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Html Agility Xpath Finder

February 13th, 2012 3 comments

Html Agility pack’s xpath does not seem to match firebug or google or IE xpath implementation so I wrote a little app to help find the xpath using the actual agility pack xpath engine. You can open an url using ctrl-u or clicking on file->open url. Once the url is open you can either type in a string to search in the find box or you can highlight the text in the browser and hit ctrl-k or go to search->find selection. You can only highlight text. In window I have labeled C will be list of xpath where that term appears in the outerHtml. The path highlighted in green is the lowest level xpath were the term appears. You can double click on any of the xpaths to display that particular path in the browser. This program need .net 4.0.

Html Agility Xpath (2745)


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Windows Regex

February 10th, 2012 No comments

A simple program to do regex. You put some text on big box on the left. Put what pattern to match on the box above it and hit search. It uses the .net regex engine so go here Msdn Regex. On the top right box you put the captured strings you want in the big right box. Capture 0 is {0} 1 is{1} etc.

Regex (1259)




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