a method that finds depth of a (non-balanced) binary tree.
2.76089621 What makes you “Googley”?
2.759331 there were some technical questions that I could not remember what they were exactly. Some questions related to data structures, like in the old university days.
2.75866437 If you were given the option to exchange your options given on this date, would you have and why?
2.75658083 Describe the password file?
2.75197887 Grade point average
2.751814 How would you analyze a certain lawsuit?
2.75130725 How would you design a bike GPS unit?
2.75113869 Tell me everything you know about TCP/IP ? Ports ? Protocols ?
2.75081229 design back end for gmail
2.749342 Find a loop in a linked list. How long is the loop?
2.74831986 On a Linux filesystem, what is the difference between hard links and soft links?
2.74777913 You have 25 horses, what is the minimum number of races you can find the top 3.

In one race you can race 5 horses, and you don’t have a timer.

2.746622 Name three adjectives that describe you.
2.74440479 How would you design a refrigerator for someone who is visually impaired?
2.74196529 Given a generic tree, how would you pick a node at random with uniform probability?
2.74121261 How do you code integer division without using divider (‘/’)
2.740959 Write a function to return if a number is a palindrome (eg, 113848311)
2.74042153 How does e-mail work?
2.73984385 How would you help the cyberattacks in china?
2.73813128 Find a sequence with max sum in an array of negative and positive real numbers.
2.73495054 In-place string reversal.
2.73104858 How to determine if a singly linked list is finite or infinite?
2.72335815 Design a paint application
2.71889925 write code to find the second shortest path between two given nodes in an undirected graph.
2.71510577 how you evaluate the effectiveness of google mail with respect to persuading people using google more frequently than our competitors, say, yahoo, you can imagine you can get what ever data you could, – tell me what data you would like to collect and how you want to use them, and what potential insights would you expect to get out of them?
2.71437931 How to find median and insert the BCT? and the complexity of each algorithm.
2.70882249 What sort would you use if you had a large data set on disk and a small amount of ram to work with?
2.704188 How do you run a test of 1 million sample data?
2.70418644 How many trailing zeros are in the number 5! (5 factorial)?
2.70302749 Perform binary search on a sorted array, of which you don’t know the size.
2.70212245 Find shortest substring in a string that contains all of a set of characters.
2.69888544 Interviewer 2. How would you generate a stream of random numbers? Optimize for space.
2.69444656 What is an orphaned process?
2.693145 General stuff: e.g. what languages do you know? What is the percentage of your time that is devoted to coding
2.6929903 How would you count the frequency of letters in a word/ file?
2.69187284 Find the most frequent letters in a string.
2.68997121 What data structures would you use to model a family tree?

How can you determine whether two persons are related or not?

2.68113756 Which one is the bit of the Sticky Bit?
2.67605829 Deep search binary tree, what is the worst case memory requirement using Queue.
2.67301822 How would you deal with an angry or frustrated advertiser on the phone?
2.6726768 Give me an example of when you showed your leadership skills in a project
2.6692462 What are you most proud of (asked by VP)?
2.66722655 Returning the n-th element of a linked list.
2.66644454 How would you calculate the number of gas stations needed in the US?
2.66519117 Write a function to modify a singly linked list, appending copies of the first N-1 elements to the end in reverse order. For example, [‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’] becomes [‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘C’, ‘B’, ‘A’].
2.66321182 what happens exactly when traceroute command is issued?
2.66121864 Why were you laid off?
2.65956354 How would you estimate the number of seniors in India who use gmail?
2.65716171 If you have an unsorted array of numbers from 1-100, except 1 of those numbers is missing, how do you determine which number is missing
2.65697551 What do you think are the steps and the timeline for deploying Google Apps at a large organization.
2.655495 Given two linked lists, return the intersection of the two lists: i.e. return a list containing only the elements that occur in both of the input lists.
2.652442 Write a program to find (x^y) % z
2.65095 Write down the algorithm of a Inorder Tree Traversal.
2.650004 You are to design a loyal to programme for an airline. What steps would you take?
2.64762735 where is your edge?
2.64663458 What steps would you take to determine the source of a slow web site?
2.643868 I had questions about collections in Java and memory management questions in C.
2.64119363 Array of 100 integers from 1 to 100, shuffled. One integer is taken out, find that integer.
2.64061642 How to see the inodes of a file?
2.64001083 Hashing with big numbers.
2.63943934 How would you go about finding a needle in a haystack with only three dollars?
2.637805 2. favorite sorting algorithm and why, advantages
2.6352036 explain binary search, running time, when is it advantageous
2.633344 When did you graduate from college?
2.63263822 Given a list of integers, find 3 numbers that add up to a given number. ie, find a,b,c,d such that a+b+c=d
2.63005662 What kind of analyses would you conduct for a business problem like this?
2.62743878 Signed NDA, so I cannot divulge questions. Most were design and product development questions regarding Google’s current products.
2.626417 Do you know what the IETF RFC 1918
2.62506723 How have you resolved a situation with a bad teammate?
2.62142849 How many smartphones are in New York City?
2.62013245 A difficult string manipulation question that had to be completed in C++ or Java
2.618542 What is the sticky bit and why is it used?
2.61440253 Describe a situation in which you could have a deadlock in an application with only one thread.
2.60625744 Describe the best boss you ever had
2.6058898 Describe your previous startup ideas
2.60291028 Difference between arithmetic and logical shift
2.60239935 If there was an earthquake in your hometown, how would you design the evacuation plan?
2.6016376 Network distribution problem.
2.60077238 How did we get in touch?
2.600691 All about algorithms mostly. They like to see how you think things through
2.5986433 Describe what happens when making a google search, specifically with client and server.
2.598222 Convert char string to integer.
2.59740639 About a specific sign
2.595131 How to find anagrams in a sentence ?
2.59438157 Describe your experience working with crossfunctional teams
2.59205937 What is according to you the biggest problem that Google might be facing.
2.59187961 Explain traceroute in detail.
2.587475 How many gallons of milk do googler’s drink in a day?
2.587245 What metrics do you use to evaluate two search engines?
2.58692145 a very long single linked list, how to find the n-th entry from the end.
2.57917666 – What is the complexity of quicksort?
– Unfortunately I cannot publish more questions (NDA)
2.57890153 Lot of questions that I was not prepared for about obscure graph algorithms from one interviewer.
2.57849216 From your resume, it seems that you have had a fair amount of international experience. Why do you want this kind of position?
2.577454 Someone can go up on stairs from one or two steps, how many different there is to go up on a stairs with n steps.
2.57351446 Describe your work – experience? A job situation you could manage or couldnt handle
2.57273078 Fibonacci numbers… haha.
2.57143 Name the function of all the process signals you can think of.
2.569216 How would you design a digital camera for the elderly?
2.56416249 hashmap i don’t remember now
2.56106472 * Describe a balanced binary tree.
* When would you want to use a balanced tree rather than a hashmap?
2.55818439 how do you install packages in linux
2.54806685 How to decide the size of a array and what to do if oversize? who to sort and find median?
2.54371476 Typical Bayesian question
2.542918 What is AdSense?
2.53728962 Describe HMAC in detail.
2.53655958 Given a list of iterator, write an wrapper iterator that can iterator thru all the iterators in the list
2.53571248 You’re given a string, and you want to split it into as few strings as possible such that each string is a palindrome.
2.535426 How many cars are registered in [the city where you live]?
2.53151059 Write a program to compute if one string is a rotation of another.
2.52972221 You have a strong background in XYZ. We do not need this. We need knowledge in ABC. Why do you apply for the job?
2.52609921 How many balloons fit inside of San Francisco?
2.5210948 What attributes would your last manager say qualifiy you for this position?
2.51433849 Given a set of intervals(time in seconds) find the set of intervals that overlap
2.514232 design algorithm to reverse the content in the memory.
2.51212668 Signed an NDA which I’ll respect.
2.510968 Do you think we make more money from Adwords or AdSense
2.5105722 what is the next billion dollar idea for Google?
2.508998 Can you identify a project where you had to overcome a technical challenge?
2.5063293 Given a sorted array of integers, write a function to remove any duplicates. Give algorithm, then code and finally list how you would test your program.
2.50451064 How would you launch YouTube in Turkey?
2.50354481 They asked me to implement malloc in strict C after I asked for a c++ interview. I know I should have been ready for malloc, but I never use it and stumbled.
2.50353384 Convert string to integer like atoi in C
2.50123382 If a sales manager does not perform or misses his targets, what would you do?
2.5 LRU-cache
2.498444 What is firefox?
2.49818 the binary representation of 4100
2.49688482 find if long string contains shorter one.
2.4946413 How will you make Google win in (specific regional zone)?
2.49113131 How to implement a queue simply using two stacks and how to implement a highly efficient queue using two stacks.
2.49072218 What are the three most frustrated working experience at current job?
2.49014664 How do you think the entrance of Microsoft’s Bing search engine into the market place will effect Google?
2.48690677 Implement a blocking queue in Java.
2.48469782 How do you determine the relevancy of search term within a document?
2.484458 Write a function in C/C++ that returns the number of zeros contained in the factorial of the number that is passed to it.
2.483181 Find the least common root for 2 numbers in a BST
2.481337 Given two files that has list of words (one per line), write a program to show the intersection.
2.47999573 Given two strings. remove the letters in order from the first string that are in the second.
2.47724 How much did Google make from online advertising last year?
2.476268 How would you extend Array in JavaScript so that it could add all the values stored in an array?
2.47596765 (from my future team lead) What can you contribute to my team?
2.47590566 (they asked that we keep the interview questions confidential, and I will respect that)
2.469013 Explain pointer arithmetic
2.46643829 describe breadth first search
2.46422672 how to build a heap?
2.46228266 can’t disclose
2.462031 Write a function that divides two numbers without using the divide ‘/’ operator.
2.46200156 How would you go about testing a distributed system such as Gmail, before releasing it to the public. How would you simulate realistic server load ?
2.4595015 -Object-oriented Design question
-Binary tree coding question
-Sorting question
-STL vector question
-A few others (cannot reveal due to NDA)
2.457085 Suppose you have a set objects, identified by a unique name. How do you store them so that you can retrieve them easily?
2.456026 You have all of the prices for a given stock for the next year. You can buy once and sell once in that year. How do you determine when to buy and sell to maximize your profit?
2.45316982 How to select a random sample of size K from a stream of numbers.
2.45313764 Card game, given 4 cards. If by +,-,/,* and () you can make 24, you win. Write a program to play this game.
2.451326 Design the back-end for facebook.
2.45082188 What am I thinking?
2.450749 How many people do you think are using their cell phone in the entire world at this very moment?
2.44907117 I was asked to determine whether two nodes were connected in a graph.
2.44829082 Questions related to probability and statistics.
2.44735312 What was your GPA (for all degrees obtained)?
2.44726443 Write a function to return the most frequently occurring number in a list (the mode).
2.44627285 Write a program to comparing two array, one being very large
2.44188762 If I had unlimited resources, what computer program would I make?
2.44002438 Explain scheduling in OS
2.43939519 Given a large web query log file, how to find the most frequent K queries
2.43883371 How would you prioritize incoming tasks?
2.43595576 Given a list of strings return the substring representing the longest common prefix
2.434347 Given an array of structs: write a function that finds equal values in all the structs in the array
2.43425179 Was asked to design an algorithm for a complex task
2.43198037 Write a function to caculate the angle between hour and minute hand on a clock.
2.43102956 Create a function which returns the angle of the clock’s hour and minute hands.
2.43009424 Develop an algorithm to sort prime numbers
2.42594051 Tell me about a time that you had to make a difficult ethical decision when working with a client, and how you went about keeping the client but still making the right ethical choice?
2.42543364 How would you find maximum element in a list of items whcih implements comparator.
2.42280555 What is your proudest achievement to date?
2.42173 right a program- isBinarySearchTree
2.41927934 A system level question of how to extract information out of a very large file
2.417373 What’s your main takeaway after having been in your previous position for several years?
2.41516 How would you adjust our recruiting process?
2.414421 What is the use of the equals() and hashCode() methods in Java?
2.414004 write a program to do carry out one of your favorite sorting algorithms
2.41350079 Asked several questions about graph traversal. BFS and DFS.
2.412892 Have you ever managed a Google Adwords Campaign.
2.411156 How do you debug a faulty script
2.4090023 How many positions did you fill in a month?
2.4057734 Design a system to analyze huge log files
2.40374231 If Google were banned from advertising, how else should we make revenue?
2.39892459 What is your greatest personal achievement?
2.39732075 Calculate the nth number of the fibonacci series
2.39455438 Why are you an effective R&D leader? How do you handle people who are not team players?
2.39120746 On line white board coding so that the interviewer can also see as you code.
2.39075971 Search smallest value from a tree. What if you have enough memory, how to improve the speed?
2.38879776 Given a large amount of log files, how would you find the Top 10 links visited?
2.388256 Given a set of strings, a number ‘n’, and a function that takes a string and gives back a score, find the n largest scored strings in the set.
2.3881166 How much would it cost to wash all of the windows in NYC?
2.38564467 How does an ethernet switch route?
2.38503742 C++ versus Java.
Reverse a singly lined list.
2.382727 If you look at a clock and the time is 3:15, what is the angle between the hour and the minute hands?
2.38253379 Large data set, in memory sorting with limited RAM
2.37895584 How many gallons of paint would it take to paint 1/3 of the houses in the US?
2.37880349 How many resumes does Google receive each year for software engineering?
2.37864923 which 2 datastructures will you use to design a dictionary .
2.37720942 Given a file with a set of file names, write shell script to rename all these files.
2.37677264 write a program to translate alphanumeric phone number to numbers only
2.375142 How many web searches are done within a week?
2.37486625 They were all C++ questions. find mean, find page rank, find intersection, then OO and design questions
2.374474 How many cans of paint would it take to cover an entire 747?
2.37307549 write an algorithm to divide two numbers using only loops and addition.
2.372877 How would you troubleshoot a computer that cannot access an external website?
2.36444259 If you were given the land prices in the Bay Area, what would you pick, the mean or the median? Why?
2.36421084 What is Google’s next million dollar ida?
2.363751 What was the hardest problem you’ve ever solved and how?
2.36154771 Where do you see yourself in five years? (followed by the interviewer complaining about how he hated asking that question)
2.36032915 What could be improved on AdWords or Analytics?
2.35797644 Given a dictionary of words, decrypt it using a given decrypt() function
2.353688 Write a function to determine if a string (consisting only of parenthesis) is balanced.
2.35005188 Describe a situation where a client threatened to end their relationship with a company that you worked for and how you handled it.
2.348314 Onsite: binary search trees, string manipulation, designing a cache, recursion
2.34580946 What problem you may run into if you want to send one file from one place to another through the internet.
2.34367418 How would you reverse the image on an n by n matrix where each pixel is represented by a bit?
2.34119868 What professional organizations are you a member of? How can they contribute to your performance in this position?
2.34055638 Given a string of characters, find the character with the highest frequency.
2.33859229 Design a web search engine that searches web locations for anagrams of a given string.
2.33697653 Suppose the Europe operations suddenly lose 20% in terms of revenue, how could you find out what’s going on, and what do you want to do to handle the situation?
2.336461 Look for a string in a very long string – a needle in a haystack. Write the program in pseudo-code.
2.33096242 Having two tree nodes, find a node that is the conman parent
2.32097721 What happens when you change the size of the slits in Young’s double slit experiment? What happens if you move them closer or further apart? What happens if you have 3 or 5 slits instead of just 2 slits?
2.32014513 How many cans of blue paint were sold in the United States last year?
2.32011151 How many tries will you need to find out a heavy ball from a set of 9 balls. How can you minimize these tries.
2.31775713 A simple BigData question.
2.31621313 How to make crawling better, so that better search results are displayed?
2.313607 How would you write a class that verifies a Sodoku
2.31292129 * Given an array of numbers. Create another array that contains
* the product of all the members in the array except the current
* element. For example, if you have an array of 3 elements such as:
* A[0] = 2
* A[1] = 4
* A[2] = 6
* Then the resulting array will be
* B[0] = 24
* B[1] = 12
* B[2] = 8
2.31260729 Tell us about the most difficult challenge you’ve faced within the past year and how you resolved it.
2.31255341 String replacement coding in Java.
2.30665064 Technical questions on various languages, algorithms, and technologies.
2.30606961 Given a list L of n numbers. Write a function to return true if the sum of any two numbers of L equals to k; false otherwise.
2.301044 Not allowed to disclose by NDA.
2.29760551 What are the argument of the main function in C.
2.29694843 You have 3 switches on the ground floor. For each switch there is a light bulb on the upper floor (in random order). You can switch the switches as long as you need or want, but you have to determine which switch is for which bulb. And you can go to the upper floor to check only once. How do you find out it?
2.29662132 Design an RPC protocol.
2.29297233 what is the best way to sort millions of records
2.29291058 How much would you charge to wash all of the windows in Seattle?
2.29216385 Giving a windows size K and an array of size N, find the minimum of each window as it slides through the array.
2.29154181 So you graduated with a pretty good GPA. How’d you do that?
2.290574 Given a grid that contains rectangles, write a function that will return all the rectangles that overlap with each other.
2.29023457 Serialize and deserialize a collection of strings into a single one.
2.28752136 Propose a data structure for a distributed range query
2.28575873 Given a web system which gets disconnected, how would you debug it. Also where would you add resources to maximise throughput given some constraints.
2.285201 How would you write a program to detect memory segmentation faults?
2.284325 How much ways is it possible to use to go on the top of stairs with n stairs if we can go up by 1 or 2 steps?
2.28256655 You run a web site which has lots of user submitted content. How would you monetize that?
2.28180218 Question about building a team and how to get them excited.
2.2745 You are given a random binary tree
/ \
4 9
/ \ / \
3 5 6 8

Write code to print it out in order level ie
4 9
3 5 6 8

The tree need not be balanced. Write all the datastructures for the tree and make sure that you print newlines after each level.

Also write test cases to test your code.

2.26888 Implement a system to serialize and deserialize strings
2.26502466 What is the number of SMEs in your city, and country?
2.264897 How many cards are registered in a particular state in the US
2.26358771 Cominations of strings.
2.262663 Describe a sales cycle where you lost the opportunity you were working on.
2.26123166 How many lines of computer code have you written in your lifetime ?
2.25162888 I have a coin, I tossed 10 times and I want to test if the coin is fair.
2.25084639 Marketing sizing – how many people check g-mail per day
2.24931335 How do you control Spam on Social Networks ? How can Google counter Facebook’s threat
2.241762 What is the fastest way to sort 1 million integers when integers are from the range [1,100]?
2.24158263 algorithm of graphic theory
2.23962522 How would you find the most searched for phrase in Google, assuming that you could use 10000 computer in parallel?
2.23879552 tell me about a non-google product that you use and 3 features you think that’s designed well and 3 things that are not designed well
2.23812938 what is DMA
2.23606586 tell about the problems faced while doing the projects in past?
2.235191 Which is the toughest SQL code you have ever coded?
2.22940063 Given a stream of integers of unknown (possibly large) length, how would you pick one at random? Now prove its random.
2.22778749 Did I enjoy my experience at my university?
2.22750664 What are three long term challenges facing google?
2.22668386 the complexity of data structures, actual writing the sorting code on google doc.
2.22518063 search question. three words with three position lists. Find the smallest interval having the three words.
2.22471118 Design a new interface for an existing comment system.
2.22425032 There are two arrays A1 and A2. Find out the pairs of numbers in A2 which were in reverse order in A1.

For ex.
A1 = 2 6 5 8 1 3
A2 = 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 & 2
1 & 3
5 & 6

2.22417974 Linux admin
2.22316766 Giving n numbers, and one number s, find out whether there are two numbers form the n numbers sums up to the number s. Finding one solution is extremely easy, but what’s required is to find out ALL solutions to the problem and analyse the run times.
2.22073531 How to find the max number of a shift buffer queue. For instance, there is an array like 5, 6,8,11,1,2, how to find the max number, which is 11 in this example.
2.22009087 At any given moment, how many planes are in the air?
2.21888781 Anywhere in the world, where would you open up a new Google office and how would you figure out compensation for all the employees at this new office?
2.218194 How would you convince a luxury brand to accept to list its products in a product search engine?
2.217386 You are climbing a stair case. Each time you can either make 1 step or 2 steps. The staircase has n steps. In how many distinct ways can you climb the staircase ?
2.21723652 Describe a product (Google or other) that completely blew you away when you first saw it, and explain why.
2.21548939 Find if there are two members of an array that sum to 10 (10 and 0 count, but 10 alone does not).
2.21427131 Please describle your resume.
2.21286774 There were 2 questions: 1 design and 1 implementation. The design was something like the following: you have a billion google searches a day, design a data structure which lets you pull out the top 100 unique ones at the end of the day.
2.21103287 Write the code which use hash_map in C++
2.20939255 How would you deal with personality clashes among team members?
2.20873642 Phone Interview:
i) Find the number of inversions in an array (describe & code)
ii) Find collinear points in a given set of 2D points (describe & code)
2.20826554 If your customer calls you on the phone and tells you her light-bulb is broken, how would you go about fixing the problem on the phone?
2.20217681 How many airplanes are there over German airspace right now?
2.20158267 Implement a function, F(int n) to calculate the nth Fibonacci number.
2.20090413 There is an NxM grid containing a robot at (1, 1) and a destination at (N, M). Robot can move only up or right. Some locations can have obstacles. Find the number of unique paths from (1, 1) to (N, M). What is the time complexity of your algorithm?
2.200661 If you have a network of computers and one of the computers has a massive file (e.g. tens of gigabytes), how would you copy the file to all of the other nodes in the network?
2.20027232 Not really a question, more of a general strategy.
2.19841 Details regarding basic LINUX administration.
2.19709539 How many small businesses are there in Europe?
2.19698977 Behavior question about my previous project
2.19616866 Find all (english word) substrings of a given string. (every = every, ever, very)
2.19568443 Statistical problem about combination.
Technical problem about ordering a string according to another string.
2.195454 Given 2 numbers x and y, check if x is an integer power of y. For instance, x = 8, y = 2 would return true and x = 10 and y = 2 would return false since the first one is an integer power but the second isn’t.
2.19358683 Implement a fast exponentiation function
2.19339585 Write an iterator over multiple collections.
2.193183 You have a meeting with Eric Schmidt. How do you suggest we can make Google’s e-commerce more profitable?
2.19096 Design a voice inout search engine .
2.19033217 If you worked on a support team and your boss wanted you to find a way to reduced support tickets %10 by each quarter, how would you go about doing that?
2.18996358 Describe what you will do to enhance the indexing performance of the map service.
2.18423915 Here’s a situation involving gym lockers that I’ve been wondering about. What do you think of it?
2.18274975 How many college students are there in the United States?
2.18074 Calculate the size of the server you will buy if you were to implement GMail in 2004.
2.179793 What was the most challenging issue/bug you came across and how did you resolve it?
2.17907333 bacteria multiply 2x a day, and on the 50th day, there are 100 bacteria, how many were here on the 48th day.
2.17891955 Standard questions like: why did you decide to send your CV, tell more about yourself etc.
2.177249 That’s all good and correct. Now, assume that the computers you are given have only 1 MB of memory each. How would you solve the same problem using the same number of machines?
2.17602229 questions on the running time of quicksort and selection sort
2.1759572 What metrics do you have to consider to rank the sellers of a product in an online shopping website ?
2.17595434 I was asked a fairly involved Objective C question.
2.17426372 print out the powset of a set. use any programming language you want.
2.1684227 Implement a program to play the battleship game.
2.1629 Was asked to design a new product that could monetise existing Google services.
2.16232467 Describe the design and implementation of a Tic Tac Toe game.
2.16130614 This is not a question from the day but gives you an idea of what to expect.

Given an array of numbers and another number, work out whether the array of numbers can be manipulated using standard mathematical techniques to equal the other number given. e.g. given 5 and 10, can you make 50? 5 * 10 = 50, so yes.

2.15915084 What is the angle created between the minute and hour hands on a clock that reads 4:20?
2.15769935 There were no trick questions and I don’t recall any particularly difficult questions. Given the number of interviews and people involved in the process, you can’t really prepare.
2.1560843 How to randomly select a number with equal probability from an array with unknown size?
2.1544404 How do you know two proportions from the same population for answers to the same question are significantly different?
2.150781 Given two numbers m and n, write a method to return the first number r that is
divisible by both (e.g., the least common multiple).
2.14810967 What is the best way to sort a terabyte of array of data, when you have limited RAM (500k), and each array element has a couple of items of data, at about 1-10k each.
2.14542437 Implementing a system for fast anagrams retrieval given a large file of words
2.14368367 Find the rectangle of maximal area under a histogram
2.1436305 You’re given a binary tree and pointers to two nodes in the tree. Describe the fastest algorithm you can come up with to determine the closest common ancestor.
2.14288545 Given you have a 2D binary raster represented as a bit array, how would you render a horizontal line?
2.1425755 Design a study (x6).
2.14207864 Name an experience where you had a coworker or supervisor who was difficult to work with. What did you do?

(I was asked this question three times by different people)

2.14126968 Out of 10 coins, one weighs less then the others. You have a scale.
How can you determine which one weighs less in 3 weighs?
Now how would you do it if you didn’t know if the odd coin weighs less or more?
2.14104223 Asked me how I would improve a Google product. My background is in SDE so he didn’t ask me any programing/math questions.
2.136201 nothing in particular- this was just a phone interview.
2.13191748 Implement a base 3 adder which takes two strings as input and returns a string
2.12884784 Given two large files with 64-bit integers produce file with integers which are present in both files and estimate O(?) complexity of your algorithm.
2.12615871 Do you know Newton’s Method? Can you write down the formula for that? I just don’t prepare in such question so I can’t remember the exact formula.
2.123767 I can’t reveal specific questions, but knowledge of basic graph and tree algorithms was very helpful.
2.12314773 Are there any particular projects or areas that you would enjoy working on at Google?
2.12141 How to delete the file “-f” with rm.
2.119324 Would you still be interested in this position, even if growth in the company would be limited?
2.11904478 You are given two sets of integers, sizes M and N with M < N. Perform inner equal join on these two sets (i.e., find intersection of the two lists). How to perform it if both the lists are in files and the available memory is of size K < M < N.
2.118328 Given a machine hangup how do you trouble shoot the problem, open ended.
2.11812186 You have many competing demands and will not be able to achieve them all in one day, however all the deadlines are for today. How do you choose which ones to do?
2.11549187 Given two binary search trees, write function which tells if two such trees are the same – (i.e. same info in the nodes, same branching to left and right at every node).
2.11454225 sorting, balance of searching tree.
2.112865 file system design. How to organize the files efficiently. How to search them quickly and how to distinguish the files with same contents but different names.
2.11070681 Design the battle ship game
2.11035824 How would you push out a software update to a multitude of clients.
2.1089673 Logic Riddle Question
2.10725784 Write code to check the validity of a suduko square
2.10593629 How does the BDR get elected in OSPF?
2.10422373 Some areas they will definitely touch — OOP, strings, and data structures
2.10293 Find the median of a large set of numbers distributed over several machines in a network.
2.096773 how trace route works
2.09468937 You suspended a clients account and the sales manager is complaining to you to reinstate the account because the client is one of the biggest google adwords client. The client was in violation of google policy. What do you tell the manager?
2.09462881 Give me your brief life story.
2.094456 How many people using facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday?
2.08900285 How would you communicate to the team when a major change was required of a project that was already underway.
2.08778977 Given unsorted sequence of billions of numbers that cannot all fit in memory at the same time, find the median of these values.
2.08512855 Design the friend suggestion of facebook, write a code, complexity,…
2.08432817 count the number of bits set in a bitmap of arbitrary size.
2.08364177 data structure questions around graphs and trees but straight forward ones.
2.08079 Give marketing strategy for a product
2.08030534 Review content and determine how relevant it is.
2.07991433 Eliminate replicates in a string
2.07725668 How would you compress a string of characters by hand, not using zip. To reduce size.
2.07632828 assuming you are the owner of a user review website, such as Yelp. How do you design a button that returns a list of recommended restaurants that you like.
2.07627749 – What is 2^12?
– Past experiences
– Trivia
– Unfortunately I cannot publish more questions (NDA)
2.07592964 design a complete system to function just like the twitter.
2.07462478 finding the biggest sum of subset in an int array.
2.07433963 design a structure have these two functions: insert, getMedian, discuss the time complexity
2.07405043 Design a class to serialize / deserialze a graph.
2.0724287 Implement a queue with a limited numer of stacks.
2.07210469 Implement the overlap area of two rectangles.
2.071934 What are some existing threats to Google’s business, and how can they be approached.
2.07160926 How to use variance and standard deviation.
2.07100344 Create a database and two tables in MySQL with the data provided.
2.0707283 estimate no of hospital in India
2.07001925 what else is important in a social game?
2.06942821 I really don’t want to confuse you people with the hard questions. Questions were ok if you know the basis and do programming on day to day basis then it’s fine.
2.06910467 how does tcp connection is intiated and terminated?
2.06893873 What product in the market place to you thing is well marketed and positioned?
2.06553817 25 horses, 5 race tracks. How many races you have to run to select top 5 horses.
2.0650835 Minute details regarding Database Administration.
2.06410837 How to design a customer satisfaction survey?
2.05735755 Estimate the total storage size of GMAIL
2.057024 Probably shouldn’t disclose the first interview question as they made me sign an agreement and the first question was unique from anything I have seen as an interview question. This was a question that would not have been able to have been completed within the 45 min.
2.05698824 A database table with no primary key, and you have two rows with exactly same data; now you want to delete one row; how you going to make sure it is deleting the second one not the first one or vice versa?
2.05637264 Find the lowest common ancestor for BST
2.05501628 Similar to phone interviews but you have to better explain your solutions.
2.05417514 design a email system for young students
2.05397749 What Larry Page should be concerned about, in term of the company strategy?
2.05390763 Estimate the number of active Androids in the U.S.
2.050676 Design and write a sudoku solver.
2.04978824 3. what’s treemap and sortmap in Java
2.0484848 If you had essentially no reports or reference materials to start with, how would you approach getting to know the information you had to manage in your new role?
2.04651761 How can you find a cycle in a singly-linked list (a place where the last node links back to a previous node)?
2.04194856 Name some types of Java collection classes.
2.0417006 there was an odd ball in the 8 balls you have to find out the odd ball with 2 weighs
2.040726 What kind of protocol is OSPF
2.03936362 How many potholes are there in Los Angeles?
2.03879929 Given a base 10 number, print the hexidecimal (base 16) representation of that number.
2.03834462 Make an algorithm to extract the skyline from the rectangles.
2.03815246 What are some of the biggest opportunities to grow this area?
2.03729 At this time I do not remember any direct questions but know that most questions were based on your personal thinking process in approaching a problem and correcting the problem.
2.034854 What are the things part of HTTP request?
2.03292632 How would you diagnose a problem with a Mac, where it freezes at boot up.
2.031553 How would you solve XXX problem (have to jump up to the whiteboard and think through it on the fly)
2.029984 Describe a time in the past when you had to deal with processes/follow protocol at a previous job.
2.029767 Describe inheritance, virtual, etc. in C++
Would you use threads or processes in this situation? Why?
Write an algorithm that…
2.02959061 Why gifting is important in a social game?
2.02943087 describe Ad words in three sentences to a child..
2.02896214 How would you test Google calculator, given the large number of possible inputs (miles, temperature, etc.)?
2.02846527 Why have virtual destructors?
2.02641129 why google. describe yr short term and long term career goals
2.02617264 Check whether the string is symmetric, how to test your result
2.02267623 Finding path in a grid.
2.02188444 how calculate traveling salesperson problem
2.019862 Should Google buy NetFlix?
2.01772428 What is the worst-case complexity of mergesort?
2.014622 assume you are writing number in ascending order to an array of constant size. once you reach the end of the array, you start writing from the beginning, thus writing over the oldest entries.

write an algorithm for finding a specific number in this array.

2.010917 reverse a sentence such that the ordering of words is reversed but the words aren’t changed
2.0078826 Write code to check whether every element of an array has been visited (you are given a starting position and each position stores a pointer to a subsequent position)
2.00566053 Define an algorithm that converts a string to an integer without using a built in method like int()
2.005125 SQL, what are the different types of table joins
2.004812 How would you implement a stack to achieve constant time for “push”, “pop” and “find mininum” operations?
2.00360918 What cool things did you do in your previous job. Basically the interviewer wants to know if there can be a good fit between me and the team.
1.9971143 Find the maximum rectangle (in terms of area) under a histogram in linear time.
1.99491656 Find the longest word in a dictionary, such that the word can be built one character at a time, and all substrings are words in the dictionary. A new character can be added anywhere.
1.99465287 Remove a node from a singly linkedlist without knowing the head node. All you have is the node itself.
1.99131989 What extracurricular activities have you engaged in (social, etc.)? What compensation expectations do you have, because there’s no point in continuing if we can’t meet your expectations?
1.9910084 Implement the a program that works like “tail”.
1.98746073 Addition of 2 big numbers (represented by 2 int arrays, assuming each integer can only be 0-9)
1.98654854 How would you summarize the performance of online sales operations to a manager with little or no technical background?
1.98647392 You have two programs, A and B. Each of them takes 1 minute to run separately on a Linux machine, when run on a freshly booted system. What can you tell me about the two programs if:
a) when run together, they take 2 minutes to run
b) when run together, they take 1 minute to run
c) when run together, they take 30 seconds to run
1.97974014 Describe Linux from its kernel level
1.97944331 First he asked me some of my most frequented websites. Then picked one (Facebook) and asked how to improve it.
1.97825038 Given a list of generic items, describe/code the approach would you take to finding the most common item.
1.97690392 Given a large unsorted text file containing thousands of words count the number of times each word appears.
1.96908128 What sort would you use if you required tight max time bounds and wanted highly regular performance.
1.96762776 Q4) How to calculate Hamming distance between two integers, write code.
1.96701968 General algorithm questions. particularly focused on algorithmic complexity. Know average and worst case time for operations on hash tables, trees, etc. The questions are not puzzles and if you know your data structures, algorithms, etc, they aren’t too hard.
1.966992 Estimate the number of cars in the metro area?
1.96694863 How do you design a high-write, high-read database.
1.96334159 Write a code to check whether partially filled sudoku is proper or not
1.96205139 basically code prims algorithm
1.9601202 You notice that adwords revenue for a certain word has dropped in Italy for the last 30 days. How do you go about determining why that has happened?
1.95935833 How many cups of coffe were sold yesterday in “your home capital city”?
1.95805681 Given a list of integers that fall within a known short but unknown range of values, how to find the median value?
1.95764375 You are given a text file too large to fit in memory and 3 strings A, B, C. For each string, you have a sorted array listing the positions of the string in the file (e.g., inverted indices). Find the smallest window containing the 3 strings. Order of appearance does not matter.
1.95642948 What is the difference between gets and fgets and what is special about their buffers. (No you can look up man pages or get clues).
1.95499468 Explain how a project in the Telecommunications industry is similar to the Software industry.
1.95267045 Why do software fails some times. ie firefox might not work some time on the system
1.9524045 If integer array used to store big integers (one integer store one digit), implement arithmetic operations.
1.94989634 Game of Life – write a function to calculate next state of the board based on current state
1.94974613 If a change in a product made Google less money over all and even would reduce the revenue of partners but might save money for the consumers should Google still do it?
1.94780242 A good example: “describe exactly what happens when you type ‘telnet google.com 80’ at a bash prompt, including shell interpretation, network connections”.
1.9475888 For a n-node tree, you are given a left leaf node pointer and right leaf node pointer. Write a function to find the number of nodes between the leaves pointed by the left and the right pointer.
1.94754624 Suppose you have an arbitrarily connected graph with n nodes. Come up with an algorithm to identify each set of connected nodes (i.e. identify all the islands in the graph). What’s the complexity? Can you find a solution in O(n log n)?
1.94741142 Plan an offsite event for 100 outstanding Google employees. Your budget is $50K. Describe the plan and write the e-mail that would go out.
1.94527984 Discuss data structures for reading URL->File content (crawler data e.g.) and remove duplicates.

Find a number in a sorted array with duplicates in O(log n) time.

1.94508743 A gmail user login. How do you store the account information so that it can be retrieved fast?
1.94481754 Why are there two high tides in one day?
1.944629 One fellow asked very specific questions about exact syntax of bash commands and keywords.
1.94279742 if we had a list of n nodes, what are the maximum number of edges there can be for a directed acyclic graph?
1.94246972 What are some strategies you use while sourcing candidates?
1.93846631 Sort the entries in database in single pass?
1.93752193 Not many difficult questions, but the interviewer woukd not let you think and answer.
1.936124 how many houses are painted red in canada?
1.93212271 challenges in growing a team
1.93024409 What are different ways you would troubleshoot client issues regarding analytics?
1.92813921 you have a sorted array of real numbers drawn from the uniform distribution between 0 and 1. How can you quickly find a number in it?

This was the last question. They had me implement it on my own and send it back to them.

1.9252491 An example questions was:
If you had a days worth of queries, how would you sort the queries by the letter q, and then return a sufficiently random sample of 1000 queries. How do you ensure randomness?
1.92172909 To generate a fibnacci number sequence, and discuss its time and space complexity.
1.92162836 Same as above but another one is taken out again. Find the two missing nubmers
1.92103994 What keeps Larry Page up at night?
1.91898179 What is the relationship between equals(Object o) and hashCode() in Java? How would you implement each method?
1.91720152 Estimate how much it would cost to put wifi in San Fran.
1.91601777 I was asked not to explicitly talk about the interview questions, but they involved live coding into a google doc and discussing the big O complexity of the algorithms used.
1.91423655 you are on a biz trip and travelling from one city to another. you have a stack of unsorted flight boarding passes. only departure city and destination city are on the boarding pass. how do you find the first departure city and your final destination city
1.91353047 All questions are from the Resume, nothing out of ordinary
1.91272891 This job has extremely monotonous components. How will you deal with the monotony?
1.91151381 What exciting things are happening in the web space?
1.90906847 Why did you Pick C++ instead of any other dynamic languages out there?
1.90717041 Give us an example where you solved and handled some complex issue in current project
1.90639687 Mostly PM questions (How would you design…), not just software-related but also every day products. Some guesstimates and brainteasers. Signed NDA so cannot reveal actual questions (if you google “google interview questions”, you’ll ge a pretty good impression of the kind of questions they ask).
1.90251112 Fastest way to count number of bits in a 32-bit or 64-bit integer.
1.90248358 When you are doing “read()” call what it happening under the hood in user space?
1.89928055 design patterns. visitors pattern.
1.8989526 Design an iterator for a collection of collections in java. The iterator should hide the nesting, allowing you to iterate all of the elements belonging to all of the collections as if you were working with a single collection.
1.89755058 What would you say are the minimal requirements needed to successfully manage a software development project?
1.88805127 how do you check current directory listing when system is ran out of process table?
1.88585472 Write a function to return the number with the longest collatz sequence in a given range: int longestCollatz(int lower, int upper);
1.88302016 Given an unlimited stream of input, output the median value at any moment.
1.882801 Describe a difficult problem you worked on either in academics or the workplace.
1.87927353 Very technical Java concurrency question that required a LOT of knowledge of concurrency in Java.
1.87873852 How would you desgin facebook, use the data struct to show the social network and find out the people that close to you but your relation are stranger (white board coding)
1.87795591 What was a challenging search assignment you conducted, and the result?
1.87664831 One person showed me a line graph with no labels, and asked me to describe what the line graph represented, and why. GREAT question!
1.87593353 You are planning an offsite for 100 outstanding Google employees. Your budget is 50K. Describe the plan and compose an email that would be sent to the invitees.
1.871792 How would you concatenate a string in Perl/Python?
1.87134862 Given a directory with lots of files, find the files that have the same content (the file names are different).

I think file format is not considered, since when I said the size of the file with the same content should be the same, the interviewer did not deny it.

1.86880887 Check two leafs of graph connected or not, how we can optimize algo
1.86743689 Describe the different ways prosecution of a patent can end.
1.86583936 Write a short method to perform a simple, common operation. Now tell me what could go wrong. How would you fix it?
1.865548 Design a software library to implement a histogram.
1.86476779 Implement a random number generator such that the random number generated is always in a particular range. Perform through time complexity analysis of it. How would you improve the solution.
1.86376011 Asked several questions about analyzing strings (e.g. longest common suffix).
1.86269355 How would Google implement a €20 annual subscription fee for Gmail users?
1.86204827 Implement a function boolean matches(String text, String pattern) to find match pattern in the string, pattern can be seperated but the order of letters in pattern cannot be changed.
1.8606962 typical CS interview questions, as listed above
1.86010051 I signed a confidentiality agreement.
1.858153 How would you sell a custom-made bicycle for girls 6-10 years old.
1.85726357 explan difference between display and contextual ad serving
1.85247242 Some tricky part of hashmap
1.84879041 create an algorithm for a problem, optimize it, O – notation
1.84730411 What unix system calls are used when you make a network connection to another machine, using TCP?
1.84299183 There is a parking lot of cars that is full except for a single spot. Write some code to take it from one arbitrary configuration to another moving only one car at a time into the empty spot. Analyse the time complexity, how would you improve it, etc.
1.84266269 Most of the time was spent on questions asking you to consider a hypothetical problem and design a system to meet it.
1.84203565 1) Code and analyse the function findMaximums().
2) Use a sorted data structure (a binary tree).
3) std::vector findMaximums(int* Data, int N, int K) where
4) Data is an array of int’s.
5) N is the size of the array Data.
6) K is the number of element from Data you want to compare and maximize.
7) The vector you return is the list of these “local maximums”.
1.84065366 Design a database system for a global company like KFC
1.83714449 Why man holes are in round shape?
1.8370018 Describe on the the business model of one of our customer
1.83592594 Asked me to estimate the revenue of various free web services from Google and competitors.
1.83563352 How to design a search engine? If each document contains a set of keywords, and is associated with a numeric attribute, how to build indices?
1.83408654 How have you improved training and quality within a call center?
1.83311188 An email service offers 5GB per user. What is the marginal cost per new user?
1.83309507 you have an array of stock prices. i-th element in that array represents the stock price of that day. find the buy and sell dates to maximize profit.
1.83058214 Compress a given string.
Input: aaaaabbccc
Output: a5b2c3
1.83054554 Describe in detail sourcing methods you’ve used.
1.82979608 Express the number of ways, T(N) for climbing N steps.
You can climb either one or two steps at a time.
What is T(N)?
1.82896137 If we have 22,000 employees, we plan to grow by 35%, and are going to lose about 10% due to termination during the year, how many employees do we have to hire this year?
1.82789946 What is the best way to distribute accounts to your account managers?
1.82767928 design a cloud that sorts petabytes of numbers. Range of numbers are large. how efficient? Big O running time?
1.826124 What is an RTOS? How different is it from a conventional OS
1.82437682 You are a PM and about to launch a photo sharing site, what would be the size (as in terms of Terabytes) of your server.
This is for the customers in US only.
1.82080734 You have a genealogy:
1) Describe a data structure to represent it.
2) Given any two people within the genealogy, describe an algorithm to determine if they share a common ancestor. You just need to return true/false, not all ancestors.
1.82040954 If you were in Mountain View, which is GMT -8 and you were heading to Singapore, which is GMT +8, and you were taking a 12 hour flight to Tokyo, had a 2 hour layover and then continued for 4 more hours, what time would it be in Singapore when you landed.
1.82034266 They made me promise not to tell. There were questions about thread-safety, computational complexity, and dynamic programming. Also other questions.
1.82033384 Can an abstract class be instantiated in Java? And does it have a constructor?
1.81665921 What do you want to talk about today (very vague question as an attempt to derail your expectations of a typical behavioral interview where the interviewer is the one asking the questions)?
1.81597853 Explain about ARP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP? explain wrt osi layer model what happens when u type google.com in the browsser?
1.81527066 Given a set of cities, each with a given population, select randomly a city with a probability that is proportional to the population.
1.81482613 Design a better toothpaste tube
1.81416571 Design the backend for ad-words.
1.81301451 You have 7 balls. One weighs more than the others (not significantly). You have a scale, like the scales of justice. Describe how to find the weighted ball only using the scale twice.
1.81234694 How long would it take a Google car to photograph the entire city of San Francisco for Google map street view.
1.8114475 efficiently search for an input word in an unbounded dictionary.
1.81023574 Describe a data structure of your choice. (I chose a hash table) Followed up with questions about collision, Big O time of various operations.
1.81008244 Create a stack of numbers where the maximum number is always known.
1.80666983 Maximum contiguous sub sequence sum problem.
1.80421746 What does the temp db in sql server do?
1.802222 find the median of million rows in each of the 1000 servers.
1.80220878 You are developing a research question. You wnt the answer to be Yes or No. How can you develop a model that will result in a Yes orNo response.
1.8015666 Assume a matrix of integers they are sorted in boh row and column vice .. how do u find a given number from the matrix in a optimal way?
1.79975843 What is the kernel call to get the inode information of a file?
1.79524243 Remove duplicate lines from an large text.
1.79507411 1. Compare HashTable and Binary Tree(pros and cons, why use binary tree in some place, the time complexity of insert, delete of hashtable and binarytree)
1.79312062 you have a file which contains no. from 100 to 999999999, but some nos. are missing. how would you find the missing nos.?
– loading the whole file or keeping the file open for long time isn’t desirable.
1.79209614 What is Young’s modulus?
1.78814042 What is the patent litigation process.
1.78545773 how wud u handle an irate customer?
1.7844348 How would you analyze a video clip to determine if it was shot by an amateur or a professional?
1.78398478 Given a a new dictionary of words in English alphabets but the ordering of the alphabets are not necessarily as the English alphabets, that is, say c comes a in the new alphabet series. Hence, the dictionary would also contain words in a different ordering than the usual dictionary. If you are given enough words in this new dictionary so that you can find enough relationships between the new series, find the new series.
1.78318262 What is the bandwidth necessary if Google Docs is on the moon?
1.78268313 Build Windows Minesweeper. Data structure, method to check state etc.
1.7800616 Sort a million 32 bit integers using only 2MB of RAM
1.779897 How many rotations does earth make on its axis while going around the sun for one year.
1.77882028 How would you attempt to reduce the learning curve inherent for a new employee in this position?
1.77829015 Most questions were the typical, contrived algorithm problems, but a couple were more open-ended design questions. There was one problem that involved graphs. After giving a solution, they’ll ask what the asymptotic complexity is, and how that can be improved. I was also asked what test cases I would write against the solution.
1.77805459 what kind of factors would you consider when implementing software in areas of the world with limited access to internet
1.77461958 Describe the implementation (along with data structures) involved in making a program that:
1. inserts a number
2. returns the median of all unique numbers
1.77383852 the questions were not that difficult. but i went back four times and met with one (maybe two) person each time and the questions were nearly the same. that was frustrating even though i was happy to meet more people.
1.77297413 Partition an array in such way zeros to be moved on the left side of the array, other numbers on the right side of the array. Extra storage not allowed, only in-place.
1.77184486 Given US denomination coins, what is the algorithm to make change for any amount?
1.770592 Given the list of points of the skyline of a city in order (from East to West) Find the maximal rectangle contained in this skyline. I was asked to write the code. I managed to find the algorithm but was not sufficient.
1.76993537 I don’t remember enough details to make sense to someone reading this. But, it was basically how would you analyze an ordered multi-terabyte data set using commodity hardware and limited time. In other words, you can use as many machines as you want, but you have to be time efficient.
1.76977944 How can I get to some gold in the middle of the amazon in the cheapest way possible?
1.76969326 top weaknesses
1.76877654 The software program is not meeting expectations in terms of timescales or functionality. What steps would you take to bring the program back into line.
1.7640965 This is an open ended question?
How would you differentiate the same keywords in different contexts? For example, how can a search engine understand which of them represent the hotel brand name and which of them represent the celebrity, if a user searches for “Hilton”?
1.7625761 Estimate the cost per click and clickthrough rate for Google.
1.75764883 How to fill a shape which has a specific boundary color?
1.75679672 TThe interview was largely focussed on business case and how I would go about looking for java programmers.
1.75659907 Given the daily values of a stock, find how you can lose the most with one buy-sell trading.
1.7523514 How to measure the hight of the building using Barometer
1.75160515 Given a picture of a skip list data structure, implement the algorithm to maintain skip lists (add, search, delete).
1.75156379 Subset of all sets using bit arithematic.
1.75070453 Estimate the rate of change of money on the ground in a given city.
1.7470088 Imagine dropping a Rubik’s Cube into a bucket of paint. How many of the cubes will get paint on them?
1.74463391 Academic-based theoretical questions about some technologies.
1.74218893 Describe a concept how you can fixe the issue ABC within DNS?
1.74154174 I have superclass A and subclass B of superclass A. B overrides a function foo() in A. I have an instance of class B. How do I call foo() but using class A’s version
1.74115252 onsite interview: implement timers write code as if you are writing them in 1 single for loop in kernel.
1.741117 Given inputs from Google Search, you have K chunks. Each chunk is individually alphabetically ordered (apple, banana, cat) … (*apple, *banan, *cat). You want to merge all chunks into a single list. How would you do it? What limitations are there to your approach?
It’s on an x86 processor, what does that mean and how does that affect your approach?
1.74103749 Judge if a Sudoku solution is right.
1.73971653 Write the code to determine if a 2D point is inside a 2D closed polygon.
1.73906612 classic fermi problem. estimate some value making some approximations.
1.73871493 You have a 64bit interger counter set to 0. How long it will take to overflow the counter given that you are incrementing it at 4Ghz speed.
1.73522329 Join information from the two tables to create an average score (of the data given to insert into table)
1.73095107 Google want to change youtube from having one image for videos to having several to better indicate what the video is about(5 images was used). How would you achieve this
1.73080313 Find the perfect numbers between 1 and 1M, details in my interview description.
1.72900975 general IQ type and computer science question
1.72834992 Some web sites have text in multiple languages. How could you determine the dominant language of a web page when indexing it? (open-ended question)
1.72718871 (Without telling you the specific question,) estimate how many bits should I use for the hash key in your solution? Justify!
1.723209 How to build a distributed algorithm to compute the balance of the parathenses?
1.72259939 Imagine you have a closet full of shirts. It’s very hard to find a shirt. So what can you do to organize your shirts for easy retrieval?
1.72234178 What is the marginal cost of a gigabyte in gmail?
1.720291 Name 20 things you would record in a webserver profiler
1.71710432 Write a class that iterates through a list of lists with methods next and hasNext. Next returns the next item in the list, and hasNext returns True or False depending on whether or not we are at the end of the list.

i = Iterator([[1, 2], [3, 4]])
i.next() returns 1
i.next() returns 2
i.hasNext() returns True
i.next() returns 3
i.next() returns 4
i.hasNext returns False

1.71650362 Basic walkthrough of resume.
1.71580267 They asked me not to share detailed interview questions, but I’ll say it was a question about searching and sorting a list. And how to make it faster. And then even faster.
1.71487141 * You have a data structure of integers, which can be negative, zero, or positive, and you need to support an API with two public methods, insert(int) and getmedian(). Describe a data structure you would use to support this API and describe the running time of the two methods.

* Imagine you’re writing a function that takes an array of integers and an integer and it needs to return true if any pair in the array sum to the 2nd argument. The array can have negative numbers, zero, or positive numbers. Describe how you would design this function and what its running time would be. I ran through the trivial n^2 solution, then modified it to an nlogn and finally to a linear solution.

1.71420038 Develop an algorithm to sort 100m books and find functional duplicates
1.71387541 Both: Big-O analysis, optimize, design test cases
1.71376359 Wanted to know how to implement a traceroute routine and what ICMP and TCP details would need to be developed to write the command.
1.71339381 How would you handle a new client coming to you and requesting a $1M campaign go live in 3 days, but it takes 5 days for normal turnaround?
1.71178424 Given an array whose elements are sorted, return the index of a the first occurrence of a specific integer. Do this in sub-linear time. I.e. do not just go through each element searching for that element.
1.71042109 Create a cache with fast look up that only stores the N most recently accessed items.
1.699552 Implement a stack that pops out the most frequently added item.
1.69798565 A case on what is the size of the domestic market for cell phones.
1.6957196 Try to figure out the top unique search queries from a database with 100 billion entries
1.69559729 Btree traversal
1.69421816 Was asked to estimate a number based on certain variables provided by the interviewer.
1.69360518 If a camera manufacturer wants to advertise with Google, what should the copy of their ad be?
1.69259322 One of the question was encoding/decoding of BST problem which I haven’t seen any other web interview web sites. I don’t even remember other questions since I was extremely stressed out in the phone interviews since one of the two interviewers was quite aggressive. But the other interviewer was much better. They already know all the recent interview questions posted on the web sites, and do not ask such questions.
1.69149 How do I handle/rate dealing with clients?
1.69033539 Algorithms, complexity analysis, CS basics, thinking on your feet, whiteboard coding. Know your stuff.
1.68928885 Can you draw the HW block diagram of your latest project and explain ?
1.68755233 Onsite Interview 4 a): Breadth first Search related graph question

b) Additional graph question related to finding a subgraph with some API specified , needed to extend the prior solution.

c) Question on C/C++ Static Modifier , relation of it to Java.

1.68717885 Google asks interviewees to not share specific details on interview questions. They were coding-oriented questions. They required a varied set of algorithms and data structures to solve, especially including graphs, heaps, linked lists, and hash tables. Sorting algorithms were also emphasized. Some of the interview questions were quite unique, but could be abstracted in neat ways.

Google does provide a significant amount of material before the interview(s) to help you study, including links to reading material and the types of questions you can expect.

They were relatively difficult, but the interviewers were helpful.

1.68637824 Given a matrix of 0s and 1s, write code to get all the different ways of getting from a given cell to another, such that you can’t walk through any of the cells with 0s in them.
1.68537009 Onsite:
Can’t reveal the questions – signed NDA.
The questions consisted of algorithm design, implementation. Designing solution to large problems and speaking them out/writing them out.
Interviewers were nice. I was not good enough πŸ™‚
1.68470347 you have a sequence where each number is a multiple of 2 or 5 (so: 2^i * 5^j). he gave the beginning of the sequence as 1,2,3,4,5,8,10,16… and asked me to find an algorithm to calculate the next number in the sequence.
1.68453419 Given a bunch of N random points in space, how would you draw a line such that N/2 of them were to the left of the line and N/2 to the right of it. Complexity
1.68204117 What kind of data structure would you use to index annagrams of words? e.g. if there exists the word “top” in the database, the query for “pot” should list that…
1.6816411 when will 2hands of a clock point to the same position, C++, python
1.67929149 explain the difference between object oriented programming and regular programming to a 5 year old kid (This question for a risk analyst position)
1.67871547 Given a word that consists of two words such as “aman” give all the combination of valid two words. You are given a dictionary to test against.

Example: aman–> a man, am an. watermelon–> water melon

1.67842591 Text parsing problem, but not very well specified. Expected to create detailed specification and to solve problem.
1.6775254 Trees, hashing, sorting, recursion. Nothing particularly hard.
1.67363453 It felt like a stress interview. The interviewer sounded pissed from the start and seemed like he was in no mood for the interview. He called me up and the first thing he said was “I have a coding question for you!”. Then, he asked me to write a code for traversing a binary tree. As soon as I had given him the solution. He says that it will be all and slams the phone down. It was one of the weirdest interviews ever. I was surprised on how they were judging, because I did get the code right!!
1.67210114 Q1) How to skim through 10,000 lines of code to find out any obvious mistakes?
1.671153 Q3) While processing quick sort would take O(logn) space constraint, can you explain.
1.66826916 Would you prefer to have new products through innovation or focus on your current main products? Please provide me some examples from your prior experiences to answer this question.
1.66794062 We already have a lot of really smart people here coming up with great ideas, how are you going to make a difference?
1.66548455 how do you solve business problems by collaborating with co-workers?
1.6646508 2nd Round:
A design question (don’t remember) and another question on adversarial mini-max search

3rd Round:
Write a method to find the next ancestor of a node in a Binary Search Tree.
Write a recursive function to convert Binary Code of a number into its equivalent Gray’s code and the other way round.

4th round:
Given two sorted arrays, find the kth minimum element of both.
Given a set of intervals, find the interval which has the maximum number of intersections.

5th round:
This one was focused on previous projects and experience and how good I was at what I had been doing.

1.6620487 The HR interview featured the standard sorts of “soft” questions designed to bring about elaboration on past experience.
The techical interviews were very focused on data structures and algorithms. “Here’s a problem. What approach would you use and why?”
1.66112435 How do you check if a URL is bad really fast in Google server. The point is for the user not to notice the lag in the checking
1.6607461 Hardest things to unit test
1.65974176 Implement a calendar system that identifies conflicts
1.65911937 Execute command on linux cluster
1.65892255 I am playing a card game called 24. Cards ace to king are numbered 1 to 13. During a given round, I am provided four cards to play with from the shuffled pack. If the numbers from the four cards result in 24 then I win the round if I shout ’24’ first. How would you code a function for this?
1.65773845 Comparisons of trees and hash tables.
What are the tradeoffs of using one versus another.
1.65539658 Write an algorithm to sort and merge 2 LARGE data streams on a system where storage is essentially unlimited (but slow) and RAM is limited.
1.655092 Phone: resume, custom queue data structure, list manipulation in Python, SQL, couple other short questions (no code)
1.65465522 Microsoft have just realsed Bing, Eric Schmidt wants you to give him analysis on which search engine gives the most accurate results in 1 hour. How would you be able to rate accuracy results on returned queries from Google search and Bing.
1.65428078 “Please define these random Object Oriented Programming terms”
1.65372813 Specific details of examples of general phrases in my resume.
1.6532129 Write a function for — Given a URL which has url-encoded name-values and a variable, return the value for it.
Now modify the function to handle when the name appears multiple times.
1.65275085 I got the impression that interviewers are selected depending on what’s on your resume. I was asked about heuristics on a specific intractable problem probably because my background included something related. You really need to know your stuff.
1.65197122 What kind of influence do have over local media contacts?
1.65139556 design an algorithm to check if there are overlaps between a group of intervals
1.64965022 Implement the Iterator pattern with a class that will be constructed using two iterable objects and that will iterate through the elements of both objects
1.64733624 Something about poker, or baseball season, or some other game that I was not familiar with enough to reason about.
1.64552331 What is the revenue for Wal-Mart?
1.64407384 The key thing was understanding how the java garbage collector worked.
1.63932312 Most phones now have full keyboards. Before there there three letters mapped to a number button. Describe how you would go about implementing spelling and word suggestions as people type.
1.63928318 The question was the following. I’m rephrasing the question to make it clear for everyone to understand:

– You are going on a one-way flight trip that includes billions of layovers.
– You have 1 ticket for each part of your trip (i.e: if your trip is from city A to city C with a layover in city B, then you will have 1 flight ticket from city A to city B, and 1 flight ticket from city B to city C.
– Each layover is unique. You are not stopping twice in the same city.
– You forgot the original departure city.
– You forgot the final destination city.
– All the tickets you have are randomly sorted.

Question are:
– Design an algorithm to reconstruct your trip with minimum complexity.
– How would you improve your algorithm.

– randomly sorted:
New York->London
San Francisco-> Hong Kong
Paris->New York
London->San Francisco

– sorted:
Paris->New York
New York->London
London->San Francisco
San Francisco-> Hong Kong

1.63711429 How to deal with public concerns, such as location privacy issues, etc.
1.63691938 Print mth to last elements of the linkedlist
1.63596284 Are you willing to travel?
1.63354254 Which wireless channel should you choose for you home wifi, considering there is no interference on any of them.
1.63321018 Give me five non-traditional metrics to measure your sales team?
1.63316476 I won’t disclose those questions due to NDA but I’m gonna tell you they were not difficult. Just show yourself. Maybe you can find those questions on glassdoor, I’m not sure. I’ve gone through the first 15 pages but I did not find any match.
1.633057 Design and implement a garbage collection algorithm in any programming language. also needed to give out run time analysis.
1.63258123 Onsite Interview 1 a): Write a program to check whether a number is prime . Additional constraints consider negative primes etc.

b) some kind of list merge problem

A list of lists eg : [A,B,C] // unsorted

A= [1,2,3]

Start with List in reverse alphabetical order
eg:C merge with B removing duplicates then merge this with A doing the same .

Optimize solution

c) Intersection of two Integer lists ?

1.63154864 If you have a ransom letter and magazines, can you construct the ransom letter from the words in the magazine.
1.63070118 How to replace a string in a templatized string where each placeholder starts with a specific delimiter,
you are given a map that maps the placeholders to associated values.
1.63026285 Estimate the number of spark plugs in the state of California.
1.6278789 Design an algorithm, which can record the largest number in an ever-upgrading sequence.
1.62787437 I can’t really tell about the question, but they vary between different problem solving questions like trees, string manipulations and complex recursion.
1.6278652 Explain the difference between Array Lists, Linked Lists, Vectors, Hash Maps, (from Java’s JDK) etc. and when one choice is better of another.
1.626268 Provide a parser for a given regular language.
1.620008 Describe Adwords to a 4th grader in three sentences or less
1.61998379 Explain the steps involved from entering a web site address to the page being displayed on your browser. How can the process be speeded up.
1.61816561 Create a Java method that clones a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph).
1.61812055 Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which…bla bla bla…problem solving, team working, colleagues issues, learning situation, teaching situation…?
1.612492 Topics: Filesystems, networking, scripting
I will not write the question
1.61207521 Write the code for “moving of the robot”: there is a “generator” — each time generate 1/0, when 1 the robot will move up, when 0 will go down, write the function to make the robot move up forever.
1.60776269 what’s wrong with the following code :